A/N: Before I start I just wanted to say that I really don't have much experience with writing anything outside of Naruto... Lol and I've only read up to the fourth book (still making my way through the series), but I do read Harry Potter fanfiction and I adore this pairing so very very much. The only thing is... I don't know if details would be as accurate as it should be and I wouldn't want it to ruin the fun of reading my very first fanfic of this fandom and pairing.

Also, I don't mean to sound... well, haughty. Lol, but I felt like no one really grasped the character of the people they wrote about. I'm reading through the series and sometimes when I go back to reading fanfiction, it bothers me because writers input things that the character probably wouldn't do. That's probably just me. If it were its own character I'd have no complaints about any of the stories here but my only issue is that it's hard to find any stories that truly capture the mystery that Tom Riddle is.

So I decided to try it myself. Critiques are always welcome :) First chapter (prologue) will be really short. I just want to try a small sample and see how well you would receive a glimpse of his character. Later chapters, I pray, will be much longer. Hope you enjoy.


Tom Marvolo Riddle always considered himself an extremely likable fellow.

He'd made the outstanding achievement of being Head Boy, his marks were top notch, and all who looked to him would say that he was helpful, handsome, and an all around wonderful boy. And despite the one oddball of a teacher who saw past this facade much more easily than he was comfortable with, he had worked very hard to weave this image of perfection to life.

Because who could deny the longing to be in the presence of something such as perfection; who could possibly deny that it was much easier to take things at face value - to believe that he was this example of faultlessness - than to acknowledge the threat he could pose if anybody realized that he was not all he seemed.

Despite the praises of both teachers and students alike, however, he made sure to remind himself everyday of one very simple thing.

Tom Marvolo Riddle was not perfect.

He was manipulative.

He was observant.

He was patient and cunning and ambitious.

He was not, however, delusional to think he was without fault.

Tom expertly hid a grimace as he walked down the halls of Hogwarts, flashing a dashing smile to a passing teacher who nodded approvingly in return.

He had flaws, like any human. Which was exactly why he'd use his ambition to become something that wasn't. He'd be all powerful one day, the most powerful sorcerer in the world. So much so that his name would be known throughout the wizarding world yet the fear of his person would restrict all from speaking it.

Not the name Tom. Not the name he inherited from his filthy muggle father. No... the name Tom Marvolo Riddle was unworthy.

He'd emerge, instead, as someone new. As Lord Voldemort. And nobody would stop him.

Who would when all they saw was a simpering puppy that played the expectations they had of him to a tee?

He entered his Transfiguration class with plenty of time to spare, perfectly aware of the fleeting, careful gaze of the annoyingly perceptive Professor Dumbledore. As he sat at his desk and waited, he entertained himself with simple thoughts of the future and the hopes he threw into it. He couldn't possibly fail. It was impossible to fathom. He was too careful, he was too deliberate. He glanced at Dumbledore and flashed him a perfectly dazzling smile when he caught his eye. The professor gave a small nod in return before returning to surveying the influx of students that were steadily streaming in.

For a moment, Tom let his smile drop. He refused to fail in his ambitions. Especially not because of the suspicions of an old coot who simply refused to fall for his charming facade.