Team 7 stood in the Hokage's office and Naruto seemed to be covered in scratches and was mumbling something about a stupid cat.

Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at Team 7 with a smile on his face, he remembered back to when he first read Obito's team requests.


"You cannot be serious Obito." Hiruzen said eyeing the Jonin in front of him. "You want the three most promising members of their class, I have to decline your offer. It also does not help that you are the guardian of two of these boys, it would not be fair to Sakura to do this." He spoke in his professor voice wondering if the Uchiha had a proper rebuttal.

"Lord Hokage," Obito began "I choose these three for specific reasons." Hiruzen nodded for Obito to go on. "Sasuke will in time awaken his Sharingan and I am the only person in the village able to teach him." Hiruzen nodded at his logic.

"Naruto is the container of the Nine Tails and history has shown us that the Sharingan is a useful tool in calming the beast should the seal begin to slip."

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes, "And what of Haruno, she is the top Kunoichi of her class, I had hoped she would be well paired with Kurenai because of her abilities in chakra control may make her a potential genjutsu user."

Obito smiled for the briefest moment happy the Hokage had fallen into his trap. "Her chakra control is exactly why she would be best paired on my team. Rin Uchiha is easily the greatest medical shinobi since your student Tsunade Senju, I believe Sakura would make a greater contribution as a healer rather than a genjutsu user. In addition, her logical mind will help to balance the admittedly hot tempers of the boys."

Hiruzen let his tough Hokage face relax into that of the caring grandfather. "Well done Obito, your talent for politics has not dulled in recent years." Obito relaxed and smiled at the compliment. "I will approve your team request but I will expect results from them. If I feel that you favor either of the boys instead of Haruno I will relieve you of your command." He said maintaining his smile but using a stronger tone of voice.


Hiruzen smiled at the team in front of them. Aside from Naruto being covered in scratches the team seemed to be the model for what all Genin teams should be. He smiled thinking back to his own team, if Jiraiya and Orochimaru had been able to function the way Naruto and Sasuke did perhaps things would have turned out differently. Looking at Obito Hiruzen was sure that he thought the same thing of his old team.

Hiruzen looked at his papers and spoke, "I seem to have another D ranked mission ready at…"

"No more D Ranks!" Naruto shouted, "Give us a challenge for once!"

Sakura gawked at her teammate for screaming at the Hokage like that. She quickly pulled him into a headlock to shut him up.

The look of bliss was not missed by either Uchiha. "With all due respect Lord Hokage I do think my team could be ready for something more." Obito spoke ready at any minute to make his case.

"Damnit Obito," Hiruzen spoke, "Were you not a ninja you could've made a very annoying lawyer." Obito smiled at the compliment knowing the Hokage was about to oblige his request.

"We did receive a C Ranked mission earlier today." Hiruzen said readying the file he had off to the side. Both Uchiha noticed that the file seemed to be separate from the others as if it were waiting. "Unlike most missions," He explained to the Genin, "this mission has no one client. This mission is a direct order from the village. You all will be travelling to the Village Hidden in the Grass to deliver a treaty paper." He said extending his arm holding the scroll which contained the treaty which Obito took. "I am trusting your political mind Obito to be able to handle anything that may happen. I am granting you the authority to negotiate with their leader."

Obito nodded as his team was dismissed he waited until he and Hiruzen were the only two left in the room. "Lord Hokage, treaty negotiations are at the very least an A rank mission that could border on S. Why send a team of Genin?"

Hiruzen sighed, "Obito I am not going to lie to you." He said as he took off his hat. "I am not as young as I once was and I want to someday retire. And you have shown great promise to one day inherit my position." Obito was shocked to hear that, "Also sending the team you are a part of on a political mission I want you to watch them to see if any of them show an aptitude for it."

Obito nodded, "Understood Lord Hokage." Obito then bowed and left.


Outside the Genin team walked out and realized their sensei had stayed in the office. Naruto was still beaming from the close contact from Sakura who he had followed with hearts in his eyes.

Sasuke stopped and waited. "Obito Sensei must have a question about the mission." Sasuke said crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.

Naruto looked at Sakura with his cheeks blushing, "Hey Sakura don't worry I'll protect you on this mission if anything happens."

Sakura closed her eyes and stuck her nose in the air, "I won't need protecting Naruto, I'm just as much a ninja as you and Sasuke are."

Naruto slumped a bit, "Well ok," he quickly perked back up, "Maybe if we have any free time in Grass the two of us could go on a date." He said flashing her a big smile.

Naruto quickly reached into his pocket where he had a small sealing scroll. He unsealed the contents and handed it to Sakura, it was a bright pink flower. "Rin says girls like getting flowers." He said trying to explain the reason for his actions.

Sakura was taken back from Naruto's gesture; no boy had ever given her flowers. She always blamed her big forehead for that. Ino was always the one that got them causing her to feel pangs of jealousy from her friend. But here was a boy giving her a single flower that matched the shade of her hair perfectly.

"Thank you Naruto." She said gingerly taking the flower and tucking it behind her ear.

Sasuke smiled and noticed Obito next to him silently pumping his fist. If Sasuke had to guess it would be a long time before Naruto stopped smiling.

Obito finally spoke up with a smile on his face, "Alright Team 7 we leave tomorrow morning on our first mission out of the village. Let's go home for some dinner," Obito had a mischievous smirk, "Sakura you are welcome to join us I believe Rin should be off by now."

Sakura smiled, "That sounds great, thank you Obito Sensei."


Team 7 walked through the door with a small army of Naruto's carrying the bags of take out. "Rin we got dinner!" Obito shouted not sure where she was.

Rin walked out of the living room looking tired. Her eyes lit up seeing Sakura with the flower tucked behind her ear. "Hello again Sakura, that's a pretty flower. Did a boy give it to you?"

Sasuke chuckled at the antics of his guardian. And saw the smile on Naruto's face had only brightened.

"Naruto gave it to me Lady Rin." Sakura said slightly blushing.


During dinner the group all talked and joked about Tora the cat and how difficult catching her always is.

It did not take long before Naruto was out like a light sleeping next to Sasuke, who stayed by Naruto the same way Naruto watched over him. Shortly after Obito carried Naruto to bed and Sasuke went into his own room nodding a good night to Sakura.

Curious with what she witnessed she spoke up to Rin who was still at the table, "Lady Rin why whenever Naruto or Sasuke sleep the other one stays so close to them.

Rin shocked by the question almost dropped the glass she was drinking from before sighing. "I see you noticed that." Sakura nodded. "Neither of them have had the best time growing up. When Naruto was just a baby and before he came to live with us a group of villagers broke into the orphanage he was in. And…" she paused trembling with anger, "They marked him."

Sakura tilted her head, "What do you mean marked him?"

Rin sighed refusing to meet the girls gaze. And not finding the words until Obito spoke up when he entered the room. "They cut the scars on his cheeks." He said with a cold distant voice.

Sakura gasped and covered her mouth. "Why would someone do something so terrible to a child?"

Obito again spoke up sitting beside Rin who refused to look up, "Naruto was born the same night the Kyuubi attacked the village. Some in the village believe Naruto to be the beast forced into a mortal body. So they marked him so wherever he went people would notice."

Obito continued, "When Naruto first came to live with us there was rarely a night where someone didn't come to harass or threaten us for protecting Naruto. One time when he was three Naruto got away from me when I took him to the market," Obito said coldly, also avoiding Sakura's gaze, "He ended up attracting a mob who began to chase him, if it weren't for an Anbu agent Weasel, Naruto would have been killed. The truth is Sakura." Obito said judging the girl and wondering how trust worthy she was, he decided that he might as well tell her. "Naruto is the jinchuuriki for the Nine Tailed Fox."

Sakura was nearly in tears at this point, "What about Sasuke?"

Obito subconsciously activated his Sharingan, "Our entire clan was killed by Sasuke's older brother. And Sasuke relives that night often in his nightmares so he rarely sleeps well at night. Most of the time he just goes into his room and studies, but because of this from time to time he will fall asleep during the day. Naruto always makes sure that Sasuke doesn't have a nightmare then."

Sakura was silently crying at this point, "I had no idea they went through all that."

Obito visibly relaxed and his Sharingan disappeared. "I'm only telling you this because you are their teammate, I hope you keep these details to yourself." Obito said with a kind look in his eyes.

Sakura nodded with a determined look, "I will Sensei."

Obito smiled at the Kunoichi of his team. "You can stay here in the guest room if you want or I can walk you home."

"Thank you Sensei but I think I need some time alone to think." Sakura said dismissing herself from the house and closing the door behind herself.

Obito rubbed Rin's back before pulling her closer to himself, "You gonna be good?" He asked.

"Yes, I just hate thinking about the pasts those two have lived." Rin said.