A shorty sharptooth (Compsognathus) is running as swiftly as he can, his heart racing, two small fast biters (Austroraptors) hot in pursuit. They are fast but he is faster. One ambushes from the camouflage of a dead tree with scorch marks. The shorty sharptooth rolls to the right making the fast biter miss. He runs, barely dodging snapping jaws and swiping arms. He outruns them.

A duo of Sharp Beaks zip down at him, he dodges the first swoop then the second, the Sharp Beaks fly at 45 yards above him circling around him to play with him physiologically. He manages to slip through cracks in a rock losing them in a big cave. Weird monitor lizard looking things inside the cave have at him, trying to cut off his path so they can eat him, but he quickly gets past them. Cave teeth fall from the ceiling but he manages to dodge them, exiting the cave at a area where a grand open spot is in huge mountain walls.

As he runs to the opening a herd of Longnecks walk the same path in the opposite direction, panting heavily a stitch in his side and terror in his eyes he dodges the big stupid stomping feet of the behemoth beasts.

He then finds him self in a great valley, lush foliage around him, with no signs of danger he stands their panting while babbling to no one with some hyperventilation going on, then collapses, breathing slowing, starting more and more to feel safe.

It's hard being small and tasty, everyone wants to eat you, and sometimes you just don't know what to do. Where can you go? where can you hide? at the bottom of the food chain oh how can you survive. Every moment, thinking it may be your last, no guarantee your prayer answered no siree, sometimes you feel it's time to kiss your tush goodbye. It's a hard life, being so small, every day another day you might die, and every night getting over your fears, nothing to do but to cry. Everyone is begging you, no please don't run away, let me catch you, let me taste you. I need somewhere safer to stay. said the shorty Sharptooth.

A big pink and brown Longneck with brown eyes comes toward him. Next to him is a tall dark green Sharptooth with red eyes. However, they do not attack each other, but instead come toward the shorty sharptooth.

"He looks like he's worn out." said the Longneck.

"As long as he doesn't try and eat anyone here, I'll let him live. I only eat Sharpteeth that attack Flattooth children, or try and hurt my friends." said the Sharptooth.

"Perhaps we should take him to the watering hole. He looks really spent." suggested the Longneck.

"Good idea." replied the Sharptooth. The Sharptooth picks him up and brings him him to the watering hole.

"He looks like he got chased by a bunch of Sharpteeth. That's my guess. He's so exhausted." said a dark brown Threehorn.

"I think he will be ok. He is just tired out. He is. He is." said a dark green Swimmer.

"Me no think he dangerous. Great Valley probably let him stay." said a brown and orange Flyer.

A big green Spiketail nodded, munching on a ton of green plants.

"He is lucky that he got into here or else he would have been eaten out there if he had not gotten into the Great Valley." said a tall and rather slender Fast Runner.

A tall purple and brown Longneck looked at the shorty sharptooth her mate had brought. "You taking in another one Littlefoot?" she asked him.

"I won't let any creature die if I don't have to, Ali." he replied.

"You miss your mother still, don't you?" said Ali.

"I do. It's been 20 cold times since I lost her." said Littlefoot.

"Dad, what you got there?" asked a cute pink and brown Longneck with blue eyes.

"A shorty sharptooth. Appears to be worn out." said Littlefoot.

"Can we keep him Dad? Are we going to raise him just like you did with Chomper?" asked the boy.

"We'll see, Pato." said Littlefoot.

The shorty sharptooth cried What is this? A Two Claw at the same watering hole as a Longneck, and no eating? A handful of mixed kinds with no shunning in differentiation? I must be, in heaven! Where is the great creator, I must see him, I must know if he truly is as magnificent as his universe.

You're not dead. You're in the Great Valley. said the Sharptooth.

"What he saying Chomper?" said the Flyer to the Sharptooth.

"Petrie, I think he thinks he's dead. He wonders how all you Flattooth are getting along and why I'm not eating you." said Chomper.

Yes, this valley is great indeed. I never seen something so big. Nice to meet you, my name is Tucompso. said the shorty sharptooth.

Tucompso looks around in awe at the sights. He can see Threehorn Peak, Saurus Rock, and many other marvels all in easy view even from where he stands. He can't help but fall on his knees...

It's, it's amazing, the legend is true! I have discovered the land of the gods! said Tucompso ecstatically.

Er, no. But it is pretty. replied Chomper. I suppose you're wondering about me. Well, it's a long story. I can tell you it.

After many hours, Chomper finishes.

So, Littlefoot didn't want you to become like the Sharptooth who killed his mother? asked Tucompso.

Yes. I only eat Sharpteeth that try and eat Flattooth kids, or, er, my friends here. I've had some Egg Stealers too, but only if I catch them stealing eggs. I really don't like killing dinosaurs and don't do it unless I can save another one. said Chomper. My friends and I defeated the dread Red Claw some cold times ago. I came back to live with my mom and dad, but came here when I came of age. As I'm a Friendly Sharptooth, they let me in. said Chomper.

What about if something tries to eat me? will you protect me too? asked Tucompso.

Well, I was only aiming to protect Flatteeth, but I guess I can protect you too. said Chomper.

"I'm glad that you're a nice Sharptooth and not like that mean one, Chomper. And I'm glad that the mean one that killed my mother is dead." said Littlefoot.