It was a stark contrast beginning the year of 2018 versus 2017. In the year prior, Hermione and her husband had not been on the best of terms. But now? Now they had a four-month-old baby and they were getting married again. Life took many unexpected turns, but this was one sharp left that she couldn't have been happier about.

Narcissa had truly outdone herself. Despite being her own wedding, Hermione didn't know much of what had been designed for the blessed day of January 4th. This was her mother-in-law's choice in wedding gift –and an expensive one. The Daily Prophet seemed to know more about the Malfoy-Malfoy nuptials than the couple in question and it was only from its snippets that Hermione and Draco were able to deduce that their wedding was exorbitant. So much so that they wondered just how much of her vaults Narcissa went through to pull this off. However, she wouldn't answer any questions about it and simply said, "It was worth it."

And now instead of a month or even a week away, there were a little less than twenty-four hours to go until music would be floating through the air and Hermione and Draco would be married yet again.

"Seriously, Hermione?" Draco asked through the bedroom door.

She laughed because she knew exactly why he was questioning her sanity. It was after midnight the day of their wedding. Despite how much she loved him he would not be seeing her until she walked down that aisle. And so, the door was locked and unable to open –even with an Alohomora. In addition to that, anti-apparation wards were up as well.

"You know the rules, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco chuckled and shook his head even though she couldn't see him. "Yes, I know the rules. I just wanted to say good night. Granted it was a more physical good night, but nevertheless…"

Hermione simply could not roll her eyes hard enough. "Sometimes I wonder if there's ever enough blood in your head."

"Depending on which one you mean, the answer is yes."

Hermione could break an eye socket with this one –or open the door, but instead of either she kept herself quite composed.

"I love you, Draco. Good night."

Either she was blushing or she was giving her eyes some serious exercise. Draco imagined the latter, conceded, and wished her good night just the same.

Narcissa had chosen a French Chateau for the affair. The wedding would take place on the grounds –a place which, although Hermione would be walking through it soon enough –she still hadn't yet seen. That morning she had packed taken a portkey with Cassie and Lyra straight to the suite they would be sharing for the day. Draco had done the same with Scorpius while Hermione's parents would be minding Caelum for the majority of the day.

The girls were ecstatic.

"Mum, can we stay here forever?!" Lyra asked as she climbed onto the bed.

"Please?" Cassie begged as she joined her sister. Hermione watched them both as they jumped up and down excitedly.

"You all visit a massive Manor often enough." Hermione answered with a huge grin. "What do you want this place for?"

"But...that's...a Manor!" Lyra said on each jump. " chateau!"

"It even...sounds great! Chateau..." Cassie added.

"You go to school in a castle with not much difference from this one. You have absolutely no excuse." Hermione laughed. "Now come on you two, we have a wedding to get ready for."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Merlin above."

"What's the matter, Draco?" Blaise asked mischievously. "Afraid your diet wasn't going well?"

Yes, Draco had been watching what he ate ever since that horrid fitting (unless he counted his nights with Hermione). He refused to call it a "diet" though, as the term grated on his nerves like a Cruciatus Curse.

"You know what? Seeing as I'm getting married in an hour, I'm not even going to get upset at a wisecrack such as that."

"I beg your pardon? I get a free pass?"

"One." Draco warned. "After that I hex you –wedding or not."

"Damn," Blaise frowned. "If I had known I would've said something better."

"How do I look?"

Both Draco and Blaise turned to see Scorpius coming out of a neighboring room wearing his best little suit.

"Like a perfect gentleman." Draco answered him. Scorpius seemed to stand up just a little bit taller at that, clearly elated at his father's comments.

"Do you think Isa will like it?"

Blaise nodded. "I think so, mate. In fact, Isa should be finished getting ready by now. Do you want to go see her?"

Scorpius quickly nodded and ran for the door. Blaise, ever amused how at smitten the boy was with his daughter and vice versa, followed him.

"See you outside." Blaise called back to Draco before finally leaving.

"Oh, Hermione." Daphne said with wet eyes. "You look just as beautiful as you did when you first got married."

"You really think so?" Hermione asked as she smoothed her hands out over her dress. It was a scoop-neckline from shoulder to shoulder, and while not very revealing the first time she'd worn it, after having a baby that had certainly changed. Not that she was against it. A minor alteration so she didn't suffocate and she was fine. She probably could've used a bit of altering with her waist as well, but she had rather burn a book before resorting to such a method.

The bodice was a crisscross pattern full of faux diamonds (although at the time of her first wedding Narcissa had offered real ones, but was politely declined). It hugged neatly to her hips, changing into a soft material that expanded to the floor and in a trail behind her –just two sizes smaller than an enormous poof one might see depicted on Cinderella.

"I really do think so." Daphne confirmed. "And Ian agrees with me. Don't you?"

The newborn was wide awake despite the fact that he should've been asleep. At least he would sleep strong tonight and maybe grant mum and dad a bit of rest in return.

"You girls look lovely." Narcissa beamed once she gave her granddaughters a quick look-over.

"Are you sure?" Cassie asked. "My hair? My face? My teeth? Is there anything in them?"

"You're perfection, dear. I'm sure you'll catch that darling boy's attention without a problem."

"Grandmother! I just want to make sure that I look good for the wedding, not Xavier."

Narcissa's lips turned up as though she'd just heard the most delicious gossip. "I never said a name, but thank you so much for supplying one. So, Daphne's nephew is a little more than a friend, is he? I will have to have a talk with the young man then."

Cassie's face paled. "Mum?"

Hermione chuckled. "Sorry, sweetheart. It's out of my hands now. Be thankful it's not your father."

"Are you kidding?" Pansy scoffed. "She's worse."

Everyone laughed, almost obscuring the small knock on the suite's door and the voice that accompanied it.

"Isa? Are you in there?" Scorpius asked. Isa, who had been getting her finishing touches done by Ginny and Eliza, jumped up from her seat and ran towards the door.

"Scorpius!" She greeted him with a hug. "You look nice."

"We might as well call ourselves in-laws." Pansy muttered to Hermione.

"Excuse me! Pardon!" James said as he squeezed past Blaise to enter the room. Albus and Lily were right behind him as well as Paloma, Rose, Hugo, and Eliza's son, Elijah. "Have you all seen how cool this place is?"

"James Potter, is that dirt I see on you?" Ginny scolded as she walked over to him with her wand to clear away the mess. "I said you could explore the chateau, not roll around in mud."

"I didn't roll in it. I kind of...fell."

"Yes, well, just because magic can clean it up try not to get dirty again, please?"

"Oh, it's time to go, isn't it?" Lyra asked. "I can see daddy from up here and he's standing in front of everybody."

Cassie headed over to the window and peered out of it. She laughed. "He looks nervous."

"Why? Because he's talking to himself?"

"I meant the pacing, but yeah, sure. That too."

Hermione didn't even have to look outside to imagine it. Draco was quite poised on a regular basis, but every now and again certain events could rattle him. Her being in labor, case and point.

"Alright," she said to everyone with a jolly sigh. "Let's get going then."

Draco had to give it to his mother. She had done an amazing job (not that he had been expecting otherwise). The chateau she had chosen was notoriously known for its gardens. With the large, ornate castle in the background, all along it were planted flowers of all kinds with a wonderful array of colors. What it made it more spectacular was that magic was what kept them from dying no matter the time or year (not to mention to keep the grounds warm on a colder than cold day in January). It was almost poetic in a way to have such a vibrant spring-like scene in the dead of winter.

Draco was standing in front of a massive arch with vines and white, rose, and violet flowers woven within it. The aisle was a white Persian runway that he knew made up a huge chunk of the cost for this wedding. It was a long aisle too. Long enough to sponsor a mini chandelier every two feet to light it. And in between the chandelier were floating bouquets. The guests (all two hundred plus of them…) sat in chairs one would find at a dining room table. Draco could hear his mother now in his head, formally denouncing the idea of having cheap chairs just because they would only be in use for at most forty-five minutes to an hour.

When Draco saw his father-in-law walking around the guests with Caelum in his arms, he started to grow anxious. He and Jean had told him that they would come closer to the start of the ceremony that way they didn't have to rush getting Caelum ready and the boy could get ample rest. And if they were here, that meant the wedding would be starting soon. The blond took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He also started pacing, unknown to himself, and was only stopped when he heard the wide awake sighs of a baby in front of him.

"I think dad needs a hug, don't you?" Mr. Granger grinned at Caelum before passing him over to Draco. Yes, yes, he needed it and took full advantage of the opportunity. "I don't remember you being this jumpy when you and Hermione first got married."

"There's a reason for that: Calming Potion. A lot of it."

Mr. Granger shook his head and laughed. "Well, that certainly makes sense."

"Oh my, I could cry." Mrs. Granger walked up to the men. "Draco, you look splendid. And that suit! You haven't aged a single day."

"You make an excellent liar, Jean." Draco replied with clear amusement. "Thank you."

At that moment the telltale signs that Narcissa had made her presence known was in the air as all the guests began to hush. Mrs. Granger took Caelum from Draco and they and her husband quickly got to their seats.

"You owe me money." Harry said to Ron as they took their places next to their significant others out of sight from guests. "You said Draco wouldn't be able to fit in his suit."

Theo had to put a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing while Blaise laughed outright.

"You bet against him?" Blaise questioned. "Weasley, you're terrible."

Theo cocked a brow as he let his hand fall. "So did you."

Everyone turned to look at Blaise who shrugged. "Alright, alright. So I had a little less faith than the rest of you."

The group hushed their laughter enough to compose themselves to get into position. At the other end of the aisle Draco smiled as he saw his friends walking with their spouses (girlfriend, in Ron's case) and reflected on how this was really his life. Slytherins and Gryffindors in one accord, joking with one another as though they'd always been friends. Their children, all sitting in the front row within Narcissa's line of sight to keep them all straight, all wide-eyed and excited as they shared this moment together.

Blaise, Theo, Harry, and Ron all stood next to Draco once they had made it down the aisle, while Pansy, Daphne, Ginny, and Eliza stood on the other side. Draco was all smiles once he saw Scorpius making his way down –a mini version of himself wearing the proudest facial expression because he got to carry his parents' rings on a small pillow. Lyra came after him, a perfect little vision in violet and holding a small bouquet. Cassie followed, looking much more grown up than ever, also wearing violet and holding a bouquet.

Once his children were lined up, everyone in the audience stood and Draco knew who was coming next.

Draco felt like he had just used a time-turner. Hermione looked just as she did the first time –blushing cheeks and all that he knew wasn't due to makeup. She held a massive bouquet he promised himself that he'd joke was bigger than her before the night was over. Regardless of its size, it still couldn't detract from how beautiful she looked nor how hard it seemed she was fighting back happy tears.

When Hermione finally reached him, Draco couldn't help himself.

"You know that if you ruin your makeup Ginny's going to murder you, right?"

"Can't. She put a Waterproof Charm on my face." Hermione rolled her eyes.

He chuckled. "Of course she would. Although, your tears will probably be strong enough to break the charm."

"I am not going to cry."

"The corners of your eyes say otherwise."

"Five galleons that I don't."

"Make it ten."

The marriage official who was close enough to hear their conversation gently cleared his throat. The couple glanced at him and apologized softly although it was clear neither meant it. Draco and Hermione held each other's hands tightly and allowed the official to begin.

"We're gathered here this evening to witness the union of Draco and Hermione Malfoy. May the vows that they take today last for a lifetime."

The marriage official raised his wand and pointed it just above their heads. After a few softly spoken words, a ball of gold light hovered above them. From that light, shimmery cords very reminiscent to those of an Unbreakable wove their way around them until they reached the ground.

"Repeat after me if you please. I promise to love, cherish, and protect you with all my strength and every breath I have from this day until my last."

Those words… Hermione remembered the first time she'd heard them and how much she had meant them when she had said them back. As she repeated after the official she realized that she meant those words even more now than she had before. Why? Because this time she had no intentions of breaking those vows no matter what.

The cords around them disappeared once the words were repeated and the rings were next. Scorpius, ever dutiful, presented them to his father while wearing his pride on his sleeve. Draco made sure to say his thanks, adding in whispered "Good job" to him before he and Hermione took their respective rings.

Draco's went on easily enough. However, before he put on Hermione's he wanted her to do something first.

"Read the inside."

Naturally, Hermione's curiosity was piqued. Her ring had never been engraved before and so she raised it to her eyes so that she could see what was said.

Forever means forever

Hermione wanted to cry. She sniffled, looking up at Draco and hoping that she looked more composed than she felt. Judging by the expression on his face apparently she didn't. He took the ring from her hand and slipped it onto her finger. A finger that had been bare for almost two full years.

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy again."

Neither of them waited for permission to kiss each other. Although they had kissed one another many times as of late, this time it felt different. It felt...better. More intimate. Probably because this time they officially belonged together.

"By the way," Draco said once they pulled away, their foreheads pressed together. "You owe me ten galleons."

Hermione laughed and nodded, promising that she'd pay every cent.

Twelve years later…

"Caelum Orion Malfoy, if you put a finger on that cake you're grounded for the rest of your Christmas holiday."

Caelum turned around with a cool calmness despite having been caught with his finger out and just a centimeter away from the wedding cake. Ian, however, looked ready to confess and apologize a hundred times over.

"I wasn't going to touch it, honest. It's just such a nice cake and I wanted to get a closer look."

Hermione stared at her son with a brow raised. Despite having her hair, Caelum had his father's eyes and everything else. It was no wonder (according to Headmaster Longbottom) that the sorting hat had barely landed on his head before announcing "Slytherin!" as his House. The brunette had thought that Scorpius would be the one to end up there, but no, he was Gryffindor like his mother and sister and had actually made Draco shed a tear when he'd been sorted there.

"Nice lie." Hermione crossed her arms. "Now away from the cake. I don't want to see you anywhere near it unless it's a slice on your plate."

"Okay," Caelum relented before he and Ian walked off. She shook her head at them as they went before letting out a soft shout as arms snaked around her.

Draco laughed as he set his chin on her shoulder. "So jumpy."

"Why do you insist on doing that?"

"I already said it. You're jumpy."

Hermione could very well argue with him but he'd only wriggle his way around her with that charm of his. Even after all these years there was no escaping it. It was one of the reasons was why she loved him so much.

"I still can't believe that Scorpius is getting married." Hermione pouted. "All I need now is a grey hair on my head to top it all off."

"But Hermione, you already have-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence."

Draco smirked. Grey hairs were taboo topic seeing as she had found a small set near her ear the month prior. As or himself, his hair was still perfectly blond –especially when he took his wand to it the moment he saw a funny color change.

"Mum! Dad!"

The loving pair turned in the direction of their eldest child's voice and Hermione practically ran over to her in absolute delight. Not even a hello to the happily married twenty-six-year-old, but instead she cooed over the squirming infant in her arms.

"Oh, give her to me." Hermione smiled as she took her one-month-old granddaughter in her arms. "Hello, Nysa."

"Sir," Cassie's husband greeted.

"Xavier," Draco said as he shook his hand. "No bags under the eyes. I take it Nysa's sleeping better?"

"Absolutely not," Cassie scoffed as she hugged her father. "What you're looking at are very well-placed Glamour Charms."

"Really? Well, you were always proficient in charms."

"Thank Merlin." Xavier chuckled. "My mother keeps telling me I look like death."

Draco laughed. "Yeah, that sounds like your mother. Where is she anyway?"

"Not sure. My stepfather had her somewhere. Oh, wait, there they are."

Xavier pointed to the hors d'oeuvres table. There was Astoria with her husband, Winston, who not only had an American charm that had bewitched his wife several years ago, he also had the patience and tolerance to handle such a pleasantly clingy witch. Xavier, back then a new Durmstrang graduate, had captured Hermione's professional heart with his interest in magical creatures. Add in Cassie's begging, Hermione had gotten him an apprenticeship in her department and he had worked rather closely with Winston. Astoria met him through her son and the rest was history.

"Hey, Cassie," Xavier nudged her. "Who's your dad staring at with the same look he used to give me?"

Cassie immediately turned to look at her father and then determined where his eyes were headed. Once she realized, she then elicited help.

"Mum? You might want to rein dad in."

"Hm?" Hermione questioned, too entertained by Nysa. Once she had redirected her gaze she figured out the reason for her daughter's alarm and began hissing at her husband. "Draco! No! Stop that!"

Sadly, Draco was too out of earshot to hear anything his wife had to say. He was too busy taking in a sight that was bringing about murderous tendencies.

The couple in question who had captured his attention were completely unawares as they enjoyed each other's company.

"James!" Lyra giggled with her boyfriend's arms around her waist as he tried to tickle her. "You know very well you're not allowed to touch me there."

"Well, I can't very well touch you elsewhere." James cheekily replied. "That would be rude."

Lyra rolled her eyes before reaching up to kiss him again. Before she could even get the chance their personal space was extremely violated.


James stiffened like a statue. Despite knowing Lyra's father for his entire life, the man still scared the living daylights out of him.

"Lyra, sweetheart," Draco said cordially. "Your mother wants you."

Lyra, still in James' grasp, huffed. "Does she really, dad?"

"I don't know. Why don't you go find out?"

The young woman rolled her eyes, –an action she could only get away with because she was twenty-three years old –gave James a peck on the cheek, and then went on her way. She muttered, "Don't hurt him," as she passed her father while James, still rigid as a board, let his eyes glance up at Draco.

He smiled nervously. "Hey there,"

"James," Draco inclined his head. "Now, while I know that both you and Lyra are adults and are, in fact, dating, would you mind it terribly if you didn't fondle her in public?"

"Of course! Absolutely! Won't happen again. I swear it."

"Good, good." He nodded before planting a firm hand on James' shoulder. "Because if I ever see you with your tongue down my daughter's throat again, I'll cut it out."

James swallowed thickly. "Understood."

"Fantastic. Enjoy the wedding."

Draco walked off while whistling a tune. James breathed a sigh of relief and then remarked Lily's and Rose's huge smiles.

"You do realize that if you break Lyra's heart her dad's going to kill you, right?" Rose asked.

James sighed. "I know. But she's worth my bollocks on the chopping block." He then shrugged and grinned. "You know me. I like to live dangerously."

Lily nodded at her brother's assertion because there was absolutely no way to deny it. "Death by hex. I can see it now."

"By who?" Paloma questioned as she caught on to the conversation. "Lyra or her dad? Because let's face it, they've both got the guts to do it."

"Ha ha, very funny." James mocked, although he would be the first one to admit that his girlfriend could be scary at times. "Where's the rest of the lot?"

"Did you seriously just refer to your own brother as 'the rest of the lot?'" Albus asked as he walked up to the group. James rolled his eyes.

"I didn't mean you. And where did you stash my broom."

"Relax. Despite reminding you repeatedly that I'm not your personal wizarding valet, your precious 2030 Fireshot is safe."

"You guys flew here?" Rose questioned in surprise. Albus shrugged.

"I didn't want to get splinched. Long-distance apparating, you know?"

"And your excuse?" She asked wryly. James looked ever so smug.

"What? You expected me to get soot on my suit if I Flooed?"

Rose groaned. "For the love of Merlin…"

Hugo laughed as he approached, his and Rose's nine-year-old sister walking with him hand-in-hand.

"James, what did you do to aggravate Rose?"

James scoffed. "I would never do anything to upset her!"

Opal looked up at him and giggled. "Is that why Rose said you make her want to shove her wand up her-"

Rose quickly clamped her hand over her sister's mouth and chuckled unbelievingly. "Oh, isn't she sweet? Kids are just adorable! Come on now, Opal. Let's go find Elijah. I bet he can sneak you some cake early!"

Rose walked off with Opal (more like dragged her) in order to find her brother by marriage. Said marriage had happened when she was twelve going on thirteen and she had liked her step-mother very much. She had grown to love her over time –even as much as her own mother –and was glad that her father was happy. He still had a goofy, love-sick expression on his face whenever he looked at his wife.

"Ron, stop loosening your tie!" Eliza scolded. Ron kept up his pleasant expression as she fixed it while Theo and Daphne watched with amused smiles.

"I should've known you needed help getting dressed." Theo teased. Daphne smacked him in the arm, but that only made him laugh. "Let me have this one, Daph. That was too easy not to pick apart."

"Why am I friends with him?" Ron asked his wife. Eliza giggled as she finally finished with his tie.

"Because unfortunately Slytherins have a charm that's hard to resist."

"It's alright, Weasley." Theo clapped his shoulder. "I question my friendship with you on a regular basis."

"We all question it." Blaise inputted with Pansy by his side.

"It's the father of the bride, ladies and gents." Theo announced before turning to the man's wife. "What's wrong with you Pansy?"

Pansy sniffled and waved a hand dismissively. "Nothing, nothing. I'm quite alright."

"Pans," Daphne said gently although with a mischievous smirk present. "Have you been crying?"

"I have not!"

Eliza dug her hand in her purse and fished out a few tissues. "That means yes. It's alright to admit it."

Blaise cocked a brow in the air. "Have you met her? She'd rather drive a wand through her eye than admit something like that." He then smiled at her and took the tissues from her to dab at her eyes. "Even if she is actively crying."

Pansy brooded. "Oh, shut up."

"Now, since you've mentioned my daughter," Blaise said. "Where's her other half?"

Everyone took a quick glance around before Ron finally found him. "Seems like he's getting coddled. Narcissa's as fussy as always."

That was certainly true of the grandmother who was making sure that her grandson looked his best. Scorpius did all he could to accommodate her and let her lecture him for as long as she wished.

"…understood? And you could do with standing just a tad straighter. Posture is key, you know. Oh, Merlin, that one strand of hair keeps slipping out of place."

"Grandmother," Scorpius laughed as he stilled her wand from tackling his hair for the third time. "My hair is fine. Everything is fine. I swear to you."

Narcissa pursed her lips in thought for a moment. And just for a moment before she took her wand to his hair again. From a distance Hermione was watching her mother-in-law and couldn't help herself from cracking up. And she thought she had been terrible this morning after walking into Scorpius' room. To see him dressed in a suit, ready to get married, well…it had positively set her over the edge and she had sobbed like mad. Even now just thinking about it made her want to tear up again.

"Do not smudge that makeup missy." Ginny scolded as she gave her a hug. Hermione used her finger to wipe at the corners of her eyes in order to adhere to the witch's orders. "Although, something tells me you've already shed a couple tears today."

"I have." Hermione admitted. "They're growing up to have lives of their own, Ginny. First Cassie and now Scorpius."

"Lyra right after that if she and James keep at it." Harry said as he gave his best friend a hug just as his wife did. "Can you just imagine it?"

"What I can imagine is my utter disbelief that my daughter becomes a Potter of all things." Draco drawled rather cheerily. "Sometimes I can't believe that this is my life. If someone had told me this would be it when I was a kid, I would've lost all of my inheritance in a bet."

"You and me both." Harry snorted. "And now that you've mentioned bets," he added with a grin. "Did you bring enough galleons today?"

Hermione furrowed her brows. "For what?"

"Exactly what he said. A bet," Draco grumbled. "It's between me and Blaise on what age Scorpius and Isa would get married."

"I beg your pardon?" Hermione sputtered. "You actually bet on that?"

"We did. Years ago the moment they kept begging us to let them play together." He recalled fondly. "And now I'm out one hundred galleons just because I changed the age from nineteen to eighteen when I was right the first time."

Hermione shook her head at him while Harry and Ginny laughed. Soon after that there was soft music playing in the air, a signal that the wedding was going to be taking place soon. The massive horde of people who had been casually walking around began to head to their seats. Hermione linked her arm with Draco's and the two of them sat in the front row with her parents sitting beside them. From here the immediate family could see how profusely Scorpius was sweating despite the comfortable magic-controlled temperature and it being December. Draco did him a favor by casting a Cooling Charm on him from where he sat, and Scorpius nodded in appreciation.

When everyone was seated and the music shifted, Hermione held her breath as well as her husband's hand. She sat both numbly and happily as Scorpius' and Isa's friends walked down the aisle in sky blue matching ensembles. After that came Isa, dressed in a beautiful wedding dress and looking very much like the angel she was.

Sometimes Hermione, too, echoed her husband's sentiments. She would often wake up and really wonder if this was her life. Thirteen years of marriage, a divorce, a baby, a wedding, and twelve more years of marriage. All of that to finally end up with four wonderful children –two Gryffindors and two Slytherins which had taken the phrase "sibling rivalry" to new heights. Her eldest was married and a mother, her second was in a relationship, her third was currently standing with his hands cupping his future wife's, and her fourth was a cunning, Second-Year Hogwarts student who took after his father in every way.

Despite Ginny's warning, Hermione couldn't help but let a tear slide down her cheek. Without any prompting from her, Draco reached over and swiped it away with his thumb. She looked at him gratefully as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it once.

"I don't know about you, Hermione," Draco whispered to her. "But I think we did pretty well."

Hermione felt another tear slide down her face, but this time it wasn't because of the wedding. She nodded and smiled.

"Yes. Yes, we did."

Draco leaned in to kiss her, and he relished in the fact even after all this time, not a single ounce of their passion had dwindled. Before the kiss ended, they couldn't ignore Blaise's merry voice (obviously a charm to project his voice to their ears) about knocking it off, they weren't the ones getting married.

The Malfoys chuckled, Draco thinking of ways to hex him later, while Hermione leaned her head on his shoulder.

Yes, they had certainly done well.

Author's note: Well, this…this is it guys. I don't think I've ever felt so emotionally attached to a story before, but I can never say that again. Writing this has been one incredible journey and I'm so happy that many of you were here for it. There's quite a few of you who are guest reviewers, so I'll create another chapter solely for the purpose of replying to you since I won't be able to do it otherwise. I don't want to leave you guys hanging :). Also quick question for you, now that the story is over and you've read it in its entirety, what do you think the final genres should be?

Now, I still have three active stories going: Unhinged (nearly completed, probably 2-3 chapters to go), Anonymity (the longest story I've got going), and Need (7 chapters in already, 20 chapters max I expect, although it could be less). I'm in the process of wrapping up everything I have going and hope to have everything done by April. I took a look back at my work and realized that I've been writing and posting stories steadily for exactly ONE FULL YEAR. Needless to say, I think a hiatus is in order lol. Not to mention, I just re-enrolled in school, so taking Ron's advice, I'm sorting out my priorities. I'll be back again with a new story I'm sure, but I do miss reading which I certainly haven't had time to do as of late :).

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AB: Hope everything's okay with you and cyclone things! Stay safe! As you read, didn't really include the whole "something blue" thing, but seeing as the scene was cut straight to when she was dressed, we can always imagine that it was there! As for Daphne, in the previous chapter, her pregnancy was mentioned a bit. Of course, I could've mentioned her a bit more, but it's always a bit hard to make sure everyone gets "air time" when there's so many characters lol. Oh Caelum, you adorable baby. Well, preteen now considering the epilogue. Like father like son ;).