Hey, guys, this is my first story so let me know how I do. I hope you enjoy it!

ALSO, I since this was my first story, I tended to lean on the show for a while. But if you stick with it, I promise you it gets super exciting and totally abandons the track.


Zane walked over to Jay who was sitting on a bench, hunched over and curled around a ball of energy, almost as if to shield it from the wind or something like it was a dying flame. Zane watched as it grew almost to the size of a volleyball but suddenly shrank until is disappeared.

"Still having trouble?" Zane asked placing his hand one Jay's shoulder.

"Yup," Jay said with a somewhat disappointed sigh. "It just…you made it seem so easy, back at Chen's island. You were so inspiring; I was so excited to try out a new skill that all my doubts and fears vanished. Plus, the whole city of Ninjago was counting on us. Forming the energy dragon just…just came."

All of the other ninjas had trouble forming their energy dragons after Chen's island. They all came to the same barrier; they hadn't spent as much time as Zane did to fully master bringing a non-physical form into the real world.

"It's not that easy," Zane replied taking his hand of Jay's shoulder. "It takes a lot out of a person to bring a non-physical elemental being into the physical world."

"Ya, but I already did it once," Jay said, already knowing the answer Zane would give.

"Yes, you already formed it once, but just because you get something once, doesn't mean that you will get it perfect for the rest of eternity." Jay mouthed along with Zane.

"Here, I'll go through the steps again," Zane said, motioning for Jay to follow.

Jay followed Zane to the middle of the circle of the courtyard outside the Steeped Wisdom, the teashop that Wu and Misako opened up.

"Here," Zane said. "First, you need a balanced stance. The stance is very important, if you are not even from the beginning, you won't ever be able to make it to the next steps." Zane nudged Jay's foot sliding him into a wider stance.

"Next, you have to be able to feel the energy dragon's presence. It might be hard because the dragon lies deep within you. Of course, if you have lots of fears and doubts, it will cloud your search, and make finding the dragon's presence nearly impossible."

"Then, after finding his presence, you have to clear your mind. The clear mind is the most important part. And this is where conquering your fears and doubts are the most important. With doing so or be able to let them go, then you can't ever have a truly clear mind." Zane inhaled and exhaled, letting his eye slide close.

"After you have achieved that start making the energy ball, and try to make a pathway through your arm, to your hand, and into the ball of energy that the dragon will follow." The ball of light blue icy energy that Zane was holding grew, taking the shape of his energy dragon, and then solidified.

Jay tried to do the same thing but ended up with the same reaction as before. He let his arms fall to his sides.

Zane patted his energy dragon, rubbing his snout, before letting him disappear back into energy again.

"How about we go see what the others are doing?" Zane asked, gesturing to their brothers standing who were standing at the other side of the courtyard.

"Sure," Jay said, deciding that it was about time to take a break.

While Zane and Jay talked with Kai, Lloyd, and Cole, over in the Steeped Wisdom, Nya, Sensei Wu, and Misako were talking.

"Well, Steeped Wisdom is starting to look like a real teahouse. Except for one thing…" Nya said. "Customers."

"Good things come to those who wait." Sensei Wu said. Their conversation was interrupted by the loud voices of the ninja, probably arguing about something.

"Oh, who am I kidding," Wu said, "I'm tired of waiting. I'll put the ninja to work." He grabbed a box and started walking over to where the ninja were.

"And these are the papers that you will be passing out." Sensei Wu said handing each of the ninja a stack of papers.

"If I have to pass out all these papers, I might be the one passing out," Jay said.

They heard the telephone ring, and Misako says, "Shh. It might be our first customer."

She picked up the phone and started talking to the person on the other line.

"I'll let him know," Misako said after a few words exchanged. She put down the telephone to 6 expectant faces.

"It was the police, they asked for Lloyd. There's been a break-in at the museum." She said.

"Go, on. I'll take your share. Cole said, reaching out for the bundle of papers he was holding.

"Thanks, I owe you one," Lloyd said, handing them over with a smile. He could always count on Cole.

"Wait!" Zane called to Lloyd, who was almost out the door. "I should come with you, just in case of an emergency."

"You may go, Zane." Sensei Wu said, nodding as Zane made eye contact with him.

"What!? Why does Zane get to go!" Jay complained.

"Because," Sensei Wu said, stroking his long white beard, "I know Zane isn't trying to get out of work."

"Thank you, Sensei," Zane said with a bow. Then both Lloyd and Zane summoned their elemental dragons and soared into the sky.