Kyouya trails off mid-sentence, narrowing his eyes at a DC member who has a lizard hair clip in his pompadour. The tiny DC blinks innocently at Kyouya but his mouth curls up into a kittenish smirk. Kyouya bursts into motion, immediately charging into the mass of his army, but the baby is fast.

Unfortunately, he loses the baby when the tiny thing disappears inside a hidden passageway built into the wall of the school. He huffs and wanders back to the crowd on the playground but a red head with glasses stops him.

"So," Shoichi begins. "Um, my friend called Byakuran is coming for a visit." The boy shrugs a little. "He said he wanted to meet you. Do you mind?"

Kyouya tilts his head and contemplates Shoichi's words for a moment. "Not at all."


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