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Jaune is pacing around his dorm room packing the last of what he needs into his travel bag. He begins to make final checks. "Gifts for mom, dad, and my sisters, check… some flash bombs from Blake... check, multiple boxes of Chocolates for my safety... check, and... huh. Where is Crocea Mors?" He looks around for a few seconds before he sees it by his bedside table. As he leans down to pick up Crocea Mors there's a knock on the door. "Hey Pyrrha, could you get that please?"

Pyrrha put down her scroll and got up from her bed and walked over to the door and smiles as she opens it. "Oh hi Velvet. I presume you're here for Jaune?"

Jaune let out a sigh. "Velvet, you sure you want to come? It's not going to be fun."

Velvet gives him a soft smile. "Now what kind of wife would I be if I let my injured husband travel alone and face this on his own?"

Jaune sighed and then smiled. "Then let's face our fate together. Shall we head over to your room to pack?"

Velvet reached around the doorway and pulled in her brown traveling case. "Oh no, I'm not letting you try that. I packed already and I know your flight is in twenty minutes. I have a ticket as well, Pyrrha gave me the details."

Jaune spun around and gave Pyrrha an annoyed look. "Pyrrha, you know I wanted to slip away quietly and not trouble her with this."

Pyrrha looked down in shame for a moment before looking back at Jaune. "She asked for my help, and besides it's not right for you to leave her out of this."

"Well I guess I can't argue against that." Reaching down he grabbed his bag as Pyrrha gives him a smile, showing she's happy that he's let her off the hook. "Well then, see your guys after break. Hope you have fun whilst I'm gone."

Nora runs over and hugs Jaune. "We will and we will miss you whilst you're gone."

"I'll miss you guys too." Jaune ruffles Nora's hair making her smile.

Ren walks up and passes Jaune a bag. "Take these, they're made with a new herbal recipe. It should help with the motion sickness."

Jaune eyes the bag with suspicion. "Not that I don't trust you Ren, but you don't have the best track record with herbal remedies."

Nora runs over, opens the bag, and pulls out what looks like a green biscuit. "Maybe he's gotten better?" She takes a bite and then immediately spits it back out. "No it's not better! It's worse!" She smacks the bag out of Jaune's hand. "Ren we want our leader to come back, not die on his trip."

Ren walks over and picks up the bag. "Oh come on, they can't be that bad." He takes out a biscuit and takes a bite. His expression drops and his voice sounds strained. "They're good, no idea what you're on about."

Jaune walks over and sympathetically pats Ren on the back. "Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but I think I'll pass this time."

"Jaune we're going to be late!" Velvet exclaims in shock.

Jaune immediately looks over at the clock. "Damn it you're right. Well, see you guys after break, we've got to move."

Ren nodes and Nora waves at them like a loon. "Bye guys."

Pyrrha smiles. "Have a good vacation."

With their goodbyes said Jaune and Velvet leave and rush over to the airship dock.

/ / / / /

Reaching the airship dock both Jaune and Velvet are hunched over and breathing heavily trying to catch their breath in front of the checking clerk.

"Are you two ok?" The clerk asked, giving them a look of concern.

Jaune holds up his right hand. "Yeah, give us a second." Once they're done catching their breath Jaune stands back up. "Ok we have two tickets for Domremy."

The clerk smiles. "Oh, you're the two Ozpin phoned ahead about and requested a delay in the flight. Well just head right on through. It's the boarding ramp on the left. They're waiting for you so they can leave."

The pair head down the corridor to the boarding ramp. "Guess Ozpin is not going to let me have an excuse."

"Guess not." Velvet chuckles in response as they reach the ramp and board the airship.

/ / / / /

It's a couple of hours into their six hour flight and Jaune is watching a film on the holoscreen. However, a pair of fluffy, cute bunny ears begins to obscure his view. He turns to his right and realises Velvet had dozed off and in her sleep she has shifted to lean on him. With a smile he puts his arm around her and pulls her closer so she is leaning on his shoulder. He giggles a bit as her ears tickle him as he tries to tuck them behind his head and away from his face.

An air hostess giggles as she stopped right next to them. "Sir would you like some help with your girlfriend?" She asked.

Jaune nods. "Thanks. This is really tricky with only one arm. And she's my wife, not my girlfriend." He smiles then wiggles his ring finger drawing the air hostess's attention to it.

"Aww, how sweet. I'm surprised though, you seem a bit young to be married," she replied as she helps Jaune tuck Velvet's ears behind his head, "but I have to say you two look adorable together. If you need anything else let me know."

Jaune smiles warmly. "Thank you for your help, and I will." As she walks away Jaune leans his head down against Velvet and returns his attention back to watching the film in front of him.

/ / / / /

It's been about half an hour since the film ended and now they're on the approach to landing pads. Jaune knows he really should wake Velvet, but to wake the sleeping angel next to him would just break his heart. As he's mulling over the problem the air hostess from earlier comes up and giggles again. "You two really are adorable." This caused Jaune to blush and she gives him a knowing smile. "You just can't bring yourself to wake her can you? Here let me." Leaning down the women gently nudges Velvet awake.

As Velvet wakes up she looks at the air hostess with a look of confusion and tiredness. "Um, is something wrong?"

The air hostess smiles and shakes her head. "Hello miss not to worry there is nothing wrong but we have almost landed. I decided to wake you as your husband just could not bring himself to disturb your slumber."

Velvet blushes "Um thank you. But how did you know were married?"

The air hostess smiles. "Well you husband corrected me earlier when I called you his girlfriend. By the way, congratulations! I am right in assuming it's a recent marriage?"

Velvet nodes whilst blushing in embarrassment. "Five weeks."

The air hostess's smile grew. "Ah, so this is your honeymoon?"

At this comment Velvet gets even more embarrassed and pulls her ears down, trying to use them to cover her face. Jaune can't help but smile. "Actually were going to meet my parents so I can introduce them to my beautiful wife. But now that I think about it we will have rest of the week as break from Beacon so why don't we have our honeymoon at the same time?" Jaune pulls her into a hug.

Even though she is blushing like mad Velvet peaks out from behind her ears, her eyes seems to be shimmering in happiness. "You think I'm beautiful?"

Jaune smiles, moves her ears away from her face, and leans in. "Of courses I do." He then kisses her and she lets out a little squeak of joy.

As they break apart they see that six other air hostesses have gathered nearby. In unison they all go "Awwwwwwwwwwww!" Both Jaune's and Velvet's checks turn red and the first air hostess smiles. "I guess it's true what they say: huntsman and huntress lives are as romantic as they seem."

As the airship lands both Jaune and Velvet are relieved that air hostess had to return to their seats but that brief relief did not last long. Before they and the rest of the passengers could get up to exit from the airship the air hostesses had decided to tell the captain about the happy couple, and he decided to announce and congratulate them causing everyone on board to turn, clap and congratulate the young couple, causing Velvet to hide behind her ears and blush like crazy whilst Jaune to blushes and rubs the back of his head. He then thanks everyone for their kindness but it did not end there. At the exit the captain and air hostesses decided to give them a bottle of champagne to congratulate the couple. Jaune thanks them as Velvet buries her face into Jaune's chest getting a lot of "awwwwwwwww" from the air hostesses.

/ / / /

On the taxi ride from the airport to Jaune's home Velvet fell asleep again. Jaune gently nudges her awake and looks at her with concern. "You ok Velvet?"

Velvet yawned. "Yeah, I was just anxious and excited last night to come with you that I never slept. I think I annoyed Coco because she ended up staying up all night with me."

Jaune smiles and kissed her on the forehead. "You silly goof. Still, now we're here I'm glad you decided to thwart my plans to save you from my family and come with me. I feel so at ease with you by my side."

Velvet smiles and starts to cuddle up with Jaune whilst letting out a yawn. "Can I just nap like this just for a little bit?"

"Sure." Jaune smiles as he pulls her closer and strokes her back as she drifts back off to sleep.

/ / / / /

As the taxi pulls up to a large gate the driver turns around. "You sure this is the place?" He gives Jaune with a look of scepticism.

"Yeah hang on for a minute." Jaune gently nudges Velvet awake. She yawns, rubs her eyes, and then looks at him. "Hey. I need to leave you just for a second, ok?"

"Ok," she smiles and releases him from their cuddle.

As he gets out the taxi guy is about to yell at him for not paying, but along with Velvet he watches as Jaune walks over to the large gate and knocks on the booth next to it with a ox faunus inside. The guy looks up broadly from his newspaper at Jaune, then suddenly drops it and sits to attention. Looking frantic he hangs his head in shame then sits back up as Jaune frantically waves after a few seconds. The two appear to be laughing then the ox faunus in the booth hits a switch and the gate begins to open. Jaune nodes and looks like he's saying thanks he walks back over to the taxi and gets in.

Velvet looks at him. "What was that about?"

Jaune smiles. "Oh that just Geoffrey. He's one of the people my family employs to work on our grounds. Oh hang on." Jaune taps on the glass separating them from the driver. "Could you drive us up please?"

The driver just looks at him. "Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Jaune Arc."

The driver's mouth hangs open for a second. "B-b-but you're... but you look…."

"Yeah, I don't like the whole money thing so I don't advertises it, ok."

"Sure." The driver turns back round and starts to drive up the driveway.

As they head up the driveway Velvet's mouth just hangs open. The estate is huge. She can see some faunus working on maintaining the grounds as they look up and see Jaune in the taxi they all smiles and happily wave to him. As they get further up the driveway Velvet sees the house. It's huge! It can't be called a house. It's a manor that's at least four stories tall and it has an old, traditional look to it and made from white, hand carved stones.

Jaune sees the look on Velvet face. "Yeah, my family is one of the old nobles in Remnant. It may look like were rich but were not really. Not like Weiss anyway."

As the taxi pulls up, Jaune pays the driver and the couple get out with their luggage. They walk up to the door and Jaune knocks three times. He is then surprised when June quickly answers the door. She squeals in joy and pulls Jaune into a hug. "Jaune, your home!" She pulls back and looks at him after a minute of hugging. "What happened? Did they finally kick you out of Beacon?" she says with a smirk.

"No." Jaune replays with a snort.

June then notices Velvet. "Who's the cute girl? Is she by any chance your girlfriend?" June nudges Jaune with her elbow.

"You would not be completely wrong to assume that." Jaune says with a look of apprehension.

June raised an eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Jaune quickly changes the topic. "So, who else is here? I'm guessing just a few, there's no way the triplets and Joan are here?"

June smirked. "Nope, everyone is here. After Ozpin phoned and said you were coming back mom called everyone and they all came home to welcome you back."

Jaune looks angry for a second. "Damn you Ozpin," he muttered under his breath so June can't hear him, but with her heightened hearing Velvet can't help but giggle at Jaune's comment. He sighs and then smiles. "Well it will be good to see everyone again."

June smirked. "Then get in here. Let's stop chit chatting out here."

Jaune and Velvet follow June inside as she leads them to the main living room. Like the rest of the inside of the manor, it has traditional mahogany wood panelled walls. At the far end of the room is a double glass doorway leading out into the garden. There is a TV currently switched off in the corner of the room. In the middle the furthest wall is a cobble stone fireplace. In front of it is a Coffee table and surrounding it are many armchairs and sofas, which currently have Jaune's family sat in them.

As a woman in her forties turns, she notices them enter and her face burst into joy. She leaps up and runs over. "JAUNE!" she pulls her son into a bear hug.

Jaune laughs and returns the hug. "Hi mom. I missed you too."

When she finally done showing Jaune how much she missed her baby boy, she releases him from her embrace and she looks down at him. She looked upset. "Jaune what happened to my baby boy? Your poor arm... see this is why I did not want you to be a huntsmen. Now you've gone and got yourself hurt."

Jaune looks a little annoyed. "Mom look, it's ok. This didn't happen because of huntsmen training or a mission. It happened another way."

Joanne looks apprehensive. "Really?"

Jaune smiles. "Really. I promises to tell you later."

Joanne then notices Velvet. "So, who's this?"

Jaune facepalms. "Oh right I forgot. Mom, this is Velvet. Velvet this is my mom, Joanne."

Velvet nodes. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Joanne gasps. "Oh where are my manners. It's a pleasure to meet you too, now you two come join us."

Taking Jaune and Velvet by their hands she leads them over to the central sofa and motions for them to sit down. She then heads back over to her arm chair and sits back.

Jaune smiles. "Well, I guess first thing first, introductions." Jaune begins pointing around the room to each person. "Everyone this is Velvet. Velvet this is my eldest sister Joan."

Joan smiles and waves. "Hello there."

"You've already met my mom and my twin Sister June," the two wave. "Then we have the triplets Jessica, Jemima, and Jenny."

Jessica smiles but she also has a strange look of curiosity on her face. "Hello."

Jemima leaned forward. "Hello. So are you friends with my little brother or do you by chance yearn to bed him?" She says with a sly smile, causing Velvet to blush like crazy and pull her ears down over her face

Jaune grabs a pillow and throws it across the room, hitting Jemima square in the face. "Knock it off."

Jenny grins. "Sorry about Jemima, her sense of humour is an acquired taste but it's a pleasure to meet you."

Velvet nodes and remove her ears from her face. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well."

Jaune then turns to the last pair and see the look on the little girls faces. "NO! Don't you dare!"

In unison the two girls looks drop. "Awwwwwwwwww."

Jaune lets out a sigh. "Velvet, these are the twin terrors, Jade and Jane. You have to keep an eye on them. They get into all sort of trouble. They also love faunus and animals, especially rabbits. They have six of them as pets so they will problem be very enamoured with you but keep an eye on them. They are more dangerous than the Grimm."

Velvet nodes and then smiles. "Sounds like I'm going to have to play with them later."

Both girls grin then jump in joy. "Yay!"

Jaune sigh at their excitement. "And lastly this is my father, Jonathan."

The large man sits forward. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you." He turns back to Jaune. "So Jaune, how is Beacon going, seeing as you ran off there to prove yourself?" He gives his son a annoyed scowl.

Jaune shrinks down in his seat under his father's judging stare. "Well it's going well. The teachers say I'm improving every day, though Glynda still says my combat skills are woefully poor," he sinks even further into the chair under the look his father gives him, "but in brighter news I'm a team leader."

Jonathan raises an eyebrow and smiles a little. "Well there must be some reason, they don't make people team leaders on a whim."

Jaune smiles. "Actually, when Ozpin made me team leader, he said I have great potential as a leader."

Jonathan then bursts into booming happy laughter causing Jaune to look confused. "My son the leader. I'm so proud." He gets up and walks over pulling Jaune up and begins hugging him.

Joanne looks annoyed. "Jonathan don't encourage him. I don't want my baby boy in danger."

Jonathan releases his son from his hug and turns to his wife. "Oh don't worry. If he's being trained as a leader he will have plenty of comrades to lead who will keep him safe." He returns to his armchair with a smile on his face.

Joanne then turns to her son. "So why the sudden return Jaune? I get its half term break but you've not come back during half term's before. Not that I'm complaining, I'm elated that you want to spend your time with us."

Jaune laughs nervously. "So mom, you love our big family right?"

Her expression drops. "Jaune, what did you do?"

Jaune rubs the back of his head as the atmosphere in the room begins to get tense. "Well, how would you feel if the family got even bigger?"

Joanne sits forward. "Jaune, is this why you brought this nice girl with you? Are you telling us what I think you telling us?"

Jaune laughs nervously. "Congratulations, you're going to be a grandma." There is a look of shock then anger on Joanne's face as she gets up. She doesn't say anything as she walks out of the room, and then returns a few seconds later with a frying pan. "Now wait up mom..."

As she advances on Jaune everyone backs away from them. Joanne smiles sweetly but the smile doesn't comfort Jaune, it downright terrifies him. "Jaune, when you left you promised me one thing," she taps the frying pan in one hand, "what was that again? Oh yes, you would not touch a girl before you were married. And do you remember what the consequences were if broke that promise?"

Jaune turns as white as a sheet. "T-t-that you would de-man me... and I'm hoping that doesn't mean what I think it means."

"Oh it does, but not before I beat some sense into you." As she lines up the frying pan and gets ready to smack him around the head with it.

Jaune holds up his hands. "Wait wait wait! I didn't break my promise! See!" He wiggles his ring finger. Joanne freezes and lower the frying pan before getting closer and smacking her son round the side of his head "Owww, what was that for?"

"How dare you get married and not invite us!"

Jaune looks down. "Well it kind of happen the same night me and Velvet had our happy accident... and liquor was involved."

The room was silent for several moments before Jonathan let out a booming laughter. "Hahahahahaha! Like father like son!"

"Jonathan, don't tell them that!" Everyone has shocked look at the bombshell there father had just dropped on them.

"Well not quite the same. I didn't knock you mom up until…. was it third or fourth month into our marriage?"

"JONATHAN!" Joanne looks modified, as does the rest of the family. She regained her composure and turned to Velvet. "Hmmmmmm, so my son knocked you up and marries you in a drunk mistake, and you don't decide to divorce him. Why? Hoping to score some money out of him? If so, sorry to disappoint you but all our money is tied up in the estate and charity's."

Jaune looks horrified and stands up and stares down his mum "MOM! Don't you dare talk to her like that."

"I'm just making sure she's not conning you or trying to get a easy life from you. Your father and I know what that's like, we're just concerned."

"I know but… we didn't find out about the pregnancy until a few weeks later. Velvet wanted to get an abortion and... I agreed until I found out that the drugs used make faunus sterile." This got him a few worrying and sympathetic looks. He reached over and held Velvet's hand. "I didn't want Velvet to give up her dream of one day having a family. So… here we are."

Everyone could only stare at the two. They offered soft smiles to the married couple, offering looks of sympathy and approval. A smug grin appeared on Jonathan's face a few moments later. "Well it's nice to see we raised one of our kids right."

It was immediately followed by a chorus of 'HEY!' as the Arc sisters threw pillows at him, making Jonathan's grin grew as he got the desired results. Jaune could only shake his head while Velvet brought a hand to her mouth to suppress her chuckles. Joanne then turns to look at Jaune. "You're still in trouble."

Jaune looks shocked. "Why what have I done now?"

"You should have led with the facts first, not let me assume something bad and make such accusations." She then turned to Velvet. "I really hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Velvet shakes her head "Really it's fine. I get where you were coming from."

Jessica lets out a sigh. "Least I know I'm not have a stroke or something."

Everyone looks at Jessica with a curious look till Jonathan speaks up. "Why, whats the matter?"

"Well, you know how with my semblance I can see the life force of people, which I uses in my search and rescue jobs to find survivors? well I thought I was going mad."

Jaune looks confused. "Why?"

Joan snaps her finger. "I get it you could see Velvet has more than one life force."

Jessica nodes. "Yeah, I thought I was strange that she had four life force energies emanating from her."

Jaune paused for a moment. "Wait, are you saying..."

Jessica nodes. "Congratulations it's triplets."


Everyone turns to see Jaune passed out on the floor.

Jonathan smirks. "I guess that runs in the family as well."



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