"You can't be serious sensei?" The black haired ninja said to the Hokage. "I just made Jonin, I'm not ready to teach."

The Hokage shrugged his shoulders. "I wasn't much older than you were when I trained you." He said smiling at the shocked jonin in front of him.

"But you want me to train them?" He asked shocked that this was all happening.

The Hokage nodded sternly. "They are smart kids but they need a sensei that they trust to bring out their potential and they don't trust anyone more than you."

Sighing as he walked out the door the young ninja turned to the Hokage. "I will do my best sensei."


Walking through the halls of the academy the jonin had his hands in his pockets. He felt his usual orange book in his pocket and smirked knowing his mother would throw a fit if she knew he had them. Even though she owned every single one in the series.

He came to the door where he knew they would all be and he paused for a moment when he heard them laughing quietly on the other side of the door. He smiled before opening the door and sticking his head in. He felt the eraser fall on his head as he looked at the three young ninjas in the room.

"Ha Kakashi fell for it!" The loud blond shouted.

"Wait is Kakashi our sensei?" Asked the girl with white eyes.

"He has to be." Said the quiet boy with black eyes. "Why else would he be in here."

Looking at the three in the room Kakashi Uchiha knew he had his work cut out for him. "Well I suppose we should go out on the roof." He said turning around already feeling the migraine coming.


He leaned against the railing as the three of them sat waiting for him to start when the blond spoke up. "Kakashi why do we need to introduce ourselves?" He asked already knowing just about everything about his new teammates.

"Because it builds teamwork and lets you realize what you want." He said remembering the speech his sensei had given him.

The blond spoke up first excited to get started. "My name is Minato Uzumaki, I likeā€¦" He looked to his right and saw the girl looking back at him so he pulled on his color before continuing. "Ramen and the cookies that Aunt Rin makes. What I don't like is people who talk down to me and my friends, because after they do I have to fight them and then my mom gets mad at me." He looked forward excited. "My dream is to become an even greater ninja than my father or Uncle Sasuke!"

Kakashi nodded already knowing the blond boy well when the girl spoke up. "My name is Sarada Uchiha I like proving my strength against the others and that I'm worth it." She said vaguely. "I don't like it when my brother thinks he's better than me!" She said snapping on the boy next to her. "My dream is to become the Hokage after Lord Seventh!"

Kakashi rolled his eyes hearing her try to start a fight with her brother. He still remembers the day that Aunt Hinata found out that she was going to be having twins, she almost put Sasuke into a coma by closing most of his chakra points.

Finally came the boy who seemed unfazed by his sister's comments. "My name is Itachi Uchiha, I'm not really sure what you want me to say, I guess I like competing against Minato." He said not sure of what to say. "I don't like try hards, or people who disrespect the people I care about. And my dream is to see my precious people happy."

Kakashi nodded his head stealing a glance at the Hokage monument that had his father's face on it as well as his sensei's. "I guess the things you taught father were passed on to another generation." He said silently to himself knowing that neither of his uncles would let him forget those lessons.

He stood up and looked at his new team. "Alright Team 7 we will meet at training ground 7 tomorrow morning." He said with a thumbs up before using a shunshin to disappear.


Sakura was sitting on her couch after having finished the longest shift of her life. She felt like she hadn't actually been home in days, even though she knew she was home 12 hours ago, it just felt long. She looked up as the door opened and she saw Minato walk through the door. "So you excited for your team?" She asked smiling already knowing who he was going to be placed with.

Minato quickly nodded his head in excitement. "Yeah I'm on a team with Sarada and Itachi! Plus Kakashi is our sensei!"

Sakura smiled at her son who was excited to start his own adventures in the ninja world. She had personally given up the head band shortly after having him and now worked at the hospital. She never once regretted that decision because it kept her closer to her family. "Well I suppose we should go get something to eat, what do you feel like?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"Ichiraku!" The boy screamed. His father had passed on his love for ramen and the boy accepted it as the best food on the planet.


Itachi and Sarada walked into the quiet house, they both knew their father wasn't home and their mother was on a mission as well. When they were little they would go to Aunt Rin's after school but now that they were ninja they would just go to their own home.

Before Sarada could close the door to her room Itachi spoke up. "So now that you and him are on the same team are you going to tell him?"

She froze in place slowly turning her head, Itachi paled seeing the veins on her face and eyes. "Don't tell him brother." She simply said before walking into her room.

Itachi wiped the sweat off of his brow, he still hated that his sister was able to awaken the Byakugan but he hadn't activated either the Sharingan or the Byakugan. His mother and father were the best in the world with their eyes, even though there were only two Sharingan users that didn't change that fact.


The Hokage was sitting in his office reading over more papers. He really hated this part of the job, he sees what bothered Obito and Tsunade so much about it. The stuff never ended and his assistant Shikamaru seemed to revel in his suffering.

Speaking of he walked into the room. "The other Kage are ready for you Lord Hokage." He said sarcastically.

Getting up the Hokage made sure that his desk was good enough that he would be able to pick up where he left up he grabbed his Hokage jacket and followed Shikamaru through the door. "They're all here then?"

Shikamaru nodded his head. "Even the Tsuchikage was willing to make an appearance." After the war the Rock had become very secretive from its shame and didn't want the world to know the identity of the new Tsuchikage, so only the other Kage knew and a few select people that worked with them.

Opening the door to the meeting room the Hokage looked at the other Kage and smiled, this would be the first time that all the Kages that met together were jinchuuriki.

"I'm glad you could join us." The Raikage Yugito said grinning.

"Remember who his teacher was." Said the Mizukage Utakata who had been chosen for the position after his help in the war.

"Well since Nine is here we can get under way." Said the Tsuchikage Roshi smiling that he was with some of his favorite people.

Gaara simply nodded along with the meeting.

Naruto smiled taking his seat and putting his hat on the table like the others had done. "Let's get this Kage summit going."


Sasuke dusted off a book in the ancient library he had found. It was one of few places he could find any information on what he was looking for. He flipped through the pages until he saw the illustration of a grey woman with long white hair floating over two others.

He closed the book when he thought he heard a noise. "I will learn more about you Kaguya." He said moving onto the next book.

Hidden on the libraries ceiling a man with skin as black as night and blank yellow eyes watching Sasuke. He smiled at the irony of what Sasuke had just said.

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