Nalu Love Fest.

Prompt: Toys & Masturbation

Rating: M+ (NSFW)

Words: 4,289

Lucy bit her lip, eyes a little wide at the shop Natsu had found in a seedy alley in Magnolia. She hadn't realized that Magnolia had seedy alleys but when her boyfriend of two years told her about it, she wanted to see for herself.

Of course, he had been laughing about the fact Magnolia had one of those shops.

Whereas Lucy was… curious. Stupidly so.

Hence why she was standing outside the building, after making sure Happy and Natsu had left for their fishing trip first thing in the morning. To say she was a little paranoid about being caught, would be a lie.

She could just imagine the ruthless teasing her lovable idiot would give her if he knew she sought this place out.

She took a deep breath in, shaking her head at how ridiculously embarrassed she was. Heaven knows, she wasn't innocent. Neither was Natsu. They were actively always horny for each other, and it made for the hottest nights, lunch, morning sex she could even believe possible.

So why was she so flustered about going in there?

She was a grown adult.

With that thought in mind, she strode inside, the door ringing softly as she pushed it open. Luckily for her, it was relatively empty, an older man smiling at her as he left with a purchase.

She began to roam around the store, her nerves bundled up inside her. Things hung on walls, sat on shelves and were stacked on top of each other, things that made her want to blush fiercely.

She wandered past the recorded movies, a little disinterested and definitely not curious about those. She turned a corner into the fake-penis section and stopped, fingers twitching a little when she caught sight of a pink colored one.

It was the exact same color as Natsu's hair.

The realization made her shake her head with a nervous little laugh, until a sultry voice made her jump, "Out of all the people I expected to be in here…"

An arm wrapped around her shoulder and the heavy weight of an intoxicated Cana made her sigh. Cana was almost as bad as finding Natsu in here.

Cana browsed the shelves, arm tightening on Lucy's shoulders when the blonde wiggled to escape her clutches. She picked out the pink one with a sly grin, and Lucy almost groaned.

"Huh. Never pegged you for a dildo sort of woman. Natsu not big enough for you?"

Lucy flushed at the question, "Not that it's any of your business but he is big enough."

"I figured he was." She hummed before shooting the celestial Mage a wicked grin, "Just wanted to make you blush."

Lucy didn't stop the groan, "Why are you here?"

"My vibrator broke." Cana shrugged, unabashed to the point where Lucy was a little jealous.

"O-Oh. Do you use it often?" She blanched at the question but Cana just smiled, her eyes turning a little softer.

"Yeah. Lately." Cana pouted playfully, "I don't have a hot dragon slayer crawling into my pants every night."

Lucy couldn't help but feel a bit more comfortable with Cana around. She was one of her closest friends and often looked up to her like a sister.

"It's not only crawling he does." Lucy attempted humor in this situation, smiling a little when Cana cackled gleefully. She took a few seconds to calm herself down, before asking, "So what are you looking for?"

Lucy felt her cheeks warm, and she shrugged, "I'm not sure I was looking for anything. I mean… I was a little curious and Natsu, didn't really be bothered. Not that I would go with him here."

She winced a little as Cana nodded agreeing, "It's a bit daunting your first time, and with a goof like Natsu…" The card Mage shook her head before smiling, "But with your big sis, it's going to be fun! Come on, I'll show you around. Maybe you'll see something that you find interesting."

Lucy hesitated but found herself nodding with a shy little smile, "Okay. Maybe."

Lucy sat on her bed, staring at the deep red bag in front of her with a fluttering heart. It turned out she had been interested enough, to buy a few things. With Cana's help, of course.

She was unsurprisingly full of knowledge when it came from floggers to flesh-lights. And what made it better, she didn't make Lucy feel awkward for asking questions. A few light teasing and little grins, but it wasn't overly bad to deal with.

In the end, Lucy had bought four things.

She reached into the bag with a shaky hand, pulling out the first item while biting her lip. She held the 'tickler' in her hands curiously, running her fingers over the soft black feathers. She still remembered Cana's wise words of 'sexisdom' (as she liked to call it) when Lucy had pointed it out hesitantly.

"Oh ticklers? They are great to start out with. If used right, can really make you hot and flustered."

Lucy momentarily wondered how being tickled with such an item would do anything aside from making her laugh, but with Cana's slight insistence, she found herself more curious and decided to get it.

She placed the tickler to the side, reaching in and grabbing a hold of the handle and pulling it out. This 'flogger' was one of the things Lucy was hesitant about. After choosing out one that was 'way to rough for beginners', she wasn't sure what to think of it.

"You'll want something a little softer than that. Hard rubber can give you a bad experience, especially if you haven't tried it before. You should look for… Ah! What about this one? It's cute, right? And feel this. It's sort of soft so it can be used to tease or to, well… you get the idea."

Lucy was conflicted. She usually liked it when Natsu gave the occasional slap or rough grope to her ass, but this was something else entirely. The only reason why she got it, was because she trusted Natsu completely and knew he wouldn't heart her on purpose.

She slapped herself lightly on the arm with the soft rubber throngs, tilting her head at the little bite of pleasure it gave her. She hummed and placed it aside, reaching into pull out her next find, one that got her a little excited.

She turned over the small box, remembering Cana's surprised look that morphed into a cheeky grin.

"Wax was never really my thing… but each to their own. It doesn't really turn me on but I know a few people who love it. Let's get you a set. And one that's more for pleasure then pain."

What Cana didn't know, was that she had wax dropped on her before. And whilst it really hot and left some minor burns, she couldn't help be fascinated with the slight sting of pain mixed with a soothing wash of pleasure when it cooled down on her skin. Of course, it was only a fleeting thought since Erza was on a roll that night and she was partially drunk.

The candle they had gotten was called 'toasty nights.' It was 'specifically designed for increasing pleasure and adrenaline also it was for beginners or people with low pain thresholds,' which was basically Lucy to a T. Well the beginners thing, low pain threshold or not, she would take a hit with the best of them.

She placed the next item down and reached into the bag, hesitating. This was the one she had no clue why she bought. Really. It was sort of ridiculous, but she just saw it and had to ask questions.

"Well… anal sex can be fun. Honestly, once you get passed the pain and 'why would you shove anything up there', it's definitely hot. Have you and Natsu- Oh. Just a finger then? Well, this is really small and flexible. And it has a finger loop which means it's really easy to pull out if you get too uncomfortable. I'd give it a try, you never know if you like something until you try. Best get you some lube then."

She eyed the clear silicone toy curiously, turning it around in its box to inspect it. The girl on the packaging seemed to be very pleased with it, she giggled softly at her thoughts before beginning to put everything back on, figuring she'd work up the nerve to talk to Natsu about trying them out.

She put the candle box back in gently, hand brushing two smaller packages that were in the bag.. She frowned, one would be the lube…

She pulled out the second, pulling off the small pink post it note attached to it.

'I had a really good time today. Who knew we could bond even more? And over sex toys! Anyway, you are always welcome to ask me any questions Lucy and I snuck in this when you were avoiding the clerk's eyes. You can't be a sexual deviant without a vibrator after all!'

Lucy stared at the device in the small box with a blink before reading the title out loud, "Silver… bullet?"

She never owned a 'vibrator' before but she always assumed they were the rods that vibrated or the 'butterfly' toy she saw in there. The silver metal shaped thing couldn't have been bigger than her index finger and wasn't very thick.

"What do I do with this?" She wondered out loud, feeling terribly naive before placing it aside. Once she had packed all the things away, and placed it beside her bed, she grabbed the little clear box and read the instructions.

'For stimulation and clit play. Press to clitoris or labia, depending on your preference, click button once to vibrate on low setting, twice to vibrate on medium and three times to adjust to high.

Clean thoroughly after every use with disinfectant wipes and use responsibly. If irritation or rash occurs, stop use and consult with doctor.'

Curiosity bubbled up inside her as she glanced over to the clock. She still had a few more hours to kill before Natsu got home and heavens, she wasn't really up to go going to the guild after walking around a sex shop all morning.

She nibbled on her lip before deciding she'd give it a try, maybe Cana was right, maybe she was missing something.

She laid back, deciding to stay on top of the blankets and opened the package, pulling the little tag and noticing the faint glow it made when the magic batteries connected to the device. The little black button on the top caught her attention and she pressed down on it.

It began vibrating instantly, a soft hum making her hand tingle. She pressed on it again, the vibration increasing to something more pulsating and faster. Once more and she felt the tiny thing began to whir loudly, the vibration flat out and completely wild.

Would that really feel good down there?

She had her doubts but curiosity always ran over those as she turned it off and smoothed her hands down her thighs, pressing the bullet shaped device to her clit. She clicked the button the vibration began, softly beating against her with a low, barely heard hum.

She kept it there for a long moment, feeling the skin tingle and irritate before moving it slightly, trying for a different spot. She gasped when it rubbed against that little ball of nerves, eyes slipping closed as she caressed and fondled that little part of her, running it up and down her lips.


She fumbled for the button, the second vibration setting in. Her hips shifted a little as she felt herself getting wetter. It was a lovely feeling, something she never expected to like but the vibration made her core almost as warm as Natsu did whenever they were getting ready for a tumble in bed.

She was so occupied with her little toy, that she didn't notice her boyfriend, jumping through the window silently. He opened his mouth to greet her but stopped short, staring at his beautiful girlfriend on the bed.

The odd buzzing noise made him tilt his head, eyes tracing down her wriggling body to her hand was, holding a little silver device to her sweet pussy. He could smell her steady growing arousal and resisted the urge to growl, placing his fishing rod very lightly against her wall and watching as she gasped a little.

He knew that gasp. He practically made her do the same one every night when he was buried between her thighs. She moaned lowly and Natsu felt himself harden, completely mesmerized by his girlfriend and her new friend. One that he would have to meet.

With that thought in mind, he kicked off his shoes very quietly and snuck over to her, watching her shudder a little and slide the silver device along her lips. Her wet panties made him lick his lips in want and his cock twitched. He took a second to pinch at the tip, giving the growing member a little rub.

Then he placed his hands on her knees. Her eyes shot open in surprise and he smiled, "What's this, Luce? You got a new friend."


Her hand had removed the toy from her clit, thighs shaking a little and cheeks flushed. Natsu murmured softly with a shake of his head, "Why'd you take it off? I liked seeing you like that."


"You seemed to like it too." He told her, plucking the mysterious device from her hand so he could inspect it to. It smelt clean, almost sterile with the faintest trace of Lucy's arousal on it. The buzzing noise had stopped, which led him to believe she had somehow turned it off.

Where did she get t- His thoughts stopped when he noticed the bag beside her bed.

A soft smile crawled over his lips despite the excitement and need rushing through his body almost desperately, "You went shopping."

She nodded, watching him with wide eyes as he stated gently, "Can I see what you got?"

Her eyes glanced down to her core, feeling it pulse and beg for more attention, "N-Now?"

He kept hold of the device, fighting back his evil little smile as a plan formed in his head. He noticed the way she shifted and how her pussy seemed to get a little wetter. He almost wanted to ravish her right then, just with her heady warm scent surrounding him.

"Yeah. Please." She drew herself up on her shoulders, feeling a little out of place and breathless. Every part of her wanted to finish off, it was practically a dull throb in her bones but she pushed past it. He let go of her knees, watching closely as she shakily sat up and bent over to grab the bag.

He settled in behind her, smiling at the way her hands shook. It was a little cruel, teasing her like this but he'd make it worth the wait. He always did.

She snuggled into his chest, sighing at the warmth and he rested his chin on her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her waist. His thumb brushed the button, waiting until she pulled out the first item.

It was an odd looking thing. Black short feathers decorated the top, connecting to a thin black plastic stick. She showed it to him, glancing at his reaction from the corner of his eyes.

"Explain it to me." He murmured, although he had a pretty good idea what it was for. She cleared her throat and stared softly, "It's called a tickler? It's supposed to make things… more sensitive, or something."

"Oh?" He brushed his hands down, slipping over her skirt so he could press the device to her clit. He pushed the button and she gasped at the vibration suddenly pressed against her.

"You seem pretty sensitive now." She didn't respond, a small moan leaking from her lips as he softly pushed the device closer to her button, increasing the pressure.

"Does that feel good?"


He growled softly into her neck, "I can tie you to the bed and play with you for hours with that… was that the idea?" He slipped the device down between her lips, smiling at her little jolt.

"Imagine what those feathers would feel like over your nipples." She grabbed at his wrist, trying to press it closer to her aching core but he just moved back, tutting her softly.

"Next thing."

Her hands shook again as she placed the tickler down and reached in for the next item, pulling out a box. He stared down at it curiously, pulling the device away from her dripping core. She sighed in relief but whined a little at the loss.

He chuckled, nuzzling her neck, "You are so beautiful."

"I feel stupid."

"I think you are the hottest girlfriend a guy could ever have." He told her truthfully, and she sighed, snuggling against his chest. The action warmed his heart, she trusted him so much. Of course, it also made him that much harder but he ignored his dick that was throbbing, curious about what the box held.

"So what is that?"

"It's a candle…" She said slowly before whispering, "It's supposed to be sensual, and increase adrenaline without hurting too much. I thought it was interesting."

"Hurting? Why would it hurt?"

She sighed shakily, "You drip the wax over the skin." Heat flared through him, making his hips buck into her back a little at the idea of doing that. Whilst he didn't like Lucy in pain — Drunk Erza was a devil — he could never quite get the sound of her fake cries of pleasure from the Christmas party then went too.

"We are definitely doing that." He assured her and smiled a little when she perked up, watching her bite that lower lip, "I'd like to do it to you."

He almost threw her down on the bed.

"Next item." He growled, nuzzling her neck once more whilst trying to steady his breathing. Her little giggle made him grin, "You really test my control, Luce."

"You are doing great so far." She teased, and he smirked, pressing the buzzing device to her pussy once more. She moaned loudly this time, shivering his arms as he mused, "I'm definitely liking your friend here. Does it feel really good? I bet you want to cum."

"Natsu." She groused, the noise falling off into a whine of pleasure as he rubbed in slow, soft circles. Barely enough to give her what she needed but enough to stimulate.

She placed the candle aside and reached into the bag, pulling out something that Natsu did know. Don't ask him why, but he just knew.

"You want to get flogged?"

She shivered, panting as he refused to take the vibrator off her labia, which made it hard to speak, "Probably not too hard… but I wouldn't mind trying it."

The words barely made it out of her and seemed a little rushed but could you blame her, he was making her drip with need, holding that orgasm just out of reach.

"Fucking hell, Lucy." He snarled with lust coloring his voice, pressing the object firmer against her, running the tip up her lips until it touched her clit.

"N-Natsu, I can't-"

"You can." He growled, "Don't cum until you explain the last item. Don't try to lie to me, I can see there's something else in the bag."

"P-Please." She wasn't above begging, not this close. Unfortunately, Natsu loved begging and she knew it only made him just a touch more fired up than usual. Natsu watched her reach into the bag, eyes widening at the last thing she pulled out. It was in a clear plastic box, small and seemingly unthreatening, but the implication of it made Natsu feel the nosebleed coming on.

"I-I-I just thought we could-" She was abruptly cut off when he slipped out from behind her, turning her so she was lying on the bed with her legs wide open. He tore off her panties with a low growl, his eyes glowing with want and barely suppressed need. Her heart pounded inside of her, making her twist and move as he stated, "Put your hands on the bars at the top of the bed and don't move."

She shuddered, loving when Natsu was like this, a little unrestrained and a lot turned on. She did so without complaint, watching him closely as he shook his head, "You are such a little tease. The worst part is… you don't even know that you are doing it."

She cried out when he pressed the vibrator to her engorged little button, the poor nub begging for his attention. He leaned over, pressing the button again, pleased when the vibrations increased. His girlfriend thrashed a little, gasping and moaning wildly as he ran the device down to her labia so he could lap at her clit.

"Natsu!" She yelled in pleasure, back arching as he sucked and licked, loving the way her hips swung and grinded into her like a possessed woman. His hand touched her pussy, rubbing her arousal around before sticking a finger deep inside of her, curling it just a bit which made her shout.

She was pulsing, so warm and clenching around his finger like her life depended on it. He pulled the finger out, growling in pleasure at the whine she let out as her back flopped back down the bed, making her tits bounce a little. He swept his finger lower, rumbling his approval when he realised she was dripping.

Her little asshole puckered as he drew little circles around it, spreading her juices. She gasped and writhed as he pulled away from her clit and pressed the device there again. He pressed the button again, turning up the vibration until it was almost as relentless as his lust for her, watching in dark delight when she screamed, sobbed and thrashed.

Then, he slipped his finger into her tight hole. With this intrusion, she broke, crying out her release wildly. He rode her through it, ignoring his raging cock, entirely focused on making his girl squeal and scream her pleasure. When she twitched and moaned brokenly, he pulled the vibrator away and removed his finger, knowing when she needed a break.

He crawled up her body, pressing light kisses to her sweaty flushed skin before reaching her lips. They shared a kiss, Lucy barely having the energy to kiss back as he pushed the button on the vibrator, causing it to stop.

He cuddled her gently, waiting patiently for her to get her bearings and come back from 'Natsu just blew my mind' land (it was a working name), smiling proudly when she opened her eyes wearily.

"You aren't… stopping, right?"

He snorted, "Unless you want me to."

She pushed a hand through his hair, pulling him down for a sweaty, tongue-filled kiss.


Cana was sitting at the bar, talking to Laxus about his terrible hair cut when a pink haired dragon slayer walked in. He was unusually somber, and scanned the bar. Cana frowned worriedly, her heart going out to Lucy just in case she found out that Natsu wasn't the type for toys.

Maybe I should go check up on her… She wondered, a little concerned but then stilled when the dragon slayer caught her eyes. He prowled over to her and she quirked her eyebrow, also noticing Laxus's curious gaze. When Natsu reached her, he sized her up for a long moment before she saw the look of 'holy shit' in his eyes.

Now she was really confused.

What the heck had she done to deserve that?

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her, earning a surprised squawk.

"What the hell? Natsu, get off me."

He just squeezed her tighter and whispered, "Thank you. I'm buying your alcohol for the next three months."

She stilled as realization hit and smiled, patting his back gingerly as he pulled back, looking at her like she was some sort of god. And hey, she sort of was.

"I can make it that you'll be buying me alcohol for the next three years." She teased as he grinned, "Give her legs a rest first. I think she'd like it if you stopped by, so you two can do that girly shit."

Cana hooted in delight, raising her hand so the pink-haired lover-boy could high five her. He did so, with gusto.

"You treat her right, you hear me?" She stated seriously for a second as Natsu smiled sheepishly, "Always do." Then he jogged out of the guild, leaving Cana smiling widely. She noticed Laxus's confused stare and winked at him, taking a long drink of her beer.

"Big Sis Cana saves the day."

So I just added these two prompts together because, hey, it sort of worked and fit and okay, judge me.

Did I over do this?

I feel like I did...

Oh god. I feel the shame.