Lorenzo Alcazar and Sam McCall A to Z. Takes place circa early 2007.

A - Adoration

She did not deserve his affections. She certainly did not deserve his adoration. She had murdered his son in cold blood. In his mind, it had been brutal and unconscionable. She deserved nothing but his scorn and hatred. She in all honesty, deserved to die in a very painful way for what she had done. He should want her dead. He should even be the one to administer her punishment. But how could he pull a gun on her and end her life when he could barely even think straight in her presence? His hand would certainly falter if she looked up at him with those beautiful chocolate eyes of hers. If she even said one word to him, he wouldn't be able to go through with it.

Everything about her he longed to abhor and hate but actually loved. He wished he could possess her, hold her, take her over. Maybe even destroy her.

She was clueless of the way he felt and he had no intention of ever telling her either. She thought he was a monster and they would never be more to each other than what they already were.



He was bound to her forever the moment she pumped that bullet into his son's chest. From then on, whether she liked it or not, they were apart of each other's blood. He wished he could sever that tie but it would not be undone in his heart.

Today he is at Kelly's when she happens to walk in with her baby sister on her hip. His heart immediately stops for a long moment before resuming beating, this time very rapidly.

She is smiling beautifully and laughing with her mother and her other sister Kristina but no emotion other than pain glistens in her eyes. Everyone knows her world is falling apart. Her whole private life has even been fodder for her TV show,Everyday Heroes. But he suspects Alexis doesn't see her daughter's pain or chooses not to because then she might have to own up to being a contributor of it and Alexis had never atoned for anything in her life, least of all for destroying other people.

Even killing Lorenzo's own brother.

How ironic that mother and daughter should have both taken away two of the last of his family members. It was sick and twisted really but not as sick and twisted as is his desire to walk over to them and sit beside Sam and try to put the light back in her eyes that has been missing for too long.

But he would and never could do that so he simply folds up his newspaper, pays for his coffee and hurries away as if that could make the ache in his heart go away as well.

C - Closure

Closure. That's what he needs. To end this obsession of his, he needs to find a way to exorcise it from his system like the all-consuming fever it is. He has never felt so out of control and he has always prided himself on his methodical composure. But she makes him lose every last ounce of that. She makes him feel alive just when he sees her across the park or as he's passing through the hospital and she happens to be there though they have never have anything to say to each other. At least, she never has anything to say to him. She cheats him out of the pleasure of hearing her voice. She cheats him out of feeling her touch or being close enough to smell the scent of her perfume. Yes, he needs closure.

He is sitting in his study thinking of her when he should be going over the shipping ledgers. The door suddenly bursts open. He looks up and immediately fumes. It's none other than the nefarious Jerry Jacks.

"I thought I told you to stay away from me," Lorenzo says in a low, even voice but it still carries the weight of his displeasure.

"Tsk tsk, Mr. Alcazar, I thought we were friends," Jerry says as he brazenly walks over to the wet bar and begins to pour himself a drink.

Lorenzo considers ripping the tumbler from his hand and pounding Jerry over the head with it repeatedly until he's a broken, bloody mass on the floor but simply stiffens more. "I thought I told you to leave town."

"Well, yes, you did but then I thought: Where's the fun in running and hiding when it's so much more fun to play with the lives of the people around here on their own soil?" Jerry muses as he takes a sip of brandy and grins. "You know I think that it will be such much fun to go after Sonny and Jason's loved ones for the way the foiled our plans .. Starting with that beautiful brunette, Sweet Sam. What do you think?"

Lorenzo tries not to betray his emotions or the horror the news that Jerry is after Sam evokes in him. He knows it would be like blood in the water. Jerry is a shark and would smell it. "Leave them alone. I can take care of them myself."

"No, I'm afraid not, Mr. Alcazar. Your ineffectual reign of tyranny around here has ended. I am in charge now and they are all going to die one by one. I will have the most fun knocking off Sweet Sam though I'll take my time. I have lots of plans for her..."