Summary: Maddy and her family flee to Australia instead of Canada at the end of Wolfblood Season 2. Their arrival threatens to rekindle an ancient blood feud between merfolk and wolfbloods.

Pairings: Not telling

Rating: T

Genre: Drama, I suppose

Timing:Begins after Mako Mermaids season 2 but before Weilan arrives

Disclaimer: I do not own Wolfblood or Mako Mermaids

Prologue: One Story, Two Versions

This ancient legend tells of the origins of merfolk and wolfbloods along with how the blood feud between them began. This occurred before the fighting between mermen and mermaids started so they both have the roughly the same version of the tale but naturally the wolfbloods have a different version.

Merfolk Version

We are the children of the Ocean and the Moon, the sea gives us the gift of life and asks only that we stay within her reach so she can protect us. Long ago, there were a group of malcontents who used the magic all merfolk get from the moon to walk upon the land. The loyal urged them to return but the malcontents claimed that life on land was far better than life in the ocean. They called our life-giver an evil tyrant and vowed to destroy her by drying up the seas.

We did not believe them and returned to depths of the sea with heavy hearts. Later the evil ones struck, the ocean began to get boil. We tried to cool it back down but could only affect the waters around us. Several sea creatures died from the heat but then the ocean herself intervened. She took back the life force she had given to the traitors.

Almost immediately the ocean cooled as the attackers collapsed and lay on the ground dying but not quite dead. An old land creature happened upon them, desperately they used what remained of their magic to take the creature's blood to replace the life force that the sea had taken. Once they recovered their strength they tried to attack again but could not, taking the creature's blood had changed them, they were not merfolk any longer so they could not use our magic. That is not to say they had become powerless however, they were incredibly fast and remarkably strong, with hyper keen senses, and could even change their shape at will even more worrying for merfolk was their formidable resistance to magic.

They decided that since they could not destroy the ocean, they would settle for destroying the next best thing, her children-the merfolk. Most of them however had not survived the ocean's retribution for their treachery because the poor creature they slaughtered to save themselves only had enough blood for a few, too few to make war upon us alone.

They soon discovered they were not the only people to live on the land, there were other people already there. The evil ones concealed their true nature from the land people in order to dupe them into becoming their allies. At first, the land people had no desire to fight us so our enemies tricked them, they murdered several land people and made it look like we were responsible.

The deception worked, the land people joined with the deceivers and attacked us thus the great land-sea war began, the sea turned red with the blood of merfolk, land people, traitors and sea creatures alike. Eventually the elders of all the merfolk came together and used their magic to erase all the memories the land people had of us so they would not believe that we exist but they could not erase the memories of the few monsters that remained.

To this day, their descendants are still living among the land people, watching and waiting for anything they can use to prove that merfolk exist and are planning to destroy the land people. That is why we hide from land people, we can NEVER allow the traitors to start another land-sea war far too much blood was shed in the first one, most of it innocent.

Wolfblood Version

Long ago, our merfolk ancestors lived only in the ocean, unable to run, unable to feel the wind or see the light from the sun. They lived under the tyranny of cruel elders who demanded they do nothing but work. Eventually our ancestors escaped the elders, the elders sent their most loyal servants after our ancestors and they pursed our people until they reached the safety of land.

The servants returned to their elders and told them what had happened. The elders decided if our ancestors were not going to be their slaves, they should die. The elders used their magic to steal our ancestors' life force.

As our ancestors lay dying, an old wolf came upon them. The wolf was too old to hunt so he had left rather than be a burden on his pack and when he saw our ancestors dying he wanted to help them but he couldn't on his own. He was not alone for long, the moon didn't want to watch her children die so she helped the old wolf save us. The old wolf gave our ancestors his blood to replace the life force that had been stolen. He gave his life so that we could live and we call ourselves wolfbloods in honor of that sacrifice.

After their attack failed, the elders again sent their servants after us, but this time their orders were to kill not capture. The servants could not tell Wolfblood from human and killed dozens of humans. The humans attacked the merfolk and we joined them. Wolfbloods formed the vanguard of the human army, our resistance to magic was a deciding factor. The merfolk were slowly forced onto the defensive but many wolfbloods fell.

Eventually the elders realized they were losing the war used their magic to make the humans forget that merfolk existed. We still remember them and their cruelty but we decided that we'd had enough of fighting and dying trying to save people who apparently didn't want to be saved. If the merfolk want to live their lives as slaves to their evil elders in the ocean let them, we Wolfbloods will live our lives forever free on the land.