You could feel it.

Everything was silent around you – perfectly still. Time stopped, and you could have reached out and walked for hours and nothing would have changed. The rubble was falling, but it didn't matter – nothing mattered. You couldn't breathe. Your lungs seized up, and you struggled to drag in any oxygen; you felt like you were dying, but you could still feeling yourself going through the involuntary mechanics.

Everything was screaming around you – being ripped to pieces in a maelstrom of inevitability and probability. You could hear everything moving and rasping around you and you just wanted it all to stop. To be silent. A moment of silence for what could – could not? – have been avoided. Your blood was poison through you, and you could feel everything pressing down upon you – demanding that you break rather than just bend.

Everything was hurting around you – a bloody, terrible, unending agony. Your heart was being torn from you and you could feel it being crushed. You were burning and numb and you felt nothing and everything all at once – you gasped, but couldn't breath; drowning on blood that was and wasn't yours. Someone was begging you to stop, but you couldn't – there was no controlling this. It was rage and sorrow and fear and hate and you wanted to feel every one of those and unleash it all on the world outside you.

Everything was empty around you – meaningless and silent. You reached out, but nothing answered you. Everything turned away. You searched, but you were blind looking for something that didn't exist. There was no one to lead you or the hear you. There was something missing – something so very important, ripped out of you in a heartless, agonising moment. Gone too quickly to say goodbye – too long to be ignored...

Your brother was fallen. You were not soldier – you were children. Children in a war that was brought to you – that you were born in. Warriors of necessity and survival. You were always there – and now he was gone. You wrapped your arms around yourself and tried to hold yourself together. You tried to breathe, but could only scream. You cried enough to drown everyone in the city, but you had no tears.

You were empty, silent. You were flayed open in ways you didn't dream possible – missing something you had just found, and never had. Missing something you had always had. You were screaming, furious at yourself and at him and there was nothing you could do.

There was nothing you could ever do.

Let the sky fall – when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all together.

AN: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch from Age of Ultron. When her brother died. The lyrical excerpt is from the song Skyfall by Adele. 11-30-2015