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Summary: After GOF, Harry Potter is tired of being in the dark about his family's past. His respect for Dumbledore is growing less daily. This is a Dark Harry fanfiction.

rated pg13 for violence

Changing Sides By LadySonics

prologue and Chapter 1



Three Days.

Three miserble days since Harry Potter had been back from his 4th year completed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Already he was beatened, hungry & locked in the cupboard underneith the stairs. All for something his bestfriend Ron Weasley and His older twin brothers George & Fred did. A prank they had pulled on his cousin Dudley.

Harry Potter had almost forgotten about the prank where his fat cousin Dudley had eatened a bewitched Toffee and his tongue had growed long into several feet.

But his relatives haven't. He lived with his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley. Knowned as the Dursleys. They hated him and this summer they were showing it more than ever.

Harry was used to it. He had just had the worst year of his life. You see, like the name of the school he went to he was a wizard. Not just any wizard though. He was the boy who lived. He had defeated The Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort when he was 1 years old. After the Wizard had killed his parents, James and Lily Potter. Harry had grown up with the Dursleys. Relatives that hated him. All because of Lord Voldemort. But Voldemort was back. He had come back less than a month ago. Kidnapped at the end of the triwizarding tournament via a portkey. Voldemort's followers had killed Cedric Diggory, a fellow Hogwarts student and the other champion of the tornament. Then they had taken his own blood to use as long as bones of Voldemort father to bring there master back to life.

Harry had ignored the dreams. The nightmares. After he had realized his fate for the summer, he had sent hedgwig his owl with letters to his friends Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and his headmaster Albus Dumbledore asking for help and to leave the Dursleys. He had received letters back stating he needed to stay there for protection. His Headmaster had stated he was to stay with his relatives all summer. He couldn't even leave towards the end to stay at the burrow. Ron was leaving with his family during the summer to stay with his older brother Charlie in Romania. Hermione was staying with Viktor in Hungary.

He was alone. Did his friends even care?

After the Dursley had found out he had written the letters. His Uncle Vernon had beaten him to the point where he had bruises and open gashes covering the front and back of his body. The only thing not covered were his arms and face. Then they had locked him underneith the stairs. No food. So far he was allowed out once a day to use the bathroom.

He was starving. He now knew he couldn't rely on his friends or the headmaster to help him. He had to do something or he wouldn't survive this summer.


Changing Sides

Chapter 1

Harry Potter walked weakly down the stairs from the bathroom. He was feeling refreshed. The tap water he drank got rid of some of the hunger. His Uncle was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.

'Now is my chance' Harry slowly took a deep breath.I need to sound convincing."Uncle Vernon, I want to help out our family more." He didn't really want to sulk up to him like this but he had a plan to get out of the house.

"What do you mean, boy?" asked Uncle Vernon.

Harry smiled inwardly. "I was thinking if I could get a job, I will forfeit all earnings to you. What I can do to help out the family." Harry had heard that Uncle Vernons hours were cut from work due to the current econemy. Now that he was 15, with his gaurdians permission he can get a job."

"I'll see what I can do. Now get back in here." Uncle Vernon didn't sound like he would do it. But Harry saw that gleam in his eyes that he would do it.

Harry knew he succeeded. He stuttered a little bit in the end. But it gave his uncle the idea he was still naive. Well, and if you sounded naive then they thought that they can control you.

"This is the place I'm working at?" Harry looked around. It was a dump. Literly. A big sign ahead read North London Garbage & Cleanup facility. Behind it seemed like miles of trash and then there was the fowl smell.

Harry wasn't surprised. He knew Uncle Vernon would find the worse job for him. Behind him Uncle Vernon was talking to an old drinking buddy.

"So this is your worthless Nephew" he heard the man say.

"Yes. Long time student of St Brutas School for Incurable Criminal Boys. Just like his parents. Stuck with him for the summer."

"Don't worry. I will work him hard." he laughed.

Harry was angry. The man's name was Wesley Crumple. His so called boss. Over the next few weeks, the man left him in the dump all day working with no breaks doing enough work for 3 people. Harry worked 14 hour days. Sometimes he would just leave Harry all day. Reporting everything Harry does to Uncle Vernon. If Harry didn't do enough he would be beatened. Then Wesley Crumple would get all the praise and take credit for most of the work Harry did.

The plus side is Harry got much stronger. He was muscular all over. And at the speed he worked his endurance grew.

As the weeks passed. It was basically spend all day at work, well passed the child labor laws. He would grab food at a local place near the dumping grounds and walk the 5 miles home. He had nothing to look forward too at the Dursleys. He didn't receive any letters from his friends. Harry no longer cared. He wasn't going to tell them about his summer anyway.

In the third week of July, everything changed. He was eating at the local place called Rusty's. The place that was near work when they came in. 4 local boys from a nearby highschool. Harry had noticed them from the start. He could tell that they were outcasted. He recognized one name Andy Vitelli. He remembered going to grade school with him. Dudley and his bully crowd were always afraid of him. This intrigue Harry.

Andy then turned and stared straight at Harry.

"Harry Potter?" he walked confidently over. His 3 friends behind him.

"Yea, I'm him. I remember you. Hello Andy"

"I heard you went to St brutas" Andy said.

Harry decided he should be truthful,"No it's just a cover story. Relatives hate me. They made it up because I go to a gifted boarding school in Scotland"

"I see that you work at the dump. My father runs that place. So your that Hardworking Harry."

"Huh" Harry was suprised.

Andy laughed. "The Vitelli's know everything that going on around here"

"Oh" Harry didn't want to sound like an idiot. But something was telling him Andy And his friends were here for a reason. "First time I noticed you here"

"My father trusts you. He's giving you a promotion" Andy then handed him a card. It was a card with an address and time on it. Andy and his crowd then left.

The next day Harry arrived at the address on the card. The same time that was listed. 8:00AM. It was a huge office building on the east side of Trafagar Square near the theater side of muggle london.

Once entering the building. He was in a huge lobby area. He walked to the receptionist desk. A woman in her late twenties was sitting down. She was talking on the phone while typing on her computer at the same time. Name tag read Julie O'Connor. Harry waited patiently for her to end the call. Once done she turned to him.

"Hello young man, may I help you?" she said politely.

"Thankyou. My name is Harry. I am here for a meeting with Mr. Vitelli." He noticed as soon as he mentioned Mr. Vitelli, She tensed up. It was a fraction of a second before she recovered. A month ago, Harry wouldn't have noticed it. But he was becoming more detailed. More anilytical.

"Top floor. Someone will meet you once your off the elevator." She then proceded to buzz him through. Harry only nodded as he walked past.

Mr. Vinelli office was huge. It was the entire top floor. Harry was in wonder. The guy had to be loaded. So why did he own a cleanup facility? facing Mr. Vitelli was like facing a king. There were four men in the room. Bodyguards?

"Hello Mr. Potter. Have a seat" Harry sat down. "your wondering why I called you here today?"

Harry nodded.

"I always reward my hard workers. I'm offering you a position as a delivery boy. You will work directly under me"

"I appreatiate the offer. But the Dursleys. They want me working there." Mr Vitelli smiled.

"Do not worry Harry. I can take care of that. Your relatives won't question this promotion"

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. Mr. Vitelli explained how he can tell Harry can be trusted. He understand that he could only work the summer. All Harry had to do was deliver packages. He would be provided with everything he needed. And he would get extra money that he would keep in his pocket.

The next week was the best. Most of the time he would pick up packages from a guy name Frank. Frank was the 26 year old Nephew of Mr. Vitelli. After his deliveries, he had a lot of free time on his hands. And Harry was used to working.

When he asked Frank for more work. Anything else that he could do. Frank sent him back to Mr. Vitelli.

As soon as he entered the building. Ms. O'Connor gave him a curious look and immediatly buzzed him right through. Mr Vitelli gave him a job of following certain people & also had him enter a local gym where he would be praticing Martial Arts.

Weeks went by. He did his job well. He was also getting really good at fighting. By mid August, he was working with Frank with collecting debts. Basically, it was roughing people up who didn't pay up.

Harry was okay with this. If Mr. Vitelli had enemys. He would fight them. He was enjoying the summer. This has been the first time he has truly been free. By now he knew full well that Mr. Vitelli was into organized crime. But he didn't care.

Something was up. He was now standing in the ofice of Mr. Vitelli.

"Harry, I need you to go with Frank to meet Paul Gillani" Mr. Vitelli was staring him straight in the eye.

"I can do it. I've been on missions before" Harry was twitching his fingers nervously. 'Something about this mission was diffent.'

"Not like this. I need you as backup to Frank" He was looking at Harry in a cold calculating stare. He opened up his drawel and handed him a 9mm. "It's already loaded. Just click off the safety"

Harry stared at the weapon. Looking around, all the bodyguards were watching him. 'This is my chance' Without hesitation he took the gun. "I won't fail"

Mr. Vitelli nodded. "I trust you can use it"

"Yes" Which was true. Frank had taught him shooting. He wasn't surprised that he was an excelent shot. After years of praticing exact wrist movements with his wand in Charms Class shooting a gun was as natural to him as Quidich.

"Good." Mr. Vitelli handed him the address.

Exiting the building Harry stared at the address. 'Damn' It was close to The Leaky Cauldron. Oh well. Harry was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. He had gotten contacts. His hair was also trimmed neatly in the back with the front in nice spiked layers that went just above his ears. His hair was also in silver highlights, which contrasted nicely with his green and silver dragon earing that hung in his left ear. It's not like they would recognize him.

Harry chuckled. When he would finaly does goes back to Hogwarts, everyone will be surprised. One thing that he vowed to do was no longer allow himself to be manipulated By Dumbledore or anyone again.

The Meeting Area was an old Alley of Muggle london.

Once Harry entered the meeting area looking around for Frank. He heard shots fired, followed by a sharp pain in his left shoulder.

'Shit' Harry immediatly went into training, he jumped for cover. Happened to be an old dumpster. Surveying his wound. 'Great, only a flesh wound' Ignoring his pain, he took out his gun.

"Frank!!" he called. Harry was still looking around fratically.

"Harry, he's on the left" he heard Frank call. Hearing more shots. He clicked off his safety and started firing to the left. As usual his acturacy was perfect. He heard a cry and then a thump. Looking around to make sure no one else was shooting. He ran towards the body. Frank had beat him there.

"Thanks Harry" Frank was still breathless. Looking at Harry's shoulder. In short breaths "We need to split up. I'll call for a cleanup crew you need to get that bandage."

Harry nodded. He ran out of the Alley. Not thinking clearly. He collided into someone.

"Potter!" he heard a familar yet shocked voice.

Harry looked up. It was the last person he wanted to see. For Harry's right hand was clutching his bleeding shoulder. His Left was still holding the 9mm.

Standing before him was Lucius Malfoy.

End of Chapter 1.

Next Chapter: Harry finds himself among allies. Continues a much darker descent into Hogwarts.

I will have more character point of views in the coming chapters. I've kept it to a minimum as Harry is in the Muggle World.