Chapter 3: First Meeting of the Emerald-Eyed twins

If there was one thing that everyone knew when it came to dealing with the Queen of Shadows, it was that if you were favoured by her, you do whatever is required of you to keep that favour. Yet, for Daphne, finding favour with said Queen came at the price of her father which left her feeling bitter. The official excuse was that he had an accident when trying to retrieve some especially rare potions ingredients and died as a result, Anastasia would take up his responsibilities until Daphne was ready to take over.

In reality, Daphne had to take up her father's duties in the court, everything that their business had was to be decided upon by her and enacted by Anastasia. The worst part of the night wasn't even that, it was finding out that their Queen would be attending Hogwarts with them. All of the current students stiffened as did many of the adults, but none of them questioned her, Daphne was numb the entire time as were her mother and younger sister.

"Fucking hell, I really did miss this place," Rebecca said as she sat in her office in her club, it had been a few weeks since she had been here and she was feeling a little homesick.

"Empress, your invite from the French Minister of Magic to attend the Quidditch world cup with him and his family arrived. What should I tell him?" Loki asked.

"Jean? Oh, of course we'll accept. God, that man is asexual as it gets and that wife of his and those girls…" she licked her lips.

"Very well, now, about the Greengrass girl. Do you really think she is capable of passing the test? And you've yet to do anything with the contents of the box – it's remained sealed as you've ordered," he said.

"Fuck no. But it will be interesting to see her grow into a more suitable position. That girl has an intelligent head on her shoulder, I'd like to cultivate it."

"Amelia Bones has also requested a private meeting with you, shall I add it to the schedule?"

"Ah, Amy is always quite eager to please me with any bits of information she has. Well, tell her I'll pop by once all my muggle affairs are taken care of, speaking of which – have we made inroads with any of our targets?"

"We have Empress, Austria's underworld Boss known as the Reaper has requested a personal meeting with you, as have the leaders of the German and Russian underworld."

"Good, good. And what about the Corleone's?"

"Still a thorn in our side when it comes to the America's. But, surprisingly you have an admirer in the form of Georgiana Corleone, the Don's daughter."

"I see, well, send the Don a peaceful message. Georgiana is rather quite beautiful, perhaps they would accept my rule if she were by my side."

"You can't seriously be considering marrying the girl?" Morrighan said, looking absolutely horrified.

"Marrying? Perhaps, but, the girl would make a lovely pet. Don't you think, pet?" Rebecca looked down, under her desk was Narcissa – on her knees and naked. Her mouth was currently full, as she was bobbing her head up and down on Rebecca's cock. There was a knock on the door, Rebecca's head turned and she smiled before flicking it open.

"Come on in Cyrus, your performance was spectacular. Let us hope that your daughter is as good as you claim her to be," Rebecca smirked, Cyrus Greengrass just smiled and sat down in the chair opposite her, their deception had been known only to a few, his wife, Amelia Bones and the four horsemen.

The Quidditch world cup was a spectacular and grand event that was held each year, this year it was Ireland against Bulgaria. Of-course it was also a place for much business to be done, and for bets to be made. But, the Queen of Shadows was not one to make such bets, no she preferred to have the results positively skewed in her favour. It was simple to do really. The Irish seeker's family were being 'taken care of' by some of her people giving him incentive to not catch the snitch, allowing the young Bulgarian heartthrob Viktor Krum to catch it. On the other hand, the Bulgarian keeper was offered the chance for a new identity away from the Bulgarian government, not just for him but also his family – which was a great incentive to allow goals past, not too many to make it obvious, but enough so that Ireland would win by a landslide even if Krum caught the snitch.

Of course, only very few people would know of that outcome and would bet on it. It could be considered a one in a million possibility for the outcome to be that accurate. Therefore, those who would bet on it would receive a large return.

Sirius decided to come along which was perfectly fine with Rebecca. The two of them had developed a friendship at the least, Sirius was too irresponsible to be a real parent and once he had finally accepted that – the two were able to get along perfectly, it was almost scary at some times, especially when Sirius's marauder habits cut in.

The Quidditch world cup was in a valley, protected by wards and the like so muggles wouldn't come near it. Hades and Loki had brought the now unopened box and placed it in a hidden location as per Rebecca's orders – she had plans for the box and the Quidditch world cup in general. Of course, they relied on the behaviour of specific individuals, however, she knew that they'd do the stupid things at the World Cup.

"Minister Jean Delacour, thank you very much for the invite," Rebecca said, she was dressed in her traditional attire and was flanked by the four and then Sirius trailed behind them.

"Lady Forsythe, it was my pleasure to invite you to such an event. We even have seats in the Minister's box – although we'll have to share it with the English pigs. Not that everyone, of the English are like that, case point, your lovely organisation."

"Good save, lovely to see you again Rebecca," Apolline Delacour said, she curtseyed politely.

"Oh, it is certainly lovely to see you again to Apolline. And please it is just Bec to you," Rebecca bowed, took the elder Veela's hand in her own and kissed it.

"Flirting with my wife, as usual," Jean said amused.

"Hey, just cause you ain't gonna hit that doesn't mean I won't."

"If you were anyone else, I'd gut you for saying such a thing. But because you're you, I shall say I will be busy with diplomatic talks later – so you two have fun," he winked at her and she grinned.

"Do I have a say in any of this?" Apolline asked with raised eyebrows.

"Would you really object?" Rebecca said smirking, Sirius's mouth dropped as Rebecca's hand dropped to squeeze Apolline's shapely rear.

"Well… no?"

Rebecca just laughed and the group mingled, Apolline stuck close to Rebecca a lot of the time – the two trading touches every now and then while they relaxed in the French minster's tent.

"Bonjour Lady Forsythe," Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour said as they greeting the entourage.

"Fleur! Looking brilliant as always, god damn, you must have all of the guys and half the girls drooling after you," Rebecca said greeting one of her close friends with a hug, the elder girl returned it with smiles.

"It is quite annoying, you know how I feel about those pitiful insignificant fools," Fleur replied.

Veela were quite different than many other half-breeds, their magic innately seeks out the most suitable partner for them. One that would provide them protection and is best suited to being a protector for them and their family. The problem was that although they are particularly attracted to powerful individuals – of which Rebecca was one of the most powerful beings around. Her father was considered a powerful wizard, and that's what attracted her mother to him – that he was asexual and had only consented to sex twice – for her and her sister to be created. However, she knew that like herself, her mother's innate nature drew her to Rebecca just like hers did. And knowing the other girl she knew that she wouldn't have a problem with being noticed, and being a Vella and the certain… advantages of being one of Rebecca's made it perfectly fine to be open to non-monogamous relations.

"Gabby, come on give me a hug!" the young girl bolted and jumped into Rebecca's arms, she laughed and Rebecca spun her around in the air before setting her down.

"I got you a little something," Rebecca held her hand out and Artemis placed a small pouch into it which she took and opened.

Inside was a silver pendant with a black gem on it, the pendant itself was on a thin silver chain and was shaped in the form of a rose with the gem being in the centre. This necklace was special foci for elemental magic, in which the Veela were especially adept in fire elemental magic. The reason the gem was black was because of the safety enchantments, when Gabrielle would fully awaken at the age of sixteen, the black gem would turn its original red.

"Mama, Papa! Look what Big sister gave me!" she said bouncing up and down.

"Gabrielle, English please! Thank her properly," Apolline said, smiling brightly.

Sirius Black watched as Rebecca interacted with the French minister and his family, she acted completely different to when she was dealing with the others in Greengrass manor. He smiled a little bit at seeing her act like an adult, a big sister and a crime lord all at the same time.

After a few hours of relaxing, Rebecca listened to stories from both Delacour's time at Beauxbaton's and when she talked some business with Jean. Primarily, he informed her about the Tri-wizard tournament that had Beauxbaton's coming to Hogwarts for the event. Fleur was determined to be the Beauxbaton's champion, and Rebecca had promised to provide some private tutors for her. She also agreed to have her operatives shadowing the Beauxbaton's contingent in order to protect them from any threat. Furthermore, she revealed that she would be a student attending Hogwarts as well and would be able to watch over Fleur from up close.

As night fell upon them, the hype for the match increased and that found Jean Delacour dressed in green and white pants, with green paint on his face and the worlds 'Ireland' on his arms. Sirius had gotten in on the vibe and was dressed pretty much exactly the same as Jean – the two were grinning at each other while the women looked at them shaking their heads.

"Aren't you two going to join them?" Artemis smirked at the two boys.

"I'm not much of a Quidditch fan," Loki sighed.

"Erm…" Hades said trailing off.

"Hades… you're not…" Artemis looked at him shocked.

"Oh, would you look at the time?" he said and made to move, however, Artemis snagged his cloak and pulled it.

Hades, a tall and rather muscular boy at the age of 18 had cream coloured skin, strawberry blonde hair and dark hazel eyes. And he was currently decked out in the Bulgarian Red and Black.

"Oh my god," Artemis said shaking her head, Bec just laughed at the two of them – she knew that there was something going on between Artemis and Hades, and if she were honest she completely approved of the two of them.

"Bulgarian!" Sirius shouted, then both Jean and Sirius tackled Hades to the ground grinning like kids.

"It's like we're surrounded by children," Morrighan said quietly, yet, Bec didn't miss the small smile she had on her face watching the two adult males and their companion.

"Hades wasn't wrong though, we need to start heading to our seats," Loki commented.

Everyone got up and Apolline shoved a jacket into Jean's hands demanding him put it on, he listened while Sirius was given one of his own by Morrighan.

The group made their way through the field of tents until they reached the stairs, then they went up the stairs until they got to the Minister's box, Rebecca frowned when she saw Minister Fudge talking to Head of the Department of International Cooperation, Bartemus Crouch.

"Ah Minister Delacour, so very glad you could make it," he said before coming over and fervently shaking Jean Delacour's hand.

"Thank you for the invite, might I introduce you to a very special friend of mine. This is Rebecca Forsythe," he gestured to Rebecca.

"Very good to meet you! We're almost ready to start," he said, only sparing a brief glance at her.

Rebecca didn't bother acknowledging someone who didn't acknowledge her, though he wasn't surprised that the British Minister for Magic didn't know who she was. She moved to go and get some fresh air and away from the idiocy the four following as they always did, when she was stopped by a large group walking into the box, more predominantly the three who led the group.

Lord James Charlus Potter, Lady Lily Evans-Potter and heir Harry James Potter – the fucking Potter family were followed by the Weasley brood.

"Harry, stay behind me," James said immediately upon seeing Rebecca.

"Oh, is there something you're protecting him from?" Rebecca said raising an eyebrow.

"I know exactly who you are," he retorted.

"Oh, that is rich. Pray tell, and what do you know about me James Charlus Potter?" she said extending her arms out to her sides, black vapour poured from it and surrounded them, just her group and the other group.

"You're the monster who took over the wizarding underworld as well as the muggle underworld. The Queen of Shadows was your title, I've heard how you treated the Corleone's," he sneered. Rebecca let out a low laugh, that's all her father knew about her? How rich, she was going to throw this in their faces.

"Funny how you think me a monster, though I suppose it is thanks to you that I am what I am," she retorted.

"How in merlin's name can you blame my family for the choices you've made?" Lily snapped at her.

"Isn't it obvious already Lily?" Sirius stepped through the black shield surrounding the group, he had seen the Potter's come up the stairs and knew that Rebecca wouldn't be able to resist saying something.

"Sirius, what the hell are you doing with this monster?" Lily shrieked.

"You don't even recognise your own daughter?" Sirius said raising his eyebrows.

The Potter's looked at Rebecca before her features started to shift back to their original form, auburn hair with her emerald eyes, a slightly thinner face. She looked like a splitting image of Lily Evans when she was young, something that completely threw the Potter's off. She always hated seeing her natural form in the mirror, to her it symbolised weakness, symbolised someone who was long gone.

"Hello Mother, Father, Brother" she said with a sickly-sweet smile.

"What-… how?" James found himself asking.

"How what? How did I manage to survive with those magic hating muggles you forced me onto? Or how did I become the most feared person in the wizarding and muggle underworld? Both have quite a long answer," she snapped back.

"You can't talk to my parents like that!" Harry shouted pointing his wand at her.

"You're a downright bitch," Ron Weasley has his wand out and was standing next to Harry.

"Ah, that's right you're close with the Blood-Traitor Weasley brood. Lord Arthur Weasley – head of the Department of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts, quite a long name and quite a useless department if you ask me. Then there's Molly Weasley – the Banshee of Hogwarts. Of-course there's Percy the perfect politician and good boy. The Twins, perhaps the only decent members of the family. Which makes you Ronald Weasley – the one with piss poor magic, piss poor table manners and the only thing that makes you recognisable is being the 'best friend' of the Boy-who-lived. Which makes the last one Ginevra Weasley – the lovely betrothed of Harrison James Potter. Does that fit what you've told me about them Loki?" Rebecca asked over her shoulder.

"Indeed it is," Loki replied.

"Hmm… not much to look at really, though, I am surprised you're not fat and overweight brother with the amount of pampering you've received your whole life. Never having to do whatever you had to, in order to survive, never having to kill just to avoid being killed," Rebecca was seething.

"My Queen, your emotions are out of check. You'll cause a scene, let's go and get some fresh air before having to suffer through the match with them in the same box as us," Morrighan said.

"You are right, oh, and a word of warning Potter's. You may claim me as your family, but I will just deny it – after all, who would argue with Gringotts certifications?" she used her magic to change her appearance back and then move them out of her way.

As Loki walked passed he turned ever so slightly before placing something in Fred's hand, without anyone else seeing and walking off. Fred and George looked at the piece of paper when no one else was paying attention – the note read 'Irish will win, Krum will catch the snitch. Bet on that option – B.W.'

Amelia Bones was running security for the Quidditch world cup, well, she organised it along with the Aurors from the French Ministry and the Bulgarian Ministry. However, she was also overseeing Daphne Greengrass and her 'mission' to protect the artefact that their Queen had brought. Yes, she knew Cyrus Greengrass wasn't really dead, yes, she knew that it was a test for the young girl – to see if she were ready for more. Rebecca Forsythe may be ruthless, she may even kill them if they fucked up massively. But, she would always be loyal to those who were loyal to her.

"You understand what you have to do, don't you, Heiress Greengrass?"

"I do, Madam Bones. I must protect the artefact of our Queens, at all costs," Daphne responded bitterly.

"Good, I hope your protection detail is good. Should you fail, they may not see the light of the next day," Amelia sighed, it was a likely situation that could occur. She wasn't the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for no reason.

"I have only those I completely trust with me, I won't fail."

Satisfied, Amelia nodded and looked at her pocket-watch. However, a seething Rebecca stormed through the front of the tent and up to them. The look in Rebecca's face was murderous, it both frightened Amelia and turned her on.

"Leave," Rebecca snapped at Daphne, the girl quickly scurried out of the tent where the Four Horsemen had manned the front of the tent, keeping it closed.

"My Queen, what's bothering you?" Amelia was on her knees in front of her Queen with her eyes glued to the floor in a submissive position.

"I just met the infamous boy-who-lived, and his lovely family," there was no affection in her voice, just the cold chill that promised pain.

Amelia remained tight lipped, her hazel eyes glued to the ground. A warm hand touched her face and lifted it, she looked up into the cold emerald eyes that promised pain, a pain that she loved. When you had the Queen's interest in one way or another, you just had to keep it through any means necessary.

"I've come to relieve some of my frustration," Amelia's body shuddered at the tone of voice, already her panties were begging to be drenched.

Rebecca leaned down and softly pressed her lips against Amelia's own, Amelia was quick to return the kiss. Rebecca tightened her grip on Amelia's jaw causing Amelia to wince and open her mouth to allow Rebecca's tongue to slip inside. There was no battle for dominance, Rebecca was in control and there was no questions about it, Amelia's body bent to every whim that her beautiful Queen made.


It was a command, not a question. As soon as the words had been uttered Amelia stood and turned, she knew how this went. Rebecca conjured a lush chair for herself to sit on, and Amelia moved her hips to silent music while she took off her robes, reveal a pair of lace panties and a matching bra. She then turned around so that her back was to Rebecca and bent over, her fingers sliding into the waistband of her panties and pulling them down giving her Queen a view of her glistening pussy before she turned around again with her hands reaching to unclasp her bra, allowing her 36DD tits free.

Rebecca's eyes scanned the flawless mature body in front of her, already her cock was standing at attention. Amelia was always eager to please, and she was an absolute pain slut which made her Rebecca's favourite toy to work her frustration out on and she certainly did do that many times.


Another command, Amelia walked over to where Rebecca sat before dropping to her knees again, her eyes fixed on her next prize. She quickly looked to her Queen's eyes, silently asking for permission. She received a slight nod, this was all she needed before her hands rose towards her Queen's groin. Almost instantly, Rebecca's clothes vanished causing Amelia to jump slightly and the other girl chuckled. This always happened when she did this.

Amelia placed tentative kissed on the crown of Rebecca's cock before she opened her mouth and sucked, she felt a hand run through her dark hair before she was forced down on her Queen's cock, all 8 thick inches of it invaded her throat suddenly and she loved it.

"Always the perfect slut, aren't you, Madam Bones? Head of the DMLE."

Amelia's body shivered, her Queen loved to remind her that she was the headstrong Witch who was in charge of the DMLE, while she had an 8inch monster cock rammed down her throat. Rebecca then began to dictate the pace of the throat fucking, Amelia just obeyed her Queen's desires, using her tongue and mouth to massage the cock.

After a few moments Amelia was finally allowed to breathe, although she only did for a few moments before she began to lick the shaft of her Queen's cock again and then pay attention to the lovely, heavy, balls that were underneath causing her Queen to suck in a deep breath of air.

"Bend over the desk."

Her Queen wasn't playing for fun, she was really frustrated after all, to forego the foreplay. Amelia turned as quick as she could and bent over her desk, throwing all the papers and quills onto the ground. She'd clean them up later. She assumed the position, her moist pussy and naked body waiting in anticipation.

Smack! The hand of her Queen came down on her left arse cheek hard causing pain to shoot through her entire body and her bubbly pale behind to jiggle as a red handprint form. Smack! This time it was on her right. Amelia moaned, loving the feeling of her Queen punishing her flesh. If she wasn't trusted to be the head of the DMLE by her Queen, Amelia would have already dedicated herself to being her Queen's pain whore.

"Nghh!" Amelia's voice was coherent as sharp nails ran down her back, she knew she would be bleeding from the scratches but she didn't care, she loved pain.

Just then she felt the head of the large organ that was connected to the groin of her Queen brush up against her moist pussy lips. Her grip on the sides of her desk tightened, in one single violent thrust the entire 8inch monster entered her pussy, stretching it beyond normal as it always did.

"Fuck!" Amelia moaned, unable to keep her mouth shut.

More pain as the nails completely tore up her back while the large shaft rammed in and out of her. She held on for dear life as cracked appeared on the desk, her usually cream coloured arse was beet red, boarder-line purple from the abuse that it sustained from both hand and cock.

"You're such a good pain whore, Amelia," Rebecca's voice whispered in her ear, she felt her Queen's tits press up against her back, and her large rod was still invading her insides.

"O-only… nghh! F-for… oh fuck!... you," Amelia panted, her eyes rolling up as her pleasure was building.

Rebecca's teeth bit into Amelia's shoulder, where, if one looked, there were multiple bite marks. Amelia let out a silent scream as her body convulsed in orgasmic bliss, her pussy clamped down on the cock still thrusting in and out of her. Rebecca groaned at the feeling and slammed her hips into Amelia's arse hard, over and over again while her own pleasure built up. Her right hand continually abused Amelia's arse cheeks, turning them a satisfying purple.

"Here it comes, whore, you're going to take it all!" Rebecca growled, her hands dug into Amelia's hips as she sheathed her cock all the way inside of Amelia's moist folds, her hips twitched as the cum came gushing out of her cock and pouring into Amelia's depths.

Amelia's head dropped onto the desk and she let out another low moan as her body convulsed in another orgasm, this time though she felt the gushing liquid start to fill her up, letting her know that her Queen was cumming inside of her like she always did. Amelia felt the loss immediately as her Queen's cock withdrew from her depths, she moaned in disappointed, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

"Clean yourself up, Amelia. I'm going to use your shower before I return to the World Cup."