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In this story, Hades is the One true God of Death.

All other personifications in religions are underlings.

Chapter 1

In the dimming light a young girl and boy, sit in silence on a park bench facing a water fountain, it was the end of a fantastic day thought the boy, his first date with a beautiful girl who asked him out. A trip to the mall, a token gift, some food together and a stroll through the park at dusk, the only thing to make this perfect would be a kiss.

As the park lights came on the girl started to look around as looking for something or someone. Not seeing anything or anyone she turned to the boy, "Hey Issei could you do something for me" she asked sweetly.

Getting his hopes up for the all expected kiss he replied enthusiastically "Anything Yuuma, anything at all".

Turning towards him and opening her arms she leaned in towards Issei and whispered in his ear sweetly "Could you die for me". With that she summoned a large spear of light and thrust it through the side of his body, almost bisecting him.

Seeing Yuuma open her arms and lean in towards him Issei thought all his dreams had finally come true, but he was shocked at Yuuma's statement. 'What?' he must have misheard what she said, 'Could he die for her?, was that right?'. He felt a brief pain in his side, almost like a sting but stronger. Looking down at the area in question, he was shocked to see light shining from Yuuma's hand going in one side of his body and out the other. Looking back up at the beautiful girl in front of him he stuttered "Wh wh what's going on?".

Letting her light spear dissolve Yuuma stood up. Hearing Issei's stuttering she let her disguise go. Turning from a young school girl into a voluptuous woman, wearing very little, almost like an S&M outfit, the other major difference was the two large black wings protruding from her back. "Sorry kid" she said looking into his eyes, "But you're too dangerous to stay alive". Seeing a questioning look in Issei's eyes she continued "If you want to blame someone, blame God for creating sacred gears. That's why we were on a date, I was checking which one you had, It's just bad luck that you had the Heavenly Dragon, if it was something else, I would have let you live".

Watching the light drain from his eyes, Yuuma looked around 'Thank God for that' she thought, spears of light worked well in assassinations, cauterising wounds as they were made meant there was hardly anything to clean up afterwards. Bending down she picked up the dead boy, and moved to the bushes. Hiding him under a large shrub she bent down and gave him a light kiss on the lips and brushed his eyes closed. "I'm so sorry". With that she took to the skies and flew off.

Sitting on a tree branch unseen to all was a small girl, wearing a cloak and a skull mask. She sighed and looked down at her watch, which displayed 18:55:00 'Poor kid,...and the clock starts now' she thought. 'Five minutes to go'.


Sitting at her desk Rias Gremory, chewed on her thumbnail nervously. 'What's taking so long' She thought. Looking over at her familiar sitting on a perch, a bat of all things, she questioned "Are you sure he took a summoning flyer?"

The bat looked at it master and nodded its head yes.

Turning in the opposite direction she looked at her best friend Akeno Himejima "We don't have any one tailing Issei tonight do we?".

Looking worried Akeno answered "No, once he received the summoning paper, we stopped tailing him thinking that would be enough. We can't do anything tonight. We have to hope that everything went ok and he'll be at school tomorrow".

Sitting there thinking about her friends answer, Rias couldn't help but feel something was terribly wrong.


Sitting in the tree the young girl kept looking at her watch. Glowing in the twilight it read 18:56:00. 'Come on four minutes to go' she thought impatiently 'Stupid treaty. I hate waiting around to do my job'. Standing up on the tree branch she removed her scythe from its holder on her back, looking at her watch again it read 18:56:20. "Aww come on" she muttered "now you're just messing with me. Come on" she wailed softly "the new episode of Miracle Levia-tan is on tonight, I don't want to miss seeing if Levia-tan escapes the clutches of the evil dragon, I'll have to wait six months for the repeat to come on, if I miss tonight's episode".

Tapping her foot on the tree branch she looked at her watch again, it read 18:56:25, "OK that's enough I'm done". With that declaration, she jumped down from the tree branch with little effort and made her way over to where Issei was lying. As she approached his body she felt a faint trace of Devil magic, humming to herself thoughtfully she checked his clothes, and found the summoning flyer in his pants pocket. Wondering what to do now, seeing that there was an interest from a devil in the boy, she decided that he was unable to use the flyer and decided to reap his soul anyway. Moving his body out from the bushes, She charged her magic through the scythe, placing the tip of the blade on his chest. Alarmed at the amount of magic being used to reap the boy's soul, she felt the invisibility cloak surrounding her drop. Finally she felt the boy's soul leave his body and head to the realm of Hades to be reincarnated.

Looking down at her watch again it read 18:56:50. Grinning she thought 'Plenty of time to get home to watch T.V'. Seeing how she still had a hold of the flyer she threw it down beside Issei's dead body. As she was about to leave she heard a blood chilling scream behind her. Spinning around she saw a woman staring right at her, standing over Issei's body with the scythe in her hand. 'Oh crap' she thought and with that opened a portal to home, not caring about what was seen.

She would remember this night, with frustration and fondness, for the rest of her life.


Sitting at her desk Rias felt a twinge of magic through one of her summoning flyers. Not a call just the flyer reacting to foreign magic. Frowning slightly at the feel of the magic she wondered what it was.

Seeing Rias frown Akeno asked "Is everything alright Rias?".

"I'm not sure Akeno, one of my flyers reacted to some foreign magic for a split second, but now there is nothing. It was unlike anything I've felt before". Looking at the clock on the wall she noticed that it was 18:56, well it looks like Issei won't be calling tonight, let's call it a night and we'll see what happens tomorrow. With that she stood up and the two of them walked out of the room.


Back in the park the woman who screamed reached for her mobile. Dialling 119, upon answering she informed the police what she had seen. The operator thinking it was a prank call, especially being told that possible suspect disappeared into thin air, told the woman that they would send someone out in due course.

The woman's screams had drawn more people to her location. With more people ringing 119 they decided to send more officers to the park straight away. One person drawn in by the commotion, was a young teenaged female devil with white hair by the name of Momo Hanakai, who was heading home. Trying to see what the fuss was about she moved to the front of the crowd. Looking down she saw the body of a boy wearing a male version of the Kuoh Academy uniform, with a large hole in his side and no blood. Becoming suspicious of the wound she focused on his face. Recognising him, she gasped shocked "Hyoudou Issei!".

Hearing her one of the people standing there turned to her and asked "Do you know this boy? If so, could you wait for the police to arrive so they can notify his parents".

Not wanting to get involved but seeing no other option she replied "Yes, yes of course".

When the police finally arrived they gathered up the witness and questioned everyone there about what happened. One of the bystanders pointed out Momo and told the officers the she knew the boy. Moving over to Momo the officer questioned "Excuse me miss, but I understand that you know the unfortunate young man.

"I don't know him personally, but he is in the same year level as I am in school". Momo replied.

Writing in his note book the officer asked "Could you please step over to the car so we can get a statement thanks. Just so we can try and keep this private until we notify his family".

Nodding in agreement Momo moved over to the police car just in time to hear the end of the woman who witnessed what happened give the end of her statement.

"I'm positive officer, the person was small about five foot tall wearing a white cloak, they had a skull mask on with what seemed purple hair sticking out from under the hood, and they were carrying a scythe, you know like a Grim Reaper".

The officer hummed writing everything down "Right, right, Like a Grim Reaper, and this person disappeared into thin air when you screamed, is that correct?"

Moving on to the other end of the police car Momo took note of what the woman was saying 'A Grim Reaper' she thought, 'what was one of Hades operatives doing being so obvious, I'll have to let Kaichou know'. Hearing the officer cough she brought her thoughts back to the present.

"So for the record could you please tell me your name, address" the officer questioned opening his note book and beginning to write.

"My name is Hanakai Momo, I live at 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Kuoh".

"And how do you know the deceased?"

"We are in the same year level at school. We don't have classes together but Hyoudou Issei, was a well known student at school".

"And what school was that?"

"Kuoh Academy".

"Do you know where Hyoudou-san lived?"

"Sorry officer no I don't, but the faculty at Kouh tends to be there quite late. It is possible that there are some staff members still there".

"Thank you Hanakai-san, that will be all. Once again, can you please keep this to yourself until we let Hyoudou-san's family know". Said the officer closing his note book.

Feeling relieved that she could leave Momo replied "Certainly officer." with that she left the scene and headed home. Making a note to speak to Sona about a Reaper working in their area, Not realising till the next day, that Issei was a very important person to Sona and Rias.


Arriving at school the next day Momo found the place abuzz, students were murmuring about what they had seen on the news that morning. Matsuda and Motohama were hugging each other by the gate and crying. 'Well it's the perverted duo now' she thought. Making her way to the student council offices she saw her superior, and President of the student council, Sona Sitri sitting at her desk, with her Vice President Tsubaki Shinra standing beside her. Also sitting at the desk was Rias Gremory, with Akeno Himejima standing beside her. Both of the former were looking quite glum.

Walking up to the desk she greeted everybody. "Good morning Kaichou, Fukukaichou, Gremory-san, Himejima-san".

Everyone looking up at being addressed replied with greetings of their own.

"Momo did you hear the news about Hyoudou Issei, on the news this morning?" asked Sona.

"Yes Kaichou, I was involved with the unfortunate business last night".

"What do you mean 'involved last night'". Iterated a frustrated Sona, "What can you tell us about what happened?"

"Well I had finished my patrol early, so I took a shortcut through the park on my way home. That's when I heard a commotion over by the water fountain. Making my way through the crowd, I saw Hyoudou Issei lying on the ground dead with a large hole through his side".

"Go on" said Sona.

"Well I uttered his name after I recognised him and someone heard me, they asked if I could wait for the police to come. When they arrived, I gave them a statement about how I knew him and then left when they were done. I was going to tell you about this when you were finished with Gremory-san".

Sona sat there with a worried look on her face, she was about to question Momo some more when Rias interjected.

"You said he had a hole in his side Momo?"

"Yes. From what Kaichou had described to us it looked like an Angel light spear attack".

Rias sat back in her seat with a sigh "So the Fallen did kill him after all".

Continuing on Momo added "That's not all, it seems a Reaper was spotted at the scene as well".

"A Reaper! Well that explains the story on the news about some sort of serial killer". Stated Tsubaki

"It also explains the strange magic, I felt from one of my summoning flyers, I got last night. What time did this happen Momo". Asked Rias.

"It was about quarter past seven last night".

"Yes, it all fits now" stated Rias. Looking at Sona she explained "Through my familiar, I gave Issei a summoning flyer for myself, just in case anything happened with Yuuma. Once he had received it I removed Konoko from tailing him. It seems Yuuma killed Issei and he did not get the chance to use it or it was removed from him by the Reaper before he could".

"But why the big interest in Issei? He was just a hopeless pervert" questioned Momo.

"Because Issei held a Sacred Gear. Quite possibly the Heavenly Dragon. One of the thirteen Longinus gears". Replied Sona. "Rias was hoping to get him to join her peerage".

"Oh, I see. But why do you think that the Reaper removed the flyer from Issei before he could use it" questioned Momo.

"Because of the strange magic I felt from the summons. It felt unlike anything I have felt before. I have met Angels, and Fallen Angels through my brother, but never a Reaper, and Reaper magic feels quite strange I've been told" explained Rias.

"So that leaves the question, did the Reaper break the five minute treaty we have or not?" asked Sona.

"Well that is unknown at the moment. But it wouldn't surprise me at all. It feels too coincidental at the moment". Looking at Sona, Rias continued with a knowing smirk "Is there anyway we can find out?"

Giving Rias a deadpan look she replied "You know there is, but are you sure you want to owe me two favours?"

Grimacing Rias replied holding up her hands "I know, I know, but I have to know if they broke the treaty they have with us".

"The things I do for friendship" Sona sighed removing her glasses and rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I am dreading having to get in contact with my sister. I won't be doing that till tonight, I refuse to ruin my day by speaking to her so early. As for the other favour, I know that you haven't spent much time looking around at other classmates, having your eyes set firmly on Issei. There is a second year student by the name of Genshirou Saji, It seems that he has a Sacred Gear as well. Not as strong as Issei's was, but nonetheless it feels like a dragon type. I had decided to approach him to join my peerage but your needs are much more important at the moment. Plus it will be nice to have you owing me two favours".

Smiling in appreciation Rias stood and bowed to her friend. "Thank you Sona. You are a true friend".

Waving her hand at her friend tiredly she replied "Yes, yes, just remember that when I cash in, especially after having to deal with my sister".

Bowing deeply once again Rias and Akeno turned and left the room.

Once they had left the room, Tsubaki turned to her master and asked "Why did you do that?"

"Rias is engaged to Riser Phoenix, a man that she hates with a passion. Can't say that I blame her, the man is truly a despicable person. Her would treat her as a bed warmer at best, at worst, well you have a vivid imagination. Unlike how I got out of my arranged marriage, she plans to fight him in a rating game to win her freedom. She needs a strong peerage, and if Hyoudou had the Heavenly Dragon, which with his death it appeared so, he would have made a strong member".

Tsubaki stood there thinking about the information she received, after a few moments to digest what she had been told she added "But he was an unrepentant pervert, would he have been worth the trouble. Anyway why did you point her towards Genshirou?"

"Tsubaki, sometimes you have to look at the big picture." Raising her hand she began to tick points off with her fingers. "One, I hate Riser as much as she does. Two, Rias will owe me two favours. I can't explain how much that is worth to me, as an heiress. Three, I'm thinking long term here but an alliance between us is on the cards. Four, she's my friend. Five, did I mention how much I hater Riser? Being able to stick it to him is worth more than anything."

"I see Kaichou" said Tsubaki thoughtfully, "but still you have had your eye on Genshirou for quite some time now, is it worth it to pass him over?"

"Tsubaki, Genshirou is just like Issei, he is an unmitigated pervert. But he hides his true colours better than Issei did. I discovered this during my time studying him. He would be better off under Rias than in my peerage".

Tsubaki just stared at her master upon hearing about Saji.

Sona sighed, "Tsubaki it is a well known fact in the underworld that the Gremory family is very affectionate towards their peerages. What goes unsaid is that they are just as perverted as Issei was. They just hide it better. Some of the stories that my sister tells me about the Maou Lucifer, are better off left unsaid".

Standing there listening to her Kaichou and Fukukaichou talk Momo sighed wistfully. "So Genshirou was perverted, Ruruko will be disappointed".

Sona and Tsubaki both turned to look at the white haired girl in amazement.

Momo recovering from her daydream, Saw Sona and Tsubaki both looking at her strangely. Realising what she had said, she blushed bright red and bowed to them both, stuttering out "I...I… I must be going, there are things I have to attend to". With that she raced off in a cloud of dust.

Sona and Tsubaki watched the white haired girl run off. They then looked at each other, Tsubaki commented "I wonder if some girls here are worse than the perverted duo. They just seem to hide it better. What do you think Kaichou?"

"I think I'll be having a word to the cleaners about the amount of dust in here. If she could raise a cloud like that, they are not obviously doing their job properly". Deliberately leaving the perversion question unanswered.


Issei had decided that this was the worst day of his short life. First his date had asked him to die. Was dating him that bad? He had held himself in check for the entire date, nothing perverted, nothing untoward, just a nice day with a beautiful girl. He could still feel her hot breath in his ears 'Could you die for me?' how could such a sweet voice say such words. The last thing he remembered was her changing from the sweet girl to a voluptuous woman with large breasts. Why couldn't she have boobs like that when she was Yuuma? They were the best he had seen.

The next thing he knew he was standing in a completely white space. No furniture, trees, no nothing. "So this what they mean on those Television shows about not going towards the light. There's nothing here". Looking around and seeing nothing he asked aloud "Now what?" Having looked around he was startled when he heard a large deep growl behind him. Spinning around and jumping back he was shocked when he saw a large red dragon standing tall and proud.

"Where the hell did you come from, You nearly gave me a heart attack". Shouted Issei.

Continuing to growl the dragon lowered its head slowly toward Issei. "So this is what my container looks like. Hmmm, looks like I lucked out this time. Such a puny specimen. As for giving you a heart attack boy that would be quite hard, seeing as you are already quite dead!".

"What do you mean by dead. I'm standing right here aren't I. Anyway who the hell are you".

Rearing back up to his full height the dragon roared and thundered out "Know your place boy, My name is Ddraig, The Red Dragon Emperor. One of the strongest dragons known".

Issei being thoroughly cowed by Ddraig weakly stuttered out "Why are you here?"

Looking down on the quivering boy in front of him Ddraig snorted "Because boy my soul was attached to yours through a device called a Sacred Gear. These Sacred Gears were created by God to seal away strong beings or items. By sealing them God enabled lesser beings, such as humans, to be able to use them at their full potential under certain conditions".

Issei thought about that for a moment and started to drool. "So there is a Sacred Gear out there that enables men to grope a woman's breast without retaliation?"

Staring at his soon to be former host Ddraig sweat dropped "Did your parents drop you on your head a few times as a child boy. I said, Sacred Gears seal away powerful beings and items".

Gathering his courage Issei stood up to his full height and shouted "There is nothing more important than a woman's breast. Any way you called it a Sacred Gear. Fondling a woman's breast is a sacred right and a gear could be the thing that helps you like a tool. So a Sacred Gear that lets you fondle breasts could be possible". Wandering off into his own little dream world about a non-existent Sacred Gear Issei started to mutter about the firmness and texture of something he had never done.

Thanking his lucky stars about not having to stick around with this host for too much longer. Ddraig vowed that if he managed to get away from this idiot, he would somehow manage to do that very nice fallen angel a great favour. Bringing his thoughts back to the present he snorted again. "Stupid boy, talking about something you'll never do".

Pausing in his fantasies, Issei questioned "What do you mean, never do?"

Letting out a throaty laugh Ddraig continued "That's because you're dead kid, that nice young girl was a Fallen Angel Assassin. You just happened to be her current target.".

Alarmed at what the giant dragon was saying Issei began to check his body for injuries. Not finding anything he looked back up at Ddraig "I don't know what you're smoking but can I have some?" he said dubiously. "I don't see any injuries so how do you know I'm dead?"

"Remember that stinging sensation you felt? That was when I woke up. Up until then thankfully, I had been asleep inside the Sacred Gear. That stinging sensation was the Fallen stabbing you with a light spear, which I assure you killed you outright".

Taking in what Ddraig said Issei fell to his knees and wept. "So what happens now?" he asked.

"Well after you died, my consciousness remained awake, A nice young Grim Reaper came and sent your soul to be judged and eventually reincarnated. So what will happen from here is that we will go our separate ways. You to be reincarnated eventually, and I'm off to a new host".

Kneeling there sobbing Issei lamented that he would never get the chance to fondle a female breast, let alone go all the way, and that his short life had been a waste. After a few minutes of self pity, he looked around, not seeing anything he asked Ddraig "So where are we?"

"I know where we are at the moment. But where you are physically?, I have no Idea. Normally my hosts get sent straight to Hell and we part ways, seeing how they usually have lead poor lives".

His lamentations momentarily forgotten Issei asked "What do you mean 'poor lives?'"

"Not that it matters to you boy, but the majority of my hosts end up as Battle Maniacs. They love nothing more that a good fight, because they have Dragons sealed inside of them, Dragons like nothing more than a good fight. For my host, that usually happens against the host of my rival, the Vanishing Dragon 'Albion'. But even if we never meet, Our two hosts usually end up fighting whoever and whomever they can".

Intrigued Issei continued with his questions about the life he could have led "So how does that lead to a poor life?. Fighting isn't that bad", he added naively.

"Death matches boy. Fights to the death. Of course that doesn't go down too well with the various Gods and greater beings of course". Grinned Ddraig sadistically about his containers innocence.

Stunned Issei countered "Killing people! Your hosts spent their time with you killing people". Thinking of the possible implications, and not thinking, he continued "You made your host's go around killing people!"

"I did not make them do anything boy", roared Ddraig angrily "I merely gave them strength, They did what they wanted to do. I could have whispered sweet nothings through their consciousness, but I choose not to. EVERY host has a choice. The bulk of them chose poorly".

Cowering in front of the enraged dragon Issei tried to calm the situation down, "Ok, ok it's not your fault. Anyway I'm a lover not a fighter. I'd rather spend my time admiring girls rather than beating on men".

Snorting at this statement Ddraig added "Yes, yes you're a lover of your right hand, and the only thing you've been beating is your penis I imagine. Thank God I've been asleep. I hate to think how much beating your hands have done. Considering your Sacred Gear is attached to your hand and arm".

Without thinking Issei added "Hey! That Dojinshi of Milky Levia-tan was time well spent. As a matter of fact I spent time with Levia-tan last night". Thinking about what he did last night, he Grinned lecherously, and added in a dreamlike voice "oh Levia-tan, can you milk my sceptre for me".

Roaring with laughter Ddraig added "I just happen to know who Levia-tan is, I'll have to mention this when I see her again. I hope for your sake, you don't run across her boy. I doubt there will be much left once she hears about this".

As he continued to laugh, the scenery around them began to change, "What's happening" asked Issei alarmed at the change.

"I am a sealed Dragon you idiot. Do you think I am outside of your body? You are being woken up, I suggest you be alert and on your best behaviour. Hades doesn't suffer fools or Idiots".

With that final piece of advice Issei began to wake. The first thing he felt was his body being buffeted by large winds, he could hear above the noise of the wind a mass of people moaning and he thought he heard or felt someone calling his name. He thought to himself 'Where in Gods name am I now?'

131176 (Earlier)

Arriving home, the young girl threw her scythe into a cupboard beside the door. Looking at her watch it read 18:59:30, running to the lounge she sat down and turned on the T.V. Thanking her lucky stars, that she wouldn't have to sit through the ads that the devils continuously run, talking about how well life is, as a reincarnated Devil. 'At least I made it in time' she thought 'I won't have to wait for the repeat' settling down she spent the next hour engrossed in the world of Levia-tan.

Once her show had finished she stood up to get something for dinner when the phone rang. Looking at the offending device in disgust 'Can't they give me five minutes' she thought. Picking up the handset she answered rudely "What!". Listening to the voice on the other end for a few moment she cut in "But I'm about to have something to eat!", getting cut off by the caller, she listened for a bit longer hearing a pause she added "Father!, what does he want to see me for?" making a talking gesture with her hand, she sighed and added "Ok I'll be right there". Hanging up the phone she looked forlornly at her kitchen. Sighing she turned around turned off the T.V, gathered her scythe and headed back out the door.

Arriving at the office of her father, she reached out to knock on the door. Pausing when she heard voices arguing inside. Looking at the desk she noticed that her father's secretary was out, so she leaned in to listen in on what was happening inside.


Pacing back and forth behind his desk, Orcus the Latin representative of Death was not having a good day. "Dammit Pluto, you know that if Hades keeps going down this path it's going to lead towards war" he shouted.

Pluto, the Greek representative just smiled in response. "Yes, yes it will, and it's time that these upstarts were put in their place. We have kowtowed to the Christian faction for far too long. It's time we regained our rightful place as masters of death. Now that this upstart group has discovered 'Samael's' location we can have our revenge for everything that the betrayer has caused'.

Orcus sat back down at his desk and sighed wearily "We have been over this a million times Pluto, Samael may have betrayed us by informing Lucifer in what we were doing. But it was us that cast the first stone. Never forget that'.

Pluto merely shrugged his shoulders at Orcus' statement, "Bah, if they want to play with the big boy's, then play by the big boy's rules. Failing that, don't cry over spilt milk'. With that he turned and proceeded to leave the room. Looking back over his shoulder at his long time friend. "The game's afoot Orcus, You might want to remember where your loyalty stands".


Listening to the conversation inside the office Bennia heard Pluto's voice getting louder. Fearing being caught she dived under the Secretary's desk to avoid detection. Hearing the door open then close, She waited for a few minutes before climbing out. Putting the conversation to one side for a moment she knocked on the door and entered when acknowledged.

Hearing the knock at the door Orcus called out "Enter". Seeing his daughter stride in and stand before him, soured his mood even further. "Bennia" he greeted. "Do you have any idea, why I've I called you here today?"

Standing in front of her father's desk Bennia could guess, but decided to wait for the facts. "No father" she replied "I can't imagine what I have been called for".

"Don't play stupid daughter, I know what you did today. You know what you did today, Even Hades by now knows, what you did today. Why in hell's name did you disregard the five minute rule on reaping that boy's soul today".

"It was only three minutes" she argued, "the kid was quite dead you know, having your insides melted away tends to do that. There was no way that he would have been able to do anything. Let alone summon a devil to help him".

"That's irrelevant Bennia, and you know it. You violated the five minute treaty. Irrespective how dead he was. That treaty is in place not only for Humans to summon Devils, but for Devils that have an interest in Humans".

Nodding her head in agreement, seeing how angry her father was "Yeah, I sort of forgot about that in my rush….." she tailed off.

Hearing his daughter's statement "Yes go on, in your rush for what exactly?" thinking about the date and time for a moment his anger rose even higher and his face purpled "You mean to tell me we are in this mess due to that rubbish you watch on T.V.!" he shouted.

"But dad!" she wailed "I shouldn't have even been there, it was my day off."

"But dad nothing!" he continued to shout. "Do you realise what you have done? Of course you must, you were there. But seeing how you don't, Let me explain it for you. After you left that piss poor job of reaping. The police got involved, questions were asked names were taken. From our agents, we have learned that there was a devil summing pentagram located near the boy's body. A devil was on-site to supply a name to the Police, on who he was, a devil from the House of Sitri who just happens to be the heir. Who's sister happens to be the Maou in charge of foreign relations, who can gain access to the records, of the time of death and time of his soul being collected. Do you understand how much trouble you are in?".

Hanging her head in shame she asked meekly "What will happen now?"

Calming down Orcus took pity on his daughter "Now everything depends on what Hades wants. Understand this daughter there are things going on, that even I am not aware of. Hades is playing a game as usual, and we are all pieces in his twisted play. You doing this could not have happened at a worse time. This will give him leverage over me, even if you are punished, The political gain he gets out of this is too good to pass up".

"Will anything happen to you?" she asked.

"Have no fear daughter, Political leverage is everything these days. Hades himself can't touch me without repercussions. But enough of this, we have to go and meet with him shortly. Your punishment will be decided then."


Sitting on his throne the God of the dead Hades, thought about what to do with the report he had received. Apparently one of his Reapers had been spotted in the human world. That didn't trouble him too much, the usual story about a serial killer was a tried and trusted ruse, one that could never be disproved. No the problem was with the time of death and time of reaping in this case. Seeing how his reaper hadn't waited the full five minutes, this will become an issue with the Devil faction, and the treaty they established about reincarnating people as mercenaries. 'Stupid bats will get what's coming' he thought. All his reapers knew they had to wait five minutes, so why did this one break the rules?

Thinking about all the different plans and overtures being made, Hades heard the door to the throne room open, looking up from the report in his bony hand he saw his assistant enter. 'Ahhhh, Orcus and his daughter' he thought, 'this will be interesting, Let's see how I can make this work to my favour'.


Following her father into Hades throne room, Bennia couldn't help but feel nauseated. Hades aura always made her feel like that, apparently it had to do with her mother being a human rather than a reaper like her father. Stopping at the base of the Throne she and her father both bowed their heads and greeted their Lord.

"Orcus, I see that you have brought your daughter before me today. Is there any reason?" Hades enquired distastefully. Having a dislike for half breeds in general. But accepting the need for such abominations.

"My Lord, My daughter is the reaper who disobeyed the five minute treaty".

"I see" said Hades humming thoughtfully to himself. "This certainly presents a problem then, If it had've been any other human then then the punishment would have been six months in Cocytus. But it seems luck is on your side today young Bennia. The young man whose soul you reaped is the holder of the Red Dragon Emperor."

Sucking in a breath at the thought of Cocytus, Bennia thought 'No wonder the cloaking spell failed'.

"So Bennia, We need that boy to join us as a reaper. This is the first time that there has been an issue with the Red or White dragons reincarnation process. Up until now, I have had to let their souls pass straight through to the next host. But now there is a chance to get that power at our side."

'...and there it is' thought Bennia

"So rather than the six month stay in Cocytus Bennia, your punishment will be to get the boy to remain here as a reaper. By any means possible".

Speaking up for the first time Bennia asked fearfully "Any means possible?"

"Any means possible, Bennia" he reiterated, "I don't care if you have to whore yourself and others to him. Get that boy to stay here", Grinned Hades mercilessly.

Accepting the judgement handed down from her Lord, Bennia and her father bowed low and began to leave the Throne room. As they were about to leave Hades called out "Oh by the way, you better hurry, even though Minos has not judged him, I have placed him in the second circle."

Hearing that Bennia hurried from the Throne room, even though the second circle wasn't too bad as far as fate's go, the storms there were unbelievable, and the moaning could drive one insane in a short period of time. Teleporting her way to the second circle she stood in front of Minos. "Let me pass Minos, Hades has sent someone straight here without judgement".

Looking down on the young reaper, Minos bristled at her attitude, "Foolish girl, I know that. Hades sent him here to make it easier for you to gain his favour. A small taste of what could have been", pausing for a moment he added "it will make your job easier will it not?"

Thinking about what Hades had said, she dropped her shoulders in resignation and said quietly "Yes I suppose it will".

Taking pity on the young reaper before him Minos leaned down and spoke quietly to her. "Be careful young one. As you know I only care about judgement. Hades is playing a dangerous game. I know lots of things that are going on, Things that I won't speak of. Your own father is too far gone to help you. Keep your eyes open, look after yourself. Now go find the one you are looking for".

Looking at the ancient judge Bennia, puzzled over his words for a moment before setting off. As she passed the ancient judge she offered "Fair winds, Minos".

"Fair winds child, now go".

Bennia braced herself with a magic shield as she entered the second circle. Making her way inside she began to shout out with her voice and magic "Hyoudou Issei, Hyoudou Issei", over and over she called out, eventually a figure appeared before her. The young boy whose soul she reaped earlier. Seeing him, she held out her hand, "Come with me if you want to leave this place".



This came to mind whilst lying in hospital recovering from a snake bite.

Going through the DxD section, I noticed that there was not a lot of stories featuring Bennia or about Grim Reapers in general.

I think it makes it a bit easier working with a character that doesn't have a lot of of back story, it gives me more freedom to work.

I should have been working on The Bishop, which has an outline for chapter six, or Mistaken Identity which is in planning, but this would not leave me alone.

Most references come from Dante's Inferno.

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