Hello to whoever is reading this. I'm YatsuKat, and new to all this, so please bear with me. I've had a few ideas rolling around in my head for a while now. This being one of them after I tried to look up Fairy Tail x Yugioh GX crossover and didn't quite find what I was looking for. But enough from me, it is time to begin the story. Although I should warn you, my OC can have a rather scary mouth on her (i.e. she really likes to curse just about anyone or anything that irritates her), so rated T to be sure.

As for the disclaimer: If anyone thinks that I own anything besides the OC and the main idea, then you might want to consider seeing a doctor or something. I don't own Yugioh GX or Fairy Tail.

Chapter 1: A new day, a new dawn.

Darkness. That was the first thing it saw as it opened its eyes. It couldn't see anything around it, while it felt something smooth and cold? . . . yeah, cold, beneath it. Finding the strength, it managed to get up off the cold object, but was stopped by a copy of the cold object above it, barely giving room to be on the long parts connected to it.

Suddenly, the darkness left, blinding it. While it adjust to the new light, a low, yet scary sound came to its location. Turning in the direction of the sound, it finally managed to adjust to the light enough to see a figure that seemed to be similar to it. Near the figure to two others that were similar as well, only on top of some other objects near a small opening with something bright through it. All of this was beyond a set of shiny objects that kept them separate.

"I see that you're awake." the figure stated as whatever it was turned towards it, although it couldn't quite understand what was being said, "It seems that my formula finally took effect. Took its swell time working on you though. Might have something to do with the fact that you're a girl. Or not, you're the first. Although, I might have been a little less willing to use you as my test subject if your parents actually joined me." By then, it, or rather the 'gerl,' as the figure seemed to call it, could pretty well easily tell that the figure wasn't exactly all there.

"Oh, that reminds me." the figure then moved towards the other two out with him "You might want to take a good, long look at these two. They were your parents, actually, before I killed the both of them to exact my revenge. While I killed you to spite them: what better way to hurt them the most than to use they daughter as my prototype for my Undead Mirror theory – Project Soul-Lock." By now, the figuring was bent back and laughing his head off like a maniac while placing the two unmoving figures through the opening. Once he finally stopped laughing, with a rather insane smile on his face, he starting moving over to it while saying "Let's begin the tests, shall we?" with what was in the opening right behind him.

A young girl then woke up with a start from the nightmare that is her very first memory. Shaken, she got up from her bed and went to the bathroom. Splashing some water on her face, she then looks up in the mirror. Black, somewhat spiky, hair resting just a bit above her shoulders, with a few strands of purple and blue towards the front, she stood at a decent 5'6", her nubile yet muscled form covered by a military green muscle top and black shorts, the only thing one might find amiss would be the black eye patch over her left eye.

*****(Basically Scarlet Johannsen's Black Widow meets Halle Berry's Storm from X-Men 3 in the body of a teenager with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury eye patch)*****

"Which memory was it this time?" a bit gruff voice asked. She turned to look at the speaker, and upon seeing a transparent black cat with a white muzzle, white bird wings, and green shorts, responds with "The moment when I woke up and saw that fucking insane bastard push my parents in that damn furnace, PantherLily." followed by a low growl in her throat at the man in the memory. The low growl didn't quite last very long as another, this time a sophisticated white cat with white wings and a dress, lightly slaps her on the head while saying "Calm down, Isabella, there'll be none of that now. You're lucky that it is 5:00 instead of midnight, otherwise you'd be going straight to bed until it is time for head out for the Exams at 9:30 today."

"I still don't see how you all, especially Happy, managed to convince me to enroll in that asshole's school when we've been doing fine enough as is. Did you do something such as bribe him with fish again, Lily, Carla?"

"Pegasus bribed him actually." This time was a seemingly younger blonde-haired girl in a somewhat frilly dress that coincidentally appeared right behind Isabella. Said girl had developed a bit of a tendency to do this sort of thing.

"GAH! DAMN IT, MAVIS! STOP DOING THAT!" And as shown, Isabella really didn't like it when Mavis Vermillion, the 1st master of Fairy Tail, did appear like that. Thankfully, for her, Mavis is the only that actually does. Sure, Happy tries at times, but he's been sleeping like a log throughout the entire thing.

"At any rate, we had gotten one last quick assignment before the Exams, and they had made sure that the Exams won't officially close until you go in and pass, so don't try to delay through this assignment." "What's the job?" "Just a wannabe Renegade Hunter causing some trouble next town over." Just then, Bella's phone buzzed out a text, which upon inspection, stated that said job was to be cards only, no weapons or physical attacks unless the Hunter starts it.

"Well, that sucks. Might as well get ready and wake the gang up. Stuck on a fucking test run before being stuck on an island for who knows how long."