April 23, the day the victims were retrieved, Jack walked in to the Gryffindor common room, feeling very tired, his hair color was sandy and eyes were very bright grey, it was still stuck since the petrification, he wanted to sleep so bad, but his friends won't let him

"Jack!" said Hermione, who stood up, ran toward him and hugged him

"Hermione!" was his response, but most of it wasn't said because of Hermione, who kissed him

And after all the greetings of Harry and Ron, and Lavender interruption to say 'hello' to Jack gaining a look of distaste from Hermione, Jack ended up alone with Hermione in an empty classroom

"So, are we back together?" asked Jack

"I-I need some time, I-" Hermione started to say, but was interrupted

"I understand" said Jack "Why did you bring me to here?"

"There are somethings you need to explain" Hermione said

"Please, Hermione, can't that wait for tomorrow" said Jack yawning

"No, I've waited for the last six months" said Hermione firmly

"What do you want to know?" asked Jack

"Everything" said Hermione

"The diary is a horcrux" said Jack "a horcrux is-" Jack started explaining but was cut by Hermione

"I know what Horcruxes are" said Hermione

"H-How?" asked Jack, shocked

"I was searching for the basilisk" said Hermione "you said Slytherin monster is basilisk, and I read that it's one of the only things that destroy a horcrux, and I was curious"

"But the books were removed from Hogwarts library years ago" said Jack

"The library is not the only place to find a book" said Hermione

"Anyway," said Jack "Voldemort made horcruxes to be immortal"

"Horcruxes? He did more than one?" she asked, horrified by the idea

"Yes, he made seven horcruxes to be accurate" said Jack, he decided it would be better if they don't know about Harry, not yet

"Is that why he survived the night he was supposed to die?" asked Hermione

"Yes" Jack answered

"B-But if he is immortal, then-then it's impossible to defeat him" she said, while pacing the classroom, Jack who was sitting on one of the table, watching her as she did so, she stopped and looked at him, waiting for an answer

"No" said Jack "It's possible, you need to find the Horcruxes and destroy them"

"But they could be anything" said Hermione "they could be anywhere"

"That's right" said Jack

"It's going to take us years" said Hermione, her hair bushy as ever because of all the thinking she was doing

"No" said Jack, simply

"No?" she stopped pacing again, looked at him, and asked

"No" he said again

"What ar-" she began to say, but Jack interrupted her again

"I know what are the Horcruxes" said Jack

"What are th-" she began to ask again, but was interrupted, again

"and I know where are they" said Jack "and I have some of them already"

"What are they?" asked Hermione "and where are they?"

"When Voldemort first found out he was a wizard he was very fond of the idea of being differe-" Jack was explaining, when he was interrupted by Hermione

"It's a very interesting story, but how does that answer my question?" she asked

"If you waited until I finished my answer, you have known" Jack said, impatiently, Hermione flushed "Hogwarts was the first place he felt in like home"

"The founders' possessions" said Hermione

"Exactly" said Hermione

"So, it's Godric Gryffindor sword, Helga Hufflepuff cup, Salazar Slytherin locket and…" she thought "The Ravenclaw diadem is lost"

"Well, Voldemort couldn't turn Gryffindor sword into a horcrux, because he couldn't put his hands on it" said Jack

"and what about the diadem?" asked Hermione

"He found it" said Jack "He manipulated the Grey Lady, and she told him where did she hide it"

"She hid it?" asked Hermione surprised "but she's Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter, and if she knew, then why didn't she tell Dumbledore or Flitwick?"

"She stole it from her mother" said Jack

"That's awful" said Hermione

"I found it, I found the diadem again" said Jack, Hermione looked at him surprised, shocked, her jaw fell to the ground

"Y-you? How?" she asked

"It was in the room of requirements" Jack said "he thought he was the only one to discover it"

"And the others?" asked Hermione "of course he hid the other possessions as well"

"Yes, he did" said Jack

"Did you find another thing?" asked Hermione

"Hufflepuff cup" said Jack "It was in the Lestrange vault"

"How did you get to the Lestrange vault?" asked Hermione, Jack didn't answer, he only smirked at her, but she saw what she needed to see, the glimpse of mischief in his eyes turned him in, she gasped "Did you break to the vault?"

"Yes" he simply answered

"But that's very dangerous" said Hermione

"Somethings are worth the sacrifice" said Jack

"It's impossible" said Hermione

"Well, it was broken twice" said Jack

"But you can't do it if you don't use dark magic" said Hermione

"Who said I didn't?" he answered, she gasped "Look, Hermione, I needed to, if we wan-" he began to explain

"I understand" she said "What about Slytherin locket?"

"It's in Grimmauld place" said Jack

"Where?" Hermione asked again

"Sirius childhood house" said Jack, he couldn't actually call it home, could he?

"What? How did it end up there?" asked Hermione

"It's a long story" said Jack

"We have all the time" Hermione insisted

"Regulus, Sirius' young brother, stole it from its original hidden place" said Jack "he discovered Voldemort's secret"

"But he was a death eater" said Hermione

"He changed" said Jack

"Why haven't you retrieved it yet?" asked Hermione

"I could be suspected" said Jack

"Suspected in what?" asked Hermione

"Isn't it weird that I know all this?" asked Jack "some of it, even Dumbledore doesn't know about it"

"Does Dumbledore about this?" asked Hermione

"He has his suspicions as usual" said Jack

"How do you know all of that?" asked Hermione, but Jack didn't answer her question

"and there's also his grandfather's ring" said Jack, ignoring Hermione "It's already with me"

"How do you know all of that?" asked Hermione again

"and here is the diary" said Jack, still ignoring her

"Jack!" Hermione said

"and the last Horcrux is Nagini, Voldemort's snake" Jack continued

"Answer my question" Hermione shouted

Jack finally turned to look at her "Hermione!" he said

"No, Jack, you are going to answer my question" said Hermione

"I-I'm-" Jack started to say

"You are what?" asked Hermione again

Jack hair color finally changed again, pale blue hair, and a darker shade of grey than before

"I'm from the future" said Jack

Well, that's a surprise!
But it does make sense, the first book was published in 1997, it's still 1993
and even if it was sent to him from the future, why was he very afraid that anyone will discover? he didn't do anything wrong, he read the book

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