We sat under a shaded tree as we ate our ice creams. The sun beat down on us as we laughed and talked about anything and everything. It was an odd feeling being able to walk around town as a human compared to a "dog" since it's quite a different kind of attention. It feels like everyone is just staring at me, which I guess is to be expected since it's a small town. A new face would strike up conversation for the gossiping townsfolk. I wonder if that could be trouble later for me.

"Why don't you try and go surfing one day? You haven't been able to go out like a person before." Lilo chimes in as it breaks my thoughts. She licks her dripping chocolate ice cream and continues, "It has to be different than surfing like your usual self."

I practically inhale the rest of my chocolate and vanilla swirl as I get pumped up to try to surf.

"Let's go! There's so many things I haven't done yet!" I exclaim grabbing her arm and tugged her towards the beach.

"Stitch we need to grab bathing suits at least first!" Lilo cries out chuckling. Immediately I change directions and head back to the house, still dragging Lilo behind me as she tries to finish her ice cream.

As we arrive, finally, to the beach, the sun beats down on the sand. It felt like putting your foot into a skillet when you heat it on a stove top even though I had flip flops on to lessen the pain. I hover my hand in the air to block the sun, attempting to see at least where I'm going until we hit the water. The beach was sparse with just a few people scattered about. I look up to the lifeguard tower only to see a blonde haired girl in a red one piece smiling straight at me. I quickly grow red and look away as I turn to see where Lilo had gone. I see a girl not too far behind me wearing a red and white palm tree patterned bikini racing up with her surfboard, a white board with a pink hibiscus at the bottom of it.

"Sorry, the sand just kept burning my feet. It's like I was just sinking into the sun with each step." The slightly curly haired brunette joked as I pull my white surfboard with a blue lightning bolt up to rest in the sand.

"I know, it's so hot today so getting into the water should be nice." I add as Lilo nods in agreement.

I pick up my board and start to turn away as I say, "Race you to the water!"

"No fair!" Lilo cries out as she struggles to pull her stuff together, "You can't just start a race and get a head-start!"

"I just did!" I laugh as I'm running so fast that I can't feel how hot the sand is anymore.

Just as I get to the shore I kick off my shoes and race in with Lilo close behind. After a couple of minutes I get out deep enough to hop onto my board. I turn my attention to Lilo who looks at me sourly. Shooting her a sly smile and shrug as she hops onto her board.

"You only won because you got a head-start…" The sore loser grumbled as she grabs her hair and pulls it up into a ponytail.

Laughing, I reply, "Maybe. I guess we'll never know."

The water was nice and cold compared to the hot coals we had walked on to get to this point. Looking down, it was crystal clear seeing all the fish that swam underneath us. It was still just as breathtaking as any other time I had been out here. However, as a person the water was better suited for me than fur was. I didn't feel as weighed down since it just rolls off your skin which was refreshing. Who knew what I was missing out being an alien.

The sun bled through the sky as the colors changed from blue to a little bit of every color. The sky was painted pink, orange, yellow, purple, and bright blue as we walked out of the sea. The sand had cooled down since the sun had started to set and was finally bearable to walk on. I walked up to my towel that I had laid down and started to pat myself dry.

Lilo walks up beside me and places her board with my things as she says, "I'll be right back Stitch. I left my towel a little ways away."

I nod as she races off. I sit on top of my board as I drape the towel around my neck and start to relax. It may be awhile before Lilo makes it back. I rub the back of my neck feeling tense muscles when a shadow of someone casts down on me. Turning around, I see the lifeguard from earlier peering down on me. I smile up at her awkwardly since I wasn't expecting anyone to approach me.

"You were pretty good out there but I haven't seen you around here before. Where are you from?" The petite blonde asked as I gracelessly scramble to my feet.

"I'm pretty far from here, you wouldn't know where though." I chuckle nervously as she eyes me up and down.

"A foreign guy huh…" The lifeguard mutters softly as her eyes finally make contact with my own, "Where'd your girlfriend go?"

My face flushes red as I stammer, "S-she's not my girlfriend. She's a childhood friend."

The girl raises an eyebrow as she says, "Oh… well we should hang out sometime since you're new and all."

At this point I feel entirely flustered as this conversation continues and my mind starts to race. She was watching me the whole time? Or did she just so happen to see me get out of the water finally. Well duh she would be watching me, she's a lifeguard it's her job to watch people… Even though it's creepy as hell… Do all lifeguards come up and talk to random people after they finish swimming? Don't overthink this Stitch. She's just doing her job.

I've never had this kind of attention with someone before and I feel weaker as it goes on. What I wouldn't give to be an alien again instead of talking to this random girl who's giving me a weird vibe. As she continues talking I've tuned out as I hope Lilo will come back soon to help get me out of this situation. I just nod my head in agreement with whatever this girl is saying to make it appear as though I'm keeping up with the conversation.

It's been a while since I've been online. Just never came on here as much as i used to but it's about time I try and continue my stories. I'm a little rusty since it's been a while so this doesn't feel like my best but it's a start to getting back into it. If anyone has any ideas I may implement it into the story since it's hard coming up for a plot for this one. So far I've been aiming for a slice of life feel.

Have a nice day/night~