The end is getting closer, the final battle is almost here! And to the fans of Mass Effect: The Republic, I plan on finishing this first. I want to create series of battles you will enjoy to read.

Battle of Hangar E

Hangar E, Nevada, Shattered Glass Universe (Earlier)

"He's gone Predaking." Motormaster called in.

"Who's gone?"

"Skywarp activated his Transwarp Matrix, he locked onto Starscream's signature and he disappeared."

"When did this happen?"

Motormaster braced himself for Predaking's response.

"He disappeared six hours ago."

"WHAAATTTTT!" Predaking yelled causing Motormaster to cover his audio receptors. "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT SKYWARP HAS BEEN MISSING FOR SIX HOURS AND YOU ARE JUST INFORMING US NOW!"

"Predaking all I can say is….. WHAT IN UNICRON IS THAT!" Motormaster looked at the sky as a giant blue and green rift tore through and placed itself above the hangar.

"Motormaster, report."

"Predaking, there is a giant rift that has opened above the hangar… I sense Breakdown on the other side!"
"Skywarp and Starscream are on the other side as well!" Thundercracker called out.

Predaking took a step back from the communications console as he processed this information.

"Keep watching the rift…. I need to make some calls." Predaking called up Scrapper, Lockdown, and Ransack. The faceplates of the three Decepticons appeared on screen.

"What's wrong PK?" Ransack asked.

"First off don't call me PK ever again. Second off, everyone needs to return to the Nemesis immediately."

"We're on our way boss. MICKY! YOU TAKE OVER, THE CONSTRUCTICONS ARE BEING RECALLED!" Scrapper yelled to a foreman off screen.

"I'll get Runamuck and Runabout." Lockdown told Predaking as he looked over to see the twins wrestling.

"I'm sorry sparklings but I have to go." Was all Crumplezone could tell the children without his optics from leaking. It didn't work. The giant cybertronian began to bawl like a newspark, Ransack let out a sigh before putting a servo on his friend's shoulder and leading him away

"Okay CZ we can come back another day, now come on, we have work to do."

Crumplezone sniffled before nodding at Ransack.

"Get us a bridge PK."

"I told you not to call me…. Never mind, just get back here." Was all Predaking said as the black and red portal opened in front of them and the two Decepticons walked through.

Nemesis Bridge

"All away teams have been recalled to the Nemesis Predaking." Barricade told Predaking as he followed behind him with a datapad

"You have a priority call." Teletran 2 told Predaking as he walked back over to the command console.

Predaking saw it was Motormaster trying to contact him, he activated the com and was greeted by the sight of the Stunticons and Thundercracker in a fight with Auto-troopers.

"Motormaster! What's going on?"

"I'll tell you what's going on! We're under heavy fire from…" BOOM! An explosion ripped across the screen revealing a group of green battle damaged public safety vehicles. The leader of this group was the fire truck as it transformed into a mech that rivaled the size of Ultra Magnus.

"Protectobots! Decimate them!" Yelled Hot Spot to the other Protectobots. The group transformed and opened fire on the Decepticons.

"We need backup! And we need it AHHHH!" A lucky shot from Streetwise hit Motormaster in the back and tore through his armor.

"BOSS!" Yelled out Dragstrip, he looked over to Wildrider and an idea formed in Dragstrip's processor. "Wildrider!" Dragstrip called over to his friend. "You remember that one move we used to take out Grapple?"

Wildrider ducked under cover as another explosion went off over his helm.

"Yeah… What about it?" Wildrider was curious until Dragstrip nodded his helm towards the Protectobots. Hot Spot in particular. "I like the way you think Dragstrip!" Wildrider yelled out as the two Stunticons transformed and sped towards Hot Spot.

The Protectobot gave them a look of disdain as they approached.

"What are those speed happy aft holes doing? Blast them!" He yelled to Groove and Streetwise, the two Protectobots opened fire on the Stunticons. Wildrider and Dragstrip swerved out of the way and raced in circles around Hot Spot.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS! SHOOT THEM AHHHHHHH." The circles that Dragstrip and Wildrider were making around Hot Spot paid off as Groove and Streetwise opened fire, and both Mechs hit Hot Spot. in the legs causing the colossal cybertronian to crash to the ground. "YOU IMBECILES! I TOLD YOU TO SHOOT THEM! WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME!?"

"Sorry Hot Spot." Was all Groove said as he and Streetwise moved their blasters behind their backs with sheepish looks on their faces. This made them completely unaware of Dragstrip and Wildrider who sped back towards the Protectobots, transformed, and planted a fist in Groove and Streetwise face. As the two Protectobots crashed to the ground Dragstrip and Wildrider flipped over their targets in midair, high-fived each other mid flip, transformed, and sped back to cover dodging fire from First Aid and Blades. Hot Spot looked on in shock at the two Stunticons as they began returning fire.

"First Aid." Hot Spot hissed.

"WHAAAT?" The medic whined.

"Com Lord Optimus."

"What were you two thinking!" Yelled Dead End as Dragstrip and Wildrider returned.

"It worked didn't it?" Wildrider retorted.

"Yeah, with Hotspot wounded and Streetwise and Groove K.O; Defensor can't come out to play." Dragstrip added.

"But you could have been wounded and Menasor would be out of commission."

"Enough you three." Motormaster replied weakly.


"We need to fall back" Thundercracker called out over the explosions showering around the Decepticons.


"What we need to do Thundercracker is contact Predaking again."

"BOSS!" Wildrider yelled for the third time.

"What is it?" Motormaster called out only for Wildrider to point at the sky. And the looming shape of the Ark approaching the portal.

"Later Decepti-punks" Called out First-Aid as he and the other Protectobots were bridged aboard the Ark. as soon as the Protectobots vanished, the Ark began to unleash volleys of turbo laser fire on the Decepticons below. Motormaster and the other's hunkered down behind the barricade they formed.

"I am sorry my brothers." A bead of coolant dripped down Thundercracker's face plate as the cannon fire approached them. The other's ducked their heads and waited for the end.

"Will you slaggers get in the groundbridge already!" Ransack yelled over coms as the team turned to see an open bridge behind them.

"Run!" Yelled Motormaster, as the other's entered the groundbridge, Motormaster turned to see the Ark pass through the portal and vanish without a trace. "I pray Primus sent your ship to the Pit Lord Optimus." And Motormaster entered the groundbridge to the Nemesis.

Hangar E, Prime Universe.

"AUTOBOTS! BRING ME MEGATRON PRIME!" Yelled Lord Optimus. No sooner did the words leave his vocaliser, groundbridges began opening up across Hangar E and Auto-troopers began pouring out.

"DECEPTICONS! PROTECT THE COMMANDER AT ALL COSTS!" Yelled Starscream as Skywarp fired his wrist rockets at a group of Auto-troopers. The rockets collided with the troopers causing a fiery explosion and sending pieces of drones flying across the courtyard.

"We require our weapons if we are to fight." Soundwave told the humans

This way! Yelled Bumblebee as he led the Decepticons to Hangar E's vault. Bumblebee quickly typed in the password causing the doors to slide open. Inside the vault the Decepticon saw their weapons. Shockwave ran to his cannon and reattached it, the cannon hummed to life as the power cable was hooked up. Starscream grabbed his wrist rockets and the chip for his blasters and installed both weapons, Soundwave picked up Laserbeak and reattached the minicon who let out several chirps as he awoke from stasis before reattaching the resonance blaster to his arm, Breakdown hooked up his shoulder cannon, Dreadwing sheathed his sword and hefted his cannon, Airachnid installed her web launchers and palm blasters, and Knockout hooked his shock staff to his body after giving it a quick spin.

"What about the Commander's riot cannon?" Asked Dreadwing. The other Decepticons looked towards the riot cannon for several moments before Starscream came to a conclusion.

"We can't take it with us, it's too big." The other Decepticons nodded as they left the vault with Bumblebee closing the door behind them.

The team reached the surface to find a battered and bleeding Skywarp trying to fight off the remaining Auto-troopers. The Autobots were in no better shape as they were being shot, stabbed, and punched by the drone forces.

"DECEPTICONS!" Starscream yelled, causing the Auto-troopers to look their way and prime their blasters. "Open up the welcome wagon!" And with that, the Decepticons charged forward and began firing upon the Auto-troopers while Bumblebee ran towards the fallen Skywarp and trapped Autobots with his wrist blasters shooting any Auto-trooper in his way.

With the guards distracted, Bulkhead looked to Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus and gave them a nod. Bulkhead activated his wrecking balls and smashed two Auto-troopers into the air. While this was happening, Wheeljack pulled out his katanas and skewered the Auto-trooper next to him while pointing his other katana to the air as the first Auto-trooper crashed down on it. Ultra Magnus pulled out his twin path blasters before shooting an unlucky Auto-trooper next to him and pointed the other path blaster in the air before shooting the second Auto-trooper that Bulkhead knocked up in the air.

Arcee activated her wrist blades before jumping in between three Auto-troopers and spun midair. When she landed on the ground in a crouch the Auto-troopers paused before their helms fell from their shoulders and the lifeless bodies crashed to the ground. Smokescreen ran forward with his blasters out and began shooting at nearby Auto-troopers, noticing a group near a set of fuel tanks, Smokescreen ran forward and used a set of crates to propel his jump in the air. Twisting in midair, Smokescreen fired at the fuel tanks causing an explosion that ripped the Auto-troopers apart.

"Impressive work." a dark voice thundered from the Ark. "You slaughtered simple minded Auto-troopers, bravo, you must feel so proud." The voice took on a sarcastic tone.

"Who is this guy?" Smokescreen asked Arcee as she approached with the other Autobots.

"He sounds familiar. I feel like we should know him."
"You do know him." Starscream told Arcee as he approached with the other Decepticons. "Mechs, femmes, allow me to introduce you to The Emperor of Destruction. Lord Optimus Prime." As soon as the Words left Starscream's vocalizer a massive hologram of Lord Optimus was projected in front of the group from the Ark.

"You had to say it Starscream." Breakdown grumbled.

"The Emperor must be running out of ideas if he's using the giant hologram again." Was all Knockout said. However the boom of Lord Optimus's voice caused them to jump back.

"So you whelps and these knockoffs were able to kill some Auto-troopers. Let's see how well you do against REAL SOLDIERS!" And with that the hologram vanished and the groundbridges opened again.

"Get ready!" Yelled Dreadwing as the Autobots and Decepticons stepped into battle positions. Then a noise was heard, it began as a cackle but grew into full on psychotic laughter.

"Slag, why her." Airachnid said as she primed her palm blasters. Suddenly and without warning, a blur of crimson shot through the groundbridge and slashed Dreadwing in the arms causing him to drop his sword.

"What's the matter pretty pretty? Don't you want to play?"

"GET HER OFF!" Bulkhead yelled as the figure leapt on his back and began clawing at his neck cables, Breakdown managed to grab the femme and throw her away from them only for her to flip in midair and land on her pedes revealing the femme's faceplate as she gave an insane grin.

"ARCEE!" The other Autobots recognized her immediately.

"Hello boys! And who's this pretty femme." Arcee responded as she blew a kiss to her counterpart. "Look at her. Isn't she absolutely ADORABLE!"
"I don't know cee." A new voice came from the Groundbridge revealing a familiar shape with yellow paint.

"Cliff…" Arcee was shaking now, this was her friend, her partner, and now her enemy.

A semi truck, two sports cars, and a toxic green SUV charged through next revealing Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, and Bulkhead.

"I SAY WE RIP THIS PLACE TO SHREDS!" Yelled out Bulkhead

"Now now Bulk, let's not.." Wheeljack didn't finish as Bulkhead's fist collided with his faceplate.

"Quite you idiots!" Ordered Ratchet as he stepped out of the groundbridge, his synth-en injectors loaded. A red version of Bumblebee stepped out after him and was sizing up their counterparts.

"So where's the boss doc bot?" Smokescreen asked before he was slapped by Ultra Magnus.

"Shut it merc." Was all he said as the dark Autobots looked at their counterparts.

"Kill them." Ratchet ordered as they charged towards the decepticons and their counterparts.

Bumblebee fired his blasters at Stinger only for his counterpart to perform a midair flip and shoot off Bumblebee's blasters. The scout entered his boxer's stance and let off two jabs at Stinger who countered both and flipped Bumblebee to the ground. Stinger activated an energon dagger and plunged it towards Bumblebee's spark, only to feel a massive shock go through his system from Soundwave while Laserbeak flew overhead and fired at the assassin.

"Soundwave superior, Stinger inferior."

The red assassin's optics narrowed at this as he flipped the energon dagger in his hand and threw it towards Soundwave, the dagger impaling him in the chassis. Unfortunately for Stinger, he didn't see Bumblebee stand up and grab a piece of rebar nearby. Bumblebee thrust forward with the rebar as it impaled Stinger through the back and brought the assassin to his knees.

"Not…. Possible….."

Bumblebee jumped as he heard his voice come from Stinger as his optics darkened and he fell forward. Bumblebee looked at Stingers lifeless body before he felt a servo on his shoulder, he turned to see Soundwave with an understanding look on his visor and the dagger in his chest removed.

"We need to help the other's."

Agreed. And the two raced off to help.

Nearby, Bulkhead and Breakdown were fighting….. Well, Bulkhead who was in the middle of a tantrum.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME!" Bulkhead yelled to Breakdown and his other self. "I WILL TEAR YOU APART!" Bulkhead began running towards the two, trampling everything in his way and crushing everything under his pedes, causing the two to roll out of his warpath.

"We need to outsmart him!" Breakdown yelled to Bulkhead.

"How!" Bulkhead yelled back as he dodged his counterpart's weapons. Bulkhead deployed his wrecking balls and swing one to his dark counterpart. Only for it to graze off the armor. His dark counterpart gave Bulkhead a murderous glare as he swung one of his wrecking balls at Bulkhead, colliding with him and sending the Autobot flying back.

"THERE IS NO ONE STRONGER THAN ME! I AM INVINCIBLE!" Bulkhead let out a roar as he charged towards his heroic counterpart, failing to notice the downed power line as he tripped over it. Breakdown watched as Bulkhead fell to the ground as his counterpart stirred. He also noticed the water tower next to Bulkhead and the fact that the powerline was live. Bulkhead noticed these as well as he saw his dark counterpart fall. He charged to the water tower and with one swing, took out the supports, causing the tower to fall on Bulkhead. The livewire surged and Bulkhead screamed in pain as electricity flowed through him. His optics exploded from the charge, and his armor turned red hot befor his charged corpse fell to the ground, still smoking.

Wheeljack and Dreadwing were having an interesting time fighting Wheeljack. The dark wrecker was speeding around the battlefield in his vehicle form, preventing their blasters from hitting him.

"Too slow wimps!" Wheeljack called out as he sped towards Dreadwing and Wheeljack before transforming, flipping through the air, and slashing the two of them with his katanas before transforming and speeding away.

"I'm… He's too fast!" Wheeljack called out to Dreadwing.

"Wheeljack prefers hit and run tactics. He prefers to toy with his victims like a cat and mouse." Dreadwing responded as he pushed himself up with a servo to his side where Wheeljack slashed him.

"I can't believe I'm saying this. But do you have a plan?"

Dreadwing smiled as he unsheathed his sword and stepped to the side of a ramp.

"I do but I must ask." Dreadwing spun his sword in his hand. "How sharp are your katanas?" Wheeljack came to a realization as he deactivated his blasters and pulled out one of his katanas, holding it in a two servo grip. The two looked as Wheeljack came speeding back towards the ramp, hoping to use it to boost himself in the air. Wheeljack stepped to the other side of the ramp and nodded at Dreadwing as they held their blades. Suddenly Wheeljack flew over the ramp in vehicle mode as Dreadwing and Wheeljack swing their blades at the same time and as hard as they could. The dark Wheeljack flew forward before separating into three even segments and crashing to the ground as he offlined.

"Nice." Wheeljack held up a servo to Dreadwing who bumped it as they looked at the remains of the deactivated Cybertronian. An explosion nearby caught their attention as the two raced off after it.

Smokescreen was having a "fun" time fighting his counterpart. If it meant running and dodging the bounty hunter's blaster fire.

"I WAS ELITE GUARD!" It was obvious he was on high grade. Saddley it didn't affect his aim. "I WAS THE BEST IN MY CLASS! THEN THEY RIPPED IT ALL AWAY FROM ME!"

"Note to self. If I ever turn out like this find someone to slap me out of it." Smokescreen told himself as he rolled out of cover and opened fire on his counterpart.


"Two things. One." Smokescreen dodged a blaster bolt. "I didn't steal your life." Smokescreen quickly rolled out of the way of his darker selves punches. "Two, you'll have to pry my bars off my cold dead chassis." Smokescreen phased away from a blaster barrage. "And that won't be happening anytime soon." Smokescreen smirked as his counterpart let out a war cry before charging him. What he didn't know was that ever since the fall of Outpost Omega One, Wheeljack had given each Autobot a grenade to use in battle. And Smokescreen knew where to put his. Activating his phase shifter, Smokescreen ran towards his dark counterpart and rolled through him before coming to a knee.

"What's that supposed to do thief!" Smokescreen yelled as a beep was heard. "I'm gonna rip you to shreds!" Beep. "Your pals ain't gonna recognize you when I'm done!" Beep. "WHAT IS THAT BEEPING NOISE!" Smokescreen looked around before looking back down at his chassis.

"Oh Fr.." BOOM! The explosion ripped Smokescreen apart as limbs flew across the battlefield and a broken chassis hit the ground. Smokescreens helm on the other hand was launched into the air and slammed onto the pavement in front of his heroic counterpart. Smokescreen picked up the helm before giving it a look over.

"I always appreciate good art." He said before tossing the helm over his shoulder and walking away.

Ultra Magnus wasn't having fun. Was it because he was fighting against his counterpart? No. Was it because he was fighting alongside the Decepticon Shockwave? No. Was it because every strategy he tried against his dark counterpart always ended in failure? Yes. Yes it was.

"How is he able to counter everything?!" Ultra Magnus yelled to Shockwave as the massive Decepticon ducked another blast from the dark Magnus

"For all intensive purposes he is you. Therefore he is able to block, counter, or retaliate against any attack you make." An explosion forced Shockwave to roll into cover near Ultra Magnus as he continued speaking. "Physical force is not enough to defeat your counterpart. We need an actual strategy and a way to outsmart him before attacking." Ultra Magnus pondered Shockwave's words before deactivating his ion blasters and calling out to his counterpart.

"Alright. You clearly have the superior strength and skill in combat. We surrender." Ultra Magnus had to bite out the last two words, he didn't think it was possible but saying them actually hurt.

"Step out. Both of you!" His counterpart commanded. Ultra Magnus stepped out with his servos raised as he approached his rusted counterpart, Shockwave followed shortly after with his cannon deactivated. Dark Ultra Magnus was grinning like a kid in a candy store as he looked upon the two. "Now the two of you are going to take me to Commander Megatron. And my master's plan shall be complete." The two looked at each other. Before looking back at dark Magnus.

"What plan?" Asked Ultra Magnus. "It must be pretty important if you're willing to travel through the multiverse. Seriously, Megatron's here, you could conquer his earth and no one could stand in your way. So why are you here?" Ultra Magnus watched as his dark counterpart burst out laughing at the question.

"Because of the weapon."


"The ULTIMATE weapon! The antithesis to the Matrix of Leadership. The last component for the weapon is the Matrix!" Dark Magnus was waving his blaster arm now. "Soon it shall be reforged. The weapon that can rewrite reality itself!" Upon hearing this Ultra Magnus's optics widened.

"You can't mean that! IT WAS DESTROYED!"

"AND IT SHALL BE REBORN, BUT WHEN HE THINKS HE HAS WON IT SHALL NOT BE LORD OPTIMUS TO WIELD THE WEAPON! IT SHALL BE ME! ULTRA MAGNUS, LORD OF THE AUTOBOTS AND BEARER OF THE MIGHTY DARKSPARK!" Dark Magnus didn't notice Ultra Magnus and Shockwave ready their weapons and fire at Dark Magnus. Blasting him through the spark chamber and sending the metal titan crashing to the ground.

"I…... Wassssss…. Tooooo…. Lead….." Ultra Magnus sputtered out as his optics dulled and darkened.

"The Darkspark." Ultra Magnus was in shock.

"I knew Lord Optimus was mad, but I never expected this." Shockwave replied as the two raced to check on the Primes.

"WHY IS SHE SO FAST!" Arcee was getting angry as her counterpart was able to dodge every swipe and blaster bolt fired at her.

"Your counterpart sometimes injects herself with red energon." Was Starscream's response as Dark Arcee Dodged another swipe of his claws.

"Wah wah. Too slow!" The dark counterpart cackled. "I thought Seekers were supposed to be quick? Oh yeah, Skyfire wasn't quick."

Starscream let out a roar as he charged at the dark Autobot for insulting his wounded friend.

"I'LL SCRAP YOU!" Starscream charged forward swiping his claws and firing off missiles and blaster shots, Dark Arcee leapt in the air and dodged them before grabbing a missile and swinging it back towards Starscream. The missile collided with the SIC and exploded, Starscream was knocked off his pedes and hit the pavement, a hole torn in his armor.

"Ha Ha. that was waaayyyyy too easy." Arcee chuckled, suddenly she felt the air in front of her rent and a stinging sensation on her neck cables. Arcee looked to her right to see her heroic counterpart standing tall with one wrist blade coated in energon.

"Here's a tip for your next life, watch your surroundings." Was all Arcee said as her dark counterpart collapsed to the ground with her neck cables slit open.

"YOU KILLED HER!" Arcee turned to see the speaker. Standing on top of a cargo container, the body still the same but more beat up, yellow paint instead of red, and hatred in his eyes, Cliffjumper.

"Scrap." Was all Arcee could say as Cliffjumper crouched down and launched himself forward in a corkscrew style and firing his blasters at Arcee.

Arcee quickly dodged the blaster bolts, but was unable to dodge Cliffjumper as he crashed into her. Arcee was pinned down and Cliffjumper looked at her with a malicious grin.

"Do you know why they call me the Demon? Here's the answer." Cliffjumper speared his horns into Arcee's abdominal plating causing her to scream in pain. Cliffjumper laughed as he swung his helm, ripping Arcee from his horns as she collided with a nearby crate. Arcee looked up as Cliffjumper sauntered over.

"Now I think we should…" Cliffjumper never finished as an energon stained servo burst through his chassis with his spark in it's grip, the clawed digits closed around the spark and crushed it slowly, Cliffjumper's body fell to reveal the battered and energon coated form of..

"Starscream?" Arcee asked. The Seeker smiled as he picked Arcee up and carried her bridal style towards the hangar.

"Screamy!" Skywarp ran out of the shadows to his brother.

"Skywarp? What is it."

"They took them."


"Ratchet and Lord Optimus. They took the Commander and Optimus Prime! They're on that thing." Skywarp pointed to the floating platform that separated from the Ark which was now covered in an energy shield.

"Starscream." A familiar voice came over the Coms. "Looks like you could use a servo." As soon as Starscream heard this the dimensional bridge fluctuated again before a new form materialized. It was another starship, but this one was silver and orange, the ship was also long with many points and sharp angles on it. Groundbridges opened as Vehicons and Decepticons poured out and took a battle stance before parting for the giant of a Cybertronian with a crown shaped helm.

"Predaking. It's about time you showed up." The Predacon smiled as he looked towards the Ark.

"What are our orders Starscream?" Starscream looked around and saw the rest of the team had met up with them along with the other heroic Autobots and humans, Starscream looked up at the Ark and then to the other Decepticons before calling out the words their leader used as a rally cry for eons.

"DECEPTICONS! TRANSFORM AND RISE UP!" The other Decepticons cheered as the final battle began.