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Chapter 2: Forever

As the light faded behind the mountains the tears streamed down my face. "Caitlin! Are you comign down for dinner tonight?" Dori called up at me form down stairs. She did have every right to ask, since she's been making the most wonderful dinners ever, and I haven't had one of them since I came. I came downstairs the first morning, and after that akward moment of doubt I went back up and locked myself in. Things are too quite hear, I can atually think and have time for myself. But that's not what I want. Footsteps, someones coming up here.

"Caitlin, look, I know you're not feeling all to well but. I really want you to eat something, I'm worried about you." Dori was standing outside my bedroom. It's a miracle she didn't just come in. and worried, why would she be worried about me? "I don't want to eat." I sound like a little kid, but at least now they'll hate me enough to send me back. "ok," Dori sighed. "Please come down later then, Jim and I have something for you." I hate to admit but I'm tempted. I have absolutely nothing to do, and I'm actually pretty hungry right now.

So I went down. "Hey Caitlin." Jim laughed up at me. I'm not sure if it was a friendly or annoyed smile. What if they were going to give me a ticket back home. That would be good, wouldn't it. But fear seemed to break my heart, I didn't want to leave, not really, not desperately. So I jumped up and left the table. "I'm going for a walk." Surprised looks, unavoidable and all around. As expected if you've been locking yourself in your rooom for a week I guess. "Caitlin, it's dark out and." But Jim looked at her and she shut up. Maybe this guy wasn't as bad as I thought he was.

Yeah, it was dark, and cold, but it was also really good to breeathe some fresh air, to feel free and totally empty for a moment. I heard a snort and some soft blowing right by my side. Jumping up in fear I realizes that I'd wondered far away from the house but I could still see the warm glow from the kitchen. There they were, enjoying their dinner and eachother's company. I don't think I'm needed here, and they don't want me because they're sending me back. The blowing continued, what was next to me. I felt around a bit and realized that I'd stumbled into a sort of paddock. What was this snorting? Maybe I shouldn't find out, it might be dangerous. My fears were confirmed when Dori wondered over. "Caitlin, is that you in there?" "Yeah," I managed to stutter. "Get out of there, right now. It's not safe" I could here in her voice that she was serious and I did what she told me to do. For the first time in my life I followed orders, and it was actually a relieve as well.

"Good, you found her." Jim held the door open as we walked in. "Caitling, you're freezing, eventhough it's summer it still gets chilly at night. Why don't you put on a sweater and come back down, we need to talk." "Ok," I muttered. I really don't want to discuss my behaviour or the fact that they're sending me away. But I owe it to them, they kept me warm and safe for a week. I might as well hear them out.

"That's better isn't it, at least you're warm now." Dori guided me towards a couch and sat me down. She sat herself next to Jim and across from me. The typical 'we need to talk to you and it's not going to be good' format. So I braced myself for the bad news. Jim started off, "Cait, you've been here for a week now and we've noticed that you're not very happy here. So." But I couldn't let him finish. "I'm sorry, send me away then, just do it, don't give me the long speeches or explkanations, I don't want to hear it because it's all bullshit anyway. You say that you liked having me, and you'll say that you're sorry. But what the hell does that do for me, I'll be back on the streets and I'll be back on m,y own again, with noone who gives a shit and noone who loves me for me. And that's ok because I like it that way, and it's all good because I'm used to it, right. Isn't that what you say, 'Caitlin's not happy here, so we'll send her away.' when the real reason that you're sending me away is because you all hate me and because it's easier to live without me." Tears were streaming down my cheeks but it didn't matter, I would never see them again anyway. I jumped up and tried to get away when Jim's voice echoed in my ears . "Sit down!" Which I did. I will never know exactly why I did, but I just sat back down. "Ok, so that's how you feel," he said strenly but a smile was playing in the corners of his mouth. "The only problem is that that's not how we feel, not how we feel at all. On the contrary, We were just going to give you this," handing me an envelope, "and tel you that we'll take you into town tomorrow to make sure you've got some thjings to start school with in three weeks." I starred up at them in amazement, "you're not sending me away?" It all became too much for Dori now too because she leaned over and hugged me. "Oh sweety, whh would we do that? Though would feel a lot better if you came down and ate something, I'm beginning to doubt my cooking skills." It was weird, for one moment I had felt that my whole life was lost, the nexty I felt that I was starting all over again. I had even kindof liked the hug, and I knew that I would be coming down to eat tomorrow. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. And maybe I could try and make an effort as well.

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