Beta'd Prologue

The Pre Fated day

"Mm...Lucky...Mm~" a man in a grey trench coat and dusty brown hat crooned. The man was sitting by the counter of an old ramen shop. The waiter cleaning the counter looked up, his green eyes shining behind the circular lenses of his glasses.

"Thank you, Customer," Harry replied with an honest smile. He's always happy when people enjoy his adoptive grandpa's ramen. Not many people did, as the tiny shop in London didn't get much business. The store was dusty, cramped, old, and located near seediest part of London. While Harry was trying to fix what he could for the man who helped him, there was no helping the dismal location. Not without magic wards anyway, which he was unable to place without a wand.

"Harry! Prepare the soup base. Let the customer enjoy his food," his grandpa grumbled. He was a man with receding grey hair, a shirt splattered with oil stains, and a face that nearly never smiled. Still, for all he appeared to be, the elderly man's heart was in the right place.

Two years ago, he had saved Harry from the streets and easily welcomed him into his family. He let Harry have a guest room in his home until Harry was able to afford a rental not far from the shop. He gave Harry a salary as his waiter, even though Harry didn't have papers or a bank account. More importantly, Grandpa had given him a purpose and a reason to continue forward, despite his past. It was due to the man that Harry found peace and comfort in this small place, despite its less than stellar condition.

"I usually get served soggy ramen in this country, but your ramen is really something. And your waiter," the man looked him in the eyes for the first time, black eyes curiously inspecting him. In that instant Harry's whole body shivered. It was like looking a fierce dragon in the eye.

There was more behind the man's gaze as well, a sort of heavy pressure. It was something Harry had never felt before - no human had this sort of presence. Some sort of magic perhaps…no, but it was similar and it was POWERFUL. Then man smiled and closed his eyes. The pressure lifted and Harry collapsed, feeling breathless and lightheaded.

"HARRY! What's the matter?" Grandpa said while trying to help him stand up. Harry waved his help away and tried to get in between the customer and his grandpa. The customer was Dangerous…Harry wouldn't let his grandpa get hurt, not after everything the man had done for him. He willed his body to stand firm and stop shaking. He squared his shoulders as best he could and eyed the possible enemy suspiciously.

"Ah, don't be hasty. I was just getting a closer look," the man said with an easy smile. Silver hair fluttered in a non-existant wind as the man took off his hat and held it to his chest as he gave a small apologetic bow.

Harry just narrowed his eyes at him, his mind racing in circles. What kind of creature could have such a presence as that? Veela and vampires could project manipulative auras, but this felt nothing like those he'd met. Which was, perhaps, a relief. Both such beings would need a wand to defeat, which he didn't have.

But could he overcome this unknown person without the full might of his magic? He didn't know. Hopefully, he could defuse the situation. Find out what the creature wanted and send him on his way.

"I don't think I understand" Harry said. He smiled weakly, trying not to seem confrontational.

"I usually don't get around much, you know. But I had this really interesting dream about ramen last night. Then…mm, you don't want to know. Do you?" the man said as he played with his hat. The man opened his mouth as if to continue, but didn't. The frightening man's eyes glazed over just slightly before he abruptly stood up and left, leaving Harry and his grandpa gaping at the closing door. It was strangely anti-climactic and Harry really wasn't sure how to feel about it.

"What a strange customer. Ah, he didn't pay!" his grandpa said, panicked.

"No, he did pay." Harry said quietly, looking at the money on counter. Money that had not been there before…and a ticket as well. He picked it up curiously, reading something about a luxury cruise before putting it aside so he could count the money and put it in the till.

"When did he put it there?" Grandpa wondered.

"I don't know," Harry mumbled.

'I didn't even see a flicker of movement. I didn't think magic existed in this world. And this ticket…what kind of game are you playing, whoever you are?

"Let's clean up, Harry" Grandpa said.

"Okay," Harry said. He pocketed the ticket before his grandpa noticed it. It wouldn't do to have him curious about it. Whatever that creature was planning, he had to protect his grandpa from it.

Unnoticed, a figure stood on the roof of a building across the street, looking down at the tiny ramen shop.

"I thought I sensed a Sky somewhere. Perhaps it was a dream…oh well," the figure said with a careless shrug.

Soon, the Tri-ni-set Administrator forgot about the strange presence he'd sensed in London and how he'd carelessly left said curiosity a ticket to Mafia Land. He forgot all about his plans to manipulate the strongest Sky he'd ever felt into becoming the next Sky Arcobaleno. He simply...forgot.

Because no matter what world you lived in, Magic would always protect its Master.