Okay, this is really more of a drabble series, but I figured with something like "Milo Murphy's Law", it would be perfect to do a drabble series on, so it won't be a straight plot, it'll just be one chapter a little one-shot, and the next chapter, something unrelated. Because that's the way drabbles always work! So, keep your eyes on this story! Anyway, enjoy!

Inside the school library, as Bradley Nicholson was busy typing up a report, he nodded as he used his mouse to save. "And that is done and done! My report is all saved, and ready to print out."

Bradley hummed a bit as he clicked the print option and went over to the printer. He smiled and hummed as he waited... only for the printer to emit smoke, much to Bradley's notice. He groaned as he backed away. "Oh no, not again..."

Sure enough, the printer exploded, causing papers and printer parts to fly everywhere. Bradley sighed as he looked over to see the cause... sure enough, there was Milo Murphy, clicking on something as Zach and Melissa were with him. "Of course... at least I saved my report."

Against his better curiosity, he went over to the three as he asked, "I hate to ask, but you having trouble trying to print your report?"

"Oh, hey Bradley! Actually, I am. I'm trying to print my report, but I keep getting an error message!" Milo said as he pointed to the computer that showed an error message.

"Hmmm... let me take a look." Bradley said as he leaned closer.

"Oh, you don't mind helping me? Thanks. I always have trouble with printing things." Milo smiled as he got up, Bradley taking his seat.

"Anything to get your report printed so I can get MINE printed." Bradley muttered as he started clicking around. "All right, and make it here and... there you go. I have your report going to the other printer... er, only working printer."

It was then Milo, Melissa and Zach took notice of the ruins of the first printer as Zach winced. "Oy... looks like you overworked the printer trying to get it to print yours."

"Eh, always happens." Milo shrugged as Bradley pushed print.

"There. Your report should be printing on the other one... er, only printer now." Bradley rolled his eyes.

"Thanks, Bradley! I don't know how I can repay you!" Milo smiled as he walked over to the printer on the other end.

"Don't repay me and let's just say you did." Bradley sighed as he clicked off Milo's report, removed Milo's USB drive, and stuck his own USB drive into the computer. "At least now I can print my own report."

Of course, as soon as Bradley clicked on the word document... the screen switched to black and showed a blue screen. "What the-?"

With that, the computer turned itself off. Bradley looked flabbergasted as Melissa shook her head. "Poor, poor Bradley... so close, and yet so far..."

"Just a minor setback. I'll just go to the other comp-" Bradley started as he took out his USB drive.

Before he could finish his sentence, however, the line of computers started to blue screen as they instantly turned off. Bradley frowned. "At least I have my report saved in my USB Drive..."

"Got my report all ready!" Milo said as he came over to his friends as Melissa held up three fingers, before curling each one into a fist, as if doing a countdown.

It was then an albatross flew in and grabbed the USB drive from Bradley's hands. Bradley groaned as he held his head. "All right, who left the school library window open?"

Milo, Melissa and Zach turned and watched the albatross fly out an open window it just entered through as Amanda Lopez, who had just opened the window, stared with wide-eyes. She just giggled a little nervously.

"Eh, don't worry about it, Bradley. At least the report won't be due until tomorrow." Milo smiled as he started to walk off, Zach and Melissa following behind. Bradley just stood and groaned. Today was just not his day...

With that, the first drabble is done! I know it's a little short, but this was just an idea I had in my mind for a little while. By the way, if you have any suggestions for drabbles relating to "Milo Murphy's Law", please give them to me via PM and I'll see what I can do with that! Anyway, read, review, criticize and suggest, folks!