A/N: Hey guys, so as some of you may or may not know aside from fanfiction I do actually write novels. This fanfic is being used as a character exploration story regarding one of my original characters from my original manuscript. It is being adapted for Hogwarts and the Harry Potter scene but the personality and actions of my Fem!Harry is based on this character's personality as well as her appearance aside from the trademark emerald eyes, she will retain her fighting style and magic style from my original novel. Though obviously many changes are going to happen, this story is also going to be my take on the wrong-boy-who-lived trope. It is also inspired by the Black Queen fanfic series by Silently Watches and will have similar themes but very different aspects to it as it is still modelled after the origin story of my original character Rebecca Forsythe from my novel. This story starts before fourth year.

Warning – This story may contain cases of underage sexual intercourse, etc. if you are disturbed then please do not read this fic, no need to report it just don't ready it. xx

Rebecca Forsythe was known by many names, her birth name being the one she hated the most. She was once Rosalie Potter, however, after that faithful Halloween night in what was known as one of the worst massacres in history, she was sent to live with her hateful Aunt and Uncle while her brother Harry James Potter was celebrated as the Boy-who-lived.

At age 3, she knew she wasn't like others. Her Aunt and Uncle treated her cruelly, one day she was told to go and buy groceries, instead of buying them she simply left and never returned. Vernon Dursley was positively enraged that she had taken off with the 100 pounds he had given her for groceries, but the advantages of not having her around calmed him down.

Life on the streets of London wasn't kind to a three-year-old girl with far above average intelligence, she had to learn quickly and when her magic started responding to her desire to live, she became something else entirely.

At age 5 she had integrated herself as a silent distributer of their products in the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate, after her prowess grew and grew and she had begun to make a name for herself she became an adopted member of the Adams Family, or the A-Team, the people who were in charge of the crime syndicate.

As she learned more and more, her magic reacted to her desires and on one fateful night, the entire Adams Family was wiped out leaving her as the only heiress to their legacy. Things changed drastically as Rebecca Forsythe was born, having renamed her syndicate the Shadow Legion. Soon all of the other syndicates reported directly to her or face her wrath which none of them wanted, as proven with the Corleone's when they tried to expand to her territory. She reduced them to ashes, quite literally – the things she did to them would have made Hitler blush. She was referred to as the Shadow Empress, as her powers grew she learned about magic and the wizarding world, she knew exactly who she was to it and what her family had been doing all this time and she was incredibly pissed, that was definitely something.

She discovered that she could alter her appearance and after researching about it in the wizarding world she realised she was a Metamorphmagus. She gathered the rogue wizards and witches from around London and offered them a place within her legion, eventually choosing her four most faithful and powerful as her four horsemen.

Now at age 14, her birthday only passing a few days ago, she ran an empire for all intents and purposes. Her empire went across all of the United Kingdom and stretched out to a few other European countries. This included her empire bleeding into the magical communities of the places where her empire controlled in the muggle world. There wasn't a community where she ruled that didn't know of her, the girl with the demon beast and the scythe, the self proclaimed Shadow Empress who destroyed even the Corleone's of America.

1990, Wizarding London.

Sirius Orion Black was many things, but he wasn't the secret keeper and he was innocent. Yet he still spends 10 fucking years in Azkaban, why hadn't James and Lily gotten him out? He knew they were alive the warden had taunted him with the knowledge that apparently, he had betrayed the Potters and that his plan had failed. The Potter's were alive, well four of them were but one was considered a squib and had been taken to the muggle world. He wondered about what happened to his god daughter and he wondered about Harry and how he was doing in the muggle world… he had seen Rosalie do accidental magic as a child so it couldn't possibly be her.

"Get up Black, looks like you get to go free… Dumbledore's just discovered evidence that you weren't the secret keeper," after 10 years? Sirius thought, he was seriously going to rip James a new one.

"Are you fucking kidding me! I've been saying that for the past 10 fucking years! Dumbledore fucking knew he was the one who did the fucking Fidelius charm!" Sirius growled, oh boy he would be tearing the old goat a new one as well as his ex-best friend.

After going through the formalities of getting out of Azkaban, Sirius made a bee-line for Potter Manor and boy would he be ready to shout. It felt good to have his wand and be using magic again, when James Opened the door Sirius looked at him with contempt.

"Padfoot, it's good to see you again - it's been a while," James said with a genuine smile.

"10 fucking years, James. 10 FUCKING years I spent in Azkaban when all you and Lily had to do was say that I wasn't the secret keeper," Sirius growled, his right hand rose and he punched James.

James Charlus Potter raised his hand to his jaw and spat some blood out, he looked up at Sirius in confusing as he stood up.

"What in merlin's name was that for Padfood? And what do you mean Azkaban? Lily told me that Albus told her you were deep undercover in France for the past decade, he said he'd handle all of our messages to you. He just told us to worry about Harry… Sirius, he survived the killing curse," James said, holding his chin where Sirius had punched him, before pulling out his wand and fixing his nose.

"Wait… she said fucking what? Did you not think to fucking check with me James? What in merlin's fucking balls were you thinking? And what about Rosalie and Harry? Where are they?" Sirius asked, James looked at Sirius and Sirius watched his eyes glaze over ever so slightly.

"Rosalie hasn't lived with us since Godric's Hollow," Lily said, appearing with a young boy who looked like James, but had emerald eyes and a small scar on his head in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"We left her in the care of Petunia and Vernon, Albus said she was a squib and showed no signs of magic whatsoever. So, we wanted her to have a normal life," James added, though his voice seemed too neutral for Sirius's liking, something was up with James and Sirius was getting frustrated with his answers.

"Why is she there! Why wouldn't you take care of her?" Sirius was absolutely livid now.

"It's better for her in the muggle-world. Dumbledore put protections on her, Voldemort or his followers won't find her. She'll be safe from our world," Lily said as she placed a hand on James' shoulder while her other hand held Harry's own.

"Isn't Voldemort dead? I've been constantly reminded that I failed and that he was fucking dead," Sirius snapped.

"Harry did vanquish Voldemort, but, Albus thinks that he survived somehow."

"Whatever… I'm out of here, I can't believe… I just can't believe you'd do what you did James. Charlus and Dorea would be very disappointed in you," he said shaking his head.

Sirius looked at his once best friend and felt anger build up, he knew Rosalie wasn't a squib, he had seen her using accidental magic before. One time when he was babysitting for James and Lily, he decided to keep this knowledge to himself now that they were so sure she was a squib. James had turned his back on everything they stood for, everything that they had done together, of course he'd be blaming the old goat for not getting out of Azkaban any earlier than now, he could blame James and Lily but he would leave it for now… Without another word Sirius turned and left Potter Manor, his only thoughts on finding his goddaughter, consequences can go fuck themselves and so can the Potter's. However, he couldn't help but having an eerie feeling that something had happened to James Potter, something had changed his best friend drastically - yet he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Sirius spent the next three years searching all over magical Britain looking for her, yet she was nowhere to be found. Yet despite his search, he heard whispers throughout the entire magical community of a crime syndicate who ruled the underworld of both magical and muggle Britain, they had even expanded out towards the entire of the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. He added them as a possible source of information for finding his goddaughter.

In the first year that he had been back, he had brought his cousin Andromeda, her husband Ted, and their daughter Nymphadora back into the family and while Ted helped him search from the legal point, Andromeda and Nymphadora helped clean up Grimmauld Place for when Sirius hopefully his goddaughter and was able to bring her to a home.

Eventually, after a failed 3 years of searching Sirius had to practically beg, on his hands and knees, Professor McGonagall to help him otherwise he'd have to seek out this… Shadow Legion he had famously heard about. After berating him for his stupidity she brought over one of the Hogwarts quills which were typically used to write the acceptance letters to new students. Minerva McGonagall had always believed in fighting Voldemort, and she followed Albus because he seemed like the leader they needed - her views changed when Albus had convinced Lily Evans to practically cast out her daughter for being a squib. Silently she had been keeping track of the girl, knowing full well who and what she had become, the two had even met many times, though Minerva kept that information heavily guarded.

Miss Rosalie Potter

The Crypt

Nightmare Club

200 York way, Kings Cross


"I'm telling you Sirius, expect the unexpected when it comes to... Young Miss Potter."

"Minnie, I think after a decade in Azkaban I can deal with unexpected," Sirius said before he apparated to the location.

Oh Sirius, even you with all of your mischievous tendencies - have no idea of the magnitude in which Rosalie has changed. I hope you're ready to deal with the Queen of Shadows. Minerva thought to herself, she walked over to her desk, got out a briefcase which had been given to her and unlocked it with her magical signature. Inside were two scotch glasses and a full bottle of specially made Irish Firewhiskey, on the top of the case was an image - it depicted a smiling Minerva McGonagall and a semi-smiling girl with raven hair, which contained crimson highlights.

"Well Rebecca, I shall be seeing you very soon. No doubt you've already planned for such an occasion," she said as she poured a glass the expensive alcohol, then closed the case and running her hand over the logo on the top of it - a Black Rose inside of a tiger's jaw.

Sirius Orion Black the III stood outside of the club that was listed on the letter, the two large bouncers at the door looked at him strangely and Sirius felt vulnerable. After a few moments of speaking internally and with a sigh, Sirius straightened himself out and checked his attire before walking into the club. The bouncer's at the door looked at him but didn't utter a word, Sirius started to get a foreboding feeling in the pit of his stomach.

When he entered he took a look around the place, there was the main bar through the club, a standard bench filled with beer, against the wall were lines of shelves filled with spirits. Behind the bar were refrigerators filled with more drinks, beers, pre-mixed drinks as well as plain soft drinks. The club was mostly empty because it was the middle of the day, clubs like these tended to be open late at night. Unless things have changed in the decade he had been gone, given that the marauder's had only ever been to a muggle club once and that was because Lily Evans had demanded they try it at least once.

Aside from the bouncers out front there were various groups of people actually inside already having a drink despite it only being 1pm in the afternoon. A few of the people looked at him and frowned, yet, they didn't outright say anything to him. He noted that while there were various groups drinking together, usually they didn't comprise of more than three-four people, so the place could be considered relatively dead.

"Can I help you?" a teenaged looking girl asked, she was behind the bar polishing some wine glasses.

"Uh… I'm looking for Rosalie Potter, I believe she is here," Sirius said, the girl's eyes widened a bit as all sound in the club dropped. All of the patrons downed their drinks and quickly moved for the exits. All of them being away from where Sirius was currently standing, which was at the main entrance.

"Who are you exactly, Sir?" Sirius found himself surrounded by four figures suddenly, two males and two females, all of them were adults although they could be considered slightly young.

"Sirius Orion Black," he replied, his hand was close to his wand, he would obliviate them afterwards if he got in a fight. Though he was unsure if he could take on the four of them at the same time… they all looked quite powerful despite their appearances.

"And what business do you have here, Mr. Black?" one of the females asked.

"I'm seeking Rosalie Potter, as I have said."

"Rosalie Potter is not here," the male who spoke was skinnier than the others, yet, Sirius couldn't see much of his features.

"Minerva McGonagall directed me here."

"Let him pass," a younger female voice called out from somewhere in the club, Sirius had no idea how the voice was able to echo so far without a sonorous charm.

The four looked to each other before they stood at his side, two on each side. Their postures were rigid and straight as they led him further into the place, past the VIP section and through a door that was hidden with magic. He went upstairs and down a passageway, he could see there were bedrooms, lines of them. Around four on each side of the hallway with one closed door at the very end, but it was quite far away from the bedrooms.

"What is this?" Sirius asked.

"This is the area for the… special clients of ours," One of the four said.

"That's enough, she wouldn't want us telling this information to any man who just waltzed into the place," one of the girls snapped at the one who spoke up.

They eventually reached a room which was full of lavish couches, the room was tidy and had shelves of books, cabinets of alcohol, many different things that Sirius hadn't seen before, ever. Some looked like ancient artefacts that were found in Egypt and other such barren and lost places. His eyes travelled the room taking in the tapestry depicting a dark haired girl with emerald eyes, a large scythe strapped to her back and a black Bengal tiger on her right hand. In front of this girl stood four shadowed figures, each of them looking in a different direction but clearly subservient to that one girl. The words on the Tapestry read 'Under the legion, the shadows rise'. He continued to look around the room until his eyes stopped on a girl, she was sitting back in comfortable reclining couch, long black hair with crimson streaks fell across her shoulders and disappeared behind her back. Pale skin and glowing green eyes that reminded him of someone he used to know, an emerald eyed girl he'd used to spend a lot of time with before his tenure in hotel de Azkaban.

"Welcome Mr. Black, or should I say Lord Sirius Orion Black the III, Head of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black? I am surprised it took you this long to track me down, three years - almost four," the girl had a glass of brown liquid in her hand which she casually sipped.

"Sorry to intrude on you, Miss. But I'm looking for a girl… her name is."

"Rosalie Potter, yes I know,"

"Can you tell me where to find her er… Miss?" Sirius asked, she took another swing of her drink and then just threw the rest of it into her mouth. Once finished she let the glass go in mid-air, Sirius was amazed as the glass hovered over to the desk and then dropped down gently.

"The girl you knew as Rosalie Potter is dead, I, however, am what replaced her in this poor, dirty and disgusting world," the girl said standing up.

"I'm not following..."

"Yes, Aunty Minnie did say you were quite the stupid... gryffindor was it?" she asked the four.

"I believe she used those words Empress," the thin man from before said.

"Empress? Oh... Melin's balls," Sirius finally realised exactly where he was.

"Oh, finally realised you're in the Den of the Queen of Shadows? Welcome to the Shadow Legion Lord Black. My name is Rebecca Forsythe - but you knew me once as Rosalie," the girl said.

"I'm going to need a drink..." he said slumping down in a chair that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Morrighan, pour him a glass of some of our strongest," the girl snapped her fingers, the woman from before who snapped at one of the others in the hallway walked forwards and grabbed another glass out of the cabinet before refilling the empty glass and the new one, handing one to Sirius before handing the other to the girl.

"How...?" he finally asked after taking a long gulp.

Rebecca gave a small smile before she launched into her long story of how she got to where she is now, he was shocked, surprised and angry by her tale, but most of all he was damn-right proud of the young woman she has become. The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black was one of the Dark families in the wizarding world, and while he was a Gryffindor - he was also a Black. Furthermore, he looked at the four individuals who remained in the room and all of them produced a wand from their pockets or wherever they kept them, the four of them were from the magical world.

Sirius ended up needing the whole bottle of alcohol to deal with the news, as Rebecca detailed her life and the basics of her business, not that Rebecca minded despite it being some of the most expensive liquor that was in her stores. He was also granted a room for the night to rest in and he would talk to Rebecca again in the morning about the wizarding world. That night turned into two weeks while Rebecca was concluding some important business deals.

Morrighan, had been assigned to inform Sirius about anything else he wanted to know while Rebecca conducted her business as usual at Night times. Sirius asked all of his questions and Morrighan answered them as she had been instructed omitting nothing from any of the details, it turned out that Rebecca knew exactly who she was in the wizarding world and who her family was, she never cared though because of what she had gone through. In the weeks that he was there for, Sirius got to know Rebecca Forsythe and vice versa, he also learned that the four individuals were her personal guards, most trusted, most loyal, most faithful and most deadly followers who were surprisingly from the Wizarding world.

Morrighan was dubbed the horseman of war, she was an American witch who graduated from Ilvermorny before finding work as a rare creature poacher for the wealthy. She was doing a job in London when she was betrayed by her employer and left for dead when trying to capture a sphinx for whatever he wanted, Rebecca had found her dying and had healed her. Since then the Morrighan owed her a life debt and now lived only to serve.

Artemis, the other female who looked to be a sixth year but was actually a bit older, was the horseman of pestilence. She was a south African witch who was liberated from a sex trafficking project that the Shadow Legion initially shut down before taking it over completely. Rebecca had sensed the potential and magic within the girl and had taken her and trained her in the ways of her ancestors. Artemis looked up to Rebecca despite being older and would follow Rebecca anywhere, even to hell and back.

Loki was a male who was considered somewhat skinny, he was pale and slightly boney which only made sense for the horseman of famine. He originated from London and had gone to Hogwarts himself, however he went rogue from his family after leaving and became a curse breaker. He rarely shows his face and prefers to keep a hood on even when indoors. He came across Rebecca during a job in Egypt he met a curse that he couldn't break and ended up almost buried alive if it wasn't for Rebecca and the Morrighan.

Lastly the largest male looked to be like he had just finished his education, he was the horseman of Death; Hades. He was an Australian originating man and had studied magic there before becoming a nomad of sorts and traversing the world at the age of 15. He got into trouble with one of the syndicates under Rebecca's control and while he couldn't fight his way out against her, he had earned her respect and he was offered a place at her side.

Of course, Sirius only knew their Shadow Legion names and not their real names, but he thanked them for everything they did for him. Eventually Rebecca and him had the serious talk about the wizarding world and decided that she would return to the it, but not as a Potter, instead she would return as a Forsythe-Black.

She wouldn't be going alone though; she would leave some of her trusted to run things for her in her stead with regular reports being sent to her by her magical employees. The four horsemen would be going with her, Artemis would join as a student while the other three continued Rebecca's magic work and handling things for her.

Rebecca Forsythe was entering the wizarding world again, and she was coming with a vengeance that was for sure. Sirius knew that she already had her claws well in the many businesses of the wizarding world, and wouldn't be surprised if she decided to make a move on other such places as well. Sirius laughed at the fact that Hogwarts wouldn't expect a new student, though he had a suspicion that Professor McGonagall already knew she was coming.