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Ripples: Prologue Part 1 One


In the world of Remneant, four great kingdoms had experienced an unprecedented time of peace, free from the fear of the creatures of Grimm.


Until today. Now, due a devastating set of events at the Vytal Festival, the peace was beginning to break.


Fear and darkness had come back to the world, and wherever darkness went, so came the Grimm.


'What is... Happening?' Thought a confused voice

In the ruins of Mountain Glenn, something was waking up. It was, quite obviously, a Grimm, but unlike any ever seen before. It was, well big, for one thing, but right now, at night, it was hard to see what it looked like.

'Why is there... So much... Fear.'

The voice, or rather, the voice of the thoughts of the Grimm, were lost, confused, weary and... Scared?

'Has... The master... Returned?' It wondered.

'Or.. Has the time come... Where those ancient shadows... Will return... Finish... What they... Started?'

(Scene change)

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Atlas, keen viewers were watching the source of the fear unfold.

According to broadcasts, Yang Xiao Long of Beacon had attacked Mercury Black of Haven for no reason, breaking his leg.

The fallout was immediate. Grimm attacks on Vale surged as people questioned why one Hunter would try to harm another after having already defeated their opponent. Opportunistic businessmen took the chance to cash in on the horror and convince citizens to buy their wares, in preparation for the Grimm attacks that were likely to begin soon.

One businessman, however, was busy with something else.

Specifically, he was going over the footage of the attack.

'That huntress-Yang, if memory is correct-stopped and tensed just before before attacking him. Was she under some kind of illusion?'


"What?!" Replied the man, snapped out of his thoughts.

"The board wishes to meet in two days. They want to discuss the recent turn of events and are considering several charity events to assist in."

"Charity? NOW?! After what just happened at the Vytal Festival?"

"Because of what is happening at the festival. They believe that we should... Re-evaluate some of our practices now that our... Global situation has changed."

"...Alright. Tomorrow evening, then. But I would like to see the festival's next match. We need to be sure things have settled down before we make any moves"


With that, the woman, who happened to be a secretary, left, leaving her boss to ponder the events of the last match.

(Scene change)

Meanwhile, in Mistral, a man was also thinking about the last match.

"So, a student is injured by another for no reason, right after a match ends? Someone must have set that girl up."

Then, he smiled, albeit very eerily.

"Looks like the time to act is now."

(Scene change)

In Vacuo, a woman shared his thoughts.

"We need to act, soon, because I don't think this is over. Not yet."

(Scene change)

Finally, in an airship just outside Vale, another man pondered what had happened. Unlike the others, he had heard rumors that had hinted at what was really going on.

"So the black queen makes her move. While red is reeling, gold gathers power, so as to strike when red but a turn from check. I can only hope now that white moves first, before black deals the death blow.


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