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This story follows an alternate timeline that takes place after volume 12 of the LN's but before volume 14. (volume 13 doesn't count because it's a collection of short stories taking place in-between the first 12 novels). In this timeline, Issei has gained a certain power that makes him the happiest man on earth. Want to know more about it? Then enjoy the chapter.

P.S This series will have things in it that do not actually happen when you have sex. For example, I am aware of the fact that milk does not come out of a womans breast unless they are pregnant but I am going to have that happen in the story anyway to add to the enjoyment factor. So please don't complain about small things like that in the reviews.

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Chapter 1: Issei x Koneko

I, Issei Hyoudou was walking back to the Hyoudou residence after what seemed like the longest day ever at Kuoh Academy. My friends Matsuda and Motohama were absent that day so i had no one to express my lust for boobs too. Well, I could have, but there was no one who would reciprocate my feelings. Quite a few of the ORC girls as well as Kiba also had to stay after school for some reason that involved Sona, the student council president. So today it was just me, Asia and Koneko walking home together. I was thinking of using my new power that I had gained on one of these two when I got home and…

…Oh, I almost forgot, you don't know about what this power is or how I got it do you. Well, I'll tell you about it later but for now, all you need to know is this. I am a new man with a new power and ever since I got it, I have had an extreme lust for sex. I know, crazy right? But this new power of mine helps me in that area. You see, from now on, whenever I touch a girl (or boy but I ain't that kind of guy) with my boosted gear, they instantly fall deeply in love with me and they get really horny, and I mean REALLY horny.

Anyway, when I arrived home with Asia and Koneko, I headed straight for my room and, as always, the other girls followed me there. But on her way up the stairs, Asia was summoned to do a devils job. So she quickly said goodbye to us and used a magic circle to transport herself to the jobs location.

"Guess it's just the two of us now." I said to Koneko as I entered my room.

"…Guess so." She said softly as she followed me in. "Hey Issei?"

"Yes? What is it Koneko?" I asked. Suddenly I heard the the door to my room lock. I turned around quickly and I saw Koneko dragging my closet in front of the door. "Um, Koneko? What are you doing?" I asked her curiously with a hint of excitement to my voice. After she finished pulling my closet, she replied.

"Issei, I want you to use your new power on me." After hearing her say this, I gasped. Not at the fact that she wanted me to use it on her or anything, but at the fact that she actually knew about it even though I made sure not to tell anyone except Azazel. She must've used her senjutsu thing and discovered a change in the flow of my Ki, or something like that. I decided to ask to see if my suspicions were correct.

"H-how did you know about it?" I asked her, slightly eager to hear her reply.

"Azazel told me." She said nonchalantly. That useless, good-for-nothing fallen angel! Why did I think I could trust him! As I cursed that wretched teacher in my head. Koneko made her way over to me while taking all her clothes off until she was down to her bra and panties.

"Issei, please use your power on me. I want you to be my first time and I want my first time to be now." She said "I may be smaller than the others in more ways than one but I will try my best to look even better than they did in the future." At this point Koneko was on top of me. I looked at her with resolve in my eyes as I made a decision.

"If that's what you want, then I'm happy to oblige." Now, I wouldn't normally give in to temptation so easily, but I remembered that Koneko was in mating season right now, so if I wanted to make love to her, now would be the best time to do it. Plus, I am hard as a rock due to my newfound lust for sex so I decided that my first time would be with my junior instead of my master.

"Then I have one last thing to say to you." Koneko said lustfully. "Don't hold back." After hearing her say those words, I summoned my boosted gear on my hand and put it on her shoulder. After I used the power on her, I made my boosted gear disappear and, after mentally apologising to Rias, I rested my lips on Koneko's.

After a few seconds of passionate kissing, I turned over so that I was the one on top of Koneko and hastily put my lips back on hers without warning. Koneko made a small moan that excited me even more. I then decided to be a little more adventurous by exploring the inside of her mouth with my tongue. I explored the roof and sides of her mouth as well as the underbelly of her tongue. Koneko's eyes widened in surprise before she started to fight back with her own tongue. We were kissing so passionately that saliva was dripping out of our mouths and onto my bed covers. That didn't bother me though since, at that moment in time, Koneko was the only person in the world to me. After a while, we separated from each other to catch a well-needed breath. Koneko licked the saliva around her own mouth and swallowed it before doing the same to mine.

"I love the foreplay but when I do get the main course?" She asked lustfully.

"Oh you'll get it soon enough." I warned her with the eyes of a predator that's about to slay it's prey. Hearing this, Koneko gasped as her wet pussy released it's first load into her panties.

"Oh wow, So much…came out." She said as she struggled to keep her composure. After pushing Koneko back down onto the bed, I slipped my hands under her bra and started to softly knead her small breasts while continuing to make out with her. She made such seductive noises as I did this that I almost let out my first load before the real fun even began. I separated my lips from hers once more and undid her bra with my teeth. With both her developing breasts revealed to me, I pinched and squeezed her hard pink nipple on the left and started licking the nipple on the right.

"Issei!" She squealed as she let yet another load out from her soaking wet pussy. I then started to suck her right nipple while ferociously squeezing and pulling on the left one. Koneko's cries of absolute pleasure made me glad that we were home alone. As I sucked and squeezed her boobs, milk started squirting out. I gulped down every last drop of milk that squirted out of her right nipple and she had a waterfall of milk making it's way down her body from her left nipple. Eventually, I allowed her right nipple a break and started sucking on her left nipple. However, instead of playing with her right nipple with my hand, I dragged my hand down her stomach and towards her cave of wonders. As I sucked, I felt her panties with my index finger and discovered that her panties were absolutely soaking. So I slipped my hand under her panties and shoved my finger inside.

"I-Issei! I-I'm cumming again!" Koneko cried out in pleasure and released another load while my finger was still in there.

"Well then, I reckon it's time to get down to business, don't you?" I said with lustful excitement. Koneko's eyes shone when she heard me.

"Yes, and make sure not to hold back. I…" She hesitated to finish her sentence for a second but resolved herself and continued. "I want you to impregnate me Issei. I want you to put a baby inside me." She said it with such a smile on her face that I knew it was what she truly desired, even if she wasn't in mating season.

"You don't have to tell me twice Koneko. I'll try my best to give you a child." And with that, I took off her panties. Her wet pussy dripped with the remnants of her last release. Upon seeing this, I took off my clothes until I was down to my boxers.

"I hope your ready Koneko, I'm going to penetrate you with all I have." I said as I ripped off my boxers to reveal an 8 inch cock that Koneko flinched at the sight of.

"It's so…Huge!" Koneko said as she almost wet herself at the sight of it. As I brought my member closer to her pussy, I became briefly concerned about what I would do if it was actually too big for her body to handle. Would I hurt her? I don't want that. Suddenly, Koneko expressed slight concern as well. "It's…Bigger t-than I expected. I think it might be too big to fit inside me." After hearing her, my predatorial side took over once more.

"Then I guess I'll have to force it all in." I said, Koneko looked at me with longing eyes as if to say 'Then hurry up and put it in already.' But before I did, I turned back over so that Koneko was on top of me, I lifted her over my cock and started to tease the tip in, Koneko suppressed a cry of pleasure as my tip touched the inside of her pussy. It was obvious to tell at this point that my member was actually too big for her but that just made me even more excited. So, in one fell swoop, I pulled her down onto my cock as hard as I could and all 8 inches of my cock disappeared into her vagina.

Koneko screamed at the top of her lungs out of absolute pain and absolute pleasure. My whole 8 inch cock was now inside of her and threatening to tear her apart.

"Your really t-tight Koneko." I said as I pulled it all the way back out just to thrust it back in again and again and again. "ISSEI! D-DON'T…S-S-STOP! H-HARDER!" Koneko managed those words as she released a large amount of cum onto my member; wetting the surface of her pussy and making it slightly easier to penetrate. I started thrusting harder and faster as tears of enjoyment fell from Koneko's eyes. It was like she was pumping out cum each time I went back in. At this point, I too was at my breaking point. So I pulled her down onto my cock to get as far up inside her as i could and finally squirted my dirty load inside her. I got so far up that I managed to penetrate her womb and fill it up all in one go. Koneko collapsed on top of me and was breathing extremely heavily.

"So this is what it's like to fuck a loli?" i thought to myself, to which I put on a predatory smile. Koneko looked up at me with innocent eyes.

"That…was a-amazing Issei." She said with a smile.

"What, do you think we're done." I said with passion and lust. Koneko's innocent smile disappeared as I turned over once again so I was on top. Koneko opened her mouth to talk but I forced all 8 inches of my cock back inside her before she could. Koneko panted in pleasure as I ferociously forced my cock so far up her pussy that I, once again, penetrated her womb.

Koneko's constant releases made it nice and slippery for my member to able to go all the way inside and come out again without too much pain. I thrusted inside Koneko again and again and again, with each thrust being harder and faster than the last. Koneko was physically unable to form any kind of word under the amount of pleasure and pain she was receiving. She was drowning in pure ecstasy. She knew that there was nothing on the earth that could give her more pleasure than this. She even thought about running away with him and having sex every single night for the rest of their lives, about the countless number of pregnancies she would go through. She wanted nothing more than that right now. Even if something like that could be nothing more than a dream. The most important thing to her right now was that the man she desperately loved was impregnating her. Or at least, he was trying.

She also knew that Issei losing his virginity to her instead of Rias would make Rias very mad and could possible destroy the relationship they have. But Rias could die for all she cared, because she was getting fucked silly by the man she loved. Issei was ramming her harder and harder, she had released too many times to count at this point, and Issei's second release was on it's way. Before he could though, he leaned in and said the words that Koneko has always wanted to hear.

"Koneko, I love you so much!" He said as his cock penetrated her womb again. Tears of happiness started falling from her eyes as she replied.

"I love you too Issei!" She shouted as Issei found the strength to ram her harder. Issei also found her g-spot and she squealed as he rammed her g-spot with his dick. Cum was now flowing out of her pussy like a river .

"I-I'm almost there Koneko!" Issei said as he thrusted faster.

"D-do it Issei! Cum inside me!" She shouted. On his last thrust, Issei pulled all inches of his cock out and with his last bit of strength, he thrusted all of it back in to her womb. He had already filled her womb to the brink with his cum so the rest of it filled her entire body. In fact, he released so much into her that her stomach actually slightly expanded at how much he was putting in her. Once the last of his cum had finished oozing out, he collapsed onto Koneko's chest. He lightly sucked her left breast for a bit before pulling himself up and french kissing Koneko.

"Hey Issei?" She asked. "If I do become pregnant after this, what will you do?" I thought about it for a bit and then told her my answer.

"I guess we would have to get married, wouldn't we." Koneko blushed when she heard his reply and nodded with a sweet smile on her face. After that, the two caught their breath's in silence. After an hour or so, Koneko got up and walked to the bathroom. Issei also sat up in this time. He looked up at the ceiling in disbelief that he had actually lost his virginity, and to Koneko of all people. He also thought about how mad Rias and the others would be when they found out. But to him, it was worth it. He was in love with Koneko and she was in love with him, he didn't see any reason why he should regret what he did. These thought's put Issei to an early slumber.

When he woke up early the next morning, Koneko was sitting on top of him. He was about to ask why until she uttered the words. "Issei, It worked. I'm pregnant." With a red face.

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