Author's Notes: Hi there, I'm a new Beyblade writer, this is my first fic. For starters, I love Kai, so this is all you need to know.

This story takes place after the Asian and American Tournament, but before the Russian one. It explores a softer side of Kai the phoenix is forced to show when the team gets lost in the mountains. Being the captain, is Kai's duty to take care of the others. One by one, starting with Rei, the Breakers discover there are buried emotions inside of his Ice Captain, but they can't figure out the way to make them resurface. There are many secrets waiting to be freed.

"Staring Into Scarlet Eyes - Arch"

by Shinigami's Voice.

Chapter One

"There is said that snow are the frozen tears of the angels above"

The lodge was situated at the limits of the woods, in the middle of the mountain, a perfect place for skiers, snow-lovers or...beybladers during a training trip before the French Tournament begins.

"It's so......." -Kenny was lost of words in front of the magnificent view.

"White" -Takao offered as they watched in awe the snow-covered pines around.

"I think it's beautiful" -Max smiled, as he ran to have a better view of the surroundings.

"Aa. I have to agree with that" -Rei said, taking a deep breath and then exhaling a puff of mist due to the coldness of the air.

"What do you think of the place, Kai?" -Mr. Dickenson asked with his usual affable expression.

Kai's face was a mask of total seriousness though.

"Hn" -was the comment.

"Come on, Kai! You gotta agree this place is absolutely great!" -Takao yelled while running and catching snowflakes with his tongue.

"Whatever" -the captain shrugged and, taking his duffel bag, started to walk to the lodge.

"Man, that guy is abso-freaking-lutely boring" -the blue-haired blader complained.

"Let him be" -Max sighed as he and Kenny started to play with the white lay that covered the grass.

"Maybe he's just tired" -Rei offered- "He has spent the whole time in training hard during the trip"

"Or maybe he's cold. But his Excellency Kai won't admit it" -Takao laughed- "Hey, Kai!!" -the dragon blader shouted over his shoulder- "What's the matter? Too cold to play outside?"

No one expected an answer though. They had learned to expect nothing from Kai. Nothing, or everything. But never things by halfs.

The Chief, the Tiger, the dragon and the tortoise were about to start a snow fight, when they caught a glimpse of the figure in the threshold.

"No. Too smart to 'play' with you"- and with that, the phoenix went back inside.

"Say what!? You..!" -Takao sputtered and, for more emphasis, stuck his tongue out at the door.

Kenny sighed, while Max and Rei simply smiled.

"Jeez, who does he think he is? The Ice King? Loser! That's what he is! Humph" -Takao said, sticking up his nose in disgust.

"Well, I don't know who he thinks he is, but he's certainly not a loser" Max replied, while trying to form a castle. No luck there.

"Like it or not, he's the captain. I mean, he's a hell of weird guy, but he's a good captain"- Rei added, shaping a snow ball.

"Yeah, I know. But it's just that, sometimes, I don't know what's his problem" -Takao shrugged, bating his arms and legs like a lunatic. Making a angel-shape on the snow, that is- "We haven't done anything to him, but he seems to try his best for us to stay away"

"Maybe he's not used to have such great friends like us" -Max grinned.

"Yeah, that sure is!!" -Takao chuckled.

"I've asked Dizzy to search for information about him, but she has only found battle's data, his blader's files. Nothing more. No home, no family, no past. It's just like Kai has never existed for any kind of records outside a stadium" -Kenny said, while zipping his coat up to his nose.

It was sure cold.

"Hmmmm....why did you look information about him?" -Rei asked. The others turned to look at the Chief.

"Well, to be honest, I didn't trust him when Mr. Dickenson chose him as the team's leader" -the smaller boy admitted- "What I knew about him wasn't nice things, believe me. There are these rumors about him, that he's a complete mystery, no friends or relatives, he just zapped out of the nothing. Everyone at the streets respected him, but no one was allowed to get too close. A lone wolf, that's what people called him. I had heard he was not only very cold and harsh, the silent and ruthless type, but also he was one of the most feared fighters...."

"You mean blader" -Takao interrupted. By now, they had all sat down on the snow, forming a circle.

"No. I mean fighter" -Kenny repeated, his gloved hands brushing against his frozen cheeks- "I heard one of the sharks under his command was attacked by some punks. They said Kai had decided not to interfere, when these gangsters insulted him and the team. And guess what? Kai beat the hell out of those punks"

"Oh, come on! That sounds like a lie to me" -Takao replied.

"Who told you that?" -Max asked.

"That's the detail" -the Chief crossed arms- "One of the punks themselves"

"Huh?" -Rei stared at him.

"I was working in a super data file and went visiting some blader in the local hospital. He had hurt his hand while a duel, and he told me about this rumor around the halls. I was curious, so I decided to investigate. The gangster was flattered when I said I was there to include him in my files, so he told me the whole story. 'Stay away from that guy. He's freaking dangerous' was his advice"

"I don't know about other people, but I think we can trust him. He's one of us, after all" -the blond teen opined, as he came to his feet trembling.

"Yeah, I'd like to hear you say that while staring into his 'back off or I'll kick you' glares" -Takao replied.

"You should try to befriend with him, Takao. You always like to go against the odds" -Rei giggled while starting to walk to the lodge.

"No, thanks. I want to live, and live in one piece" -the dragon laughed at his own joke.

"Lets go inside. I can't feel my toes any longer" -Kenny admonished.


"Boys, boys, gather around the fire place" -Mr. Dickenson called everyone later that night.

"We were just getting to know the place. It's really nice" -Rei explained while he and the other Breakers sat on the couches.

Except Kai, of course, who remained alone, standing in the corner, but close enough to hear.

"Yes, Mr. Dickenson, we like it a lot. And I can't wait for tomorrow to explore the surroundings" -Takao said cheerfully.

"Sounds like fun!" -Max agreed.

"Hn. Sounds like training if we want to keep in good shape for the tournament" -Kai replied from his corner.

"Your captain is right. This is not a recreation trip, boys, it's a training routine among the wild mountain" -Mr. D. added.

"Well, we can always train and have fun at the same time" -the Chief suggested, while sipping at his hot cocoa.

"But we can't take this routine lightly. We are in a hard and difficult environment now, and it will sure prove to be very challenging for us" -Rei said- "I've been around the mountains before, back at my town, and I've learned it can be beautiful but dangerous at a time"

The other boys nodded, all of them clad in enormous coats, gloves and scarves against the cold.

"It's getting late" -the kind man observed- "You guys better go to sleep now. I'm sure Kai will make sure you have an interesting day tomorrow" -Mr. said while entering his room.

"Ohhhh..I wanted to stay late and tell ghost stories, scary and creepy ones.."-the blue-haired smirked while trying to appear like a mummy or something at the fire's light.

"No. Go to sleep. You'll need your rest for tomorrow" -Kai ordered, and he was the first one to enter their room.

Reluctantly, the others followed. Some minutes later, the five boys were trying to sleep, covered with thick blankets and three layers of clothes. They were trying, because Takao's fidgeting and chatting was making it difficult.

"It's so cold. Man, my feet are frozen!"

"Calm down, Takao. The calefaction is already at the highest" -Rei said under his covers.

"Imagine how it would be to sleep outside. I mean, with all that snow and the wind. Nearly impossible" -Kenny mused.

"Gee, Chief, stop talking about that, you're just making me colder" -the dragon complained, while twisting on his place.

"Stop moving" -Kai barked- "If you stay still you'll warm up your spot. And be quiet!" -he admonished, his back turned to the others.

"He's right, Takao. Stay still and you'll see" -Max advised.

"Well, if he wants me to shut up he has to ask kindly" -Takao said, his eyebrows furrowed slightly- "Only then, I'll let you sleep"

Everyone rolled their eyes upwards. Takao was asking for a miracle.

But then again, Kai sighed and started talking in a very calm voice.

"Okay. Takao, would you please shut the hell up?" -Kai said without turning.

The others giggled. The scarlet-eyed boy had just beat Takao in his own game.

"Humph. Not fair" -the blue-haired blader murmured.

"Well, he did ask nicely" -Max smiled.

"Sure. Whatever"- Takao grumped.

Some time later, the room was completely silent.


After much whining and hot cocoa, Takao was fully awake next morning. The others were already waiting for him outside the lodge.

"So, people, what are our plans for today?" -the cheerful boy asked while joining the others.

On the lane, two minivans were heading towards them.

"Who are those people?" -Kenny wondered aloud.

"Two bladers' teams" -Mr. Dickenson answered from behind- "The lodge was offered to other bladers too, so it seems other teams chose this place for training too"

"Good! We'll have company" -Max smiled.

"Yeah, now we can organize a real snow fight" -Takao chirped.

"I think it would be better for us to start training instead of playing, guys" -Rei said, adjusting his left glove.

"Finally" -Kai murmured at the tiger's comment- "We're heading to the camp tent a kilometer from here. We will train all day there. As you can see, we have no time to play your little games with other bladers"

"Killjoy" -Takao said under his breath.

"Have a nice trip guys" -Mr. smiled- "Follow the lane and you'll be there in two hours. Don't go further the camp because the mountain can be tricky and you could get lost.."

The five teens grabbed their backpacks and started the walk, nodding to everything the older man said.

"... and return before evening. It gets too cold outside"

Meanwhile, the other boys and girls had already left the vehicles and were dragging their bags to the lodge.

Takao and the others waved hello and continued their path. Only one of the Breakers didn't greet the newcomers. A certain slate-haired one.

"Who are them?" -a boy asked to his partner while waving back.

"Other bladers, I guess" -the other guy answered.

"They're the BladeBreakers, the team who won the Assian and American tournament" -a girl, the captain, told them in a hushed voice.

"Really? Wow!" -the other boys replied.

"Yes, you're right" -another blader girl said- "That one is Takao, I saw him on t.v. His bit-beast is a dragon. Pretty cool"

"And the dark-haired is Rei, the one with the Drigger beast"-other murmured.

"Who's the antisocial one?" -a boy asked, noting that the one with blue triangles on his face hadn't waved.

"Who!? You ask who!?" -the captain girl exclaimed- "He's Kai, leader of the Breakers. Some say he's the best. His beast is a fire phoenix. They also said he's got great skills, but a stone heart.."


"Are we there yet?" -Takao whined.

"No" -Kai answered.

Five minutes later.

"Are we there yet?" -Takao repeated.

"No" -the leader said annoyed.

Five minutes later.

"Are we..."

"Shut up, Takao" -Kai cut him off.

"Fine, fine. I was just asking" -the dragon crossed his arms, feigning annoyance.

"Look around and enjoy the view, guys" -Rei said, referring to the woods and the spectacular mountains.

"This place is sure wonderful. Seems like a scene taken from a fairy tale" -Max said, stepping outside the dirt path and close to a small cliff.

"Yeah, from The Snowman" -Kenny giggled, putting his scarf tightly around his neck and the hood of his coat over his head.

"Oh, c'mon, guys. Can't you take a bit of cold?" -Rei smiled.

"We're here" -Kai interrupted, stepping ahead and pointing to the small log cabin.

"Yey!!" -Max and Takao said at a time, running towards it.

During the rest of the morning and early afternoon, the Breakers dedicated all their time to train.

There were blade plates in the back of the cabin, and they had a hard time trying to make their moves among the snow that covered the surfaces.

But Kai had insisted to train without removing the white layer.

"It will be useful. The obstacles make both blade and blader stronger"

Kenny fixed some ramen and hot milk for everyone, and lunch was the only break the captain conceded to the team.

Then, back to training.

"This is impossible" -Max mused- "How is Draciel supposed to go through that!?" -he said, pointing to a snow wall Kai and Rei had molded.

"C'mon, blondie, give it a try!" -Takao urged.

"Okay" -the fair boy said, and lunched his blader. Draciel tried twice, and was only capable of digging a decent hole on the wall.

"It's nice for being your first try" -Rei smiled- "You're up, Takao"

"Me? Uh, okay. Here I come!" -the boy exclaimed, reading his luncher- "Lets go, Dragoon, you can dig a bigger hole, buddy!"

The blue dragon made a deeper hole, but didn't trespass the barrier.

"Good" -Rei smiled.

"Impressive" -Kenny said from his seat behind them.

"Well done, Takao"- Max smiled.

"My turn now" -the tiger blader positioned in front of the wall- "Come on, Drigger, you can make a tunnel in there!"

The beast flashed its claws, and it made a way through the snow.

"Awesome!" -Takao chirped happily- "Very smooth, Rei"

"I agree" -Max and Kenny said.

"Rei's beast fed from his blader's will" -Kai suddenly said. He had been watching the exercise in silence until then- "If you don't believe in what you're doing, or consider yourselves weak, you steal strength from your own beasts" -he admonished, while staring at Takao and Max.

"We? Weak!? No way!" -Takao complained- "Very easy to speak, buddy boy. But it was Rei the one who trespassed it" -the blue haired teen folded arms smugly.

Kai just raised an elegant eyebrow.

"Dranzer, destroy it" -he ordered calmly to his beast, before lunching it.

The red phoenix left a shinning track on its way, and then returned to his master's hand.

A second later, the wall fell completely trespassed and destroyed.

"The blade lives on its bladers strength" -Kai repeated, facing the team. The other boys nodded, understanding- "I think you're needing more training than your beasts. We'll go hiking in the surroundings for you to train in the woods"

"Cool!" -Takao and Max jumped in glee.

Rei just sighed and smiled in resignation.

To Be Continued .....

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