Servant Stats Sheet (WIP)

Class: Saber

True Name: Youmu Konpaku

Title: Gardner of Hakugyokurou

Nature: Lawful Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: Half Spirit

Strength: C (D) {B}

Endurance: D (E) {C}

Agility: A (B)

Magic: B {A}

Luck: E {D}

Noble Phantasm: C (B) {B}

Taken during the Night

() when during the day

{} when under Yuyuko's Perfect Cherry Blossom

Class Skill

Magic Resistance – C
As an inhabitant of Gensokyo, the magic in the rich environment allows Youmu to take on more magic damage than any other human beings. Also, this is a skill trait typical to all Saber classes.

Personal Skills

Danmaku – B
Youmu is adept in fighting against enemies, for during the Imperishable Night Incident the player can play as Youmu. Once charged, Youmu can release the spell card, Human Sign "Slash of Present World"

Phantom Half – B
As a special trait to her race class, Youmu can use her other half to block incoming damage. However, that other half is unable to fully migrate damage from B ranked Noble Phantasms or higher.

Undead – D
Youmu is a special case in which she is not fully resurrected because she was half human. Thus, she count as an Undead and she becomes more vulnerable to Exorcism spells. Also, all her stats except for her magic and luck suffers a rank down during the day.

Eye of Mind (Fake) – C
As a swordsman who had practiced her whole life practicing, Youmu gained the ability to anticipate any attacks coming and foresee the battle.

Noble Phantasm

Roukanken - C (Anti-Unit)
This is a blade made by Youkai, a blade which can cut through anything
This blade has the unique ability of being able to cut through anything except for Noble Phantasms nor prana formations..

Hakurouken – B (Anti-Unit)

I can cut through spirits, something which can't be cut.
Youmu cuts with Hakurouken, which is a weapon that can cut through astatized Servants and disrupt any prana formations. However, it requires Youmu to pause for two seconds before releasing.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Youmu Konpaku
Youmu is one the best swordsperson I ever met. In a straight sword fight against an enemy, it is highly likely that Youmu can beat he or she in skills alone. It's kind of relief to know that her monstrous skills in the sword doesn't apply to her magic as well. Phew.

Class: Archer

True Name: Reimu Hakurei

Title: Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Incident Solver of Gensokyo

Nature: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Strength: D (B) {EX}

Endurance: C (A) {EX}

Agility: B (A) {EX}

Magic: A {EX}

Luck: B {EX}

Noble Phantasm: EX

() Under the Blessings of The Storm Gods

{} Under her Undefeated Maiden

Class Skill

Independent Action – C
Reimu tends to follow her own orders, not anyone's else.

Magic Resistance – A
Reimu has the blessing from Hakurei, thus giving her an absurd amount of magic resistance

Item Creation – D
Reimu is adept in creating magical talismans, and these talismans had a varying amount of abilities,

Personal Skill

Danmaku – EX
As the main problem solver of Gensokyo, her ability to dodge far outmatches anyone in the battlefield. Also, her spellcard's recharge time is absurd, so her Danmkau skills make Reimu one major pain in the ass to kill. Her spellcard is Spirit Sign "Fantasy Orb"

Exorcism – B
Typical to all Shrine Maidens, she possess the ability to purify evil. This leads to Reimu being a hard counter to all Chaotic Servants, but also means that her Exorcism skills doesn't work well against Lawful Servants.

Blessing of the Storm Gods – A
Reimu is unnaturally gifted with the powers of the Gods. When in rough weather conditions, Reimu's stats rises under harsh conditions.

Pioneer of the Stars – B
Without Reimu, it could be stated that the whole of Gensokyo would be already destroyed. She fought against hell and heaven and won, thus satisfying the requirements to be able to make the impossible happen.

Double Summon
Reimu is a shrine maiden, and normally most Shrine Maidens are Casters. Reimu is like most of these Shrine Maidens, and thus on the field she acts like a Caster as well.

Noble Phantasm

Hakurei Shrine – EX (Anti-World)
Did you say...donations? Wait, another incident? Aw come on, I just solved one a month ago, and now another?
This is arguably one the best and worst Noble Phantasm in all of history. Reimu's powers mostly come from the Hakurei's God and thus, from his shrine. It can be stated that Reimu could take on the world here.

The shrine can only be destroyed by a Noble Phantasm or a Mystic Code, and every non-Magi would have a mild impulse to donate money to a pitiful Shrine Maiden. Reimu can only create the Hakurei Shrine once per day.
Reimu gains these skills on the Hakurei Shrine:

1. The Undefeated Maiden: Reimu can never be defeated on the Hakurei Shrine. Depending on the circumstances, all her stats have a chance to rise to EX and makes it impossible to hurt her in anyway.

2. Tools of the Incident's Solver: On her shrine, Reimu has unlimited access to her Gohei, Talismans, and Needles. Off the shrine she can only hold up a certain amount of weapons.

Gohei – Staff that is imbued with insane amount of knockback

Talismans – Allow her to attack at range, empowers her exorcism skills into one of Rank A

Needles – Allow her to attack at range, tracking weapons that are the banes of servants with high agility

3. Spirit Sign Fantasy Seal, Rank A Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. On the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu can use this ability as many times as she wants on the enemy. However, it cannot kill other Servants but rather incapacities them.

4. Shrine Maiden of Tranquility: Reimu can never seek out a fight outside of her Shrine. She can only make offensive movements on her shrine, never outside. The only exception to this is if one destroys the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu is free to punish the home-wrecker.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Reimu Hakurei
I would hate to be on the bad side of Reimu. Especially if you mess with her donation box. Her needles and her seals hurt a lot. At least she doesn't actively seek to fight others, not like some battle nuts in Gensokyo.

Class: Lancer

True Name: Remilia Scarlet

Titles: Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Vampire of Gensokyo

Nature: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Strength: C (E) {A}

Endurance: C (E) {A}

Agility: C (E) {A}

Magic: C (E) {A}

Luck: N/A

Noble Phantasm: EX


() Day time

{} Night time

Class Skill

Magic Resistance – B
Remilia is an inhabitant of Gensokyo, and you can see her in the forefront of every massive engagement

Battle Continuation – E
Remilia is a vampire that continues to fight even if all is lost; however, this skill doesn't really grant Remilia much abilities due to the nature of her summoning

Personal Skill

Danmaku – A
Remilia is one of the strongest Youkais of Gensokyo, rivaling those of the Four Devas and of Yukari Yakumo. She is very adept in dodging spells and attacks, and her spellcard Scarlet Night "Red the Nightless Castle" charges very quickly. Not as fast as Reimu's, but close enough.

Independent Action – B
Remilia is a very strong willed servant, and reining her is near impossible without a command seal

Vampirism – A
Remilia is a vampire, thus allowing her to regenerate at an absurd speed and granting her high stats. However, these are negated under the sun, and although she can survive under the sun all her stats are at the lowest. She can transform into a bat due to her vampire nature.

Vampire of Fate – EX
Remilia can never be affected by the effects of a Noble Phantasm or Mystic Code

Ever Loyal Servant - A
If Sakuya is participating in the Grail War, than Remilia can summon Sakuya to her side no matter the circumstances

Noble Phantasm

Gugnir – B (Anti-Army)
Let's see what happens if I unleash this on an ant. Oh? Dead already?
The main skill that Remilia has, she can charge up this weapon and fire, leaving devastation in the wake. However, this weapon has a long charge up, and when Noble Phantasm disappates, Remilia's Danmaku Rank would drop to E

Manipulation of Fate – EX (Anti-Unit)
Luck does not exist. Fate does, though, for everyone.
For Remilia, there is no such thing as luck. Everything is determined by fate, and Remilia controls fate. All servants in her surrounding vicinity would have a N/A for Luck, and Remilia can grant which servants are blessed or cursed by fate. If a servant has E ranked Luck, Remilia can force the opposing servant to do an action once per night as long as it doesn't involve committing suicide. A servant with A ranked Magic Resistance can resist Remilia's Noble Phantasm, and a Command Seal can counteract Remilia's order. Upon being ordered, for the rest of the night the Servant's Stats would temporary double. This ability cannot be used on allied Servants if Remilia is summoned in a Fate Apocrypha.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Remilia Scarlet
Thankfully she likes excitement in her life. Otherwise I would probably have disappeared from existence the next time I try and invade her library. I mean, serious, she controls freaking fate!

Class: Rider

True Name: Marisa Kirisame

Title: Black and White Magician, Magician of Love and Magic

Nature: Chaotic Good

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Strength: D

Endurance: C

Agility: B

Luck: A

Noble Phantasm: C (B) {A}

() When flustered or excited

{} When angry or battle-driven state

Class Skill

Riding (A)
There is not much to be stated about her ability to find a weapon and use it. Even if it means crashing a vehicle into the opponent.

Personal Skill
Danmaku – A
Marisa, on her off days, help Reimu solve incidents around Gensokyo (and causing them too!), thus her Danmaku is given a high rank. Her Spellcard is Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser"

Magic Resistance – B
As a resident of Gensokyo, Marisa developed a massive resistance against magic.

Independent Action – A
It's virtually impossible to command Marisa to stop stealing books from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. However, due to her high Independent Action Marisa is very adept in dealing with situations without her Master, and have a high chance of surviving in a sticky situation.

Kleptomania – A
Marisa has the mental disorder in which is called Kleptomania. If there's something precious that Marisa doesn't even need in the first place, Marisa would strive her best to borrow, cough cough, steal that item from its owner. And Marisa could use that stolen item very well, especially if it involves a weapon involving mass destruction.
Due to this skill, Marisa would also have the tendency to wander around, trying to find items to steal from. Currently, Marisa had attracted an affinity to books, so most of the time Marisa would spend her time robbing Libraries.

Alchemy – C
Marisa had mastered the arts of Alchemy to the best of what she could have done as a human in her life time.

Love Magic – E (D) {C}
Marisa's main forte, this is what she normally uses against the residents of Gensokyo. The more her emotions grow, the much stronger her attacks become. If Marisa was calm, this skill is only at C ranked. If Marisa is flustered or excited, her Love Magic ups by one. If Marisa is angry or battle-driven state, it's power rivals those of famous Noble Phantasms.

Noble Phantasms

Mini-Hakkero – C (B) {A}
Marisa's most notable weapon of Gensokyo, her mini-Hakkero is a rip off from Yuuka Kazami's. This weapon's power is based off the power ranking of her Love Magic; the higher the rank Love Magic rises to, the more destructive it becomes. However, this weapon consume a lot of Marisa's prana, so she only uses this in sticky situations.
It is noted that whenever Marisa uses her mini-Hakkero, Marisa must invoke "Love Sign, Master Spark!"

Broom – E
Marisa could uses a broom to fly in the sky.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Marisa Kirisame
And that's me! The Black and White Witch of Gensokyo, one of the strongest humans there is! My main forte, Master Spark, is based on my feelings that day. And for everyone reading, I am telling you, I'm planning to return my borrowed goods. You can have them back when I die. I even wrote it in my will!

Class: Berserker

True Name: Fujiwara no Mokou

Title: The Phoenix of Gensokyo, The Immortal of Eintei

Nature: Lawful Evil

Gender: Female

Species: Human?

Strength: B (A)

Endurance: A

Agility: C (B)

Magic: B (A)

Luck: E

Noble Phantasm: N/A

() Under Madness Enhancement

Class Skill

Madness Enhancement - B
Mokou was famous for her berserking state whenever she meets Kaguya, thus the Holy Grail had given Mokou the abilities of a Berserker. Whenever someone mentions Kaguya in front of Mokou, Mokou would give in to her rage and indiscriminately attack everyone around her, her strength, agility, and magic having a ranked up in stats.

Avenger – B
Mokou excludes a fiery aura that burns any attempts to try and debuff those under her protection, thus any attempts made to reduce the stats of her allies would fail as long as the allies are around her.

Personal Skills

Danmaku – A
Mokou had lived centuries in Gensokyo, honing her skills in Danamku. In the Imperishble Night incident, it was shown that Fujiwara no Mokou could keep up with Yukari Yakumo, the oldest Youkai in Gensokyo, Reimu Hakurei, the strongest human, Marisa Kirisame, the Black and White Witch, Alice Margatroid, the Dollmaker, Remilia Scarlet, the Scarlet Devil, Sakuya Izayoi, The Time Mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji, the Princess of the Netherworld, and Youmu, the Gardner of _, all at the same time. However, Mokou heavily relies on her immortality to take on lethal attacks, thus making her potential rank EX drops to only a Rank A. Her spell card she uses as a bomb is Flame Sign "Phoenix's Super-High-Temperature Feathers"

Manipulation of Fire – A
Mokou had met a Phoenix in her travels around the world, and that Phoenix had given her the ability to wield fire. It is said that fire loves her, thus making all fire attacks against her useless.

Magic Skills – C
Since Mokou didn't really have anything as the years drag on and on, the immortal decided to master other arts of magic.

Immortal Revenge – A
Mokou had given up her humanity and everything for the sake of revenge, thus it is said that Mokou was part Avenger Class. Thus, Immortal Revenge acts like a Double Summon, only that Mokou is not summoned as another caster but rather, an Avenger Class Servant.

Blazing Heart – A
Mokou is known as the symbol of the sun itself, rewarding those Lawful and punishing those Chaotic. All Lawful Servants will see a rank up in stats, but all Chaotic Servants will suffer a rank down. This does ability does not apply to luck or Noble Phantasm, and cannot be applied to herself.

Noble Fantasm

Hourai Doll – EX (Anti-Self) a curse. I want to die, but I know I can't die. Still, I wish to die. And in the case that I have the chance to die, I wish to drag Kaguya with me to the pits of hell. That way, the two Hourai Dolls could suffer forever, together.
Mokou cannot die completely. No matter how many times you kill her, she always come back from the grave. The Holy Grail War had summoned Fujiwara no Mokou with her immortality still intact, but had made it possible to defeat her. If Mokou was hit with 10 Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm or 1 Anti-World Noble Phantasm, than Mokou would return back to Gensokyo.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Fujiwara no Mokou
She was a monster to defeat in Gensokyo. Her immortality is so potent that even when Yukari unleashed an attack that had more firepower than my Master Spark, Mokou just simply smiled and kept on the offense. We were lucky that Mokou still feels pain; would have made it impossible to defeat.

Servant: Caster

True Name: Yuyuko Saigyouji

Titles: Ghost Princess of the Netherworld

Nature: Neutral Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Ghost

Strength: E/NA

Endurance: E/NA

Agility: E/NA

Magic: EX

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills


Personal Skills

Danmaku – A
Even though her agility is virtually the worst in Gensokyo, Yuyuko doesn't need to move when attacking. Instead, she stays in one place and when she is attacked Yuyuko would activate her fan that soaks up all damage. This only works against projectile attacks. If the fan absorbs enough damage, Yuyuko can activate _, and this could repeat twice until the fan is broken and Yuyuko's Danmaku Skill is broken

Undead – EX
Unlike other undead classes, since Yuyuko was fully reincarnated she suffers no disadvantages or advantages from this class. Instead, since this skill is very high when Yuyuko dies, her spiritual body still exists, at the cost of her strength, endurance, and agility.

Border of Life and Death – C
Yuyuko summons her Fan unleash a hail rain of Danmaku bullets on the enemy, cost her a lot of magic

Noble Phantasm

Reality Marble "Perfect Cherry Blossom"
"When I shall die, please bury me under the tree. The tree of death that took my life."
Yuyuko can only use this ability when she is dead. Upon incanting the above phrase, everyone in the immediate vicinity would be transported to Hakugyokurou, in the spot where Yuyuko gave up her life to restrain the Saigyouji from killing everyone.

Under her Reality Marble, all Servants with the personal skill would receive a rank up in Stats except for the caster herself. Yuyuko's Border of Life and Death would rank up to A rank and the cost of activating Border of Life and Death would be eliminated.
Saigyouji would periodically release floating Butterflies of Death, and only those with Great Luck, Great Magic, or Pioneer of the Stars Stat can survive a touch from one of these Butterflies. Without these skills or stats, the Servant would be instakilled upon contact. This does not affect allied Servants.
Even if a servant survived upon contact, the servant would be imbued with a special status; the closer the affected servant approaches Saigyouji, the slower they will move or attack.

In this Reality Marble, Yuyuko cannot be killed unless a Servant uses a Noble Phantasm 1 meter from her.

Marisa's Grimoire's Description of Yuyuko _
If it wasn't for Reimu da ze, I would have been killed in that incident! Yuyuko is very terrifying because she is the Princess of the Netherworld, thus having total control over Life and Death! Luckily, Reimu bailed me out and defeated Yuyuko at the same time.

Class: Assassin

True Name: Sakuya Izayoi

Titles: Maid of the Scarlet Devil, Manipulator of Time

Nature: Chaotic Good

Gender: Female

Species: Chaotic Good

Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Magic: E

Luck: D

Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills

Presence Concealment (B)
Her ability to sneak up on Meiling when she's sleeping is legendary. It is very hard to detect Sakuya, and normally, it's not you want to meet her. It is she wants to meet you.

Personal Skills

Danmaku (A)

The Ever Loyal Mistress (D)
Sakuya can never attack Remilia Scarlet. If a master commands her to do so by using a command seal, than the command seals would automatically transfer over to Remilia.

Space Manipulation (B)
Sakuya can control the distortion of space on all inanimate objects. However, she can only do it instantaneously with her knives; anything else would require concentration for her to manipulate.

Time Manipulation (B)
Sakuya can stop time for two seconds and throw her knives at the enemy or dodge an attack

Noble Phantasm

Lunar Dial – EX (Anti-World)
Illusionary World, Stop!
Sakuya forces the whole world to stop around her. Only Allied Servants or Servants with A or B ranked Magic Resistance can move freely around in this space. Servants with C ranked Magic Resistance can move only very sluggishly but still aware that the world stopped, and Servants with D ranked Magic Resistance or below would freeze as well.
Sakuya can use this ability as much as possible, but she must recite the following incantation above to activate.
The main downside to this ability is that a command seal needs to be used for Sakuya to freely use this Noble Phantasm through the night

Renewal of Time – A (Anti-Self)
I require a leash to stop my powers. It doesn't make me any more lethal though.
If a command seal is used to allow the free use of Lunar Dial, than at the end of the night Sakuya's master would regain that command seal UNLESS Sakuya uses Lunar Dial more than three times in a night

Marisa's Grimorie's Description of Sakuya Izayoi
Although at times she's more scarier than Remilia on a bad day, she's actually pretty nice. She hides me in my Library Incursions from Patchy. But, as I found out the hard way, get on her bad side and she'll stab fifty million knives in you, all the time smiling.

Author's Note

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