I'll never forget
The look on her face
When out of nowhere
I appeared

Her jaw dropped in shock
I decided to have fun
I pretended that
I'd never known her
And we were strangers

I can just imagine
The looks on their faces
If I returned
To their world
Time for a picture!

Like a plot hole,
I am there
I won't tell them
About my past
My future's ahead

Ken would stare
Tai would be speechless
Veemon would cheer
Along with Agumon
While Davis would be silent in shock

It amazes me
When I see
Everyone watching the show
They never notice the boy in the background—
A plot hole allowed to grow

Maybe one day, I'll return
With the other Tamers for a visit
Rika would groan while the others
Would be left in shock
That Zero Two's plot hole proved to be me