Decided to try something different and idk this just came out? I'm trying to basically make an OC that isn't smart or isn't magically an S ranked ninja at the age of like 12. Or isn't with Sasuke by the fifth chapter ahah. I hope you read and like her, and my story. Criticism is greatly appreciated, but please know I can actually write much better than this.

"Now your final exams are in less than a week! I hope you're all studying and..."

Komatsu wasn't well known in her academy class. Not for being a prodigy, nor for being especially attractive. She did make a killer bento though.

"Komatsu-san! What do you have for lunch today?" An inquisitive chubby boy loudly whispered as he leaned over from the seat in front. She felt numerous pairs of eyes dart to her vicinity. Her cheeks heated up, she always hated being the centre of attention, no matter how subtly.

"Okonomiyaki..." She replied quietly, attempting to block his face out with her hands.

"You wanna swap? I got BBQ chips today!" Komatsu squirmed anxiously; he was such a horrible whisperer.

"I'll talk to you at lunch okay, Chouji-kun? I want to listen to Iruka-sensei." She needed all the help she could if she wanted to even pass this year. Becoming a ninja wasn't all appealing either but it was better than staying behind. All of a sudden the class was piling outside and Komatsu whipped her head around.

"W-W-We're um...s-s-sparring... K-Komatsu-san..." Hinata kindly told her, tiptoeing outside after the others.

Komatsu gulped-this wasn't going to be fun.

"Alright, Sasuke-kun and Komatsu-san, you're up next!"

Iruka must've wanted her dead, Komatsu decided. Maybe she should've given him a bribe to let her sit out. Her okonomiyaki was still in her bag...maybe she could run an get it?

"Agh! No fair! We wanted to be with Sasuke-kun!" Some of his fans cried out, stomping the ground indignantly. Komatsu considered them insane. Sasuke (while admittedly a pretty boy) was no trifling matter in the ring. She had no qualms with saying she was well, rather terrified of his wrath.

"Hn." Was all he said and Komatsu took some comfort in that he didn't seem to enjoy thrashing the defenceless (which Komatsu certainly was).

"A-Alright, I-I'll try my best." She attempted to sound determined, but she really didn't want to be sore all over when she worked that afternoon. "W-When you're ready, Sasuke-kun."

It took less than a minute for the victor to be decided.

He dove for her legs first, putting her off balance and quickly snapped up and incapacitated her hands to stop her from fighting back. She did however score one lousy, dirty hit by head butting him as hard as she could. He pinned her to the ground in return, and she couldn't suppress a growl. Touch like this was irritating. Touch like this was bad. Komatsu launched a kick upwards, kneeing him in the shin, momentarily leaving him unguarded for but a moment. If Komatsu was wiser, perhaps she would have taken advantage of that gap but it was instead an act of spite and Sasuke grappled her once more, this time much rougher. She growled once more and Iruka quickly stepped in and called the match.

"Okay everyone, time for lunch! Good job to all who participated."

As they exited the ring he glared, eyes narrowed and nose up. Komatsu felt a sick mix of satisfaction and guilt watching the blood trickle down his forehead and reluctantly approached him and his growing mass of fans. He hadn't left any lasting injuries on her after all...

"How could she do that to you, Sasuke-kun!" Ino squealed, clasping her hands together.

"What can we do to help you?" Sakura cooed, inching closer.

Komatsu was wondering if she'd set herself upon a battleground rather than an academy. Sasuke was batting them away like they were no more than troublesome flies, sparking a flame of irritation in her.

They're doing this all for you, you idiot! Her lips creased and she almost left the boy to his fate. But that would mean she'd lay awake thinking on her guilt for nights to come: because that's how it worked for Komatsu. Facing his back, she took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, Sasuke-kun!" She bowed apologetically, squeezing her eyelids shut. He barely even moved in her direction and grunted.

"You're never going to make it as a ninja," he answered simply, causing swoons from the girls.

Tell me something I don't know, Komatsu thought sadly. There was no point in retorting; she'd just start a drama. She instead smiled and kept her eyes stuck firmly to the interesting hydrangea in front of her as he left, Sakura, Ino and co not too far behind.

"That was a little harsh don't you think?" A brunet raised an eyebrow, leaning against the wall of the academy building.

"Well he's not wrong, Shikamaru. Komatsu-san's weak as hell." Chouji was currently too occupied resisting opening his chip packet to pay too much attention. Komatsu was bound to hand over her okonomiyaki if he pestered her enough.

"Well judging by that display, I'm pretty sure she knows it as well." The two boys watched on as she stalked away with her lunch, head down and her burgundy bangs hiding her eyes. They both peered at Iruka, wondering when he was going to realise one of his students was in emotional distress. "I hope Komatsu-san's okay! She sure lookd upset earlier. I wonder if she's having any problems?" Iruka practically tripped in his haste to chase after the girl.

"Does this mean I don't get any okonomiyaki?" Shikamaru sighed.

"Fine. BBQ after class."

Stupid. Stupid, stupid stupid! Komatsu's pace quickened gradually until she merged into a full on sprint. Even if she knew it herself, who gave him the right to discount her worth so quickly? That Sasuke Uchiha, he had nothing but good looks and genes!

"Agh!" With a cry, she kicked the closest solid object.

"What the hell was that for?!"

Which happened to be one Naruto Uzamaki.

"Oh dear god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-" Komatsu noticed who it was she'd run into and stiffened. It was that kid. Her granny had warned her about him. He was dangerous; she wasn't sure how but her granny told no lies. "O-Oh it's you Naruto-kun." Her granny had also told her to be polite to all she met. "I, uh," she rubbed her eyes, hoping the red wasn't too noticeable, "didn't see you in class."

The boy bristled, giving her a steely gaze. Komatsu sweated for a good half a minute or so before his face broke into a grin. "That's because there's no point in me going! I'd just pummel everyone so bad they'd ban me from sparring anyway!" He gave her a cheesy thumbs up.

"But Naruto-kun, shouldn't you be attending it more than anyone, considering you' know... Coming last?" She wasn't sure how else to put it without sounding like a jerk. Like Sasuke, she thought bitterly.

"You're not too far ahead of me Komatsu-san! You're just lucky we have so many useless written exams!" Komatsu was relatively literate, which was more than what she could say for Naruto. "You watch, when we become genin I'm gonna wipe the floor with everyone, believe it!"

Komatsu didn't really but Iruka ran up to them, huffing and puffing. "Komatsu-san," he panted, hands on his knees. "I finally caught kids today are so fast." The girl bit her lip; she knew what was coming. "It's time for class you know, you can't go running off like that. Your grandmother would skin me alive!"

"Bu-But Naruto-kun's here too!" She went to face the knucklehead but he'd disappeared. "Wha...?" Iruka's smile became strained.

"Naruto was here too, huh?" His eye twitched but he quickly composed himself and smiled warmly once more. "Well, I'll deal with him later. But first of all," he plopped himself onto the ground, legs crossed. "What's wrong?" Komatsu knelt also, but did not speak. "I'm waiting."

He's not letting me go, is he? She sighed, smoothing out the creases of her shorts. "It's nothing, really... I'm just overreacting."

"I'm sure you're not, Komatsu-san."

Yes I am. I always overreact. "Sasuke-kun said I'd never make it as a ninja," she admitted softly. "And he's not the only one who thinks it! They're right too! I can't do anything here! I'm barely better than Naruto-kun! I...I'm not going to graduate am I?" She stated rather than asked, sniffling. Only Iruka and her granny ever got to her like this. She'd be perfectly fine with bottling in whatever was keeping her and then they'd ask if she was okay and oh it was a mess.

"Your grandmother didn't take me in all those years ago to just give up on her only granddaughter." There it was again. That smile. That horrible, stupid, annoying, genuine smile. "Now, I'm sure Sasuke-kun didn't realise how that hurt." Both knew that wasn't true. "But even if he did, why would you believe him? He isn't a ninja either. Now I'm a ninja, and I think you're going to make a fine kunoichi. You will pass your exams, and you'll make your grandmother proud. I promise." He put both of his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them reassuringly.

"Okay... I'll try." She didn't want to meet his eyes. She'd start crying all over again. "I think I'm too sentimental for a ninja..." She mumbled.

"The best ones always are," Iruka advised, helping her to her feet. "Now get back to class, I've asked Yukiko-sensei to watch the class." Komatsu blanched; Yukiko was by far the worst teacher the academy had to offer. She felt awfully sorry for her regular class, she could hardly stand her for one lesson. But she gave Iruka a respectful nod and was quickly on her way, hearing mutterings of, "I'll get you Naruto," as she went.

Komatsu crept back into the classroom, meekly facing Yukiko. "And why are you so late young lady?" Her very voice was like sharpened fingernails scraping against a chalkboard.

"I was speaking with Iruka-sensei, Yukiko-sensei..." I didn't even get lunch...

"Mm...well, go sit down then. We're in study hall right now, so work your hardest." Wordlessly, she turned to the class and began to scan for an available. Unfortunately the only two left were either Ino or Sakura. Hedging her bets, she lingered in between the two girls' rows for a moment. Sakura seemed to be the lesser evil and Komatsu slipped in next to her, opening her books hastily.

It wasn't long before she came across an impossible arithmetic problem. Maybe this could be her chance to make better friends with Sakura? "U-Uh, S-Sakura-san?" The pinkette gripped her pencil tighter and snapped her neck to face her.

"What is it, Komatsu-san?" She couldn't have worn a faker smile if she'd tried.

"O-Oh...never mind." She hates me, Komatsu thought sullenly. Although in her defence, Sakura and Ino appeared to despise all girls in their class. Hopefully that'll change when being put into squads. Unless one of them gets Sasuke, she pondered with a shudder. "Actually..." There was no way this problem was being solved without help, and it sure as hell wasn't coming from Yukiko-sensei. "Could you help me? I'm, um, not very good at math and stuff...and you're like the smartest person in class, right? So could you help me with this?" She pointed with her pencil down to her page, where numerous scribbles could be seen dragged across in frustration.

For a moment, Sakura's cheeks were dusted with the same shade as her hair, but quickly shook it off. "Hm, well, I guess I can help. Just this once though; I can't let you take my number one kunoichi spot in class-although I don't think I have to worry too much about you." Komatsu winced. Sakura was pretty insensitive when she wanted to be.

For the next few minutes the two exchanged whispers and through Sakura's tutoring, Komatsu began to understand-something which had happened rarely in the past.

"Thanks, Sakura-san...that was a big help." Sakura didn't reply and instead rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, just don't ask again." Komatsu felt an awkward silence fall upon them once more and she turned away. Just when she thought they would have a civil conversation. The class passed in silence and soon the bell was ringing. Yukiko stalked straight out, still reading her novel as she went. "Eugh finally," she heard Sakura groan.

Did I make it that horrible for her? The would-be kunoichi grimaced as her stomach did flip flops. How could she make it up to her for being such a nuisance? Could she? No matter, I just have to do better next time, yosh! But unfortunately it was also time for work. Hurrying to collect her things, Komatsu climbed over the desks to beat the human traffic jam that would inevitably occur. "Excuse me, yes, sorry," she squeezed through the classroom door, dashing to her locker. This shift was always difficult to get to on time after school, but luckily her boss was understanding.

"Hey, Komatsu-san!" Chouji called out. Unfortunately she didn't hear and instead kept hustling along. "I just wanted to invite her to BBQ... It is Shikamaru's treat."

"Don't go saying that out loud, I don't want this to be an open invitation you idiot." Shikamaru grumbled. "Besides, I'm pretty sure she has work today."

"And you'd know this how?" Kiba slipped in between the two of them. raised eyebrow. "I didn't know you two were such good friends." Kiba was the unofficial gossip whore of the group, which admittedly came in handy more often than not.

"We're not," he replied curtly. "My mother and her grandmother are troublesome women who find it convenient to have tea at my place every other weekend. Sometimes there's no getting out of it and you force yourself to listen. I dunno where she works if you're planning on stalking her and if so leave me out of it." The Inzuka let out an amused snort.

"Whatever man. Anyway, Akamaru and I heard you're paying for BBQ tonight, so we thought we'd tag along, y'know?"

Shikamaru glanced down at his wallet and sighed. "What a drag."

I know it's nothing but fluff right now but my priority is really exploring her character and trying to balance her out before anything important actually happens. The plot of the show of course is going to change slightly with a new character involved but trust me she isn't going to convince Sasuke to stay in the village or nothing. Please, read, review, follow, or favourite! I'd really appreciate it considering I'm branching into something new (but frankly overdone in the fandom I am aware).

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