It was a quiet evening, you were flipping through a magazine as Yoosung was snuggled against your back, chin pressed into your shoulder, as he scrolled on his phone; tv buzzing in the background. Content in the silence you flipped to the next page of your magazine, eyes skimming the text until something caught your eye. Admittedly it was a somewhat trashy magazine, something that you had bought impulsively at a newsstand earlier that morning to read on the commute. The page you had just flipped to was a glossy cover spread of an eye catching blonde in nothing but thigh highs and a bra, shocked you hastily moved to close the page but in doing so you jostled Yoosung. Grunting as you bumped his arm, his phone sliding from his hand and landing in front of you on the couch cushion, glancing down you're mortified to realize that there's a candid picture of you sleeping, mouth agape in soft snores.

"Ah! Don't look at that!" Yoosung cries, scrambling to get his phone back, arm slipping across your abdomen, grazing the underside of your bare chest.

Heat scalds your flesh, once Yoosung took ahold of his phone he made no move to retract his arm; his forearm still brushing your chest. "Y-Yoosung why do you have a picture of me sleeping on there?"

You are almost physically able to feel his blush even though you can't see his face. Yoosung makes a strangled groan, hopelessly embarrassed, his nose falling to your shoulder.

"I-I can't help it, you're so cute when you're sleeping . . ." His words vibrate against your back, gooseflesh ghosting across the affected area.

"You think I'm cute-"

"Always!" He cuts you off vehemently, crushing you against his back. "You're always cute, so unbearably cute."

Heart faltering you want to see his face, to witness the heavy blush coating his cheeks in similarity to your own. Carefully you roll over, ensuring his arm doesn't leave your side as you do so, until you're facing him.

Amethyst eyes widen, his mouth falling open as his flush reaches the tips of his ears. Your chest is pressed against his, only your thin tank top acting as a measly barrier. He's so warm, a human furnace really, his hand still tantalizingly close to your breasts, quivering in nervousness against your ribcage. For several long moments you just stare at one another, absorbing the sight of each other. It had been two months since the RFA party, two months since you first had laid eyes on each other, it seemed so long ago. The two of you now lived together, though you tried to convince Yoosung otherwise, he needed to focus on his studies and not you, he wouldn't hear of it. 'How am I supposed to get any work done if I can't look at you?' he had asked innocently, unaware of how his words caused your heart to stop. The two of you had been taking things slowly, you were both rather inexperienced, though you had been in relationships before none of them were that serious, barely more than a virgin yourself. You also didn't want Yoosung to feel pressured, he was entirely inexperienced and you never wanted to make him do something he was uncomfortable with; no matter how much you longed for it.

Suddenly Yoosung let out a ragged sigh, leaning his forehead against yours. "I wanna kiss you so bad right now~"

You can't stop a giggle from bubbling up, "then do it. You're my boyfriend Yoosung, you don't need to ask permission every time."

A wave of realization moulds his features, like he truly just remembered this, then this shock is replaced with a look you've never seen before.

"Can I kiss other parts of you too?"

You're numb, that glint in Yoosung's eyes, so foreign and mature you begin to rub your thighs together unconsciously. Did he know what he was saying? Knowing Yoosung he could easily mean simple places like your collarbone or neck . . . but what if that's not what he meant?

Blinking back your impossibly dirty thoughts you settle with that Yoosung probably meant the first option, neck kisses and the sort. "Of course Yoosung, like I said you're my boyfriend and you-"

You're unable to continue because his fingers are dancing along the hem of your pyjama bottoms, rubbing against the flesh of your lower stomach. Shooting him a glance you notice he's entirely focuses, perspiration slickening his forehead and jaw set. Did he mean to- eat you out?! Your heart nearly stopped at the thought, naughty images of Yoosung between your legs, mumbling sweet praise against your core.

Inhaling sharply you squeeze your eyes shut, you needed to stop! Yoosung was innocent and your twisted desires shouldn't be forced on him.

Yoosung's fingers paused in their curious perusal, "Did I hurt you? I-I can stop if you like I just wanted to . . ." his flush deepened so immensely not an inch of his face was not tainted scarlet.

You can't afford to fantasize anymore, you need to know what Yoosung wants so you know where to draw the line. Fingers finding his mouth you trace on over his lower lip, he kisses it unexpectedly which almost causes you to lose your train of thought.

"Y-Yoosung, what is it you want to do?" You whisper, entranced as he takes your extended hand and kisses each digit.

His eyes flicker open, half lidded and dark, he's never looked at you this way before. Slowly he leans in and captures your lips with a swift, gentle confidence. Usually your kisses are pretty chaste, fleeting smooches followed by cuddles but not this one. He's determined to make you melt it would seem, his mouth slanting against yours, teeth nibbling your bottom lip and his hot pants fanning across you face. Unfortunately even though the kiss exceptional he still hadn't given you an answer and the stickiness between your thighs wasn't going away anytime soon.

"Yoosung," you hum, his mouth trailing along your jaw, "what do you want?"

Your tone, more forceful this time causes him to pause, a hum signifying he's thinking vibrates against your neck.

"I want everything," he says simply, "all of it."

You inhale sharply, did he even know what he was saying? "Everything?" You repeat, forcing the stammer from your words.

Cheekily he grins at you, nodding. "Yeah, I want this," he points to you lips. "This," his hand falls to your breast. "This," the other one finds your bottom, "but most of all I want this," his knee rubs against your crotch, causing a whimper to rise in your throat.

Blinking rapidly you quickly realize that this isn't a dream and your stomach coils into numerous knots. He's still staring down at you, lips still quirked into a soft smirk, his knee rubbing gentle circles against your heat.

"Yoosung are you-"

"Yes. I want to taste you, will you let me?"

His eyes burn with such honest lust, he's still blushing yet he is so earnest in his yearning. It's so alien to you, all guys you've been with have never lusted for you so forwardly, you fight back tears that sting your eyes. You simply adore him.

Nodding your consent, Yoosung's eyes immediately light up in eagerness; he truly is like a puppy sometimes. Both of his hands find the waistband of your shorts and tug them down slowly, you lift your hips off the couch to assist him. Once you're wearing only panties Yoosung lets out a low whistle, almost as it was an accident.

Instantly you're embarrassed, this is his first time seeing you like this and the thought sends quakes of joy down your spine.

Experimentally he traces one finger down your covered slit, going agonizingly slow. Horrified that you're already so wet you hope he doesn't really know what that means, though you tend to doubt it.

He leans in, hot air fanning against you causing your legs to twitch. Softly his tongue presses against your dampening panties, gliding up and down until he brushes your clit.

Unable to bite back the moan you toss your arm over your eyes, the sight of him between your legs was not helping your composure.

"Did that feel good? I wanna pleasure you s-so let me know if I'm doing it right." Yoosung says quietly, his mouth still hovering over you.

"Take off my panties," you plead, shamed by how wanton your voice sounds.

Yoosung does as he's told, sliding them down your thighs and tucking them away somewhere. Once you're bare you feel your need peak rapidly, rubbing your legs together as Yoosung's hands rest on your inner thighs.

Smoothly he spreads your legs wider, one resting on the back of the sofa as he hovers between your legs. Even just his breath on you is enough to make you want to scream, pussy twitching with need.

"Tell me what to do, I want to make you feel good."

Nodding, your tongue ash in your mouth, you lace your fingers through Yoosung's wild waves and tug him into you. He follows your lead, mouth opening to give you a tentative suck, twisting within you.

A string of moans fall from your mouth, "g-good, just like that make sure you add some pressure here," you tap on your clit with your free hand, "it feels so good right there."

"O-okay," he mumbled against your folds which causes you to writhe.

He then begins to lavish at you, rather slow and unsure at first. Tongue gliding along your slit gently, not quite reaching the places you needed reached.

"Harder~" you plead, nails scraping against his scalp.

Encouraged by your direction Yoosung plunges in deeper this time, delightful tongue lapping at your soaking cunt. It's unbelievable, your eyes squeezed tightly, only seeing white. He's incredibly attentive, never missing a beat as he laps at every sweet spot within you. Yoosung was an astonishingly fast learner, even inserting two fingers on his own volition.

You were no longer able to quiet yourself to muffled mewls, screams of pleasure ripping from your throat as your thighs crush against his head. Clutching to the couch cushion as he drinks from you, humming against you as his fingers cause loud squelching noises to echo throughout the room. You're too far gone to care about how humiliating that is, his name grunted out between short gasps of breath.

"Oh, fuckfuck, Yoosung I'm so close~!"

Unexpectedly he stops, withdrawing both his sinful tongue and fingers from within you; sitting back on his knees.

Annoyed you open your eyes to look at him, his lower face gleaming in the dim light, soaked from your juices. For a second you think you've gone too far, forced him to do something he was uncomfortable with, it was his first time after all.

Concerned you sit up, hands falling to you lap. "Yoosung, I'm sorry if I made you do something you-"

"What are you talking about? I just wanna try something else." He says with a cock of the head, tongue running over his lips, chasing your taste.

"Something else? What is it?"

For a second he fidgets, as if he's nervous to admit something. "I-I want . . . urgh. I want you to sit on my face!"

You're unable to respond, you weren't expecting that in the least; he wanted you to ride him?

Before you can question, he's frantically explaining. "I-I saw it in a video some time ago and immediately I knew I wanted to try it with you. Especially now that I've tasted you, I want to do it so bad now!"

You're shocked to say the least, you've never sat on someone's face like that before, this was new territory for you too. Yet you were also inherently curious, your neglected pussy throbbing with want.

"Alright, let's do it then."

"R-really?! I was so afraid you wouldn't want to!" Yoosung exclaims happily, "I'll just lay down like this and then you sit on me."

Maneuvering his body he lays on his back, shuffling himself around so his legs are under you.

Once he's lying flat he tugs at your hand, "it's your turn."

Carefully you perch on your knees, trying to shake the tremors from them. Gently you lower yourself, skin feverish. You hover above his mouth for a few seconds, gazing down at his eager face.

"Don't be nervous, I want this." He ensures you, hands coming up to your hips and tugging you down to meet his mouth.

Immediately his tongue is at your core, picking up where it left off. Hissing in pleasure you barely even notice that his fingers are pressing against your hips with enough force to bruise. This time you struggle to keep your eyes open, only so you can watch his face. Warm cheeks, and mused hair his own eyes have fallen closed as he consumes you. It's so intimate, to be able to watch him as he drinks your cunt, it makes everything unbearably heated. Distractedly you begin to drag your fingers down Yoosung's face, through his hair and down his throat-it feels so good. You can feel the coils within your stomach tighten and clench graciously as you grind your hips against Yoosung's scorching tongue.

Every inch of you is like a livewire, shaking uncontrollably as he laps at you, murmuring words you can't hear into your dripping core. No longer are you able to keep your eyes open, bucking your hips against his mouth, desperate for release. Luckily Yoosung is not going to deny you climax, his tongue increasing in fluidity as it drifts to solely focus on your clit.

Shrieking now you're blind with desire, curses strung along with your lovers name shattering the otherwise silent room.

"Ah~Ah~Ah~" You pant, distantly aware that your juices are spilling down your thigh. "Yoosung please . . . shit I can't I wanna~" you're not even making sense anymore.

He smiles against you, pausing for half a second before sucking your clit so hard that you lose feeling in your knees. They give out, forcing all your weight against Yoosung directly, not that he seems to mind, he licks you into a frenzied orgasm.

You cum, so rocked by the climax your knees snap around his head, toppling forward. He never falters, lapping at you post-climax sending tremors across your flesh, your nose buried against the couch's armrest. You feel as if your soul has departed from your body, limply hanging onto the side of the sofa, as your high melts your brain, dizziness swelling. You remain like this, trying to refocus on reality, as Yoosung traces your pussy with his tongue.

Finally you're able to control yourself, pulling back so his mouth leaves you, falling back against the other side of the couch. As you're pushing your hair from your Yoosung crawls back to you, leaning over you.

"So . . . how was I?" He asks anxiously.

"So good. I don't think I've ever cummed that hard before." You admit, pushing his bangs off his forehead.

"R-Really?" He asks, unmistakably excited by this information. "I kinda wanna do it again," he averts his gaze from you, coloring. "I liked the way you called my name."

"Right now?" You ask, your pussy twitching tiredly at the thought.

He laughs nervously, "would that be so bad? You tasted so good, I think I'm addicted now. I want more and more and~" Yoosung trails off with a shaky laugh.

Your eyes widen, not expecting that. "We can do it again . . . but first I wanna taste you."

"O-oh? Well we can try that too."

"Good," you purr, lunging at him