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Ruby jumped and jumped with the glyphs that Weiss made and with the final leap she landed safely on her feat at the top of beacon tower.
But too she witnessed...that.

Cinder-Fall pulled back the arrow and shot Pyrrah right in the chest.
Ruby looked on with horror as Cinder disintegrated Her to ashes...
The mixture of bizarre emotions stir within her as a massive surge of power came blasting out of her...and then darkness.

Ruby awoke with a start, bolting upright in an sitting position. The floor felt as cold as snow, but she can tell it felt a lot like stone (must be the coldest stone she ever touched) actually...why was she sitting on smooth stone in the first place? Ruby did as any normal person would do...but she isn't exactly she did the opposite; whiz around the room leaving all of the flower petals leave her body when she uses her semblance and find out what is going on...and she did just that while having crescent rose in hand.

The surrounding room she was in had a heavy aura of importance. She felt like she wasn't important enough to stay in such a marvel of a room. Not even Ozpin's office can compare to the sense of authority the atmosphere gives in the room...but one question...who's is it?In front of Ruby towered a giant clock-face shaped window, maybe if she looked out...she might find out where in Vale...or Remnant she is is.

Ruby, as curios as she ever could be, she used her semblence to rush over to the window...until she tripped over something and fell down that she got up, she swiftly looked at what had made her trip.

Boy was she surprised when the thing she tripped over was...a dead body.
Ruby's heart had skipped a full beat the instance she saw the limp body of a man who was possibly 60-70 years old, wearing a light-is green coat slumped face down on the ground, a pool of blood echoing out of his body.

She didn't know why, but she took a quick glance at crescent rose...and it was dripping with blood.
Suddenly a loud sounds was the unmistakable sound of...footsteps...getting louder...and louder by the second.
Then the footsteps stopped...and it was the sound of a door banging, each loud knock getting louder than the last.
The sound unmistakably came behind her, so she slowly turned around to be greeted by a tower of a door, possibly leading to the outside world.

Scared she put her pulled her hood over her head for the familiar comfort of hiding from what lurks.
Anxiously she stepped backwards, with the door loosing large chunks of the refined wood with each passing second until, it broke free.
About 20 men stormed through, all except for one wearing identical clothing; a large bucket helmet obscuring their eyes, a dark blue jump suit and one pistol firmly gripped in both hands.

The one wearing a different set of clothing, most possibly the leader stepped forward towards her, as the rest of the nearly identical men swarmed in a circle around her, their guns pointing straight at her.

The man didn't have a gun in hand, instead he had what resembled a newspaper, wrapped in a cone, which was the housing of some sort that lay their all nice and cosy.

At first, his face was all serious and fearless, angry almost, but after taking a good look at Ruby then Crescent Rose, then Ruby again, then the blood...
All the colour of his face faded, the peachy white became less peachy as he nervously scratched his cater pillar like moustache, his pork pie hat falling on the floor behind him.

"I...I can't believe it..." The man nervously stammered in a thick Scottish accent. moving backwards, he was afraid...afraid of...her. "Chief Judicial Vortex got reaped by...Mistress death?

What? Did these people...mistook Ruby for...death herself simply because of her appearance?
Humanity became more sophisticated than...this.
Come to think of it...everything seems old timey now...what happened after the flash?

"What on Earth are you on about?" One of the other men shouted, despite the confidence behind it, his voice was painted from top to bottom with fear "We can't trie...death...can we?"

Did he say...Earth? Earth, not Remnant? What is an Earth?

"If..she is not mistress death..." The man in the green overcoat that approached Ruby earlier slowly regained his composer as he began to speak, a fearless attitude engulfing him. "Then let's see to it ourselves."

All the other men looked at one another, then to the man with the newspaper, then to Ruby, back to the other man, then to the dead body, then back to themselves.

"You are under arrest by Scotland Yard of London for the murder or assassination of Hart Vortex the head of Justice in the Great British empire," His words gripped Ruby even deeper than before. "Whatever you say and do will go against you in court tomorrow. You do not have the right to hire an attorney, either an attorney decided to defend you, or we do it ourselves."


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