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I woke up the next day and looked up at the window from above my cell. I couldn't escape as I heard muffled voices. Those muffled voices belonged to Dingodile and Tiny. It was too bad I couldn't make out what they were saying.

"Tiny, don't you think Cortex has gone too far with locking up Ripper Roo very bad." Dingodile gave Tiny a worried look.

"Tiny agrees with Cortex!" Tiny roared, he was glad that I was in super lock down mode. He didn't want to get shocked in the ass again by Tropy's staff. He hated that. Mean while I was in my cell as I saw a button on the ground to the right. I sniffed it and then stepped on it with my right foot. I heard a noise as my cell was open now. I saw both Dingodile and Tiny, they both looked at me.

I leaped out of my cell and down the hall as Cortex caught me. Once I was in his grasp he carried me to the kitchen and we ate.

"How did you get out of your cell? I locked you up in there." Cortex looked at me. I stared at him as Brio came out of the room with a collar in his hands. It had a red light on the front of it. He put it on me as the light turned green.

"Now can you answer our question?" Brio asked.

"There was a button in my cell!" I spoke. My mouth didn't move but I can turn my thoughts into words.

"Cortex why was there a button in his cell?" Brio gave Cortex a stern look.

"I don't know, it's not my fault that the cell came with a stupid ass button!" Cortex backed away as Brio leaped at him and they started to fight. I hopped off to my cell to grab my bags and get to school. I passed Pinstripe on my why back down the hall to the entrance of the castle. I got into the taxi and the driver took me to the academy. Nina was waiting for me as I got out of the taxi with my bags and got out to meet her.

"Hey Ripper Roo! Are you ready for another day of school?" Nina asked me. I nodded quickly and hopped into the academy and we got to our lockers. I decided to speak to her. I had to tell her about the collar I got on my neck.

"Hey Nina!" I called to her. She dropped her books and gasped. She turned to face me.

"Ripper Roo, was that you talking?" Nina asked me. I nodded and spoke again.

"I got a collar from Brio and Cortex. I can talk when the green light on the collar is on. When it's red, the collar is off and it's back to me laughing like an idiot." I explained to her.

"I see, hey, we should both get to class. I like the collar Ripper Roo, but I don't mind your craziness. It's funny." Nina giggled and walked off to her class. I smiled at her and then hopped to my class. It was the beginning of the day as I hopped into my seat. I took off my collar and the light turned red. I was back to my silent self. We were waiting for Ms Robin to teach us the lessons that we wanted to learn. We could all rule the world one day. I got out my note book and pencil with my feet as usual. When Ms Robin started teaching the class I started to remember the past during the lesson:

"Clay, will I ever see my parents again?" I asked.

"I'm sure they will be back, right Crow?" He turned away from me and looked at Crow. Crow only nodded in agreement.

"Yes, they will return. Their journey is over by now." He looked up at the sky. It was very dusty out and the sand was blowing like crazy.

"Cage, don't worry so much. You're mother and father will be alright." Clay placed his paw on my shoulder.

Tears came out of my eyes as Crow came up to me and hugged me. He knew how I felt. I cried for a while.

When the flash back of my past ended, I fainted. Ms Robin gasped and dropped her book and ran over to me. She carried me to the nurse's office. Nina was walking in the hall to go to the bathroom as she turned her head and saw Ms Robin carrying me.

"Ms Robin, what happened to Ripper Roo?" She was worried about me.

"He fainted in the beginning of the lesson. I don't know why." Ms Robin replied, her voice quivered. She was worried about me a lot. She knew my condition was bad enough that I needed to wear a jacket.

"Oh no! I hope he didn't get a stroke!" Nina was so worried that she wanted to stay with me in the nurse's office for the time being.

I was in a hospital bed, I was breathing. But I was out like a light. My eyes started to open as Nina sat down in a chair afar from my bed. Everything was blurry and it was hard to hear what everyone was saying. I saw movement but muffled voices. Finally, my vision and hearing was clear. I opened my eyes fully and looked around. I was in the nurse's office. Ms Robin got up from her chair and so did Nina. They both hugged me.

"Ripper Roo, I'm so glad you're alright!" Nina cried.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" I laughed. I was glad that I didn't have a stroke. But I had to telll Nina what I saw. It was a memory that I never remembered. She had to know. I was worried about it too much. Even when I was at the castle, that past memory bothered me.

When we got back to our lockers I put my collar back on.

"Nina, I need to tell you something." I started.

"What is it?" She gave me a worried look.

"I had some kind of a flash back. It was the past, but it seemed fake. Like it never happened before." I replied.

"Oh... Well, Maybe it was a day dream." Nina placed her hand on my shoulder. I smiled.

"Maybe..." I replied.

"Dont' worry about it Ripper Roo." She looked at me. I looked at her back.

Soon the bell rang for lunch as we both headed to the lunch room together. There was a lot of evil scientist and mutants in line for lunch. The lunch ladies were serving different food everday. And the lunch menu changes too:


Mashed Potatoes

Pop Corn Chicken



Mac & Cheese

I got my tray and started from the beginning of the line. I decided to get mashed potatoes, turkey, and mac & cheese. Those were my favorite food choices. Nina was at the middle table to the right waiting for me. I hopped over to the table with the tray on top of my head. I crossed a few students and made it to the table.

"Hey Ripper Roo, why don't you take off the jacket? You must be hot in it." Nina was about to take off my jacket but I argued.

"No! You can't! It's!" I stuttered.

"Why not?" She asked me, her hands on her hips.

"Okay, you can take off my jacket. Go ahead." It was hot in the jacket as she took it off. My paws didn't look too bad, they had five claws on each and my body look normal, my fur color was just all blue.

"You look fine to me." Nina giggled.

"But what if the teachers know that I'm not sick?" I asked.

"Well, we can say that you got better and you can write with your paws and not your feet. You can also eat now without feeling hot in that stupid jacket." Nina smiled.

"Ah. Ok." I had to get used to eating with my paws. Holding a spoon and fork is a whole new thing to me now that I'm used to using my feet to carry things.

When we both got done eating we got to our second class which was the last class of the day. I hopped into the next class, feeling uneasy. I wanted to have the jacket on so that I had a reason to use my feet. But this was going to be new for me.

I wondered what Cortex and Brio were doing, hopefully they didn't fight for too long. Otherwise I would come home to see them beat up.

Cortex and Brio were still fighting. They were punching each other. Tropy yelled over them to break up the fight. Pinstripe placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Chill out man, let them fight. It's their problem." Pinstripe laughed.

From the cage to the left of them, Crunch and Coco were making plans to escape the castle and get the crystal from Cortex.

"So what's the plan Coco?" Crunch asked, looked at her from his cage.

"We are going to get out of her with my hair pin. I can open our cages. Then we can sneak past these idiots and grab the crystal." Coco whispered.

"And then we can get out of this place." Crunch grinned. He saw Cortex punching Brio in the eye. The evil scientist was not to going to give up a fight.

Dingodile and TIny heard the commotion from their cell.

"Tiny needs to see what's happening." Tiny growled.

"No, we need to say here mate." Dingodile whispered.

"Maybe it's for the bessssssst..." Moe hissed.

"Yes, maybe..." Joe giggled.

"Shut up you two." Koala Kong growled.

"What's your problem mate?" Dingodile looked at the angry bear.

"I want to hear them fight." He grinned.

"Just like Pinstripe." Dingodile rolled his eyes and looked at Moe, he was drawing a picture on the wall. It was Cortex getting knocked out by Brio.

"Bet Brio will win the fight! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Moe laughed as soon as he turned to face Dingdile, he saw Coco and Crunch rush by with the crystal in their posession.

"Hey they have the crysssssstal!" Moe hissed to them.

"We need to break out and tell Cortex!" Dingodile tried to get out of his cell. Tiny punched the bars and the whole cell came down.

"Let's get them! Let our owners fight!" Tiny roared.

"Fine, but I will leave Pinstripe to watch them!" Dingodile pointed to him.

Pinstripe was enjoying the fight. Cortex was winning so far.

"Brio stop this! I didn't know anything about the cell having a button on the inside!" Cortex broke into a run.

Brio chased after him, finally Tropy used his staff to shock Cortex and Brio in the ass.

"Both of you need to stop fighting! You've been at this all day! And Ripper Roo is not home yet. What will he think of you guys when he sees you both fighting over a stupid cell?" Tropy gave them a stern look.

"Fine... Sorry Cortex..." Brio sighed he was out of breath and he had a terrible black eye.

"I'm going to my room, I don't need to be around someone with anger issues." Cortex growled and stomped off.

Mean while, the other mutants were chasing down Coco and Crunch.

"Get back here!" Rilla Roo was catching up to Coco, he was about to grab the crystal but her foot kicked him in the chin and he fell to the ground of the hallway.

"Coco, let's jump up to the window!" Crunch leaped on boxes to get away from the Komodo Bros. He jumped out of the castle window and fell a long distance. Coco followed him and did the same. The mutants stopped in their tracks and looked out of the window.

"Damn! She ran off with the crystal, what will Cortex say now?" Rilla Roo growled.

"Don't worry, we just tell him that they found a way to escape, he won't be mad." Dingodile shrugged.

After the second class, I waited outside for my ride back home. As the taxi stopped, I hopped in and I was on my way home. Cortex and Brio were probably getting along by now. When the taxi stopped at the castle, I hopped up the steps. I hopped in the door way and to the room.

I saw Brio in his library reading, he had a black eye from the fight he was in with Cortex, I was worried about him. I went to look for Cortex and found him in bed, he was sleeping. So I hopped into my cell. There was no one there to close it so I stepped on the button with my foot and the door started to close.

"Wow, what a day. I'm going to bed." I yawned and took my collar off. I went to sleep. There was another day of school to start. I was going to learn so much before I'm smarter than everyone.

I was finally asleep by the time the other mutants got back to their cells. They noticed that I was home, but they didn't say anything. They were all scared of something. I didn't know what, but there was something wrong with them.

And I was about to find out...

To be Continued...

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