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Power of a Dragon

"I'm not sure if I can do this, you guys." Syrus said, nervous about the upcoming practice duel.

After Syrus, Jaden and the rest of their friends learned about their upcoming punishment, they had set up a practice tag team duel after school. Jaden and Syrus vs. Alexis and Bastion. However, even with open access to Synchro and Tuner Monsters, it was still taking some time for Jaden, Alexis, and Bastion to create a fully functional Synchro-based deck that fit them. So Alexis and Bastion would have to make due with their original decks, while Jaden used his modified Heroes deck for the duel.

"Calm down, will ya?" Happy said, despite the fact Syrus couldn't hear him. "You'll be fine."

"Honestly, Syrus," said Jaden somewhat exasperatedly. "as far as I've seen, which unfortunately isn't all that much, you should be more concerned about things such as drawing out the duel. Remember the Entrance Exams?"

"Oh yeah." Syrus said sheepishly. "She just brought out a monster on her first turn, and won the entire duel."

"Then there's also the fiasco of a duel she had with me." Alexis added in. "If Mavis hadn't revealed herself, and subsequently ended the duel, then I would've lost." She shivered a bit. "That ability is scary."

Mavis smirked. "And that's not the full extent of my power."

Jaden and Bastion stared pointedly at her, clearly saying "That's not your full power?"

"Anyways, guys," said Alexis. "might as well get started."

Finding a big enough stretch of land to use, Jaden and Syrus stayed on one side while Alexis and Bastion went to the other, while Chumley and Soul-Bell went off to the side. However before they could get started with practice, two more girls showed in a bit of a hurry. One with brown hair, the other black. But when the one with brown hair saw Bell, she froze, remembering an experience that she both wanted to forget, yet didn't.

"B-b-bell? Is that you?" she eventually gasped out, loud enough for Bell to hear and stop from her current drawing. Looking, Bell saw just who it was that said her name, and grew wide-eyed from seeing her old friend for the first time in years. "B-b-b-b-b-bu-"

"Jasmine? Are you alright?" asked the black hair girl, wondering why her friend was acting like that upon seeing Soul-Lock. But Jasmine didn't quite hear her, for her mind was still back in the past when she saw her first friend become a monster and slaughter the people who kidnapped her and made her an orphan.

"Wait a minute?" said Alexis. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about BM2, would you Jasmine?"

"Y-y-yes." Jasmine replied, shaking a bit. "I-i-i w-was th-" she couldn't continue as it became a little too much for her to remember. But it was enough for the others to understand what she was trying to say.

"It was you that she tracked down to London, and accidentally resulted in the BM2." said Jaden, solemn at the truth. Jasmine merely nodded at that. "Then you should at least have an idea as to why Syrus is about to use her deck in a practice tag team duel for an exhibition duel against Kaiba and 3-Match."

The pair or girls were shocked at that exclamation. Jasmine did understand what brought Soul-Bell out, but she didn't quite understand why Syrus would use her deck instead.

Although it might have something to do with the fact that Bell is here. Thought Jasmine. She isn't a fighter.

"But one thing I still don't understand, is why the two of you are going to be up against Kaiba and 3-Ma- 3-MATCH?!" said Jasmine before squealing alongside the other girl. "SHE'S COMING HERE!?"

"Ah!" the others cried out at the volume. Once he could hear again, Bastion explained why. "Do you girls know of the Obelisk Albert Oslow? Well, he's my cousin, and boyfriend of 3-Match. Kaiba, 3-Match, and I were helping him look for his sister, Isabella Oslow, or currently Soul-Bell. However, we didn't realize that Bella was actually Soul-Lock, The Angel of Darkness, until the Promotional Exams."

The two girls nodded in agreement at that. Considering how the exams went, it wasn't a secret about Bella being Soul-Lock, let alone Kaiba yelling afterwards.

"A little while afterwards, I hired her for searching for him." continued Bastion. "Unfortunately, we ended up running into the duelist known as Titan. I'm pretty sure you know what ultimately happened, right?" The two nodded. "But on the way in, we met up with Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley, and Bella brought them in on the job. Basically, because they weren't part of it from the beginning, Jaden and Syrus are being punished by having to go through this duel, and Syrus is to use Bella's deck for it. Crowler was the one that set this up."

The two groaned. "When will that guy stop acting like an insult to both Obelisks and adults?" asked the black hair girl.

"You said it, Mindy." said Jasmine, before noticing something. "Where's Syrus?"

Somehow, while the others were talking, Syrus slipped away unnoticed. And somehow managed to leave Fairy Tail behind.

Since one of the biggest reasons they set up the practice duel in the first place was currently missing, the others had to postpone as they had to find Syrus first.

"Syrus!" called Jaden, concerned for his friend. "Where are you?"

It was about sunset, and Syrus still wasn't found by any of them.

"Where could he have gone?" asked Jaden.

"Best guess would be the beach." said Mavis. "With his issues in confidence, he'd at least consider leaving here."

Jaden was silent for a moment, then said "Why didn't you say something before?" before running off, Bell right on his tail.

Arriving at the beach side, Jaden saw that he was one of the last to arrive, but their was also someone else there as well.

"Leaving here will be the smartest thing you ever did, brother." said Zane coldly.

Even Bell didn't like how Zane was acting, but it was Jaden that verbally responded. "And what makes you think that Syrus doesn't belong here?"

Turning to face him, Zane told him. "Syrus is a poor excuse of a duelist."

"Are you serious?" asked Lucy in disbelief. "Well have we got news for you."

Mirajane continued where Lucy left off, after she had Bell get her pretty much right in his face. "Syrus is not the problem. IT'S THE FACT YOU GOT A BRAIN THE SIZE OF A WALNUT!"

The intensity, volume, and suddenness of Mira's words ended up managing to force Zane to stumble back a few feet. But he managed to hold his footing, recomposing himself. While he didn't quite know about the details behind how a card could berate him, but it did give him a chance at what he was wanting to do for quite some time: Challenge Fairy Tail.

"Even though he still doesn't know how to use cards effectively?" asked Zane. "How can you be a proper duelist if you can't do that?"

"Well that's a challenge if there ever was one." said PantherLily.

"Are you sure, Lily?" asked Jaden.

"Aye." said Happy. "Syrus is your friend, while the Fairy Tail guild wouldn't stand for anyone hurting one of our precious people. Like hell we'd let this go."

Happy was correct. The members of Fairy Tail were clearly upset at what Zane was saying, and the only thing keeping the more physical of the guild, like Erza and Natsu, from beating him up was them being stuck in cards. Otherwise, Zane would be in the infirmary.

"Well then, how about this?" said Jaden. "You, Me, and Fairy Tail. Right here, right now."

Zane merely smirked as he activated his duel disk, eliciting Jaden to do the same with Fairy Tail in the deck slot.

"DUEL!" Cyber Art VS Fairy Tail

Turn 1: "Go get him, Jaden." "I'll start this off," said Jaden. "by summoning Wendy Marvel (Mage/Wind/4 – 1200/1000) in attack mode, and setting a card face down." "Eep!" While Wendy didn't expect Jaden to start off with even, even with her being in his hand, but the others certainly didn't expect just how Wendy looked in full form. Jasmine and Mindy cooed, Syrus and Chumley blushed, while Alexis and Bastion were more level-headed but still thought she was cute. Their reactions caused Wendy to blush in embarassment. However, Alexis, Bastion, and Zane were wondering what she was capable of.

Turn 2: "Hmm." said Zane. "Not sure what you would expect from her, but it doesn't matter. Thanks to her, I summon Cyber Dragon (Machine/Light/5 – 2100/1600) in attack mode as well." The appearance of the mechanical beast startled Wendy a bit, but it wasn't much in comparison to some things she helped face, like Acnologia, so she wasn't worried. "You got an amazing monster, Mr. Truesdale." "...Thanks? Ahem, I'm sure you know what Mystical Space Typhoon does." "Not when I activate said card, Porlyusica (Trap)." An old woman with pink hair appeared, as well as a coin that flipped. Landing on heads, the woman brought out a broom, walked up to Cyber Dragon, and shouted "SCRAM!" as she hit the creature on the bottom of the jar, forcing it back into Zane's hand, to the surprise of everyone except Wendy who just chuckled a bit nervously. "Sorry. Porlyusica can be like that, although it's usually only with humans, even though she is human herself." That barely made any sense to any of them. "I finish by activating Different Dimension Capsule (Spell) to set aside a card for later."

Turn 3: Better be wary of that card. Thought Jaden as he started his turn. "Hey, kid." Noticing that he drew Gajeel, Jaden knew he pretty well won. "Wendy, do you if I summon Gajeel?" "hehehe, I have no problem, Jaden." "Then with Wendy's permission, I replace her on the field with your dragon's worst nightmare, 'Black Steel' Gajeel." Zane raised an eyebrow. "I remember him, but what do you mean by 'wo-'" He stopped his question as he saw Gajeel appear, look at Cyber Dragon, and suddenly proceed to catch and EAT it right before his very eyes! He couldn't believe what he was seeing! "Wh...wha..." "Mmm. Quite tasty." "Hahaha! Sorry, Zane, but the reason he's called 'Black Steel' is because of his magic." "Iron Dragon's ROAR!" Next thing Zane knew was he was being blasted by a tornado of metal shards! After finally managing to get back up, with help, he checked the result of the attack, and discovered that instead of 1800 like he had idly checked when Gajeel appeared, it was 2850, leaving him at 1150! But what really blew his mind for this match was when Bastion explained what happened, as explained by Happy. "Gajeel is one of four 'Dragon Slayers,' whose magic gives them dragon lungs to breathe their element, dragon scales for dissolving their element, and dragon claws for attacking with it. As the Iron Dragon Slayer, he is thus capable of using metal to boost his power and then use it in his next attack." "It's also capable of killing dragons, bub." Plain and simple,

Winner: Fairy Tail by forfeit. Zane didn't have anything to try and counter Gajeel.

"H...how..." Syrus slumped, gaping, as he stared at the result of his best friend beating his brother. His own brother! Granted, it was with another person's deck, but he still did what Syrus thought impossible.

Chuckling, Gajeel told him before completely returning to his card. "This is Fairy Tail we're talking about, shrimp. We've dealt with a lot worse than a metal chump like this."

"You guys mind if, say, after the Exhibition Duel, we get together and hear some of you guys' stories." Jaden asked the Fairies. "You guys should have some pretty interesting ones to tell."

"I don't see a problem with it. What about you, Bell?" asked Makarov, who received a nod from Bell. "Then I guess we'll see you after the duel, but first. Syrus, what exactly have you learned today?"

Syrus was silent for a bit at that question, but eventually had an answer. "It's not what cards you have, it's what you do with them that makes you a duelist."

"Keep that in mind, and you won't really have any problem come the duel." said Makarov in confirmation. "For now, just wait until tomorrow to start truly learning how we work to prepare, ok?"

"Yeah," said Alexis. "it's getting late, and tomorrow's a new day. Good night guys."

With that, they all turned in for the night, better prepared than they were before. They just had yet to actually practice dueling tag team yet.

Wendy Marvel

LV 4/Mage/Wind

1200 ATK/1000 DEF

All Wind increases Wendy's power by half of the opposing card.

All Dragon-type monsters this card battles are destroyed without applying damage calculation.

During your Standby Phase, choose one of the following: increase your Life Points by 1000 or increase ALL monsters on your side of the field by 500.

As for how the duel went, even with the popularity of Synchro, not quite everyone would really go for it just yet. If a tried and true formula has worked for you, then why try something else until you get proven otherwise? So he is still with his original deck, which didn't really have anything that could truly go against Gajeel. Even if he managed to get past Gajeel, there was still the rest of Fairy Tail to be concerned about, and they haven't exactly showed up in duels all that much yet. So he doesn't really have much of anything to go off of for the match. If he was against Jaden's Heroes, it would be more something he could handle.

In case anyone see Gajeel, Erza, or Makarov seemingly out of character, I just couldn't really think straight for making it better suited. And as for Syrus, when one of your closest childhood 'idol' figures, your older sibling, constantly berates you in some way, shape, or form (more or less), do you really think you wouldn't at least have a bit of a stuttering problem?

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