Hello, we should probably explain why we wrote this bizarre pairing of RWBY and the spirit of vengeance himself. We like Ghost Rider, the movies are meh, but the character himself is fantastic and we felt that he could fit in this universe now since the show itself is delving more into the mystical aspect of their reality. Also, there's only a small few stories of RWBY and Ghost Rider that we felt like adding our own spin on it.

Now, to answer some questions that we'd probably be asked

Are you going to do Johnny Blaze? Yes, he is the main character in our story. Because he's the most iconic Rider and his name fits the shows color rule already, so we lucked out there.

Are you going to take inspiration from the movies and TV shows? Yes, but in a small capacity. Certain story elements and designs will be implemented in our story, but not to the degree of the movies we got (they're pretty bad). We will of course be adapting elements from the comic books since that's where the real history and villains of the Ghost Rider exists.

Are you going to use any of the other Ghost Riders like Carter Slade, Danny Ketch, Alejandra Jones, and Robbie Reyes? More than likely, yes. We have plans for Carter Slade and implement his history as both the Ghost Rider and the Phantom Rider in our story. The others will be included as well, we may have to add an extra name in their own to coincide with the color rule or maybe we'll leave it alone. That decision is up in the air right now.

Will you have villains from the comic books that haven't appeared in the movies? Yes, of course. We have plans for the characters Vengeance, Marvel's Scarecrow (not DC's/Batman Scarecrow), Wallow, Jack O' Lantern, Reverend Styge, Bounty Hunter, and more.

How involved are the character's from RWBY? Very involved. They help make Johnny Blaze into the character that you will read about as well as help with some of the mystical villains that they come across. They won't have a big involvement in our San Venganza arc however due to the events of volume 3, but they are in there and will have a much larger involvement afterwards.

Will other Marvel characters appear in your story? No. This story is purely Ghost Rider driven and will focus on the characters from the Ghost Rider comics.

Will any of the RWBY characters become Riders, gain any mystical powers, or become versions of Ghost Rider allies and villains from Ghost Rider lore? Maybe...you'll have to wait and see ;)

We hope that answered any questions and concerns you may have and we hope that you enjoy our story. Thank you.

I always thought that life would be a little hectic but it would go in the direction you set out towards. You'd hit a few bumps, get dealt some heavy blows, but overall you'd be happy living your life and caring for the ones you love. Of course in my life, nothing would ever go as planned. These past three years have been hell for me. Like literally hell, that's just a little in-joke for me, but I'll explain that later. My name is Johnny Blaze, and I used to be the Ghost Rider.

(Two weeks before Forever Fall field trip)

Teams RWBY and JNPR were walking together through the Beacon grounds. Some were in conversation while the others were too focused on other things. They stopped and found a spot on the grass to sit and relax. Ruby was talking about what they could all do next on that Friday morning. While they all talked amongst themselves about their suggestions, Ruby looked over to a young man working on the lawn. He was in blue custodian coveralls, brown work boots, and gloves for gardening. She hadn't noticed him before but she figured it was a big school so that might have been the reason they hadn't seen each other.

They all turned their attention to the familiar and annoying boisterous laughter coming from the group sat on the stone bench behind the custodian, it was team CRDL. Laughing about whatever victim they had come across that day, no doubt.

"Remember the look on her face when I pulled those ears? She looked like she was gonna cry." Cardin laughed soon after he said that, reminiscing on Cardin's bullying of Velvet in the dining hall.

"Man, I thought she was gonna cry like a big baby." Cardin added, and then they all laughed together.

The group on the grass of course was angry, they didn't tolerate that kind of horrific behavior and the memory of the incident didn't help either.

"Coming from the guy that looks like a big baby." Said the custodian.

CRDL stopped laughing and turned their attention towards the man placing new patches of grass on the lawn. Teams RWBY and JNPR all tried to hold back their laughter.

"I'm sorry, you wanna say that again?" Cardin said with agitation in his voice.

"I think you heard me well enough." The custodian smiled as he said that, obviously enjoying the feelings of anger he was stirring in them.

Cardin got up with his mace and walked onto the grass over to the stranger. Said stranger just rolled his eyes at the supposedly intimidating display of bravado. Cardin knelt down real close next to him as he kept working. Teams RWBY and JNPR were nervous but ready in case Cardin or the others decided to try anything.

"You've got quite the mouth."

"And you've got quite the breath, god! What do you use as toothpaste, raw sewage?" Cardin cringed at this while the RY of RWBY and JNP of JNPR quietly laughed.

Cardin stood up and looked at the gardening tools and green bag next to the gardener. Looking more closely at the bag he noticed black metal chains inside.

"Hmm, what are these for?" He asked as he lightly kicked the bag letting some of the chain spill out.

"Gardening." He said while placing another square patch of grass on the dirt.

"Ain't no gardening tool I ever seen."

"You don't seem like the kinda guy who'd be into gardening."

"Well, gardening can be quite hard work. Especially when something unexpected just falls out of nowhere to ruin all that work." Cardin then brought down his mace onto the patch of lawn next to the custodian, kicking up the grass and dirt underneath.

Cardin smiled as the man stopped working and looked at the mace in utter disdain. The custodian grabbed the chain and threw the heavy end into Cardin's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. He then wrapped the chain around his neck and threw him up against the nearby stone pillar between the lawn and the stone path. The rest of CRDL drew their weapons, while RWBY and JNPR were ready with theirs.

"I'm only gonna say this once." The custodian said. He then moved his face closer to Cardin's.

"KEEP. OFF. THE GRASS." He then removed the chains from around Cardin's neck and pushed him aside.

Cardin angrily went to pick up his mace. As soon as he touched the handle, his hand was then wrapped in the same chain he was released from.

"Don't even think about swinging that at me. I don't think I have to tell you about the penalties of students attacking faculty members, do I?" After saying that, he unwrapped the chain from around Cardin's hand. CRDL all left without saying a word.

RWBY and JNPR, as well as the other students who were watching, were in awe at the display. The man immediately went to work on the patch Cardin had ruined. Both teams walked over to him, and once he noticed, he stood back up to greet them.

"THAT was awesome." Yang said.

"Thanks. In case you haven't already noticed, I don't like bullies." He said with a smile.

"I don't think anybody does." Pyrrha said with an equally bright smile. The stranger chuckled at that.

"I don't think we've met each other. I'm Ruby and this is Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Together we're team RWBY." She finished with her hands placed on her hips in a heroic pose.

"Charmed." He said, chuckling at the display. "You guys?" He asked directing his attention towards the others.

"I'm Pyrrha Nikos. This is Nora, Ren, and this is our team leader Jaune. Together we're team JNPR. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.…?"

"Blaze. Johnny Blaze. Beacon custodian, gardener, and ex-motorcycle stunt performer."

"Stunt performer?" Blake asked "Not something I'd picture you as."

"Well, appearances aren't everything. Especially in this place." He gestured his hands to the school around them.

"So what kind of stunt performer ends up working as a school janitor, and picks fights with students with nothing more than chains and gardening tools?" Yang asked.

"One who wanted some form of stability in his life. It's not perfect but I like it." Johnny said. He then began to laugh.

"Man, I never thought I'd want a quiet life at eighteen."

"You're eighteen?" Blake asked. Johnny nodded in affirmation.

"Then why are you a janitor if you could be going to school here? After what we saw, you can definitely handle yourself with those." Yang gestured toward the bag of chains.

"True, but it's not the life I wanted. When you've seen and been through enough violence, sometimes you'd want to stop. Although, I doubt that'll be the case for you guys." Johnny finished with a smile.

Johnny's scroll beeped. He opened it and switched off the timer; he packed up his things and made to leave but turned towards the group. He then handed Ruby and Jaune a card each from his pocket.

"If you guys ever need me, don't hesitate to call. If you need your dorms repainted, a sink fixed, a nice shady spot on the grass, or if you want to talk I'm here." Johnny finished with a smile to which they all returned in kind.

"I thought you said we weren't allowed on the grass." Weiss said.

"Those big lug heads aren't allowed on the grass. You guys however are welcome to have a picnic on it if you ever feel like it. Unlike the teachers here, I'm allowed to have favorites." Johnny said gesturing to the group.

"Gotta run, I'll see you guys around the school." Johnny waved as they all bid their goodbyes.

Johnny never would have thought that he would be free of the torment. He never thought he would talk to anyone without risking their safety or even make friends. But he was free now, free to live his life the way he wanted it, without the fear of the darkness within him.

As he entered the closet to put away his tools, he stopped and pulled out his necklace. It was a rectangular orange colored gem that had the frozen image of a skeleton trying to claw its way out. Johnny smiled at it, knowing that the spirit that once controlled his life could no longer torment him. He put everything back, grabbed his cart, and went back to work.