Full summary: (1927) DI Pete Tyler is about to testify against notorious gangster Harold Saxon so when his daughter Rose is nearly attacked he knows it wasn't just a random robbery but he's impressed when he learns the Doctor (whose real name is Jamie), a young Scottish gangster whose father he just arrested is the one that saved her.

So when Pete decides to send Rose to her mothers' he has the Doctor escort and protect her but what starts as a simple favor soon turns into love.

But someone is after Rose but the Doctor will do whatever it takes to protect her. Can he protect Rose and figure out who's after her?

Rose Tyler stood on the street corner newspaper stand grinning at the news story. She was on her way home from the shop but couldn't resist a peek at the newspapers. The headline read that notorious gangster Harold Saxon's trial was going very well, thanks to her dad, DI Pete Tyler. In a couple weeks his testimony would seal Saxon's fate. She couldn't be prouder of her father but being the daughter of Pete Tyler wasn't always easy.

The stress alone had taken a toll on her parents' marriage and while she had people she hung out with she really didn't have any real friends except Clara and Amy. Rose realized it was getting late and started walking home.

The air was cool and soothing compare to the stuffy shop, she couldn't wait to get home and soak her feet when suddenly a drunken middle aged male with salt and pepper hair staggered from an alley. He wore an old suit and swayed side to side looking at her menacingly. "Well, well, wh-what do we have here, a ric-rich girl." He grinned pulling out a knife. Rose stared at the shiny blade frozen in fear she knew was in trouble.

At the same time a young Scottish gangster named 'The Doctor' and his friend Jack were running out of a nearby bar. "You get back here you bastards!" The man shouted shooting off a gun at them. They turned a corner and hid in an alley catching their breath. "I think we lost em'." Jack panted as they leaned back against the grey concrete wall.

The Doctor scowled at him. "Good cause' now I can do this." He grumbled slapping his rib cage. "Ow, what did I do?" Jack frowned.

"You hit on the bartender's wife, that's what you did," The Doctor pointed at him. "And just when I was about to make some time with that girl." He grunted.

"Hey, I didn't know she was married!" He scoffed. "She was wearing a wedding ring!" The Doctor remarked. Jack shrugged. "I thought it was another fashion accessory." The Doctor groaned and rolled his eyes. He was about to respond when they heard a female voice shouting, it sounded like she was in trouble. They poked their heads out and watched a man with a knife threatening a blond girl.

"I'm telling you I don't have any money." Rose insisted. "I-I disagree an-and I'll just be taking your purse." He hiccuped. "I don't even have a purse, please let me go." She begged.

That was when he saw her ring and smirked. "Oh, I see something better." He her grasped her arm tighter and she cried out. "Let go of me!" He struck Rose hard with a backhanded slap knocking her down to the ground and snatched her grandmother's ring.

She kicked him in the knee making him angrier, he peered over her scowling. "You little brat, now y-you're going to get it." He raised his knife ready to strike her. Rose closed her eyes and waited for the pain when a young Scottish voice interrupted. "Oh, I don't think so." The Doctor's voice chimed.

The man looked up and saw two young men were standing there, one dark haired man dressed in trousers with suspenders and a white button down shirt, the other with messy dark brown hair and dressed in a brown pinstripe suit. "Hello!" He waved.

Rose's eyes widen. She had seen that young man before. It was the Doctor, a Robin Hood type gangster but he was also the son of Peter Smith, a gang leader that her father had recently put in jail. Now Rose was really nervous but to her surprise they moved in front of her. The stranger tried to pass them but the dark haired man quickly moved in front of him blocking him. "Going somewhere?" He sang.

"Get out of my way punks!" He spat. "Oh, we would but we couldn't help but notice you bothering this young lady and we think you should apologize." The Doctor replied. "Don't you think so?" He asked turning to Jack.

Jack nodded. "Yes, I quite agree."

The man smirked. "Oh, yeah," He held up his pocket knife. "Make me." Jack chuckled. "Oh, please, that's not a knife." They pulled out their long switch blades from their back pockets. "But these are." The Doctor added with a serious expression. He stepped further into the streetlight and the man swallowed fearfully. "You're the D-Doctor."

The Doctor gave a disgusted look. "Very observant." He glanced back at Jack. "I'll tend to the girl; you get the ring and see if he's got anything else of value." Jack looked at him strangely. He shrugged. "Might as well get something out of it."

While Jack searched the man The Doctor went over to the girl and looked her over. She seemed okay except for the red spot on her face from the slap. "Miss are you alright?" He said lightly rubbing her shoulder. She just nodded slowly still slightly confused.

"You just rest, yeah?" He smiled. She couldn't help but smile back. He was kind of cute. He winked at her and went back to the man. Rose continued to watch in awe. She had heard stories about the Doctor but he was nothing like what she had been told.

Jack came towards him with the ring. "Got it," He handed him the ring." "He didn't have anything of value on him, though." The Doctor nodded. "Watch her." He said and went over to the now frighten man and grabbed him by the front of his shirt and glared at him. "Now say you're sorry." The Doctor ordered.


"Say you're sorry!" The Doctor growled grasping him tighter. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He yelped.

He leaned closer and hissed. "Now I'm going to let you go but hit another lady and you won't be so lucky next time." The Doctor glared before stomping on his foot hard and shoving him down. He groaned loudly in pain.

The Doctor then gave him a hard kick in the gut before the man limped away.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Do you have to be so dramatic?" "Oh, shut up." He smirked. After making sure Rose was going to be okay they helped her stand. "You sure you're okay?" The Doctor asked. She nodded. "Yeah," She replied. "Thank you both." Rose said grateful placing back on her ring.

They both shrugged. "No problem." The Doctor said then glanced at Jack. "Well, we better get going." "Wait," Rose called out. They paused. "Yeah?" The Doctor said. Rose shrugged shyly. "I feel like I should repay you after all it's not every day a girl gets saved by a couple of heroes."

He smirked shaking his head. "That's okay but thanks, anyway," The Doctor then asked. "What's your name?" "Rose Tyler." She replied.

He smiled repeating the name in his mind. "Lovely name," He gave a small wave. "Well, bye." They turned and walked away. Rose stood there watching for a second then turned but suddenly realized she never got their names but before she could ask they were gone.