A Ghost of a Chance

TITLE: A Ghost of a Chance Prologue/?
AUTHOR: Juliet3:16
EMAIL: Sweetvalley99@aol.com, Juliet_316_2000@yahoo.com
SPOILERS: Up through Judgement Day 2002 but begins a year later. One further note: Austin still walked out on the company, but Ric Flair remained owner of RAW.
SUMMARY: A ghost story, WWF style.
DISCLAIMER: Vince owns everything, I own nothing, end of disclaimer.
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A Ghost of a Chance


Stephanie McMahon was watching it again.

She didn't know why exactly she was watching it again. Some kind of machismo she supposed. She was, afterall, Vince McMahon's daughter. Machoism was practically a family trait,

Her father would've said that she was watching the gruesome end to something and someone that was nothing more than a constant nuisance to his daughter and ultimately contributed to her untimely exile from the World Wrestling Federation for nearly ten months. Vince had almost been jubilant when the tragic event occurred.

For Stephanie, there were only bittersweet emotions. Some small part of her felt relief because it removed a lot of potential complications from her life. But she was also overwhelming sad and sorrowful because it signaled a finality to a part of her life that in the beginning brought tremendous happiness for her and turned bitter in it's disastrous end.

Stephanie, sighed, watching the body fall from the Hell in the Cell, watched as the EMTs attended to the man, and remembered the phone call from Kurt Angle, telling her that he was dead.

Stephanie rewound the tape back to the start of the Judgement Day Hell in the Cell match and slid further down into her bed. She had an early day tomorrow and desperately needed some sleep. No true rest for the weary - or the newly appointed RAW commissioner.

As Stephanie McMahon drifted off to sleep, she tried not to think of the enormously busy schedule Ric Flair would have for her the next day.

Or that it was also the one year anniversary of her estranged husband, Hunter Hearst - Helmsley's death.