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Obi Wan's POV

The night was filled with nightmares that by the early morning hours had him sitting in the living room. Xanatos was asleep in his room having already woken up twice by Obi Wan's distress.

His nightmares were getting worse than when he first returned to the temple. Something big was going to happen and soon. He could feel it.

His instincts were the one thing that never failed him. If he could trust anything it was them.

Fear coursed through him. There were few things in the galaxy that would bring such memories out. Obi-Wan hoped to the star that he was wrong.

The most likely adversary would be the Invids. With the STFW down and most of his pilots injured it would be a hard battle to protect the temple. Their best chance would be to put a distress signal out.

Problems would arise if they did that, however. The biggest being what if he was wrong? That would mean taking men from where they needed to be.

Doing nothing wasnt an option either. The last time he hesitated he lost almost his entire squadron. That was not something he would risk a second time.

Obi-Wan had to wonder if the last order he made before returning to the temple was complete. If it was even with the ship as damaged as it was they would have a chance. A chance to win.

Coruscant was rich in protoculture. It was needed to power both Veritech and Invid ships. Whether it was shadow pilots or regular pilots both needed the resource. In this day and age, it was becoming a lot harder to come by.

Veritech groups like the STFW had an agreement with the Senate. They could use the protoculture in Coruscant in return for protection. The Invids would not hesitate to enslave and attack the worlds rich in it. Without shadow pilots, they had no way of defending against them.

Rubbing a hand down his face he moved into the kitchen. As he was now he wouldn't be able to figure this out. He needed coffee to make his mind work.

As he was waiting for his coffee to make there was a movement in Xanatos's room. Obi-Wan grabbed a second cup for his master. He wasn't sure how the other took his coffee. For the boy, it was straight black something he had learned to drink in the war.

The coffee just finished when Xanatos stumbled out of his room. He was still wearing the tunic from before. Dark bags were under his eyes from lack of sleep.

Obi-Wan poured them both a cup before handing one to Xanatos. As he took a sip his master grimaced in disgust.

Xanatos declared, "You are not allowed to make me coffee again," he went into the cabinets and pulled out sugar.

Obi-Wan watched in disgust at the amount of sugar that was put in the coffee. He knew that his master must buy his own sugar. There was no way the council would allow him such a sweet tooth otherwise. Even as a child Obi-Wan wasnt allowed that much.

Xanatos rolled his eyes at the look and said, "Everyone has different drink tastes. Did you sleep at all?"


Xanatos sighed, "You need to sleep at some point. Avoiding it forever will not help you."

Obi-Wan looked at his coffee before he replied, "Memories like to make themselves know in way of dreams. What I could have done differently to save my friends. The dead haunt us for our failures Xanatos. I was not able to save my men once upon a time. That is not something I can allow a second time."

They were silent for a long time after that. Both contemplating the other's words. Obi-Wan wanted to trust his master with his secrets but he was afraid. Fear was against the Jedi way and he couldn't help it.

There were times fear kept him and his men alive. It kept them from performing certain stunts that may have gotten them killed. At the same time, one could not have courage without fear. Accepting and pushing past one's fears was what separated the warriors from the children.

Xanatos inquired his voice sounding as if he was far off, "Did you know I was almost expelled from the Order?"

Surprise filled his eyes as he shook his head. His master was almost expelled? On what grounds? It took a lot for the Council to go to such measures. One had to be on the very edge of light and dark.

Obi-Wan was living proof that they gave second chances. Even for those who believed they didnt deserve it.

Xanatos continued softly, "It was my trial to move from Padawan to Knight. The council sent my master and I were sent to my homeworld. I learned that my father was trying to rule the world. To be honest I barely knew the man but he was still my blood. I watched as my master killed him and was consumed by rage. I almost attacked the man who practically raised me. Leaving him behind unable to face the Master I went to think. After some time I was able to understand why the Council gave the order they did. Eventually, I made my way back to the Temple. I begged the Council for forgiveness. After a year's probation and seeing a mind healer several times a cycle I was granted the title, Jedi Knight. To this day however, I have not spoken to my master. We avoid each other as much as possible. So you might not think you deserve this second chance but remember. You never were on the edge of the Light and Darkside. Everyone deserves the second chance you just have to be willing to ask for it."

Obi-Wan wanted to say something, anything to get rid of sadness in the man's blue eyes. Words weren't enough. One could see false niceties all they wanted and it wouldn't mean anything. What did mean something was actions.

Obi-Wan opened his mouth to say something when his communicator let out a screeching alarm. Both Padawan and Master startled in surprise. Pulling his communicator from his belt he glanced at the screen before blanching. His instincts were right. They were under attack.