Author`s Note: Sorry for the long delay, everyone. I`ve been slacking off, and actually I don`t know if this will ever get finished. If I do anything more it`ll probably just be some events of book two and then maybe I`ll skip to writing the ending of the movie. But I don`t know about writing the scenes of the second half, because the final event is supposed to be this big racing scene as Rei rides in the 8-endurance, and that`s really not the kind of thing I have the knack for writing, especially in screenplay form. I`m also really tied up working on a different fanfic right now, and this piece is sinking on my list of priorities. Sorry to let you down. But here`s the last installment that wraps up the events of the first book. Thank you for reading.

Aaron and Leo are talking to the school nurse.

AARON: She`s going to be okay, isn`t she?

NURSE: Yes, she`ll be fine. It`s just a few bruises.

LEO: Good. We were kind of worried. I feel terrible.

NURSE: (sighing) You should be more careful. I know you boys were just playing around, but to push her down the stairs on accident? She`s a girl, you know.

We see Kira sitting in a chair in the nurse`s room, a wall separating her from where the others are. She has a bandage on her cheek where Hanna hit her. We hear what the others are saying from outside.

AARON: We know. We`re sorry.

NURSE: Did you apoligize?

LEO: Yes.

Kira curls her legs up onto the chair and leans her head against the wall behind her.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER(FLASHBACK): Will you forgive me...if I am in love with Leo?

She closes her eyes sadly and buries her face into her knees. The nurse enters the room and looks at her.

NURSE: You must be really sore. School`s almost over anyway, why don`t you have someone come and take you home?

Kira says nothing in answer, but just opens her eyes and looks up at the nurse hopelessly.


AARON: If I had any idea what they were really up to, I never would have let her go. God, am I that oblivious?

LEO: It wasn`t your fault.

AARON: Yeah, but even so - I was right there. Why didn`t she say something?

LEO: (looking away sadly)...Kira can`t say anything.

AARON: ...This is your fault, you know.

LEO: I know.

AARON: I tried to tell you that you shouldn`t talk to her. I knew things could get really bad if you did that to Hanna.

LEO: (nodding) I see...So you never actually wanted to be with Kira. The whole time you were just protecting Hanna. Is that it?

AARON: (looking down shamefully)...Yes. Because Hanna talks to me. And even though she never said it right out, I could tell she was still in love with you. I could tell it was for real. (frustrated) You don`t even see her. She`s the only girl that`s ever been serious about you, but you treated her like all the others. You just tossed her aside.

LEO: Aaron, Hanna isn`t my girlfriend. I don`t know what to do about the fact that she thinks she`s in love with me.

AARON: You could at least think about it.

LEO: Why should I have to?

AARON: Because there`s things like this going on with you doing nothing about it!

LEO: There`s nothing I can do about it. I just have to wait for Hanna to get over it.

AARON: But she`ll try to hurt Kira again.

LEO: No, she won`t.

AARON: How can you guarantee that?

LEO: ...I can`t.

Leo starts to walk away.

AARON: (calling after him) If anything happens to Kira, I`m holding you responsible.

LEO: Your call.

Leo leaves Aaron by himself, and he kicks a rock angrily.


Because school is over and the lights are out in so many classrooms, the hallway looks dim and lifeless. Hanna is leaning to the side against some lockers, looking haunted by herself. She jumps when someone says something in her ear.

LEO: You shouldn`t linger at the scene of a crime.

Hanna gasps and turns around to see him standing there. She thought she had been alone; she touches her heart, recovering from panic.

LEO: You`re not with your two hunting lionesses.


LEO: So I could say pretty much anything to you I want to you right now. But that`s okay, right? You and I are friends.

Close-up: Hanna`s feet slowly move a little ways backward away from him.

HANNA: What to you want?

LEO: I want to get come things clear. First of all, Hanna, Kira isn`t even my girl.

HANNA: Then what are you worrying about?

LEO: Don`t play dumb. You think I`m going to let you torture other people because of me? If you`re gonna act like I owe you something - which is *ridiculous* - then fine. But don`t take it out on Kira.

HANNA: She was asking for it. Walking around basking in your attention like she owns the world-

LEO: I talked to her first, so threaten to break *my* fingers, okay? (pauses, smirking slightly) And about that, it kind of surprises me. Kira must have shown some backbone to make even you shy away from actually hurting her.

HANNA: What are you saying?

LEO: I`m saying you`re not the kind of person to bark and not bite.

HANNA: What? Don`t give me that shit. It was just threats this time. There`s no telling what I`ll do to her next.

LEO: Do what you like. (turns away from her.) It`ll just determine what I do to you in return.

HANNA: (eyes widening) What? Like you would actually do anything to me. You wouldn`t even raise your hand to a girl, it`s not your style.

LEO: Then I`d be more subtle about it. I`d do something to the brakes of your car. But I don`t know...I`m more of a fire than brains person. I might just really lose it and throw you one.

HANNA: That`s not funny.

LEO: (turning back to look at her) I`m not trying to be funny.

HANNA: Oh yeah? And what if I get too carried away? What if things don`t go the right way and I kill her on accident?

LEO: ...Then I will kill you.

He sounds so serious that Hanna`s mouth drops in shock. Leo just turns and slowly walks away.

HANNA: (nervously) L...Leo, wait. You`re kidding, right? You`re always kidding...just say it. You...

He keeps walking away. But then the camera reveals Leo`s face as he smirks to himself.

Hanna holds her arms like she`s suddenly cold and falls against the lockers, shaking slightly. She puts her hand to her forehead.

HANNA: Shit...

AARON: What did you expect?

She looks up and sees Aaron at the opposite end of the hall from the end Leo left down.

AARON: (as he`s approaching) Don`t be surprised that Leo`s pissed. You took it way too far. Didn`t you think it could backfire on you?

HANNA: It was Kira`s fault. She`s trying to take Leo away from everyone. She pretends she doesn`t care, but she`s serious...She likes him. It`s pathetic.

AARON: That`s not true. She`s not trying to take anything. Kira is absolutely selfless, unlike someone we know.

Hanna looks up at him and her eyes instantly tear up.

AARON: (softening reluctantly) Hanna...

Hanna slides down onto the floor and Aaron goes to sit down against the lockers next to her.

AARON: How did you think that was the way to get what you want?

HANNA: What else could I have done?

AARON: Nothing. Don`t you understand this is Leo we`re talking about? I don`t think there`s a woman in the world who can play at his level.

HANNA: That`s just the thing. That`s how it`s supposed to be. Why should anyone be able to have him if there`s so many girls who can`t? But then *she* comes along. She`s just a stupid quiet nobody. Why should she be the one.....?

AARON: You`re wrong. Kira has absolutely no hold on Leo. This is just a game to him.

HANNA: (Holding her eyes and sniffing as she starts to cry more) No, it`s not.

Aaron looks surprised by how sure she is.

HANNA: I`ve liked Leo since our first year of high school. I`ve been watching him for that long. (shaking her head) I`ve never seen him like this.

We see just Aaron looking baffled as she says the following.

HANNA: He has the softest look in his eyes. He seems kind of sad...when he`s with her.

Hanna takes her hands from her face and her eyes look tired and sad, a different kind of expression for Hanna.

HANNA: Even though it`s her, it`s make my heart ache.

AARON: (genuinely surprised)...Really? He didn`t say *anything*...

HANNA: This kind of thing doesn`t happen that often. It`s so obvious. It`s something you can`t stop. That`s why I was scared into doing something as desperate as what I did.

Aaron just looks down, still looking surprised, his eyes full of thought.

HANNA: Those two are drawn to eachother. They don`t even realize it.


Kira is sitting at her desk drawing quietly. She stops for a moment, puts her pencil down, and looks at her hand.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: Not being able to draw...I never thought about that before.

She touches her fingers in thought.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: I don`t know how I was being so bold, in that moment when Hanna said she was going to break my hand. Living without being able to draw...I can`t even imagine that. Like living without speaking or hearing...

Foggy, lightened flashback of Leo holding her to him as her face lights up in alarm.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: But when I think about much stronger I feel when I`m with him, the sound of his heart beating...I don`t think I would mind.

Faint sound of a motorcycle from outside. Kira perks up and looks toward her window.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: What? It can`t be!

She runs to the window and looks out. There Leo can be seen far away in the street, taking off his helmet. We see his face as he looks up at her window, meeting eyes with her.


The door opens and Kira comes out, calling inside to her mother.

KIRA: I`ll be right back, mom. I`m just running to the corner store.

She shuts the door behind her and runs out to meet Leo.

LEO: (getting off his motorcycle) Hey. How are you doing?

KIRA: Good. Much better.

LEO: I was on my way home and I thought I should check on you. (looking at her and shaking his head) You`ve been through a lot this week, haven`t you?

KIRA: Oh...yeah, I guess I have.

He sits down on the edge of the grass and she sits down next to him, wrapping her arms around her knees.

LEO: Uh...I want you to know that nothing like this is going to happen again. It`s not fair that you should be put through this, and I`m not going to let Hanna do it anymore.

KIRA: (as she smiles a little) Don`t be so hard on her, Leo. Maybe she has a strange way of showing it. But she really, truly is in love with you...

LEO: (looking unhappy) I seem to be hearing a lot of things like that from people. 'She`s in love with you, Leo.' 'She`s serious.' And what part of me is she serious about? My last girlfriend said I wasn`t good for anything but sex. I`m a decoration, an item, like a Chanel bag. Girls like to flaunt me cause it makes them look good. That`s all it is. That`s all I can get out of it. Girls are at their best when they`re naked, period. I don`t pretend to see anything else.

He puts a hand on his forehead and looks at Kira regretfully.

LEO: That`s all I am, Kira. Living in the moment. I don`t give anything a second look. There`s not really anything in my head.

Kira looks forward thoughtfully.

KIRA: No. I can see things in you...Colors...all around you.

He looks up at her with interest.

LEO: Colors? You mean like in a painting?

KIRA: (smiling) Yes.

LEO: What kind of colors?

KIRA: A bright color...strong, and beautiful. Kind of like the bottom of a fire. And...

LEO: And?

KIRA: (her eyes changing) ...A sad color, too.

Leo`s face saddens and is surprised at the same time.

KIRA: I...I better go.

They both start to stand up. Kira steps on the end of her skirt, tripping and falling against Leo, and he catches her with a short laugh.

LEO: Okay?

KIRA: Yeah, I just...(giggles) I just tripped.

He smiles and starts dropping his hands from her shoulders, but then her head pulls forward as he draws his right hand back. Some strands of her hair are caught on his gold bracelet.

LEO: (laughs) Oh...Looks like my bracelet doesn`t want you to go.

He undoes the bracelet and takes it off to gently get her hair detached from it.

KIRA: You always wear that, don`t you?

LEO: Yeah. It`s for good luck. Someone gave it to me when I lived in L.A.

KIRA: It`s beautiful.

To her surprise, he holds it out in front of her.

LEO: It`s yours.

KIRA: (unsure) What? But you said it`s...

LEO: (grabbing her right wrist) Just give me your hand.

He puts the bracelet on her wrist as she watches him with a somewhat sad look in her eyes.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: I don`t want anything else.

LEO: (smiling) Wow...your arms are so tiny. It almost slides right on.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: (as her eyes close) Just to be here with him. To hear his voice...This is enough.

Leo closes the bracelet on her wrist and looks up to see that her eyes are just slightly welling up with tears. They look into eachother`s eyes as he keeps holding her wrist. Close-up: His hand moves up from her wrist to her hand so that the bracelet slides down her arm. Close-up of both of their eyes, looking hypnotized and sad at the same time. Close-up of Leo`s left hand resting on her shoulder.

Leo slowly leans forward and kisses Kira. For a moment POV is from far away, with some branches up close, as if we are sitting in a tree watching them. Then Leo breaks away but keeps his face close to her left ear as he speaks to her quietly.

LEO: Go. I`ll be here.

Close-up of his left hand leaving her shoulder. With his other hand he touches her back and gently turns her toward her house.

LEO: I`ll wait until you`re back in your room.

KIRA: I`ll be okay. It`s right here...

LEO: Just go.

Without another word Kira turns and runs back to her house.


Kira runs inside, shutting the door behind her, and immediately goes upstairs. She runs into her room and goes right to her window, looking outside. We can see Leo sitting on his motorcycle outside, and then after seeing her he puts his helmet on and rides away.

We hear his motorcycle as Kira sinks to the floor with her hand on the window pane and sits against the wall like this.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: I don`t know if it`s my imagination, but the sound of a motorcycle...

POV goes outside briefly to show Leo riding away.

KIRA`S VOICEOVER: ...It sounds like crying.