Chapter 1


Alex's POV

"Hey, Dad. I came as soon I could." I walked into the hospital room.

"Alex, this is Talia. Talia, meet your big brother." Dad said.

"What?" We asked then looked at each other.

"Mister Xanatos has decided to adopt Talia because she has no guardian." Owen told me.

"Mom?" I looked at her.

"I'm ok with it." She smiled.

"For fuck's sake! You're crazy. That's it, I'm out." Talia started to tug on the tubes and wires. Dad and Owen stopped her.

"What happened exactly?" I asked.

"She snuck into the castle and tried to jump off it." Mom said.

I nodded. One of the gargoyles must have caught her. "She got past Owen?"

"Unfortunately." He said.

"You're slacking." I laughed. "How did she get all the way up?"

"Dumb luck. Right up until the end. Then that weird drone caught me." She slouched.

I raised my eyebrow. Mom just shrugged. Did one of the Steel Clan catch her?

"Talia, don't pull these out again." Dad warned her.

"I'm 16! My birthday's next month. I'm almost an adult." She hissed.

"But not yet." Dad smiled in his way. "Don't take these out again."

"Fine." She huffed.

"Good." He nodded and stood.

We went out into the hall. "She thinks Goliath is an animatronic drone covered in synthetic flesh. That may be something I might look into."

"But it's been years since the clan was exposed to New York." I said.

"That's her mother's fault. She basically hid her from the modern world and especially from the news about them. From what I gathered, Talia stopped going to school after 5th grade and was homeschooled until her neighbors reported her missing and her mother dead a year ago. But she doesn't remember what happened." Dad explained.

"Why are you adopting her?" I wondered.

"I don't believe dumb luck got her to the castle. I really don't want that skill to go to waste." He smiled.

"And if it was?" I questioned.

"Then we have a daughter. And you have someone else to play your tricks on." He smirked.

"A little sister doesn't sound too bad." I smiled.

"I'm not your daughter or your sister! You people are the worst at being quiet." Talia yelled.

"I wanted you to hear that." Dad said coolly.

"Fuck you, David." She replied.

"She has a temper." I said.

"Just like a gargoyle we know." Mom whispered. I smiled.

It was weeks before she was allowed to come home. Goliath and the clan stayed hidden until she ready to learn about them. She didn't believe it at first. Not until I used a few spells.

"Ok, ok. Enough!" She shouted, struggling to get out of the princess dress I put her in.

"Alexander, let her go." Goliath rumbled. I still found his voice intimidating even after all we've been through.

"She's not hurt." I said as the dress and jewels I summoned disappeared. I still kept the silver tiara on her head.

"I see why you get girlfriends now." Talia snorted as she looked at the tiara.

"You are older than her, Alex. Older brothers are supposed care for their siblings. Not mock them." Goliath growled.

"I'm sorry, Talia." I sighed.

"I'm only 3 years younger than him!" She frowned.

"4." I corrected.

"I'm about to turn 17." She reminded me.

"Talia, Alex apologized." Dad told her.

"Apology considered! I'm going for a walk." She left.

"She was getting overwhelmed. We will introduce ourselves later." Goliath left too.

"Goliath's right, you know. You're a big brother now." Dad told me.

"I'll do better." I sighed.

"Just give her a little time. She'll adjust." He smiled.

"Hey." Aunt Elisa walked in.

"Elisa!" I hugged her.

"Hey, Alex." She hugged back.

"Goliath told me you're adopting the jumper that snuck into Castle Wyvern." She looked at Dad.

"Her name is Talia." I said.

"She'll be her own guardian by next year." She pointed out.

"I know, detective." He smiled.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Where is she?"

"She went for a walk. You must have missed her." He said, pointing toward the door.

"Poor kid must be shock." She said.

"Oh, you just missed Goliath as well." Dad added.

She glared. "Great."

Alex's POV End

Talia's POV

Where am I? I looked inside one of the open rooms and saw instruments. I walked inside and picked up the guitar. Strumming it, I found it was well kept. I played as well as I could with no pick. Someone was watching me and I looked up. It was a gargoyle, a green one.

"Don't stop. You were doing great." He insisted.

"You're… one of Goliath's clan." I said.

"Lexington. And you're Xanatos' new daughter." He walked in.

"I wish I wasn't." I sighed.

"You're lucky you met him now instead back in '94." Lex chuckled.

"'94?" I asked.

"He was much more villainous back then." He explained.

"Great, my new guardian is a villain." I took the guitar off and put it back.

"He was really bad. He-" Lex started to talk.

"There you are, Talia. Come on, let's go." Owen stood in the doorway.

"What, where?" I asked.

"To the dining room" He said.

"Why?" I said.

"Mister Xanatos wants to see you." He explained.

"Fine." I followed him.

"Bye!" Lex called after us.

He led to my room and David was there with Fox and Alex. "Thank you, Owen."

"So, what's this about?" I looked at them.

"Tomorrow, we're going on a family outing." David announced.

"… This is because I tried to die on your property, isn't it?" I sighed.

"Talia, you're a part of this family." He said.

"Last time I checked, I wasn't." I glared at him.

"It's been weeks since you left the hospital." He smirked.

"But it takes…" I frowned.

"Longer? For normal people, yes. For me? No." David had a satisfied look on his face.

"… Fuck you." I growled.

"Try not to say that in public." He said dismissively.

"I hope you catch fire in Hell." I crossed my arms.

"Talia." Fox warned.

"Whatever." I snorted.

Alex laughed. "You're still mad about being adopted, aren't you, Tai?"

Before I could think, I stormed up to him. "Look, rich boy, I don't belong here. This is your home. I don't remember why I was taken from my home, but I have a home."

"Talia, you know the bank took your old home." David said.

"It was mine! I was alive!" I shouted.

"You were missing." He stated.

"I was alive." I went silent.

"C'mere, Tai." Alex pulled me into a hug.

"No, let me go. Did you dump an entire thing of Axe onto yourself?" I demanded, struggling to get out.

"I did not, little princess." He said while still holding me.

"I'm 5 feet tall! You Xanatoses are giants. And stop calling me princess." I tried to glare at him.

"I know it doesn't feel like home yet, but you have to let go of the past." Alex said.

"Let go!" I repeated.

"Say please." He said.

"Please let me go." I sighed.

"That wasn't so hard, was it, Tai?" He pulled back.

"You're still touching me." I motioned to his hand on my shoulder.

"And?" He asked.

"David, your son's being a jerk." I looked at the old billionaire.

"He's your brother, Talia." The brunette told me with a smirk.

"Trying to get Dad to scold me? It's going to a lot more than that, kiddo." He took his hand off my shoulder and as I moved, he picked me up.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I cried.

"You're so tiny." He cooed. "You really are a little princess."

"I'm not tiny!" I growled.

Talia's POV End

Owen's POV

"They're getting along well." Fox said to her husband.

"Alex is smart to get her frustrations directed onto him so she won't focus on the past, but that won't work forever." Xanatos noted. "Owen?"

"Yes, sir?" I asked.

"Did your research go well?" He asked.

"Yes, sir, the files are on your desk." I answered.

"Excellent." He smiled.

Alex was still holding Talia. She had her sliver tiara on, or more accurately Alex had put it on her, and was loudly complaining that she wasn't a princess. He ignored her and looked at his parents.

"Don't you think Talia's tiara looks good on her?" He asked.

"Sliver is a good color with her hair." Fox smiled.

"Much better than gold." Xanatos agreed. "Wouldn't you agree, Owen?"

"She looks lovely, sir." I told him.

Talia took a breath and settled down for the time being. "Hey, David, why did you adopt me?"

"Because it was in our best interest." He said.

"Our as in your family?" I asked.

"And yours." He said.

"Hmm." I hummed. "You want something from me."

"Not exactly. How did you get into the castle unnoticed?" He smiled.

"I…" She paused and tried to figure it out. "Dumb luck?"

"I don't believe it was dumb luck, Talia." He said with a glimmer in his eyes.

"You adopted me because I snuck into the castle?!" She was getting worked up again. "What kind of fool does that? And you put me down!" She hissed at Alex.

"Owen, take her to her room. She's clearly been up too long." He handed her to me.

"Yes, Alexander." I put her down after we got in the hall and led her to her room.

"Owen?" She tested the weight of my name.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I don't belong here." She said.

"I understand you're overwhelmed by everything." I replied.

"The clan sleeps during the day, right?" She asked.

"Yes, but Coldstone and Coldfire are awake during the day. The cyborg and android gargoyles." I answered.

"Cy- Cyb- Nevermind." She frowned.

"You're not planning to jump again, are you?" I asked.

She glared at me confused. "I was just asking when they sleep, Jesus. Are you always so morbid?"

"You've attempted suicide before, Talia." I told her.

"… I chose the wrong building." She slammed the door in my face.

"I think you chose well, Talia." I said almost inaudibly and went back to my employer. He allowed me to go with Alex.

We went to his old room and I turned into Puck.

"Why didn't let me tell her about you?" He asked.

"She was already overwhelmed by what you did." I told him.

"I didn't mean to." He frowned. "Oh, yeah." He smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"She has magic. It's really faint, but maybe we could coax it out." Alex said.

"Could you tell whose it was?" I asked.

"Um… It was… Yours." He thought.

Puck's POV End