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Chapter 1: What???

"Hey Griffin, mind coming over here for a sec?" Dori was leaning against the kitchen counter, holding the knife she'd been using a few seconds ago. Jim, her husband, and Dori herself had tried to avoid the conversation, but now it had to be said.

"Griffin honey, why don't you come over here." "Mom, don't call me 'honey'," the boy sighed while dropping into a chair. "So, what do you guys wanna tell me?" "Well," Dori looked over at her husband who got the hint and took over. "Remember you're cousin, Caitlin?" Griffin nodded his head, remembering the small girl starring up at him on his fifth birthday party. "Well, she's going to come live with us. She's coming tomorrow. I know Griffin, it's a bit soon but it'll be like you have a sister." Griffin starred up at his parents in disbelieve. "What??? A sister! I don't even want a sister, especially not Caitlin, she's a freak!" Griffin go up and ran to his room, slamming the door as he went. Dori and Jim dropped onto the couch. "Well, that went well."

A tear slowly rolled down my cheek, but I quickly managed to not let it show, and told myself to stop crying. I've become good at this, shutting my feelings out I mean. I guess you get though from living on the street. I don't really know how Dori and Jim told Griffin, but this is how I imagine they would have told him. They sound like the perfect little family and they won't want me so I have absolutely no idea why I'm going over there. Well, the car's pulling up and I'm here. I'm here, but hey, that doesn't mean I have to stay.

"Caitlin!!" Dori practically hugged me to bits. I stiffen and pulled away. Can't she see I hate to be touched? Jim got the point, he just shook my hand and welcomed me. Griffin doesn't seem too bad. I guess. At least he didn't talk to me, so that's one less thing to worry about. Thank god.

"So Caitlin, I'm so happy you're here. I'll show you around ok, and then we'll go up to see your room and." blah blah blah. Does this woman EVER shut up? I guess not because she's still going. The house is ok. I guess, it's warm and all. But I don't want to be here. "caitlin, this is your room." It's pretty nice, I finally have my own room, and some privacy. But that doesn't mean I'm going to act nice. "I leave you to get settled in, and if you need anything just call me." "Whatever." I slammed the door, finally I'm by myself. I just drop my bag on the floor, there's no point in putting away my stuff because I'm not staying.

Then why do I have to keep repeating that to myself? Exhausted and empty I let myself fall onto the bed. Tomorrow will be another day, whatever it may bring.

I have to admit I slept really well for the first time in ages, I didn't even have a nightmare. Feeling peaceful I get out of bed and head towards the bathroom. My own bathroom. It's amazing, Dori even bought me some shampoo and soap. Locking the door behind me I collapse onto the floor. I was about to give in to my true feelings when I walked into this bathroom. The feeling of peace, the feeling of wanting and longing. The weak feeling. A feeling I can't have because I have to be strong. All I have is myself so I need to stay strong.

I get up and look in the mirror. What I see is me, nothing more than a plain girl with brownish hair and blue eyes (A/N: I have no idea how she looks exactly, don't kill me!!). I decide to take a shower and then get down to the makeup. I love putting on makeup, it provides me with a mask. The dark black eyeliner and I shadow I use sometimes scares people off. Just the way I like it: all alone.

After getting dressed I step into the kitchen. Dori's in there makingbreakfast. It smells really good, but I'm not gonna tell her that. "Good morning Caitlin, did you sleep ok?" Dori asks me this while looking me up and down. She takes in the whole picture, my baggy jeans and ripped t- shirt combined with the black eyes and piercings. I have several piercings, four holes in one ear, five in the other, a bellybutton which noone's ever seen, and one in my eyebrow (A/N: these are all made up). I guess she doesn't like what she sees. Well, that's her problem, not mine. She decided I should come over and I never said I wanted to. I hate all of this, I hate them, I hate this place and maybe I even hate myself. It's all messed up, but ive learned to live with it.

Have I?

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