For the Drabble Game Challenge, Rodcissa, snowball fight, requested by Bex

Without warning, something cold crashes into the side of her face. Narcissa yelps, leaping back and looking around frantically. It takes only a moment to find the culprit.

Rodolphus waits, poorly concealed by the tree, a second snowball in his hand.

"Don't you dare!" she warns, narrowing his eyes.

"But, my dear," he purrs, sending the snowball flying. "I do dare!"

Narcissa yelps as the snowball explodes against her shoulder. "Are you five?" she calls with a roll of her eyes.

"Are you five hundred? Live a little!" Rodolphus calls back, bending down to gather more snow.

Narcissa shivers, and she isn't sure if it's from the cold or the thrill of her challenge. She scoops up a handful of snow and charges at him, rubbing the snow against the back of his neck.

"Not fair!" he laughs, coming up and showering her with more snow.

Narcissa giggles, shaking her head, little flakes and crystals flying. "Plenty fair. Don't start a war with a Black," she says, forming a snowball and launching it at him. "We are cunning, and we always win!"

"Is that so?" he asks, moving forward.

Before she can respond, he tackles her, landing on top of her in a bed of snow, his face dangerously close to hers. "I'm reasonably I've just won," he laughs, kissing her.

"I surrender," she murmurs against his lips, her eyes closing.

"In that case, you can buy me a butterbeer," he says, climbing to his feet and offering a hand to help her up.

Narcissa accepts, her free hand grabbing more snow. When she's on her feet again, she flings the snow at his face before running off. "Victory!"