The Secret Scouts were in the park playing a round of football. As Ryan was about to throw a touchdown pass, his ring began to flash wildly.

"My ring…what's going on?" Ryan said.

"I think it's a distress signal from the Dinosaucers." Paul said.

"We have to go help them." Sara said.

The Secret Scouts jumped onto the hover vehicles and head towards the Lavadome. As they approached, they could see their friends in their Primal forms and being led into the Tyrannos' ship.

"Why are they in their Primal forms?" David said.

"Look, they have those collars around their necks." Paul said.

"They must be being controlled by the Tyrannos." Ryan said.

"Oh no." Sara said.

"How on earth could this have happened?" Paul said.

"I don't know but we should head into the Lavadome, there might be an answer there." Ryan said.

The Secret Scouts headed into the Lavadome, being stealthy enough to no be spotted by the Tyrannos. They entered the Communications room and saw a massive amount of data on the computer monitors. Paul sat down and began typing.

"You getting anything Paul?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing on what had happened here, but I see that Dimetro was working on a few things before the Tyrannos showed up." Paul said as he continued to type.

"What are they?" David asked.

"Well it seems he was first working on their tech and seems to have been doing a scan on the processor that changed them into their Primal forms."

"Could that have anything to do what had happened here?" Sara asked.

"I doubt it. But here look at his. Their satellite feed shows something in South America. Something that has the same energy signature as the Dinosaucers themselves." Paul said pointing at the screen.

"Maybe it can help us save them." Sara said.

"Well I guess there's no harm taking a look. Come on guys." Ryan said.

The Secret Scouts then returned to their hover vehicles. As the Tyrannos began to board their ship, Ankylo noticed the Secret Scouts.

"It's the Secret Scouts!" he exclaimed.

Genghis Rex saw the humans and snarled.

"Follow them, you moron!" he yelled to get Ankylo moving.

Ankylo jumped into the cockpit and started up the ship. He put on the thrusters and rocketed towards the Secret Scouts. David peered behind him and saw the Tyrannos ship.

"Don't look know guys, but the Tyranno dweebs are right behind us." he said.

"We got to make it before they get us, punch it!" Ryan said pushing a button to increase the hover boosters speed.

The others did the same and streamed across the sky. After some time, the GPS on Paul's console indicated they were near the energy signature.

"Hey, we're really close." Paul said.

"Alright guys, let's find this thing." Ryan said as he began to descend to the ground.

The others followed and upon reach the ground, a large cave sat before them.

"My GPS is saying whatever it is its inside that cave." Paul said.

"Alright you two stay out here and distract them, Sara and I will go see what's in here." Ryan said.

Paul and David nodded and prepared to stand their ground. As Ryan and Sara entered the cave, the Tyrannos' ship landed nearby.

"You ready for this Paul?" David asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Paul responded.

Genghis Rex and the other Tyrannos filed out of the ship.

"What are you mammals up to?" Genghis Rex said.

"Oh nothing just hanging out in South America." Paul said.

"Don't pay stupid with me, we saw your friends run into that cave."

"Alright you got us, but we're nothing letting you go through that cave. Secret Scout ring power up!" David said as he raised his hand into the air.

"Secret Scout ring power up!" Paul repeated.

Their rings began to glow and the power of the rings flowed into them. David's strength increased dramatically and Paul's speed made him move like the wind. David reached into the ground and ripped a piece of the earth out and raised it above his head.

"Take this you prehistoric numbskulls!" David as he then launched the piece of earth towards the Tyrannos.

The dirtball slammed into Genghis Rex, covering in dirt.

"Kill…those…MAMMALS!" Genghis Rex yelled.

The Tyrannos charged the two young humans as they responded accordingly. As the two of them fended off the Tyrannos, Ryan and Sara searched the cave for what the computer at the Lavadome said was down there. The twins continued until a large mass stopped them from going any further.

"What is this?" Ryan said feeling around.

The mass felt cold and smooth and was soft in some areas.

"I can't tell what this is."

"Use your Scouter ring." Sara said.

"Oh yeah." Ryan said as he held his hand out in front of him.

A light came forth from the ring and illuminated the inside of the cave. As Ryan scanned the now visible mass, his eyes widened.

"It that a Dinosaucer?" Sara asked.

Ryan saw the Tyrannos insignia on its suit and shook his head.

"No, it's a Tyranno."

"Maybe we should leave now."

"I think you're right, let's go and help the others."

As the two started to leave the cave, Sara lost her footing and slammed into the unconscious Tyranno.

"Are you okay?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah." Sara said as she stood up.

The body of the unconscious Tyranno began to move. It started to get up as if it had been asleep for a long time. As it fully stood up, it stared at the brother and sister duo.

"Oh great, Paul and David are fighting the other Tyrannos and we're in here with this one." Sara said.

The unknown Tyranno looked at her.

"Tyrannos…where are they?" he said in a low gravelly voice.

"Just outside this cave." Sara said.

The unknown Tyranno snarled and walked passed them. He reached the mouth of the cave where he could see two humans squaring off against the Tyrannos. He scanned the area and saw Genghis Rex standing by their ship.

"TYRANNOS!" it screamed almost making the ground shake.

Everyone stopped fighting and turned towards the screaming.

"What? Is that another Dinosaucer?" Paul said.

Genghis Rex saw the unknown Tyranno and his heart sank.

"No…it can't be…" Genghis Rex said.

The unknown Tyranno smirked the moment he locked eyes with Genghis Rex. He flipped open a small compartment on the front of his suit, reveling a flashing button.

"Don't let him push that button!" Genghis Rex yelled.

All the Tyrannos rushed towards him, but weren't fast enough. The button was pressed and the Tyranno slowly began to change. It was familiar to both Tyrannos and Secret Scouts as it was the same as when the Dinosaucers did it.

"He's changing into something…something big…" Paul said as the Tyranno continued to go in size.

By the time it was done growing, he was at a massive size, larger than any of the Dinosaucers Primal forms. The air sat silent as no one from either side made a move. The silence was broken when out of nowhere the Tyranno roared.

"Giga Storm!" he yelled as thunder cracked and lightning flashed.

He then took charge, straight for Genghis Rex and their ship. He didn't slow even a bit as the distance closed between them. Genghis Rex jumped out of the way as he feared for his life. As the Tyranno reached the ship, he began destroying it.

"Don't just stand there, stop him!" Genghis Rex yelled.

The rest of the Tyrannos obeyed and ran towards their ship wrecker. He turned slightly to see the Tyrannos running at him and waited until they were close enough and upon swinging his giant tail, smashed into each Tyranno and knocking them quite a distance back. With the ship torn asunder, the Dinosaucers escaped. The Tyranno then turned back to the ship and stomping the rest into the ground.

With the ship completely obliterated and the device controlling the collars with it, the Dinosaucers were released. The collars fell from their necks harmlessly and they reverted back to their normal forms.