Written for the Ice Cream Factory Challenge by Screaming Faeries

Warnings: Slash, Spoilers for the Cursed Child series.

Pairing: Tom Riddle Jr x Albus Severus Potter (Platonic), Albus Severus Potter x Scorpius Malfoy

Albus sat in his dormitory, staring down at the black leather book he'd nicked from his father. It was badly damaged, but a quick Reparo severed it well.

Picking up a pen, he began to write.

'My name is Albus Potter. I'm a Slytherin second year.' He wrote this calmly.

'Hello, Albus. My name is Tom Riddle. I am a Slytherin like you, though I was in my sixth year when a part of myself became trapped in my diary.'

Albus tilted his head, then responded.

It had been weeks since Albus' first interaction with Tom Riddle. They had become fast friends, though Albus refused to do such things and go to the girl's bathrooms. Eww.

The two had spoken of much, and Riddle had even given Albus advice for what to do about his crush on Scorpius. He had been following this advice and was pleased with the results. Scorpius was confused and would blush any time Albus came near. Albus found this incredibly amusing and would tell Riddle of the results, the older boy as amused as Albus himself.

'Evening Riddle. I can't talk for long, I've got detention tonight with Filch.' Albus wrote.

'Filch? That old codger is still there? Shame.' Riddle responded. 'He's been there over seventy years. I wonder how old he is.' Albus chuckled, looking down at diary, sensing its annoyance. He had become quite tuned to the diary's emotions.

'I've got to go, Riddle, Scorpius is here. We'll talk later.' He put, watching the ink disappear and Riddle's reply appear.

'Bye, Potter. Good luck with Scorpius, remember what I told you.'

Albus grinned at Scorpius. "Hey, how are you?" He asked.

Scorpius smiled at him. "I'm good, a bit hungry." He shrugged.

Albus nodded. "Shall we go to the Great Hall?" He suggested.

The two walked off.

Riddle's diary say where it was, the original enchantment Tom Riddle had placed on it to see if it were even possible to make a Horcrux reactivated, the diary no longer a Horcrux or weapon, simply a diary that would write back from the perspective of Lord Voldemort.

Albus continued to write in the book, speaking with Tom daily if possible. The diary taught him many skills, spells and relationship advice, even more so when Scorpius came back to the third year with haunted eyes and a broken heart. His mother had died within the holidays and Scorpius had been there to witness the curse of her bloodline rip her apart.

Two years later, at the beginning of the fifth year, with Riddle's advice and instruction, Albus asked Scorpius out.

Albus was content in life. The memory of Tom Riddle Jr was happy to help, hoping that with this gaining the trust of the boy, he might be able to sway the child into becoming the next Dark Lord, his very own apprentice...