J - Justified

Was he still justified in doing what he was doing when Sam so obviously hated being here? Was he really protecting her if she was dying in the process?

These thoughts played like a broken record in his mind as Lorenzo watched his personally hired physician examine Sam. She looked so still, so small, so fragile lying in that bed and he wanted nothing more for her to sit up and scream at him again.

The physician turned to look at Lorenzo. "Its pneumonia."

"What can I do?" Lorenzo asked, clutching his chest as if he were physically in pain as well. Really his heart just ached for Sam.

"Make sure she rests a lot, drinks lots of fluids, takes these medications," the physician said as he passed Lorenzo a pill bottle. "Most of all, give her time to heal."

Lorenzo nodded and watched the physician leave. He then moved over to Sam's side and sat on the edge of her bed, stroking her hair. She turned to look at him with glassy eyes. "Jason?" She said.

Lorenzo didn't say anything at first as he realized she was hallucinating. Then he cleared his throat and said, "No, Sam, just try to sleep, alright?"

She pulled herself to a sitting position in the bed and touched Lorenzo's face before leaning over and brushing her lips across his. His heart stopped and he lightly forced her away, pushing her back onto the bed. "Go to sleep," he said.

"I love you, Jason," she murmured.

"I love you, Sam," Lorenzo said and tears formed in his eyes.

He knew what he had to do now.

K - Kill

Lorenzo sat with Sam for hours each day just to make sure she was getting better. She finally seemed better when she emerged from her room for the first time in over a week and demanded donuts and hot coffee saying she was starving.

Lorenzo sent his guards on an immediate search for the items she craved as Sam sat across from him at the breakfast table, watching him watching her. "Something's going on in that twisted brain of yours," she said.

"I am glad you're feeling well enough to insult me. I've honestly missed that."

Sam smiled seemingly in spite of herself. "I have missed it too. Now tell me what you're thinking."

"I am thinking that we need to get a move on. I am taking you home to Port Charles and ... Jason."

It killed him to have to say that but it was out and now he couldn't take it back.

"What?" She said, her eyes going wide and immediately filling with tears. "Are you yanking my chain or -"

"No," he said honestly.

"Is Jerry finally dead?"

"No but Jason can take care of you, I suppose. I will also have my guards surrounding you wherever you go."

"Of course ..."

"I'll catch Jerry though and then you can go on with your life the way you always deserved to."

"What changed your mind?"

"I realized I couldn't protect you. That by keeping you prisoner, I was slowly killing you and I couldn't stand that."

Sam nodded as tears ran down her face. "Thank you, thank you so much."

L - Looking

Sam couldn't believe she was actually going to be free. It was almost too good to be true but somehow she trusted Lorenzo when he said he was taking her back.

They climbed into the van along with a few of his guards and a driver and Sam looked over at Lorenzo. "Are you going to finally tell me where we are?"

"Near the Jersey shore."

"That's why I smelled the salt in the air and on the breeze," Sam said and turned to looking out the window as the landscape zipped by.


They reached Port Charles by midnight and Lorenzo had his driver pull up right in front of Harborview Towers.

Sam climbed out and nearly wept with joy at being back, so amazed Lorenzo had kept his promise. She looked at him. "What am I supposed to tell Jason?"

"Tell him the truth. He knows where to find me."

"He's going to want to murder you."

"I know and I would do the same if he had kept you away from me all this time too."

Sam nodded and walked up the front steps as Lorenzo looked on. He was planning to let her go and return to his house and wait for the proverbial shit to begin to fly but he was no coward. Instead he climbed out of the van and followed her inside.

She looked at him. "Do you have a death wish?"

"Perhaps," he admitted. But more than that, he wanted to tell Jason to protect Sam, cherish her, love her the way she deserved to be loved before he never get another chance. Jason needed to be reminded of what he could so easily lose.