My name is Raphael, and I feel that today pretty much caps off the rotten string of luck me and my bros have been having. Ya see, Leo and I got into a huge fight over how to handle the oncoming Kraang Invasion. To sum things up, it ended badly and I stormed out. What I didn't know was that Leo had gone after me to try and apologies not long after. And while I was shooting the breeze with my man Casey Jones, Leo was bein' ambushed by the whole freakin Foot Clan. I went home after calming down, but Leo had a more… abrupt return.

And by abrupt, I mean being freakin' tossed through the window lookin like shell. You'd think that be bad enough, but his bloody return was attached with a message that had us all terrified out of our shells.

"H-he's… Back… The sh… Shredder..."

You know, I used to think we'd been through the worst the world could throw at us lately, now I see that the worst was yet to come.


To say that the group was shocked was an understatement. Out of all the turtles, Leonardo was the one that they could always rely in a pinch, and now he was lying on April's rug, groaning in pain. As if that wasn't bad enough, his last words before passing out were still ringing through their heads.

"He didn't say that." April said. "Tell me he didn't just say that."

"He said it." Mikey replied. "The Shredder's back."

"But that's impossible." Donnie insisted. "He was crushed under a giant mechanical eyeball, not to mention the Technodrome sank into the river. If the eyeball didn't crush him, water pressure or drowning would have. No human could survive that."

"We ain't dealing with any human Don." Raph reminded. "This is the Shredder we're talking about here."

"This is just like in Justice Force." Mikey thought out loud. "The bad guy always come back from the dead for revenge. Always!"

"Guys, if they tossed Leo in here, doesn't that mean they know where we are?" April surmised.

"Right," Donnie concurred. "We need to get out of here."

"We need a plan." Mikey stated. "Who's got a plan? Leo's usually the one with the plan." Mikey then grabbed Don's shoulders and started shaking him violently. "So what are we gonna do without Leo to come up with a plan?!"

"I don't know!" Donnie declared shoving Mikey's arms off.

"No time for a plan." Raph decided, drawing both his sai.

"What makes you say that?" April questioned.

She barely had time to finish her question before all the windows of her apartment exploded inward, bringing with them entire hordes of Foot Ninja.

"Oh." She said softly. "That."

Donnie and Mikey quickly drew their own weapons and prepared to engage the Foot. Raph quickly blocked a sword strike with his sai and kicked the ninja in the chest. He then ducked under another sword strike uppercutted the ninja with the blunt end of both his sai. He then kicked another oncoming ninja, causing him to collide with the couch.

Mikey was spinning his nunchaku wildly, smacking any ninja that came close. Normally he'd be quick with a few quick-witted quips. However, given the severity of their situation, he decided that now wasn't the time. He then quickly held up his Nunchucks to block a sword strike with the chains. He then quickly kicked him away.

Donnie blocked one sword strike with one end of his staff and quickly brought up the other end to block another. Thinking fast, Donnie eased up on one side, causing the ninja to fall to the ground. Donnie then proceeded to kick the other ninja in the stomach, knocking him out as well.

"Donnie, help April get Leo out of here!" Raph called out. "We'll cover you!"

April was struggling to pull Leo to safety, feeling like she was dragging a ton of bricks across the carpet. Donnie pole vaulted across the room and landed right next to Leo and April.

"Hang on bro." Donnie reassured as he and April picked up Leo. "We're getting you out of here."

"Donnie, where'd you park my van?" April asked, her mind working overtime to come up with a plan.

"Out back." Donnie answered, before deciding something else. "April, as soon as we get clear, you need to make a break for it."

"What?!" April let out.

"If Shredder is back, he'll be gunning for us all." Donnie told her. "This is our fight, not yours."

"Like hell it's not!" April snapped. "I'm not leaving you all, not like this. We're family, and family sticks together, no matter what. Now come on!"

With that, the two carried Leo towards the door. Donnie opened it, only to reveal an entire army of Foot ninja blocking the way.

"Holy Chalupa!" the turtle let out.

Donnie quickly let go of Leo and used his staff to bat the first ninja in front of him. This caused him to topple onto all the other ninjas behind him like a human domino effect.

"They're coming through the shop!" April realized, horrified by the realization. "They've boxed us in!"

"Well it's not like they're giving us any elbow room up here." Donnie countered.

"Go!" Raph called out, smacking another ninja with his sai. "I'll hold em off here."

"We can't lose you too!" Mikey yelled, kicking and punching nearly every ninja in sight.

"I didn't say I wasn't coming back." Raph reassured, blocking a sword strike.

Hesitantly, Mikey was about to run off to catch up with Donnie and April. Suddenly a thought came to his mind. He immediately ducked into the bedroom. He ducked under the bed in a frantic search as a Foot Ninja was coming up behind him. As the ninja tried bring his sword down on him, Mikey sup around blocking the strike with Splinter's walking stick, which he was able to hold on to before they were chased out of the lair. Mikey quickly kicked the ninja out of the way and ran to catch up with the others, with Splinter's walking stick tucked away on his back.

Meanwhile, Raph was alone with two remaining Foot Ninja. The red turtle just smirked as he spun his sai.

"Now I know what you're thinking." Raph spoke. "We outnumber him two to one, we got him. Thing is though, this turtle has already plowed through quite a few of you boys already. So here's the million dollar question; how do you, expect to beat me?"

Just then, several more ninjas crashed through the windows the first few entered from. As Raph readied himself, several more crashed through the kitchen windows, with weapons at the ready. Raph backed up slowly as the massive circle of Foot Ninjas closed in around him.

"Good answer." Raph replied. "Good answer."

Outside the apartment on the staircase, Mikey caught up to Donnie and April still carrying Leo downstairs towards the antique shop.

"How's he holding up?" Mikey asked.

"Not good." April reported. "We got to get him out of here, and fast."

"And considering the welcome party we just had, they're probably staking out the shop down stairs waiting for us." Donnie added. "Scope out the store and see what we're up against."

"No problem." Mikey replied.

Mikey then made his way down the stairs and to the door leading into the shop. He opened the door slowly, not sure what to expect.

"It's quiet. Maybe too quiet." Mikey noted before chuckling. "I always wanted to say that."

Mikey then poked his head inside, looking around for any signs of the Foot. His eyes fixated on four individuals with red capes, face masks, bowl hats, and wielding an axe, spear, trident, and double blade sword. The elite warriors of the Foot. Mikey went wide eyed at this reveal.

"Nice hats." Mikey commented.

The double blade elite pulled out some throwing stars and threw them at Mikey. The orange turtle quickly closed the door in a panic before running back up the stairs towards April and Donnie.

"Wrong way pepperoni brain!" Donnie chastised.

"Wrong way my foot." Mikey replied before realizing the stupidity in his phrasing. "Poor choice of words. We got a major ambush downstairs!"

"We don't have a choice." Donnie reminded. "They're pouring in through the windows upstairs."

Back upstairs, Raph's fight with the Foot carried out into the hallway. One ninja swung tried swing his sword at Raph, but he just ducked under it.

"Hey!" Raph called out, blocking another sword with his sai. "What's the story down there?"

"We got some mean looking guys guarding the shop!" Mikey called up.

"They're the Foot Mikey." Donnie replied, starting to walk down. "Mean looking is part of the job description."

"Don! Wait!" Mikey called out.

The purple turtle entered the shop, his staff raised in a defensive manner. Donnie looked around for the 'mean looking guys' Mikey told him about. Donnie finally caught sight of the Foot elites.

"Nice hats." he commented.

One of the elites threw his trident at the turtle, which had Donnie scrambling back through the door. Another elite threw his spear at him. Donnie barely dodged it, getting some of the tail of his mask cut off.

"Uh Raph," Donnie called up. "We got trouble down here!"

Back upstairs, Raph was slashing and bashing the Foot ninja back into the apartment as hard as he could.

"Just! Give! Me! One! Second!"

With one final kick, he knocked the ninjas back into the apartment. He then quickly slammed the door shut and used the blunt end of his sai to bust the handle. Once that was done, he jumped onto the banister and slid down it, landing right in front of April and Leo.

"April, you're gonna need a new door knob." Raph told her.

"My dad and I are gonna need new apartments..." she said quietly.

Raph then ran out into the shop.

"Whoa." Raph let out, stumbling as he entered the room and catching sight of the elites. "Nice hats."

"Yeah we thought so too." Mikey agreed.

"Say what you will about the Foot," Donnie began to concede. "But they do not skip on the headgear."

The elites didn't give them long to admire their choice of headgear. They all brandished their weapons and launched at the turtles. The turtles quickly scattered as the elites hit ground. As Raph landed on the ground, the axe elite dashed towards him and began trying to slash at him. Raph used his sai to block all the attacks dealt to him. Raph quickly ducked under one axe strikes and jumped up to kick him in the face. The elite stumbled a bit before regaining his stance and ran towards Raph. He delivered a devastating kick to the turtle, sending him colliding with the wall.

Donnie ran towards the double blade and trident elites and jumped into the air just as they tried bringing their weapons down on him. Donnie landed on both of the weapons and dealt each of them a kick to the chest. Before he had a chance to savor his victory, the spear elite came up from behind and kicked him in the shell. Donnie tumbled on the ground a bit before getting to his hands and knees. He looked up to see the spear elite in the air descending towards him with his weapon pointed down. Instinctively, Donnie rolled out of the way as the weapon made contact with the ground. He quickly got back to his feet and readied himself to face his new opponent.

After getting back up, the double blade elite went at Mikey, swinging his weapon in one mad slash after another. Mikey kept dodging and back flipping out of the way until he landed behind a suit of armor. The elite just sliced through it piece by piece, causing Mikey to stumble and fall backwards onto the floor. Mikey quickly got to his feet and leapt out of the way of the elite bringing his weapon down on him. Mikey landed on the ground and backed up into Raph who was still fighting with the axe elite.

"You doing ok Raph?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah..." Raph replied sounding exhausted. "I… I just need a chance to catch my breath."

"I know how you feel." Mikey concurred. "Think we can call a timeout or something?"

Barely hesitating, both turtles charged towards their respective enemies, only for those elites to deliver devastating kicks to the both of them, causing them to collide with each other before falling to the ground.

Donnie meanwhile, was duking it out with the spear elite. Donnie was able to block blows both high and low before the elite kicked him in the chest, causing him to collide with the counter. The elite swung his spear at the turtle, only for Donnie to duck under it, causing the spear to slice a vase on the counter.

"Hey!" Donnie chastised getting to his feet. "Try not to wreck the shop!"

The elite only responded by trying to bring his spear down on Donnie. Don quickly brought his staff up to block it.

"Or at least try not to wreck it too badly." Donnie relented, sweeping the elites legs.

Donnie then glanced over to see the two elites standing over his brothers. Thinking fast, Donnie vaulted over with his staff and kicked the two elites into a wall as he landed.

"You guys good?" Donnie asked as he brothers got to their feet.

"Yeah." Mikey replied.

"I'm good." Raph responded.

Just then, the turtles saw the two downed elites disappear into a puff of smoke. They turned behind them to see the spear and trident elites walking towards them and a puff of smoke coming out of nowhere, revealing the double blade and axe elites among them.

"Oh come on!" Mikey let out.

Back in the hallway, April was still carrying Leo and getting closer to the entrance to the antique shop. As continued to move, she was totally unaware of the large ominous shadow looming over her. Suddenly, a large hand grabbed hold of Leo and yanked him out of April's grasp. April turned around to see Hun standing over her and holding Leo by the shell.

"Your friend doesn't look too well." Hun observed. "Shall I put him out of his misery?"

April backed up in shock until she eyed a nearby vase. She quickly picked it up and smashed it against his head. This did little but make him grunt in response.

"Ow." he let out.

"Put him down!" April demanded.

"If you insist." Hun replied.

Hun then threw Leo into the shop, across the room, and right into a steel pipe.

"Leo!" Raph let out, seeing the sight before him.

Infuriated by this, April tried applying some of the training she received from Master Splinter and tried kicking Hun in the face. Unfortunately, Hun caught the leg and pushed her forward out into the shop. Raph saw this and, as Hun was coming out, ran up and kicked him in the face, knocking him back into the hallway. April quickly got back up and ran towards the door to slam it shut. Raph meanwhile, went over to check on Leo. Donnie and Mikey came over as well to do the same.

"Leo…" Mikey let out.

"This has gone on way too long." Donnie decided.

"On that we agree." a voice agreed.

The turtles turned to see Nakumo and Karai leaning on one of the counters.

"Well if it ain't the Wonder Twins." Raph remarked, spinning his sai. "You bozos got a lot of nerve busting in here like this."

"Aw, is a certain turtle feeling under the weather?" Karai taunted. "I gotta say, considering the punishment he took, I'm amazed he's still breathing."

Raph growled in response, having enough of all that has transpired today.

"Why are you here?" Donnie asked. "Why are you doing this?!"

"We just thought this would be the perfect time for a little reunion." Nakumo remarked, gesturing to the door.

As if on cue, the door to the shop was kicked open, and a figure walked inside the shop. A figure the turtles knew all too well.

"Aw crud." Raph let out.

"It-it's really him." Mikey said in complete horror. "Just like Leo said."

"The Shredder." Donnie concluded.

All the turtles could do was watch in terror as their arch enemy walked towards them.

"So, we meet again my reptilian adversaries." Shredder greeted. "It's been some time."

"Not long enough." Raph retorted.

"You aren't still upset about us dropping a giant eyeball on your head are you?" Donnie asked, trying to sound confident.

"Oh I remember all that transpired during our last encounter." Shredder responded. "And now you will learn that no one opposes the Shredder…" Shredder crossed his arms as he spoke and extended his claws. "And lives. Say farewell to each other, while you still can."

"Oh yeah Mr. Spikey Pants?" Mikey asked spinning his Nunchucks. "Well, maybe you're the one who should be saying farewell, to… uh, to… to yourself!"

"Oh yeah Mikey, that got him." Raph replied dryly.

"Hey!" Mikey yelled back. "I'm under a lot of pressure here!"

"Silence!" Shredder demanded.

"Guys I say we shred his butt once and for all!" Raph declared, stepping forward. "For Leo! You with me?"

"You know it." Donnie replied.

"I'm almost insulted you have to ask." Mikey joked.

With that, the three turtles leapt towards the metal villain. Shredder jumped in the air and split kicked Raph and Mikey, knocking them both to the ground. As Shredder landed, Donnie fell towards him with his staff drawn back. As Donnie swung his staff down at him, Shredder grabbed it and kicked the purple turtle away. Still holding onto Donnie's staff, Shredder activated the blade end, and leapt up in the air, trying to bring it down on Donnie. Don rolled out of the way as the blade hit the ground. Donnie got up and tried to kick Shredder in the head, but Shredder just blocked it with the staff. Shredder then used the staff to sweep Donnie's legs, knocking him to the ground. Mikey then ran up and started swinging his Nunchucks wildly at Shredder. The master ninja simply spun the staff fast enough to block the oncoming attacks. He then tried bringing the blade down on him, but Mikey used the chain of his nunchaku to block it. Shredder then moved the blade under his belt and flipped the staff upward, flipping Mikey over onto the ground. Hearing Raph's yell, Shredder ducked under the red turtles flying kick. As Raph landed, he quickly turned around and used his sai to block Shredder's attempt to stab him. After struggling in a weapon lock, Raph tossed the staff out of Shredder's hands. Raph then tried stabbing Shredder with his sai, but Shredder caught it in his claw. He then used his free hand to uppercut Raph, knocking him to the ground. Shredder stood victorious over his fallen enemies.

"This is where you belong turtles." Shredder taunted. "Bowing at my feet."

"Don't… flatter yourself." Raph remarked, propping himself up.

Shredder chuckled a bit before extending one of his claws.

"Any last words before I put an end to your pathetic lives?" he asked.

"Just answer one thing…" Donnie spoke up. "Where's Splinter?"

"Like I said before, no one opposes the Shredder and lives…" Shredder answered. "... His bones lie still at the bottom of your wretched sewers."

The turtles and April gasped in horror upon hearing this news. They had their fears about Splinter's condition for weeks, but to hear confirmation of his demise, it was more than they could bear.

"Splinter…" Donnie let out, still in shock.

"... Dad…" Mikey let out as tears began to form.

"No…" Raph let out, breathing erratically, "No… you lie!"

"... Do I?" Shredder asked smirking.

That was the last straw. Raph yelled in complete fury before charging at Shredder full force. Shredder simply grabbed Raph by the throat and slammed him to the ground.

"Do not grieve for your master long," Shredder told him as he raised a claw overhead. "For you will soon join him in death."

Before Shredder could bring the claw down, the sound of a roaring motorcycle rang out from outside the shop. Shredder turned to see someone riding up and crashing through the front window. Raph rolled out of the way as the bike collided with Shredder and sent him crashing into a shelf. The rider then got off his bike and took off the hood of his coat, revealing the hockey mask clad face of Casey Jones.

"Now that's what I call makin' an entrance." he remarked.

"Casey!" Raph called out, getting to his feet.

"I've never been so happy to see that lunatic in my life." Donnie let out.

"Hey Raph," Casey greeted. "Thought I'd drop by to see how our little talk went."

As Casey walked through the ship, two foot elite stood in his way. He simply took out a baseball bat and batted them out of the way.

"Didn't expect you to be throwing a party though." he admitted as he came over to April, who had taken hold of Leo. "You okay, babe?"

"Don't call me babe." she told him.

"So, this is the infamous Casey Jones." Nakumo remarked.

"Yeah, a real piece of work." Karai confirmed.

"Bah! Obliterate him!" Shredder ordered.

Suddenly, Bebop and Rocksteady burst in with a horde of Foot Ninja behind them. The turtles and Casey readied themselves for the oncoming battle.

"Lucky for you Casey, the party's just getting started." Donnie told him.

"Yeah, and here comes the band." Raph remarked.

"You gotta be kidding me." Casey let out. "I want rock and roll man!"

Casey then pulled out a hockey stick and a golf club and spun them around, ready for battle.

"Good thing I brought my own drumsticks, now who wants to be the drum?" Casey remarked. "Goongala! Goongala!"

Casey and the turtles then charged towards the Foot army. Despite the Foot's best efforts, the heroes were able to fight them back.

Outside, a cop car pulled up outside the shop. The two officers inside, one male and one female, the car looked in the shop and saw the fight taking place.

"Whoa." one officer let out. "Major rumble in the jungle."

"This is Officer Winters," the female officer called out on the radio. "Requesting immediate backup!"


While the fight was continuing, Hun burst through the door, feeling especially angry. As he looked around the battlefield, he saw April clutching Leo. He smirked at this before walking over. As Donnie swatted away another Foot Ninja with his staff, he looked over and saw Hun and where he was heading.

"April!" Donnie called out as he tried to run over.

Before he could get very far, he was tackled to the ground by Bebop. As they landed, Donnie tried to struggle to get free, but his efforts came up empty, leaving him only able to watch as Hun loomed over April and his injured brother.

"Remember me?" Hun asked, smirking.

April stood up and took a defensive stance.

"If you want him, you gotta go through me." She declared.

"That's the idea." he replied.

April stepped back in shock.

"Those green freaks feel great affection for you." he told her, cracking his knuckles. "Losing you should take the fight out of them."

Hun pulled back his fist, ready to attack April. Before he could let it loose though, something caught it. Hun looked back and saw Casey holding his fist back with a hockey stick.

"Hun!" Casey yelled. "Never! Ever! Threaten her!"

Hun tried to punch him with his free hand, but Casey quickly dodge it. Hun tried to kick him, but Casey leapt over that as well. As Hun tried punching him again, Casey moved behind him and struck him with the golf club, causing Hun to topple onto some Foot Ninja. Casey then turned back towards April to see how she was doing.

"You alright April?" he asked.

"Yeah… thanks." April replied.

"Uh… don't mention it." Casey replied nervously. "Well, uh, gotta run!"

Casey ran off to rejoin in the battle, leaving April just sitting there smiling.

Back with Donnie, he was still struggling to get out from under Bebop's weight. Meanwhile, Rocksteady was walking towards him, wielding a crowbar.

"Hold him still Bebes." Rocksteady told him, raising the crowbar overhead. "This little twerp's had this coming for a long time!"

As Rocksteady brought the crowbar down, Donnie braced himself for the strike. Fortunately, the attack was blocked by Raph and his sai. Donnie couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Watch your back, brainiac." Raph told him.

"Isn't that what you're for Raph?" Donnie asked, smirking.

Donnie finally got an arm free and punched Bebop in the nose. Bebop rolled over off of Don, clutching his snout in pain. Donnie quickly got to his feet and body slammed Bebop in the gut. Raph meanwhile, was still struggling against Rocksteady's crowbar. Finally, he flung the crowbar out of his hands and backflip kicked him in the face, knocking him back.

Meanwhile, April had picked Leo back up and was carrying him towards the emergency exit. Suddenly, Shredder landed right in front of them, much to April's surprise.

"Going somewhere Ms. O'Neil?" Shredder asked.

Shredder then wasted no time grabbing April by the shirt and Leo by the sword strap. He then threw April aside, sending her colliding into a wall.

"Worry not Ms. O'Neil," Shredder told her extending a claw. "I fully intend to end this turtles suffering."

"Get away from my brother!" Mikey yelled running towards him.

Mikey then jumped in the air and double kicked Shredder, making him let go of Leo and sending him flying into a counter. As Shredder stabilized himself, Mikey landed right in front of him still spinning his Nunchucks.

"I'm not letting you hurt anymore of my family, Shredder." Mikey threatened, with no trace of his usual joking manner.

"What you allow is of no consequence, turtle." Shredder threw back.

Shredder then thrusted a claw out at Mikey, but Mikey just swatted it away with his nunchaku. Mikey then began swinging his chucks wildly at Shredder, but he was able to block them all with his gauntlets. Finally, Shredder, caught a nunchaku and threw Mikey against the counter. Shredder tried stabbing him again, but Mikey just jumped up onto the counter to avoid it.

"Why did you do it?" Mikey demanded. "Why did you kill my father?!"

Mikey tried kicking Shredder in the head, but the bladed ninja just ducked under it. Shredder then jumped up onto the counter to continue the fight.

"I will not allow any who choose to oppose me to live." Shredder answered. "Your master's death could only be prolonged for so long!"

Shredder continued pressing the attack, slashing his claws at Mikey from every direction. Mikey was barely able to keep up blocking and dodging the constant attacks.

"But he was your brother, Saki!" Mikey insisted. "Your best friend! And you killed him! How could you do that?"

Mikey leapt in the air trying to kick him, but Shredder just grabbed him by the leg and slammed him onto the counter.

"He abandoned all pretense of brotherhood with me when he chose his murderous master over me!" Shredder answered as he slammed him again.

Shredder then threw Mikey into a wall, causing him to slide to the ground. Shredder leapt off the counter and onto the ground. He extended both his claws as he walked towards him.

"His fate was sealed," he continued. "As is yours."

Shredder was about to strike when something knocked him to the ground. He looked up to see Casey Jones standing over him.

"You know, these guys told me you were a heartless douchebag," Casey said as Shredder got up. "But attacking a kid when he's down, while he's grieving his daddy? Ain't you ever heard of a fair fight?"

"I fight to win." Shredder retorted.

"And that's why you and I will never be friends." Casey joked as he pulled out two baseball bats.

Casey swung his bats at Shredder, and one by one, Shredder caught them with his claws.

"You have no skill, no real weapons," Shredder told him. "What chance have you to stand against me?"

"What I lack in skill," Casey said before kicking Shredder in the stomach. "I make up for in style."

Shredder landed against a counter still holding a bat in his claw. He slammed it against the counter shattering it to pieces.

"You have spirit boy." Shredder admitted, getting up.

He then kicked Casey in the stomach, knocking him to the ground.

"And for that I promise your demise will be swift." Shredder finished.

Shredder extended a claw as he walked towards Casey. Before he could get close enough, Shredder heard some kind of creaking ring out. He turned to see a shelf toppling over and before he could move, it fell right on top of him, crushing him. Casey turned to see it was April who had pushed the shelf over. He smirked as he got to his feet.

"Is this gonna be a thing with us?" Casey asked. "I save you, you save me?"

"We'll figure that out after we get the guys out of here." April replied. "I don't know how much longer Leo can last."

"Right." Casey agreed.

Raph meanwhile, was still taking down Foot Ninja. As he punched one out, he was the axe elite standing over a still dazed Mikey, ready to end him.

"Mikey look out!" Raph called.

Mikey looked up to see the elite about to swing his weapon. Mikey quickly rolled out of the way, causing the elite to cut some electrical cables. The elite was electrocuted a bit before a fuse blew, sending the elite flying back and starting a fire in the shop. The fire quickly began to spread around, causing dismay for both heroes and villains.

"Whoa!" Mikey

"That's it!" Donnie declared. "We're getting out of here.

"Great!" Raph agreed, elbowing a Foot Ninja. "But where to?"

April glanced over at a metal door along one of the rear walls of the shop, an idea forming. Grabbing Leo, she began dragging him towards it.

"In there!" she declared, pointing at the door.

Mikey quickly ran over and threw the door open.

"Everyone inside!" he called out.

Casey helped April carry Leo towards the door as Donnie and Raph ran up to join them. Once they all got inside, Mikey slammed the door shut. The others looked around to see they were in some kind of large closet.

"This isn't an exit, it's a closet." Casey realized.

"Great." Raph let out. "Small, dark, and no way out. Perfect for a last stand."

"Raph, give me one of your sai." April interjected, kneeling by the back of the closet and holding out a hand.

"What?" Raph let out, confused. "Why do you-"

"Your sai!" she shouted. "Now!"

Raph then quickly handed April one of his sai, not wanting to invoke her wrath any further. April quickly took it, jamming it into a screw on the wall and using it as a makeshift screwdriver.

"So what exactly are ya doin April?" Casey asked.

"The shop used to be a grocery store before my dad bought it." April explained. "This was the freezer. Dad could never afford to get the hole for the cooling unit filled, so he just covered it. If I can get this panel off, we'll have a passage straight for the alley out back."

"Nice." Raph admitted.

Back outside, several Foot Ninja were trying to open up the closet and get after the turtles, but it seemed jammed shut.

"Open it already!" Nakumo demanded.

Before any more attempts could be made, several police sirens started sounding off from outside.

"The police." Hun cursed.

"We can't be seen here." Karai told them.

"Agreed." Shredder confirmed. "Foot Ninja, disappear."

With that, the Foot Ninja, as well as Hun, Nakumo, Karai, Bebop and Rocksteady, made their escape. Shredder remained behind as he picked up a lone piece of metal and slid it through the closet's door handle, trapping them inside.

"This is your end, turtles." Shredder declared, raising a fist and extending a claw. "Like the phoenix, I have risen from the ashes!"

Shredder then slashed at a nearby gas line, allowing the volatile gas to flood into the burning store.

"And into my fire, you shall fall." Shredder finished as he walked past the flames and out of the shop, leaving his enemies to their fate.

April's hard work finally paid off as she got one of the screws to snap off.

"Alright." she declared, "One down, three to go."

As she began work on the second screw, Raph caught a whiff of something in the air.

"You guys smell gas?" he asked.

"Hey don't look at me." Mikey protested.

"Not that kind of gas dummy." Donnie corrected.

"Wait a minute," Casey realized. "Gas plus fire equals…"

There was a split second of stunned realization, then all able-bodied fighters scrambled for the panel.

"We gotta get out of here!" Casey exclaimed.

"No time to do this the nice way." Raph declared, grabbing the loose edge of the panel and pulling it back. "Donnie, do your thing!"

Donnie shoved his Bo staff in the provided opening, using said staff as a lever to wrench it from the wall. Once the opening was clear, April crawled through, pulling Leo behind her. Raph and Mikey were next, with Donnie and Casey pulling the rear.

"Everybody in the van!" Donnie ordered, pointing to April's van.

They made their way towards the van and one by one, piled inside, with the unconscious Leo lying in the back. Casey jumped into the driver's seat, grabbing the keys and jamming them into the ignition.

"Everyone hold on to something!" he yelled.

He slammed his foot on the gas, peeling out of the alley seconds before the entire shop went up in a fiery explosion. April turned back to see hers and her dad's home burst into flames. She leaned against the window, falling to her knees as silent tears filled her eyes.

"No..." she gasped.

Donnie was about to place a hand on her shoulder, but decided against it, pulling it back.

"W-what do we do now?" Mikey asked.

Everyone remained silent for a moment, now knowing how to answer.

"We do what Leo wanted," Raph finally spoke up. "We get out of town."

"But what about gathering the mutants?" Donnie questioned. "The punk frogs, Mondo Gecko… Lisa."

"We don't have time." Raph replied. "If we don't get Leo help soon…"

"Right." Donnie realized. "But where are we gonna go? We never figured out a plan."

"I may know a place." Casey offered. "My gran used to own a farmhouse up in Northampton. Nobody for miles."

"Then let's go there." Raph decided.

"You got it." Casey replied.

With that, the van sped off towards the city limits, leaving the ever growing chaos and darkness behind them.

While the turtles were driving away, the guardian was watching the burning inferno that was April's home. He and his superiors had been able to track them down to this place, but it seemed they were too late to help. The guardian lowered his head in shame, feeling he had failed what could be the cities only help against the coming storm.

The ensuing fight between Splinter and Shredder carried the two longtime enemies further through the tunnel, each of them trading one blow after another. Shredder tried sweeping Splinter's legs, but Splinter just jumped over it. As he landed though, Shredder thrusted his palm forward, hitting Splinter in the chest and knocking him back and into a drainage junction. Splinter slowly started getting up as Shredder walked towards.

"Your skills have only softened in your later years." Shredder mocked. "Yet I still remain as strong as ever. For my power comes from my hatred! My rage!"

Shredder tried thrusting a claw forward, but Splinter just blocked it and thrust a fist forward on Shredder's chest, knocking back, and onto the ground. Shredder shook his head in pain as he looked up at Splinter.

"Rage is a fuel that burns quickly." Splinter retorted.

"Always the wise one." Shredder remarked.

Shredder then took out three kunai knives and threw them at Splinter, one after the other. Splinter quickly dodged them all, allowing Shredder to get up and leap towards Splinter. Splinter leapt back, quickly dodging a claw strike from Shredder. Shredder tried slicing again, but Splinter was quick to block it as well. Shredder tried a slicing uppercut, but Splinter back flipped out of the way. As Splinter started running towards him, Shredder pulled something out from behind his back. As Splinter got close, Shredder threw blinding powder in his face. Splinter cried out in pain as he stumbled back, allowing Shredder an opening before kicking him in the chest, knocking him into some nearby pipes. Despite his diminished sight and already bad hearing, he could sense Shredder leaping towards him, ready to strike. Splinter took a stance and slowly thrusted two fingers on both hands forward. Shredder went wide eyed as they just barely touched his chest plate. Suddenly, an unseen force pushed Shredder back and right through a wall.

Thinking his opponent beaten, Splinter started walking off, holding his aching side as he did so. Shredder meanwhile, pulled himself out of the crater he found himself embedded in. letting out a yell of fury, he leapt towards Splinter. Splinter only barely turned his head before Shredder slashed at his shoulder. Before Splinter could even hit the ground, Shredder grabbed him by the back of the robe and threw him back into another wall. Shredder then quickly dashed towards Splinter and punched him in the gut. Splinter slowly fell to the floor out cold as Shredder stood victorious. Noticing a valve behind him, Shredder turned it, activating the current of water below them. He then picked up Splinter by the back of the robe and walked towards the edge of the platform.

"I would have waited an eternity for this," Shredder remarked. "At long last, the final remembrance of Hamato Yoshi… dies!"

With that, Shredder threw Splinter into the water, allowing him to be swept away into the current. Once Splinter was out of sight, Shredder turned and walked away, satisfied that his long time enemy was no more.

Holy shell! How's that for a closer? Well, I hope you're enjoying the story so far. BTW, the character of Officer Winters is actually the name of a character in a story written by my co-author, Author of the Insane. In fact, she has her own TMNT story called Secret of the Sewers. You should definitely check it out. That story is awesome, and Turtle Power wouldn't be the same without her. Thanks for reading, review if you can, and see ya next time!