Chapter 5

Raven clutched the card in her right hand, her knuckles almost white. She drummed her left fingers on the card as the elevator opened. Realizing, as the lit up numbers counted down, she was a super hero, and probably could have flown faster. But before she could even concentrate on that topic long enough to move, her mind flipped back. She kept running over the night in her head, was this actually happening? She had dreamt it several times over, but thought there's no way, no way it could come true. They were just friends that liked to flirt. But this, this was so much more.

She bit her lip. It was indeed so much more. The words he had said to her, the feel of his mouth, and that thing he did with his tongue. She closed her eyes, her knees wanting to buckle, and she almost let another groan escape her lips right there. It had been ages since she had felt desire like this. Perhaps it was the years of secretly wanting him, and not allowing herself to fully consider it, or maybe he had this effect on everyone. She didn't care. Selfishly, she just wanted to drink it all up.

A ding startled her a bit, and increased her heart rate a bit more. One step closer. One step closer to something they had denied for years. Her breath was ragged as she stepped in, and she could have sworn she was shaking.

"You must be thinking of me" said a husky voice in her ear. His hands grasped her hips as he smoothly stepped in the elevator after her. "I can hear your thundering heart a mile away." This only increased her pulse even more and she spun around to face the green man as the door shut them in. Alone. A shot of excitement shot through her as she felt the wall against her back. His hands were slipping back, giving her ass a slow squeeze. He slipped his right hand lower down the back of her knee and gave a slight push out, telling her to bend her knees. Without another word she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist while he supported her. She could of course levitate, but the supportive jester aroused her even more. And she let her head fall back with a deep moan as she felt him slowly grind his erect penis into her throbbing core.

He didn't exactly throw her up on the wall and passionately kiss her as she had expected. Instead, he was being gentle and slow. She tipped her head back down to meet his, resting their foreheads together. Raven placed her hands on the back of his neck, running one up through his hair. Trying her best to urge him on as she started her own grinding. His eyes flicked up to hers and he smiled. She moaned again, desperately. But his hand moved to still her.

"I told you, I promised you pleasure." She gently tried to push against his hand and made a sound between a whine and a moan, but he didn't budge. "But I," he brought one hand up to her face, tracing her jaw with his thumb, "am going to savior it." Finally, he leaned in and kissed her. His tongue slipping in to taste her, but slowly, and gently. And as he pulled back, she felt his tongue shift to something longer, and thinner. It wound itself around her tongue and slowly pulled off. Leaving her breathless. The doors dinged and opened behind them.

Raven looked behind him, as Gar slowly placed tiny kisses down her neck. Behind them stood a small fourier and one door. The fourier was immaculately done up in rich curtains, dark wood tables, and fresh roses. She felt Gar shift under her and instinctively wrapped her arms around tighter as he lifted her from the wall. Brows furrowed she looked down at him, but he met her with lust and warmth in his eyes. Somehow he managed to insert the forgotten cardkey into the door, with what she guessed was a tail. Raven let him carry her into the room, but once in her astonishment took hold and she unhooked herself.

The room, or suite more fittingly, was gorgeous. The open floor plan was intensified by the wall of solid glass. And the entire city was sprawled out below them. She noted how plush and large the bed was as she passed, running her fingers over the silken fabrics. The sound of her heels shifted as she crossed from the wood floor to the tile, till she stopped and looked down into the infinity pool. It lined the wall beside the glass, giving the illusion that it almost merged with the glass.

Raven gasped as Gar's fingers lightly traced up her arms. Her eyes lulled shut and she tipped her head to the right, rested it on his. They stayed like that for a few seconds, just soaking in the quiet feel of each other.

"I hope you like it." Gar murmured. "The night is yours my dear, whatever you desire."

"Mmm," she moaned, "this is quite a room to splurge on every night you're here." She teased.

He laughed, "Of course not, beautiful. This is only for you."

"Oh," she twisted around in this arms and draped her arms over his shoulders. "In that case," her powers started flicking open the buttons on his shirt, "why don't we both explore…" Her hands slipped back, and under the shoulders of his jacket pushing it off onto the floor, "…the bed." A wicked smile lit up his face. He reached down and gave her another slow long kiss. Their tongues slowly roaming over each other. His warm hands took their time roaming over her back, giving her goosebumps as he lightly touched the bare skin of her keyhole dress.

Raven could feel her desire rising again. Silently she urged him to removed her dress, his hands were so close. They skimmed over the clip once more and she took a sharp breath in through her nose. But he was right. After all these years of playful flirty and building desire had led to this. They couldn't rush it.

Gar pulled away, breathing just as deeply as she was. "As you wish, my dear." Startled, Raven let out a gasp, as he literally swept her off her feet. Off to discover that the bed was indeed as comfortable as it seemed. She closed her eyes as she sunk into the deep cover and felt the shift as he climbed on top of her. His hand gently reached under to unclip her dress, and started pulling it forward over her arms. Her heart raced as she pulled her arms through, watching as he bent over. Lightly, he placed several kisses down her left collarbone, his fingers working to push down her dress ever so little. As he did so he lightly ran his fingertips over her bare skin, curling them up, and only slightly doing anything to move the fabric. It was a tantalizing path he was leading, and her core ached for him to go faster.

His kisses moved down her sternum, pausing when he was between her breasts. She could feel his warm breath, and the slightly touch of his lips, as his open mouth moved up her breast till it hovered over her nipple. Raven opened her eyes enough to see his gaze flick up to her face. He gave her a knowing smile, then closed his mouth just so around her nipple, dragging his teeth across them as he pulled back. Moaning together, Raven ran one hand through his hair and arched her back.

"Gar," she moaned as he bent down to suck the erect flush. He moaned in response and pulled her dress down quicker, he was almost to the point where his fingers should be able to reach her hair. Arching her back again at the thought of it, and the feeling of him biting the now wet nipple, she managed to free the dress a good bit. But he didn't continue to push it from there. Instead, his hand came up to massage the swollen nipple while he moved to the next.

She moaned again, gripping his hair and pleaded, "Gar please, please."

"Heh," his teeth grazed her sensitive skin, "I love hearing you say my name like that. And don't worry, beautiful. I can tell," his right hand began traveling up the inside of her right thigh. She let her legs fall open, her breathing increasing as he got closer and closer. "I can smell it. Smell your desire rising. It's absolutely intoxicating. And I," he kissed between her breasts again, "can't," a little lower, "wait," a bit lower, "to," even lower, "taste," right above her dress, "you."

Gar's hand left its path and came up to help pull down her dress. He had to sit back on his knees a bit more to slip it all the way off her feet. Through half lidded eyes, Raven saw Gar greedily soak up her mostly naked body. His face was alit with desire, and she could feel him growl as he resumed his trek downward.

Raven's hands gripped whatever they could find, one squeezing a pillow and the other grabbing the cover with all her might. Her breath was ragged and she watch his mouth get closer and closer to its destination. He placed one kiss on her underwear, then grabbed and slipped off the tiny material. And keeping with his promise, he began kissing her inner thighs. His tongue ran up the inside sending goosebumps all over her body. He teased each leg, before starting at the knee and pulling his tongue downward. Down to the spot Raven was wishing for. She could feel her excitement blazing, his tongue was so close. She was so close, and he wasn't even really touching her yet. Her vagina pulsed with excitement, he was just right there…

And with a spark of pleasure, and a loud moan, his tongue slipped around her. Through the folds, and up to flick her clit a couple time. It was so close, just a few more flicks. But he stopped. Smiling, he met her gaze and she looked down at him. Seeing her bare chest, and legs spread open for him almost made her heart skip. How many times had she pictured exactly this? Every time he had made a sexual innuendo and she halfheartedly brushed him off. Or every time he would give her a simple wink.

A smirk formed and he flicked her clit again with his tongue. Shooting pleasure up through her body. Her hands gripped their respective fabrics and slowly relaxed again.

"Gar," she moaned again.

"Hmmm?" He asked, "Do you want this?" The tip of a thin tongue started to push inside her. She arched in response.


"How's this?" The tongue slipped in deep, deeper than a normal tongue. And it had a strange ridge about it, a ridge that just so happen to rub her g-spot as it slid in. Raven sucked in a sharp gasp. That was exactly what she wanted. His tongue slid partly back out, then focusing on her g-spot, slid and pushed its bumpy surface over her ridges. The speed started to pick up and Raven felt her orgasm rising. Her whole body seemed electric and she let her mouth fall open. The pleasure was immense and Raven started to feel everything tense up. It was coming, she was cumming.

Raven let out a scream as Gar quickly slid a finger in to replace his tongue. It took several seconds for her breathing to come back down, and she opened her eyes to see the very sexy Gar sitting on the bed with her. He had one hand on the bed, supporting him, his shirt partly unbuttoned, hair a mess from her hands, and watching her. But not her face, he had the middle finger of his right hand inside her and his eyes were watching her vagina with pleasure. Taking his time, his eyes traveling up to meet hers. And as she watched him, he pulled his hand free and slid it into his mouth.

He let out a mix between a moan and growl as his finger slid back out of his mouth. The hand reached toward the bed on the other side of her body, as if he was planning on climbing back on. But his arm stopped midway. Wrapped completely in black, he looked down at his trapped arm, then raised a brow at Raven. Following, as he was pulled off the bed, she rolled forward, laying on her stomach, and kicking her feet. He didn't fight her, in fact something told her he got a little excitement out of her pulling him around.

"I think it's about time for my strip tease." Raven instructed. But Gar didn't move, standing in front of the bed, almost arms reach from her, he knew he didn't have to. He could feel the tingle of her powers as they kept their grasp on his clothes. His shirt was slowly pulled from his pant. He lifted his arms to the side to let the shirt be pulled off. The slight tickle on his back told him he she was pulling off his undershirt next, and he raised his arms above his head without a word. Looking back at her, he watched her bite her lip in delight. He did feel a bit of pride in knowing someone like her found him so attractive. Her legs were playfully kicking back and forth on the bed. His belt flicked open. But he couldn't pry his eyes away from her. She looked playful, her hair a mess, one hand supporting her chin, one hand slightly moving by her face to unbutton his pants. He gulped loudly as he felt his pants being pulled down.

He knew he was close, normally he had outstanding control over it. But that was with normal ordinary women. This wasn't normal. His heightened senses picked up on the smell of her arousal rising again. And the smell of her orgasm was thick in the air, not to mention the taste of her still coated his mouth. He wanted her. He ached for it. Letting his head fall back, he stared at the ceiling thanking any sort of god that existed. Hell if he could he would thank the devil himself, for making this brilliant creature. The elastic of his briefs slid down, and he felt his erect penis finally free itself. It painfully pulsed. Feeling the fabric slide down his legs, he closed his eyes soaking in the moment.

The band was down to his knees when Raven suddenly took his penis into her mouth. He jumped, almost wanting to push her off, but not having the strength. Her tongue took its time roaming back and forth as she pushed him in and out.

"Rae," he moaned, bringing his hands down to her hair. Somehow she had moved to kneel on the floor, without him even noticing. Raven only moaned in response and kept going. She was using her powers to play with his balls, and slowly pulling him out to flick her tongue over the tip. Her hands moved to squeeze his ass as she slid back down. Pulling her head back again, she sucked till her mouth made an audible pop. Gar drew in a sharp gasp.

"Rae," he repeated, "I…Oh god…I…" He was finding it hard to speak. Glancing down at his beauty, he saw her look up and smirk. Moving one hand back to his base, she went back to her assault, picking up the pace as she went. Pushing and pulling him to his peak, Raven was everything he had wished for. His whole body lit up as it flooded him. He lightly pushed on Raven to warn her, but she held fast. The orgasm shook him, and in pure pleasure he let out a deep growl. After several seconds of shock, he staggered back, out of Raven's grasp. And he ran his hand through his own hair, in astonishment. He had never growled quite like that during sex, a little grumble every now and then, but not like that.

A slip of fabric caught on his ankle and he felt himself start to fall. A black mass quickly caught him, and he let himself sink down into it, till he rested on the ground. Looking down, he noticed his briefs still on his ankle.

"Heh," he leaned back into Raven's support, "I don't think I've been this out of sort since I was a teenager." Raven laughed and started crawling over to him. She pulled his underwear off as she climbed on top of him. Giving him a deep kiss, so he could taste the mixture of them.

"Care for a dip?" She nibbled down his neck.

"Of course, beautiful." He didn't even have to move, he knew exactly what she was doing and trusted her completely. Laying there, naked and exposed, he was giving up all his control to let this glorious woman move him to her command. And he was completely able to trust her, he probably had been for a while. In battle everything was split-second decisions, and he always trusted her with his life, he just hadn't had time to think about it much then. But now he did.

Gar let his head rest on the edge of the pool as Raven sat him down on the seat. The water was delightfully warm. Part of him could have fallen asleep here, after his explosive orgasm. But not with the naked woman climbing on top of him. She was calm and loving, kissing him all over. However, her scent gave away just how excited she was. The smell was incredible; it had been since the first time he had picked up on it as a teenager. Even though he knew the mess sleeping with another hero could cause, let alone a roommate, he couldn't help but try his best to coax that smell out of her. He had been able to learn a good bit in those couple years. Like how the tender light trailing touch of his fingers thrilled her. But now it was time to explore and learn as much as he could. He lifted his head up, and pushed her back a little.

Raven was straddling him, knees on the seat, chest barely covered by the water. Ever so lightly, Gar reached up and traced his fingers down her collar bone, then down the path between her breasts as he had kissed before. She bit her lip as he roamed lower.

"I don't think I could ever get enough of this." He murmured to himself. His first two fingers started running through and massaging her folds, as his thumb focused on drawing circles around her clit.

"Me neither," she breathed out. Reaching her hands around his head, she bowed her forehead to him. The only thing he became aware of was her. The sound of that escaped her lips as she took deep rapid breaths. The sound and feel of her heartbeat rising. The smell of her arousal. The feel of her nails biting into the back of his neck. And lastly, the sound of her moans as she started to climb. He drew his free hand up along her leg, and pulled his right one away to her other leg. Without a word, her hands moved to the side of his face, pulling him into a deep kiss. Then, rocked her hips forward.

All of a sudden the rush of the moment caught up to Gar. He took in a sharp inhale, and started to enter her. The mix of realizing it was actually happening, and the actual amazing feeling of it seemed to freeze time. Moving the least bit possible, he pushed inside her. Savoring every bit of the sensation as she took him in bit by bit. A sharp pain on his neck excited him as Raven bit the side of his neck. Her nails were dug into his shoulder and neck, and roaming for something else to grasp. She moaned into his neck, pulled his hair, and squeezed as hard as she could with her legs.

Tenderly he wrapped his hands around to grasp her ass, finally fully inside her. For a second they paused, just enjoying the pure bliss of him filling her up. Raven was the first to move. She pulled back, and using his hands, he pushed her back down. Her hands squeeze him again and her mouth moved to bite his ear, stretching out the lobe as she gave him a drawn out moan. She began to move again, slowly pulling him out and pushing him back in. The muscles enclosing him gave a slight shift and tightened a bit more on him. After a couple more rocks with her hips, she moaned his name, and he knew. He wanted to feel it, not once, but twice tonight.

Squeezing his right hand in between them, he quickly found his goal. And pressing down on it with his thumb, he began vibrating her clit. She let out what sounded like a curse, or a prayer, and froze with him fully pushed inside her. Squirming a bit at the intensity of the feeling, she bit him again and stifled a scream in his neck. Something in him lit at the sweet pain of being bit, and he drug the nails of his free hand down the top of her left leg. Her right arm jumped to his shoulder, nails biting in, squeezing as hard as she could, as she screamed into his neck.

Gar had never been so happy for his heightening sense of touch. He could feel every bit of her walls close down on him. They held him tight for a mesmerizing second before they started their satisfied pulsing. With every pulse he felt himself growl low. He had already known Raven was turned on by his more primal side, but her response changed his tune.

"Mmm, growl for me baby." Her tongue ran up his neck to his ear, sucking his lobe into her mouth. She pulled her teeth over it with a moan and whispered into his ear. "I want to know what you really feel like. Let loose for me." Her tongue was stretching out to lick his ear again, when his hands griped her hips and pushed her into a standing motion. She looked shocked at first, but Gar could see the tiny shift in her eyes as they dilated with excitement. She bit her lip and in fluid motion pushed herself out of the pool.

A shrill of laughter greeted Gar as he pinned her to the ground. He pulled off enough to give her room, and grabbed her hips. His nails bit in as he pulled them up, and pushed his way inside. Not pausing for romance, he immediately began ramming into her. And as her moans grew, he went faster and harder. Raven pulled herself up to her hands, and pushed back against him even more. A flash of movement caught his eye and he realized just then how many floor length mirrors the room had. The bathroom outer wall was covered in them, they reflected the glow of the tiny lights that decorated the room. But more importantly they reflected Raven. Her face was pure pleasure, her mouth hung upon as she moaned. And below it he could see her breasts swinging wildly with each thrust.

"God, harder, harder." Raven commanded. Gar knew he had more strength than a normal woman could take. But he was giving her far more than he could normally exert. It thrilled him to know he could really give her what he had. He closed his eyes and focused on the sound of their bodies slamming into each other. The pleasure was driving him crazy. Reaching out his arms again he gripped her sides and drew his claws back down to her hips. She screamed in pleasure. Abruptly he pulled out, causing Raven to gasp in shock and maybe a bit of disappointment. He grinned at the thought.

Gar grabbed her waist and easily flipped her onto her back. She landed with a thud and stared expectantly back up at him. Stretching her arms above her head, she arched her back. The bottom of her lip disappeared as she bit it and let out a sultry laugh. Gar climbed on top of her and trapped her hands in one of his, while the other pulled her left leg up beside his body. He slipped inside her again. Slowly starting to rock he looked down at Raven.

"Do you know how many times I pictured this when we spared?" He laughed, leaning down closer to her.

She laughed, "Why do you think I haven't spared you in so long?" She let out a long moan before continuing, "All I could think about was what I wanted you to do to me in that room. I always pictured that would be where we finally lost control."

Gar's chest rumbled on hers and he let out a mix between a laugh and a growl. He hadn't planned past tonight, hadn't thought about it continuing on. But right now, it just seemed the right thing to do.

"Don't worry, beautiful, I'll make all your fantasy's come true." He drew his tongue up the side of her neck, making sure his fangs lightly touched her skin. But first, he had one last promise to fulfill. Picking up the speed again, he focused on the feel of her, the texture of her body. He could tell exactly where it was, and shifting himself he created a few specific bumps in just the right spots.

With a gasp, Raven's hands squeezed tight on his. She arched her back and her body pressed firmly into his. He could feel every bit of her, and tell exactly what was working and what she needed. Angling himself down a tad, he felt the tiny jump in her skin and picked up the pace. Her nails bit into his hand and he pushed them further and further. And as her walls squeezed down on him and her scream pierced the night, he let go. Seized with the incredible pleasure, Gar's free hand grabbed Raven's shoulder, his claws scratching her skin as they slid down. He let out a deep growl as his body shuttered involuntarily.

They laid on the floor for several minutes, just trying to catch their breath. Slowly Gar released her hands and pulled himself out. She was beautiful, her eyes were half open and the look on her face was pure satisfaction. He let his eyes roam over her body again, every scar, that small tattoo, and now fresh scratches. He grimaced as his fingers lightly touched the beads of blood forming on her hips, knowing there were bigger marks on her shoulder.

She purred, "Don't worry about it, I could easily heal it if I wanted to."

"If you wanted to?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Mmm," she pushed up to her elbows and gave him a deep kiss, "perhaps there's a part of me that likes your…darker side."

He kissed her in return. "Is that why you've been fantasizing about me?"

Raven bit her lip and laughed deeply. "And what do you fantasize about?"

Gar kissed her neck as she sunk back to the ground. "It'll probably take us several years of constant sex before we went over every fantasy I've had of you."

Raven wound her fingers through his hair and let out an excited laugh.