The newly discovered island of Mordia was a peaceful island, not usually prone to strife or chaos. There are those who will always find a way to cause chaos, and Alcard Steelfist did just that.

The majority of the students of Mordia Garden found out about his plans was when a riot erupted, spawned by the attempted killing of those that had first found Steelfist's plans out. They had discovered his plan to use Mordia Garden as a mobile launching point in his own personal battle for power, just as Edea had. He, in fact, had gotten the idea from her and added the plan to eradicate those who tried to stop him. Immediately following their discovery, the four had tried to spread the word, and the result that followed was a complete breakdown of the Garden infrastructure. The four decided to hold a huge meeting to discuss potential anti-control tactics. When Steelfist found that out, he retaliated by getting a riot squad into the school and invading the meeting. Many students were killed and several were injured, yet the four escaped.

In the ensuing chaos following the attack on free speech, a signal was sent out from the communications room, sent by the very four students who had inadvertently started the riot. Riniah Angelhart, Minoa Redstrife, Cairone Lionstrike and Caine Fireblaze were the four members that formed the elite SeeD team, the Mordian Task Force, a position that had given them ample opportunity to foil Steelfist's plans.

By a stroke of luck, the signal in question reached one of the very few installations capable of decrypting it- Balamb Garden.

"Ca…nybo…hea…me?" A female voice came over the loudspeaker of the transmitter. Squall was snapped back to attention with the sound.             "Th…is…iah…gel…rt…of…" Squall kicked the malfunctioning transmission receiver and it finally stopped pausing.

            (When is Zell gonna fix this thing?)

            "Mordia Garden. We are a band of elite Mordian SeeD who are under siege from Headmaster Alcard Steelfist. If you can hear us, please send your best men to assist our just cause. If you do not, then surely the world we live in will cease to be free and peaceful. This's Squad Leader signing out." Squall was in a state of wonder.

            (Why would a Headmaster attack his students?)

            "Okay, Rinoa, who should we send?" He asked her while she was working on all the confirmations that Squall had just finished.

            "Well, maybe since Seifer's-" She tried suggesting before Squall cut her off.

            "We're NOT sending Seifer."

            "Why not? If he passes the exam, all he'll need is a field examination and he'll be a SeeD." She stated.

            "I'm not letting him roam free around an unstable environment."

            "But that'd be breaking his probation and…he seems awful jumpy. He's wanted to get off the ship for the LONGEST time. He needs a SeeD instructor to be near him anyways, so he'll be supervised."

            "Rinoa, no is no and that's final." Squall continued filing through some disciplinary papers filed by all the teachers of the various classes. Being the Military Commander of Balamb Garden wasn't all glory and battle, it was also disciplining misbehaving students. Surprisingly, for the first time since he was released on probation, Seifer hadn't gotten one write-up from any teacher.

            (He's just upset because he worries that soon Seifer'll outrank him I bet.) Rinoa thought. (Seifer's been strangely…normal…since he came back. I guess jail changes people. I wish that there was some way that-) Just then, Seifer's SeeD teacher ran into Squall's office.

            "Commander Leonhart!" She shouted.

            "Yes, may I help you?"

            "This's about Seifer."

            "Oh Hyne, what did he do now?" He sat back in his chair, bracing himself for a shitload of complaints. But this time, there was nothing but positive sounds in her voice.

            "Seifer…he…"She was clearly out of shape and out of breath. She took several deep breaths, and then continued. "I'm impressed."

            "C'mon, what is it?"

            "Have you seen his latest test scores?"

"No, I'm not a teacher…why?"

            "He knows things that he couldn't even possibly know! I don't think that they learned anything about the Two Islands in jail, but I guess I was wrong." She had a document with a huge red mark on top. Squall snatched the handheld computer document out of her hand. Seifer had a perfect paper. He glared at Rinoa.

            (She's the only reason for his ability to pass. She wants him to pass, and she heavily supports him…why wouldn't she help him cheat? I wrote this test with her, so she'd know all the answers…she gave them to him…it's the only way.)

            "Rinoa…" He said through his teeth as he continued to glare at her.

            "What? You think I helped him?"

            "It's a possibility."

            "HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE AND MORALITY?! I'D NEVER HELP A STUDENT CHEAT…EVEN IF IT WAS SEIFER!!!!!!!!!!" She stood out and walked out. "I'm going on my breakfast break. See you in an hour."

            (Oh Hyne…why must he be so stubborn with matters about Seifer? So what if Selphie and I support him? It doesn't mean we'd go out of our way to help him. We just want him to have a chance…if it wasn't for my forcing, Seifer wouldn't even HAVE any of us…it's not fair to him. Especially after what Selphie told me…I think he's always deserved a second chance…I hope I find him…before Squall does.)