Something was crushing him.

Alec slowly opened his eyes.

He was on the couch.

Magnus laying on top of him.

Kissing him.

His lips trailing paths down his neck.

His fingers grazing his chest.

His tongue teasing his nipples.

Hands exploring the ridges of muscle

Tickling, kissing, licking, biting

Making him whimper

Magnus smiled down at him.

Glamour dropped

Cat eyes like blazing fire.

Hands slowly moving to Alec's waist.

He watched, gasped, and nodded.

Magnus undid his jeans.

Pulling them open.

His hand slid inside.

He was touching him now.

Hand circling.

Alec moaned

He thrust into the hand.

It felt so good.

So good.

So amazingly good.


He moaned again

"Do you like this?"

Alec nodded.


He thrust again.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Magnus chucked.

Licked his lips.

Leaned forward.

A soft kiss.

Teasing him.

Hand slowly moving.

Another kiss.



Eyes burning.



"Please more"

"Magnus more."


Then more.



Alec closed his eyes.

Something was crushing him.

Something small.

Something round.

It began to vibrate.

Alec's eyes flew open just as the low moan escaped his lips. He was breathless, his skin felt like it was on fire, and his hips were moving. By the Angel, his heart was trying to beat its way out of his chest. He looked around wildly but there was no one else there. Had he been alone the whole time laying on the couch sleeping? It had been so vivid it couldn't have just been a dream. Could it? He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing to still his body. Deep breath IN 1,2,3,4 - OUT 1,2,3,4 - IN 1,2,3,4 - OUT 1,2,3,4 - IN - OUT. His body started to relax but his mind was still reeling. A dream? Just a dream that had him so crazy hot he was thrusting the air? Alec tried to remember the details but they were drifting away. He had flashes of Magnus, his eyes, his lips, his hands everywhere, his amazing mouth, lips , tongue, and then more...definitely some more...totally more. Oh God, it had been a good dream. Way too good. His heart was still hammering. Deep breath IN 1,2,3,4 - OUT 1,2,3,4. Wait, why was he still feeling crushed? He opened his eyes again and found himself in a staring contest with the small figure vibrating on his chest. Chairman Meow was curled up purring loudly and watching him. Was that a hint of judgment he saw in his kitty eyes?

"Ah...hello there." The cat blinked and continued to study him so Alec scratched behind his ear. The Chairman seemed to enjoy that so he moved on to petting his back. Stroking the soft fur gave Alec a strange sense of calm and he finally felt awake and stable enough to fully take in his surroundings.

When the wooziness of the dream cleared, the real images from the night before started coming into focus. He was still at Magnus's loft because he had spent the night. Magnus had healed his wound. There had been a lot of kissing and rolling around on the couch. They had almost taken a step beyond making out but as usual he over thought things and held back. Alec flushed as he remembered that part of his dream. Obviously dream Alec had no problems with over thinking anything. When they stopped the couch stuff, they had danced around the living room which was kind of weird but nice. Alec sat up, carefully placing the Chairman on the back of the couch, and thought back to the last thing he remembered. He had been lying on Magnus's lap and listening to a funny story. Was it about Peru? Yes it was definitely something about Peru and maybe a boat? Alec couldn't remember and he hoped Magnus wasn't annoyed he'd fallen asleep on him.

So it looked like Magnus must have gone back to bed when Alec crashed. Thank the Angel he wasn't still laying on his lap or he would have totally witnessed Alec's sex dream. Seriously if that had happened he would have spontaneously combusted from the embarrassment. There was no way he could have ever looked him in the eye again. Grrrrr ...that dream...that dream...he had to stop thinking about it now. He could think about it later when he was home, in bed, and all alone. He would think about it a lot then. But now? Maybe now he better take a cold shower.

Standing up, he found his phone on the floor. It was 8:45 AM and no messages so he hadn't been missed yet. Alec sighed. What did he expect? He was the responsible one who was always exactly where he was supposed to be. The big brother that always worried about their whereabouts not the other way around. Some days it sucked, but at least today there would be no annoying questions about where was all night.

Ok so...what was he supposed to do now? He needed to get back to the institute but Magnus was probably sleeping. What was the protocol in situations like this? Should he wake him? Leave quietly? He noticed his gear folded on a chair by the window and grabbed it as he headed to the hall bathroom. Examining the clothes, Alec was happy to see Magnus not only cleaned them but had magically repaired the tears on his shirt. Still considering that cold shower, he stripped down but stopped when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Mixed among the Rune scars he hated there were 5 purplish circular bruises on his chest. Alec immediately moved closer to study them. They were spread out and hurt a little when he pressed them but it was a nice kind of pain that reminded him of how they got there. He ran his fingers over each one. These were Magnus's marks, not something ugly, not something he couldn't wait to fade, but marks he wanted. These were marks that made him shiver just knowing they were going to secretly be there under his shirt. It was several minutes before Alec tore his eyes from the mirror and reminded himself why he was there in the bathroom. After quickly dressing and making use of the toothbrush, he left the borrowed clothes folded on the counter and emerged to silence.

Carefully Alec crept down the hall to Magnus's bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and Alec could see Magnus laying on his stomach with his arms buried under a pillow. A black sheet was pooled low around his waist, accenting smooth skin that looked golden in the morning light. Following the slope of Magnus's bare back leading down to his hips, Alec wondered what he had on under the sheet and blushed. He imagined what it would be like to lay in the ornate bed wrapped in Magnus's warmth. Alec was sure if things had gone differently last night he would be waking in his arms now. If Alec was braver he would just go in and lightly brush his fingers down Magnus's back to wake him gently. They would start kissing and he would pull Alec down to join him. Together they could bury themselves beneath the covers and forget everything else in the world. But Alec was not that brave today and the last thing he wanted to do was screw up by doing something out of line. This was Magnus's bedroom and he shouldn't enter it without an invite. Alec sighed. Magnus was always so animated he wished he was facing the doorway so he could see his face relaxed in sleep. Suddenly there was a groan and Magnus shifted in his sleep. Alec moved away from the door before he could be seen.

Still not sure what to do, he went back to the living room where Chairman Meow continued to watch him from her perch on the couch. It was the first time he had been to the loft in the light of day so he took the opportunity to really look. The furniture was an eclectic mix of antiques, modern pieces and lots of unique art. It was an explosion of contrasting colors and shiny things but, like Magnus himself, it worked together. Next to the door, there was a whole wall devoted to books and Alec browsed the titles. In between the Warlock type books were lots of novels from different eras. Maybe he would ask Magnus to suggest a novel to read since it would always give them something to talk about when Alec was desperately searching for an interesting topic.

Wandering into the kitchen, he had the sudden idea he should cook breakfast for Magnus or make some coffee. Maybe it was what he was expected to do as the first one up in a 'staying over' situation. A quick look in the fridge found only bottles of alcohol and he had no better luck in the cupboards. He couldn't even find a coffee maker. Magnus must zap up all his meals and Alec made a mental note to ask him if he ever paid for the food. Returning to the main room, he looked out the window. Mundies were running around like ants as they started their day, some cars were whizzing by, and a guy in a suit was desperately trying to chase down a cab. Alec figured he should just head home. Magnus might be asleep for hours and there was a chance his presence wasn't even wanted in the morning. Maybe Magnus would be annoyed if he woke up and Alec was still there. Just as the cab guy finally succeeded, Alec looked across the street and finally made a decision. He pulled on his boots, grabbed his things, and glanced around the loft. Giving the Chairman a pat on his head, he took a final look down the hall for any signs of movement, before he quietly opened the loft door and left.



"Damn it!"

A stele flew in one direction, a bakery bag in the other, while Alec attempted to stop a drink carrier from tipping over as he was forced to kick the door closed. He had just finished using his stele to quietly get back in the loft when Chairman Meow seemed to have other more noisy ideas and decided to race towards him like a cat outta hell. He wasn't sure if the cat was trying to attack him for returning to the loft unauthorized or if he was attempting to make a break for it, but Alec stumbled over him and had to do a jumping spin kick to shut the door before he got out. The silly cat just gave him an indifferent tail swish when his escape plan was foiled, and stalked back to the couch. Luckily Alec had managed to keep the coffee upright so at least he knew his agility Rune was working. He headed into the kitchen to unload the coffee and returned to retrieve the bag and stele. Of course now he was back to the same problem as before. What should he do? Wait until Magnus gets up or go ahead and he wake him? Or should he just leave the stuff on the kitchen table and get out? Magnus could warm it up later if needed. Maybe write him a note? Alec would have to nose around to find a pen and that seemed a bit invasive.

Seriously why was he so bad at this? Izzy would know exactly what to do but it wasn't like he could text her. By the Angel, he would never hear the end of her romantic questions if she knew where he was this moment. He took a sip of his coffee and was just gearing himself up to go tap on the bedroom door when he turned around to find Magnus standing in the doorway. He was make-up free, still in his pajama bottoms and was just in the process of tying the belt on a matching black silk robe with gold trim. Even sleep disheveled Alec thought he had never seen anyone so beautiful. He froze when he looked up and saw Alec.

"Uh.. sorry if that slam woke you. I ...I just came back in and the cat...well ...I wanted to get some breakfast. OK first I wanted to make you some but you don't seem to cook much...the food...anyway so I went out... and came back...and the cat... and ...uh...sorry again..." Alec knew he was babbling but Magnus just stood there staring at him with a mix of emotions crossing his face. Surprise, happy, unsure, happy, confused, and then it finally settled on something like relief as he came forward and embraced Alec tightly.

"You're still here." Magnus said as he buried his face in Alec's shoulder. He mumbled it again as Alec wrapped his arms around him.

"Yea. I hope that's ok."

Magnus pulled back to look at him a moment. "Of course it is. I just heard the door and thought...well doesn't matter what I thought. It was silly." He looked away quickly and turned to the table to investigate what Alec had gotten. "So what did you bring? Ah from the Polish diner across the street. Good, good." He seemed delighted as he started busying himself looking through the cabinets.

"It was an interesting place. I thought people would look at me weird because I'm in gear but I had to order so I couldn't one seemed to notice."

"There is a leather bar down the street so they wouldn't even bat an eye if you were in ass less chaps." Magnus glanced at him and got a dreamy look on his face when he said "chaps" before he shook his head and started setting out rainbow colored placemats and plates.

"Leather bar? Chaps?"

"Definitely a conversation for another time darling. Sit. You must be hungry."

"I wasn't sure what you liked so I got some different flavors of these things. Kolacki I think the guy said." Alec sat and picked up a fruity pastry Magnus had just set out as he emptied the bag on a yellow platter.

"Kolaches! Ohhhh and you got cherry! My Favorite. And coffee! You truly are an angel!" Magnus grabbed the cup and started to take a sip but Alec stopped him.

"Wait...ok so like they didn't have any of that fancy Panna stuff you drank yesterday but they did have these." He gave a shy smile as he pulled 3 Coffee Mate creamer packets out of his pocket and placed them in Magnus's hand. "They're hazelnut. I hope that's ok."

Magnus looked down at the creamers as if Alec had just placed diamonds in his hand. He looked back up at Alec and pulled him in for a gentle kiss. "They are perfect. Just perfect. Thank you Alexander." He let him go and added the cream.

Apparently Alec's shyness had decided now was a good time to make its return. He looked around unsure what to say next so in the end he decided to focus on eating. The idea of dating someone as amazing as Magnus was starting to feel overwhelming again. The last 24 hours was a whirlwind of new thoughts and sensations that his mind and body needed time to get into sync again. Of course it didn't help that he had to keep squelching down the memory of that dream. It was also becoming harder to ignore his subconscious that kept whispering ' more, more, more' while he tried not to look at the part of Magnus's well defined chest that his robe wasn't covering. The problem with that was when he forced his eyes away from his chest they inevitably ended up watching Magnus's mouth as he ate. How could anyone make eating a kolaci, danishy, whatever it was called, pastry thing so freaking sexy? Was he doing it on purpose? Alec would not be surprised. He noticed he had some cherry in the corner of his lips and wanted to kiss it off but Magnus got it with a napkin before he could make a move.

Finally Magnus decided to break their silent eating. "So...what does my little Nephilim have on his agenda today?" Alec was beginning to like how Magnus would call him "My" Nephilim. He hated to admit it but he was even starting to like being called "Darling."

"Not sure. I have to write a report on last night. I guess then some training. What about you?" Alec realized that except for opening portals or healing he really had no idea what a Warlock actually did every day.

"I need to spend some time with an utterly boring ancient text a Fae Prince is paying me a small fortune to translate. So I'm sure this breakfast with you will be the highlight of my day." Magnus winked at him

Alec laughed and reached for another pastry.

"Ohhh try one of the Pecan ones. They are simply divine." Magnus held one up to Alec's mouth and he took a large bite.

"Mmmmm," Alec nodded and Magnus offered another bite.

"That's the last one...share?" Magnus leaned in for a kiss as Alec complied. Magnus tasted sweet like cherries and pecans and just Magnus. It was a taste Alec could get so addicted too. He slid his hand around Magnus's neck to pull him in deeper. Magnus moved and wrapped his arm around Alec's waist to pull his chair closer. He had just started to pepper Alec's jaw with soft kisses when his phone buzzed in his pocket.

Buzz Buzz

Magnus pulled back. "Your vibrating darling."

"Sorry," Alec said as he pulled it out to look. "It's Jace."

"Ahh." Magnus grabbed the plates and stood up. He went over to the sink and turned on the water.

Alec U up?



Alec wracked his brain to think of something that sounded believable. He couldn't say he was anywhere in the Institute. He already asked where he was so he must have been looking around for him. He can't say the grocery store since they just had a huge delivery yesterday. At a friend's? Alec had no friends besides them, which was pretty pathetic when he thought about it, but now was not the time to reevaluate his social life. Focus.


Seriously did he never do anything alone? Maybe he could say Clave business? Magnus seemed to be ignoring him now so he was no help.


OK just stop stressing and type something. Anything. Now. Something simple.

I went for a run

cool want me to go with?

Should have seen that one coming. Ok, still just keep it simple.



It's OK I already started

ah K see U soon

Alright bye

"Sorry about that." He sighed as he slid the phone back in his pocket. He hated lying to Jace but there was no way he could explain where he was without getting into a whole bunch of other stuff he was soooo not ready to deal with.

"Not a problem." Magnus hadn't turned around and Alec was trying to figure out what was different about him this morning. Alec drank his coffee and watched as he scrubbed what looked like an already clean plate. Then it hit him. Magic! Magnus wasn't using his Magic. He was doing everything the slow Mundane way, searching cupboards, washing dishes, it was strange like he was nervous or something. But that can't be, can it? Why would Alec being here make him nervous? Although, he had seemed surprisingly happy when he saw him in the kitchen. Like he had totally expected he'd left. At that moment Alec was incredibly glad he hadn't. He got up and went over to Magnus placing his hands on his hips and leaned over his shoulder.

"Want some help?"

"No darling, this will just take a second... now where did I put those dishtowels." He wiggled out of Alec's grip and started randomly opening drawers. "I know I have some here somewhere."

"Couldn't you just?" Alec swished his hand and snapped.

Magnus looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Are you in such a hurry Alexander?"

"No...but I do have to go soon...Jace..." He tried to touch Magnus's back but he moved away again.

"That's fine. That's fine. Totally fine...ah found them!" He winked at Alec as he went back to the sink.

"Hey," Alec follow him and pressed Magnus against the counter caging him in his arms.

"Alexander?" Magnus glanced down at the strong arms pressed around him as he turned to face Alec.

"Magnus is everything ok?"

"Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

"You're acting kinda strange." Alec blocked him from moving away.

Magnus laughed. "I am strange just noticed?"

Alec nodded and moved a hand to Magnus's waist. "I guess I kinda like strange," Alec whispered as he pressed a kiss next to his ear.

"Apparently," Magnus whispered as he leaned into Alec's lips.

Alec pulled back and started playing with the long strands of hair on the back of Magnus neck. It was soft as silk without all the gel and Alec just wanted to run his fingers through it all day. He waited, giving what he thought was an encouraging look, hoping for him to explain more.

Magnus sighed dramatically. "Oh,'s nothing...I am just being silly. I started letting my thoughts get away from me last night in bed. Things were so over the place yesterday. I thought maybe you would wake up and...well...I don't know...rethink some things." Alec looked confused as Magnus shook his head trying to clear it. "What I am trying to say is ...I'm just glad you are still here."

"Did you honestly think I would run for the hills and miss the opportunity to see the High Warlock of Brooklyn in the morning in pajamas with bed messed hair and make-up free?" Alec laughed at Magnus's horrified expression.

"Ack! Don't remind me. I must look hideous." Magnus tried to hide his face in the crook of Alec's neck but Alec put a finger under his chin to lift it so he could look in his eyes.

"Never. Even like this ...I mean especially like this...I think you look... beautiful."

"I'm beautiful? Have you ever looked in the mirror Alexander?"

"I did this morning." Alec attempted to pout much to Magnus's amusement. "You left marks on me you know."

"You like the marks I left on you, no?" Alec flushed as Magnus lifted his shirt to look and his breath hitched when he brushed one with his long fingers.

"Yes, but maybe...maybe...maybe..." Alec stammered as he felt Magnus gently kiss each mark before lowering his shirt back down. He kept his hands on Alec's waist rubbing his thumbs in circles against the exposed skin there.

"Maybe?" Magnus raised a brow. The idea had come to Alec when he was looking at his chest in the mirror but he didn't know if the moment to suggest it would come up. He also didn't even know if he could make himself take advantage of it if it did but here it was and he really wanted to try.

"Maybe...I could... pay you back?" Alec flushed as he placed a kiss at the base of Magnus's throat hoping he understood what he meant so he didn't have to explain it more in detail.

Magnus looked surprised for a moment but then his eyes blazed as he finally answered. "If you like."

"I'd like." Alec started playing with the belt ties and then slowly pulled on them to open the robe. "This ok?"

Magnus nodded and Alec guided him to jump up to sit on the counter. As soon as Magnus was in place Alec dove in for a kiss to a willing mouth that open easily to him. Alec loved the feeling of Magnus's tongue as he moved it against his own and he could tell that this morning he was giving Alec the control to explore his mouth as he wanted. Magnus groaned as Alec pulled slowly away biting and sucking on his lower lip as he did.

"Alexander..." he whispered when Alec moved down to his neck, kissing each pulse point. "Alexander..."

Alec slid his hands inside the robe to hold Magnus's back to steady him as he started to kiss beneath his collarbone down his chest. Magnus placed his hands on Alec's shoulders holding himself up as Alec started to kiss lower. He leaned down to do a quick lick to one of his nipples and was breathing on it to dry the wetness as Magnus leaned his head back and moaned.

Buzz Buzz

"Shit," Alec said as he pulled away to get his phone out. Magnus leaned back on his arms and made a growling noise deep in his throat. "It's Jace again just gimme a sec." Magnus muttered something to himself about irritating blonds.



U running in the park?


Cool can U bring back bagels?


awesome, i'm starving n Iz isn't burning down the kitchen yet


if she tries I plan to throw a bagel at her :-)~~

Sounds good

Get them from Tals k?


garlic n onion

OK will do

yay! thnx

Alec shoved the phone back in his pocket and returned his hands to Magnus's waist. "He wants bagels."

"Of course he does." Magnus rolled his eyes and then looked at the ceiling.

"Sorry," Alec said.

"It's ok."

Placing his hands on Magnus's cheeks he pulled his eyes down from the ceiling to look at him. "I really am sorry." Magnus rolled his eyes again but then smiled as his eyes tracked Alec's hands as they lowered to his shoulders, down his arms and then back to exploring his bare chest.

"Are you really sorry?" Magnus groaned slightly when Alec's thumbs started circling his nipples. He wrapped his legs around Alec's waist to nudge him forward. "Um..why don't you try to convince me?"

Alec smirked at him and then nipped at his collarbone as he pushed him slowly downward. Magnus got the idea and snapped to clear off the counter behind him. He laid back so Alec could fully lean over him. He figured Magnus didn't care much about hickey locations but just in case he placed his lips on a spot well below the collar line on Magnus's chest. He kissed and bit lightly at the spot as Magnus groaned and moved his body to give him better access. Alec pulled away and even though the spot was pretty red it didn't look like it would last long. He tried again this time biting a little harder and then licking circles around the spot. It still looked too light, but the way Magnus was writhing beneath him it was obvious he didn't care. Determined to get payback Alec started again. It was on his third try when Magnus opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth started to rise. "Alexander?"

"This is harder than I thought." Alec pulled away again and flushed as he ran his thumb around the spot.

"Hard?" Magnus winked.

"Let's not start that again." Alec laughed. "Warlocks can get hickeys right?" He leaned forward again nipping into the same spot.

"Only from super sexy Shadowhunters if I recall correctly...ohh...yes...that's good...ah..." Magnus was rolling toward Alec's mouth. "Bite and then suck a little that...makes a darker mark." He whimpered when Alec pulled away.

"Am I a vampire now?" Magnus tried to pull him back down but Alec chuckled.

"No, but it is a good skill to develop." He tugged at his neck again but Alec just smiled.

"Sucking?" Alec lowered back down to graze his teeth against Magnus's throat.

"Yes, it can be very useful in other ways..." Alec moved back to the same spot sucking a little harder. " when you...ah..."

Buzz Buzz

"Urgh! " Alec stood back and yanked his phone out glaring down at it. "It's Jace...just...gimme a sec." Magnus laid back staring at the ceiling and proceeded to start what Alec assumed was cursing in several different languages. Alec only managed to pick out three words 'blond cock blocker'.



don't forget the cream cheez

OK anything else?

nope thnx bro C U soon

OK bye

Alec rammed the phone back in his pocket and since the mood was obviously ruined he helped Magnus sit up.

"Well what does his highness what now?" Magnus hopped off the counter and reached for his coffee. A few blue sparks later to warm it he sat down at the table sipping.

"Cream cheese." Alec slumped down in a chair and smiled gratefully when Magnus warmed up his coffee as well.

"A valid request. So I suppose you have to run off now?"

Alec sighed deeply as his eyes met the floor. "Yea. It will take like 30 minutes on the train. And then there's the time it'll take getting bagels."

"What kind?" Alec looked at him confused. "The bagels...what kind... from where?"

"Garlic and Onion from Tal's Bagels. Oh and cream cheese. Why?"

Magnus snapped his fingers and a Tals bag appeared on the kitchen table in a flurry of blue sparks. "There. That should save you what? 20 minutes?"

Alec nodded. "Thanks and here." He took some bills out of his wallet. "Can you pay for them?" Magnus rolled his eyes and snapped the money away secretly right back into Alec's wallet.

"There so 20 minutes saved is 20 minutes longer you can spend here."

"Still there is the train..."

Magnus waved his hand the living room wall. A portal appeared. "There." He waved it again until it disappeared. "I can put you in an alley across from the institute in less than 30 seconds. So let's see that is 20 minutes saved from the bagels and 30 minutes from the train. That means you can stay here awhile longer." He pressed a soft kiss barely touching Alec's lips and stayed there as he whispered. "With me...stay a little longer...Alexander...if you like."

Alec looked at the wall then the bag. "Ok. But you asked for it." He pulled his phone out, turned it off and then took Magnus's hand to lead him over to the couch. Only taking time to throw off his jacket, remove his belt, and yank off his boots, Alec pushed him down on his back against the arm rest and then climbed on top. Once he situated himself he was unsure what to do next. In the daylight attacking Magnus while pressed against a kitchen counter seemed to be a lot easier than having him lying prone beneath him on the couch. Plus he was wearing those black silk pajama pants which did little to hide his obvious excitement at whatever Alec was planning on doing. Magnus raised an eyebrow as he looked up at him.

"I do recall we were discussing something about payback?" Magnus reminded him but then sensing his hesitancy he brushed Alec's hair off his forehead. "Or if you would rather we could just watch the Today show. I hear Matt Lauer has a sexy new haircut and I adore Hoda and Kathy Lee." Alec was clueless who he was talking about but he put Magnus's doubts to rest as he slid his hands under the soft fabric to push his robe fully open. On a second thought, since it only seemed fair, he reached up and clumsily pulled off his own shirt. Magnus expressed his approval by caressing the ridges of his ab muscles. Today Magnus seemed perfectly content to let Alec take charge, which Alec wanted to take full advantage of, but looking down at his expectant eyes was rather intimidating. Seeming to read his mind Magnus reached up and cupped his cheek. "Don't think so much my angel." Alec nodded and let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He leaned down to kiss Magnus and when their bare skin met, all doubts Alec had about what to do next went out the window.

An hour later Alec reluctantly pried himself out of Magnus's arms and off the couch. It wasn't easy but he knew if he didn't at that moment the morning was going to have a whole different ending. At least that was what Magnus breathlessly said after he shifted Alec's hips off of him for the third time. This morning had been educational. He had learned that Magnus definitely like having his chest 'worshipped', as he had called it, and he discovered his nipples were incredibly sensitive. He also learned that sucking one, pinching the other while rolling his hips into him drove Magnus wild enough to accidentally zap some books off a shelf. The embarrassed blush Magnus gave afterwards as he snapped them back in place was priceless.

They ground together a lot more this morning since Alec was on top he could control it. The initial shyness he had about it went away when he saw how enjoyable it was to torture Magnus with it. Silk pajama pants were pretty thin so it didn't take much friction to get him spouting out curse words in various languages including Alec's favorite new nickname "my angelic devil." Plus grinding felt freaking awesome and was definitely something they were going to do again. Especially when he was not wearing thick gear and had a lot more time. Even with the gear he got pretty close to losing it a couple times. He knew Magnus almost did too, especially when Alec found out how nuts he went when he peppered kisses and bites to the spot on his stomach where his navel should be. Magnus had told him it was a major erogenous zone for him. That was something Alec was totally going to remember. He still could not believe that he could get this 400 year old Warlock so crazy hot beneath him. There was no way he was faking those reactions. The idea he had this ability gave Alec a major ego boost.

After a quick search for his shirt, Alec smiled over at Magnus as he sat up gathering himself together. His robe was a wrinkled mess hanging off his shoulders and his hair was destroyed. His true cat eyes, that had appeared when they hit the couch, were blazing green. His lips were red from kissing and his chest had 4 dark marks on it that Alec was extremely proud of. Magnus stood up and laughed as he tried to smooth down Alec's hair. He had no doubt he looked just as kiss wrecked as Magnus.

"I seriously think you need to invest in some gel or maybe a more stylish haircut. I have a wonderful stylist." Magnus said as he snapped up a comb and went to work on taming his hair. Alec squirmed away.

"I like my hair the way it is thank you." Magnus smiled and ran his fingers through it.

"Honestly, I do too but still maybe just some highlights." He used it to pull Alec in for another long kiss.

"I have to go." Alec whispered. Magnus nodded and reached for his jacket. He slid it on him and adjusted the collar.

"I know."

"I don't want to." Alec started kissing Magnus behind the ear.

"I don't want you to." Magnus moved away and then took a very leisurely time, interrupted by several deep kisses, to strap on Alec's weapons belt for him and then his bow strap and quiver. He even kneeled down to help him into his boots and tied the laces. By the end, Alec was so turned on he was tempted to pull it all off again and head back to the couch. Before he could act on it, Magnus went and got the bagel bag and handed it to him.

He rested his forehead against Magnus's. "Can I see you again?"

"Don't ask 'can' ask 'when'...when will you see me again."

"OK when will I see you again?"

"Whenever you want." Magnus chuckled as Alec rolled his eyes.

"I hate that I have to go."

"Don't be silly. You need to go do your Nephilim thingies and I need to do my Warlock thingies. I am just glad you were able to spend as much time here as you did." Magnus waved his hands and the Portal appeared. "Alley across the street from the institute one building down ok?"

Alec nodded and stepped near it. "I promise I will text you."

"I look forward to it." Magnus pulled him into a hug.

"Or call."

"Look forward to that as well." Magnus tenderly kissed his left cheek.

"Or you can text me.

"I will." Magnus tenderly kissed his right cheek.

"Or call."

"That too." Magnus tenderly kissed his forehead.

"Bye Magnus"

"Goodbye Alexander." Magnus kissed his lips and then released him so he could step through the portal. Alec backed in smiling at Magnus until he entered the void.

After a moment of purple haze Alec stepped backwards through the alley wall and the portal vanished with a loud pop. He was still smiling as he looked back at the wall, the last image of Magnus's happy face fading from his sight. He turned and froze when he saw someone standing at the entrance to the alley. His smile fell because it was Izzy and it was obvious from her current wide-eyed expression she had seen the portal and Alec stepping out of it. Alec dropped the bag.

They both stood and stared at each other.

Alec blinked.

Izzy blinked.

"Where..." They both started simultaneously and stopped.

Alec blinked again.

Izzy blinked again.

Alec glared at her as his mind reached frantically for a valid explanation as Izzy stared back at him. She let her gaze drop to examine him from head to toe and back. Finally she smiled and walked towards him.

"Hello... Alec.."

"Iz," Alec said as his eyes narrowed at her approach.

"What brings you here this fine morning?"

"I was going for a run."

"In a dead-end alley?" Her grin unnerved him.

"Ah yea...I was...just...checking" He pointed to the bag dropped on the ground. "I...I got bagels."

"I see that." Her grin turned to a smirk.

"Hey! What about you? Where have you been?" Alec decided taking control of the situation was the best plan.

"Oh just around..." She gestured around the alley in a circle.


"Just running like and ...there." She made an elaborate wave at the wall and looked back at him. "Like you."

" those clothes... the same ones you had on last night..."

" you...very interesting... hmmm?" Alec flushed.

"Iz cut the crap... you were obviously out all night. "

"Back atcha."

"Do you ever think about how it looks..."

"Back atcha."

"Mom and Dad. The clave. We have a certain image to uphold."

"Back atcha."

"And messing around with who knows what."

"Again... Back. At. You."

"Serious Iz you have to be careful hanging with Downworlders...the Fae...they can be really..."

"Who said I was with a Downworlder?" She raised an eyebrow at him. "Hmmm?"

"Iz...come have Fairy dust all over your shirt." He said. Alec finally confident he had made his point.

"And you my dear brother ...have glitter all over yours."

Alec looked down and back up just in time to see Izzy's smug grin as she turned toward the Institute, ponytail bouncing, heels clicking on the sidewalk, as she happily walked away.

"Ok that's not good," Alec muttered as he watched her go. He rubbed some of the glitter off his shirt that really was everywhere. Holding his hand up, looked at how it sparkled in the sunlight. It really was beautiful. Magnus was beautiful. At the moment, Alec's life felt beautiful.

"But it is sooooo worth it." Alec grabbled the bag and headed back to the institute preparing himself for Izzy's romance interrogation.

Halfway across the street Alec began to whistle.

That's all folks :)

I wanted to thank you all for spending your time in my little world. I hope you enjoyed. I do have a couple other one shot Fics in the starting stages. I am sure there will also be some more "dating" fics in my future.

PS: Have you all seen the season 2 Malec promos for the TV show? It is all very exciting :)