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Summary: After GOF, Harry Potter is tired of being in the dark about his family's past. His respect for Dumbledore is growing less daily. This is a Dark Harry fanfiction.

Just remember this is an alternate Harry Potter.

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Previous in Chapter 6

Ron and Hermione was talking and holding hands. Ginny doing what she was told to do was staying close to them. Ron then turned around in a annoyed voice he said,

"Ginny why don't you leave-go play- me and Hermione are talking-you know grownup talk."

Ginny was seething in anger. 'Her brother-stupid brother-who got worse marks then the twins was telling her what to do.'

"I'll go stand over there and play while I window shop" She answered sarcastically as she pointed across the road where she had seen the mysterious boy earlier.

"Yea. I can see where your at from here" Ron answered without even looking up. Hermione giggled in his arms.

A dangerous look flashed in Ginny Weasley's eyes.

'Fuck' She thought. A fourteen year old should not be putting up with this shit.


Changing Sides 7

by LadySonics


Hogwarts Express 9 3/4

Ginny Weasley searched up and down the platform. Hoping-just maybe she could catch sight of him. The mysterious boy she saw yesterday talking to Draco Malfoy in Diagon Alley. So far she had no such luck.

"GINNY!" yelled her brother Ron.

She almost jumped at his loud voice. Turning she saw Ron and Hermione giving her annoying looks. What the fuck does he want now?

"Ginny your such a child. Stupid! You can't stand here all day. We only have a few minutes before the train leaves." Ron said in an impatient tone. A few giggles and snickering was heard around them.

"I'm looking for someone." Ginny replied in a flat voice. A simple excuse. "Go on without me."

"Harry's probably on the train. Stop trying to bother him. Why can't you just grow up?" Ron started to walk off while Hermione stayed behind. "Listen Ginny, we promised your mother we would take care of you and.." she started to say.

"I'm not an invalid!" Ginny snapped cutting her off trying to keep her voice as low as possible,"And I'm not looking for Harry." Ginny wasn't surprised with what Hermione said. How can her mother still treat her like this? All her brothers have been on there own since 2nd year. And as a 4th year, she still had to go with someone when using floo powder. She hated her family.

With that Ginny grabbed her things and shoved past her. How can Harry stand being around Ms. Prissy and her oblvious brother? She had the feeling she was being watched. Looking around across near the back against the brick wall she saw Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini watching her. As she made eye contact, they both smiled. Ginny eyes widen. Have they been watching her the entire time?

She shuddered at the thought.

Ginny hoped she wouldn't be targeted by the slytherins this year. She was old enough to know somethings were going to be different now that there were two dark lords running around as allies. Ginny didn't really mind the two dark lords, she would love change in her world. But with a name like Weasley, she would be a target especially with no dark connections. And she would die before she went to her family for help or any of the professors as well. Since all her professors except Snape were good friends with her parents. It looked like she would be alone this year.

She sighed. Clearing her thoughts she made her way into the train concentrating on finding an empty compartment hoping she wouldn't be stuck with her brother or Hermione again.


Draco and Blaise were leaning against the brick wall waiting until the crowd was gone. Pansy had already left tosave there spots for them on the train. But they weren't alone. Harry Potter was under his invisibility cloak standing next to them.

"Invite her" Harry said low enough so only they could hear him indicating to the young Weasley who just stepped on the train.

Draco and Blaise nodded in understanding without looking up. They didn't want to draw attention to themselves or Harry. Draco turned to Blaise, "Come Blaise, lets go."

Draco and Blaise walked prominently and confidently pushing themselves through the crowd. At the front of the line was a short brown hair kid struggling with his trunk. He was nervous and without help from his parents he was obvious a 1st year muggleborn.

"Move out of the way you filthy little mudblood," sneered Draco.

Blaise chuckled and soothingly added "Now Draco dear. It's not his fault he doesn't belong here. The muggle born will know soon enough that know one wants him here."

The boys eyes were filling with tears. Draco pushed him out of the way so he and Blaise could step through. IF the boy wasn't holding up the line he wouldn't have made those comments. But why not? The boy could turn out to be like Granger and think he owned the school. It was better to shoot them down on their first day anyway.

He made his way to the back where he knew Pansy would be waiting. In the middle he stopped as he spotted Ginny sitting by herself in an empty compartment.

"I see your by yourself Ms. Weasley. What the trio doesn't want you around?" Draco greeted with a smirk. He felt Blaise nudge him from behind. Maybe he overdone it a little.

"What do you want Malfoy?" She shot back with an angry look.

"Of course I want you Ms. Weasley," Draco replied looking hurt still in his trademark smirk.

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked with a wide eye angry look.

Draco laughed. "All you Weasley's are.." He was cut off as a sharp pain hit him in the back as Blaise hit him from behind causing him to stumbled forward into the compartment.

"Fuck Blaise, that hurt you know," he mumbled while rubbing his back.

Blaise rolled her eyes as she stepped forward. With her wand she shut the door quickly with a locking charm and mumbled a silence charm for the compartment.

"Sorry Draco but you need to get out of these old habits."

By now Ginny knew something was up. "I'm leaving" she said in a determined tone. Standing up, she attempted to get pass Draco for the door.

Blaise reacted quickly by putting her wand back in her robes. She grabbed Ginny arms pushing her back in the seat. With her hands on Ginny's shoulders and direct eye contact she said soothingly, "We are not going to hurt you. I apologised though for this idiot." She pointed her thumb at Draco on the floor.

"What do you want with me then?" Ginny asked once she was calmed down. Her curiosity was overwhelming her.

Blaise smiled and sat down beside her. "Nothing specific" she whispered in her ear while putting her arm around Ginny.

Ginny's eyes widen and her heart started pounding. 'Was this rape?' She closed her eyes.

Draco while watching her from the floor seemed to come to her conclusion.

"No Ginny," he quickly said, "We just want to be your friends." It was his turn to shoot Blaise a look that said 'What the fuck are you doing? Your scaring her.'

Blaise simply unwraped her arms and schugged her shoulders and leaned back against the seat.

Draco sighed. Not that he wouldn't mind a threesome with both Ginny and Blaise but Harry would definitly kill him. He also had the feeling that Lord Voldemort wouldn't like the fact if he were intimate with Ginny. 'Oh Merlin, he needed to take a cold shower.'

Rubbing his temples he looked up. By now Ginny looked more comfortable and was giving him a curious look.

"We came here to talk about Harry Potter or by now as you heard the 2nd dark lord."

"WHAT" Ginny yelled.

Both Draco and Blaise had to cover their ears. Thankfully they had put a silence charm on the room.

A tap was heard at the door. Draco got up to answer. Before he opened the door he asked "Are you going to say anything Ginny?"

Looking Draco in the eye she shook her head.

"No Draco. Any other Gryffindor would probably run away screaming but not me. But then again I have a feeling that you already knew that," She answered.

Draco chuckled as he opened the door.

Ginny saw no one was there anyway. But Draco still moved aside and left the door open a few seconds longer then he should have before closing and putting a locking charm on it. And Blaise moved forward and smiled. 'Weird' she thought.

A second later an invisibility cloak was dropped on the floor and the boy she had seen in Diagon Alley the day before was now sitting down opposite her next to Draco. But this time she was able to get a closer look at him.

"Harry, Is that you?" She asked in wonder.

He smiled. "Yes Ginny," he replied.

Ginny bit her lip. "From what Draco tells me you've been um busy this summer." she said nervously.

Harry shot Draco a look. "You've told her already?" He reached in his pocket for his wand.

"Yes I did" Draco replied.

"Pansy is the back waiting for you guys along with the remaining Seven. I'll join you later."

Taking the hint, both Draco and Blaise got up to leave. Before Blaise left though she gave Harry a kiss. Ginny was a little startled on this. 'So Harry is in a relationship with Blaise.' For once Ginny didn't mind. She was happy for Harry. And she was already liking Blaise as she got to know her.

"You two look good together," she said once they were alone.

"You think so?" Harry asked. He was twirling his wand around his fingers while staring out the window.

"Right I do. Though, I wouldn't recommend telling Ron or the other Gryffindors on your relationship with the slytherin," she said while eyeing the wand he had in his hand.

"I agree."

"So um Harry are you really the new dark lord?" Ginny still couldn't beleive it. What if Draco was just trying to play a trick on her?

In response Harry conjured up his symbol in the air between them.

Ginny eyes widen as she inhaled deeply watching the mark. Fascinated, she slowly reached out to feel the symbol. Harry saw this and before she could touch it he removed his symbol.

"You can't touch it. There's a powerful spell there. It acts like the crucitus spell if you touch it."

"Oh. Thanks for the warning," she smiled.

Harry stared deeply at her in his most serious voice he asked "Ginny you are the first person I'm asking of this. You now know I'm allied with Voldemort. I'm doing this because I don't want to be lied to and manipulated by Dumbledore anymore. I'm giving you a choice. A choice I will not give to my so called best friends..you know Ron and Hermione" with this Harry chuckled.

Ginny looked wide eyed at Harry Potter. Yes she did know about everything he had said. She was now looking at the real Harry Potter. Someone who should have been in slytherin from the start.

"What choice Harry?" She asked. Her heart pounding to what choice she was to be given.

Harry went back to his serious face and replied "The choice of being on my side. I value myself not as a dark lord but gray. A power between Dark and Light. Magic is not defined by Dark and Light but by the wizard who is in control. My views is freedom-to have the ability to do what we want. Wizards today are restricted by magic on what we can and can't do especially in the muggle world. So Ginny will you join me?"

Ginny didn't hesitate "Yes."

Harry smiled. "Are you sure? I'm allied with Voldemort. So if you join me, you will be on his side as well."

"I will join you Harry." Ginny answered. In truth she was ecstatic that he was offering this to her. She held her left arm to him.

"Thank you. You will not regret this," Harry replied. He dropped her a silver necklace of a rose in her left hand. "No marks yet. I just want you to wear this."

"A rose?"

While chuckling Harry answered "Yes. I have a feeling Dumbledore and the rest of the staff may check for the dark marks on his students. This necklace is only temporary. It's not my symbol so they won't be suspicious. But a rose is beautiful on the outside, but inside underneith it's leaves the thorns are deadly."

"Reminds me of you." Ginny answered surprised at the genius of Harry.

"Should I call you Lord Rose?" Ginny smirked.

Harry gave her a dirty look but then laughed.

"No. Actually I don't have a name yet. I want to keep everything about the 2nd lord a mystery," he replied. Grabbing his Cloak. "There's enough room for both of us underneith. Lets leave and join the others."

With that they both disapeared and left.


Hogwarts Castle

The summer air was cleaned and crisp as Ginny and Harry stepped off the train. The other Slytherins were aways behind them so not to draw any attention to them.

"I can't believe how perverted you guys all are," Ginny said while giving Harry that look.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I was only making out with Blaise not everyone else. Besides you enjoyed the kiss that my girlfriend gave you right?"

Ginny started blushing.

"I was under a lot of pressure with everyone else making out with someone regardless of what sex they were. Now I know what the slytherins do in the dungeons at night," she quickly replied.

"Uh Huh. We need to find you a girlfriend. You prefer a Slytherin?" Harry asked with a smirk.

Ginny blush was now crimsom red.


Ginny turned to see Ron and Hermione running to them. They haven't recognized Harry yet.

"Ron What is it?" she asked innocently.

Ron Weasley was mad. "Where were you?" he asked.

Ginny gave Ron a dumbfounded look and pointed at the train. Harry almost couldn't hold his chuckling in.

"You saw me get on the train this morning. Where do you think I was? Riding on the top?" She sarcastically replied.

Ron face was now crimsom. "That's not what I meant!" Taking a deep breath he continued "You know I had specific orders from Mom to escort you on the train."

"Um..no. The only information I had was what Hermione told me this morning. She didn't say that you had to hold my hand during the whole trip" Ginny answered again in her sarcastic tone. Harry still beside her couldn't hold his laughter in anymore.

"WHATS YOUR PROBLEM! THIS IS FAMILY BUSINESS MISTER!" Ron exploded in fury as he shouted at Harry.

"Relax Ron. I was with her the entire time," Harry replied stone cold casually.

Ron still didn't recognized Harry but Hermione did.

"Harry? You look dif..different," she stuttered.

Ron eyes widen and his mouth dropped at realizing who he was.

"Harry! Merlins name what did you do to yourself," he shouted again.

"Ron enough with the shouting," Harry replied, "And I like the way I look."

"But..But Harry, gold and silver highlights?" Ron stammered.

Harry shrugged his shoulders while smiling. Deep down Harry was ready to strangled Ron. 'Less then 3 years and I can safely kill the bastard,' he thought.

"The Dursley's let me have a summer job so I've had a lot more freedom this summer...and more time to relax. I like gold and silver and I thought, why not? So I had my hair done this way," Harry replied still smiling while running his fingers tips through his hair.

"Looks great doesn't it?" Harry asked in his charming smile.

"Uh...ok" Ron replied. He still had a gloomey expression. Hermione just sighed.

"I know a great spell when you want to change it back," she continued "We better find a carriage before there all gone."

Harry had to catch himself from sending a dark look to her. 'When I want to change it back?' he wondered. How the hell was he going to make it with 3 more years of the know-it-all and Mr. Oblivious loudmouth Ron? Harry was contemplating whether or not he should change his plans and just have these 2 killed? He had wanted to do it himself 3 years from now when is was safe when he would no longer be closely watched by Dumbledore and the ministry of magic as a underage wizard.

Harry already had the power inside him to perform all the dark arts spells. Most wizard don't reach that level until they are in their mid twenties or what they would call there prime years. In fact he was a little bit beyond the level of Lucius Malfoy, which was one of Voldemort's stronger Death Eaters. Harry knew he would be eventually Voldemort's equal in raw power-perhaps even be stronger.

"So Harry aren't you worried?" Ron asked as the four of them were entering a carriage.

"Worried?" Harry replied curiously. 'What the fuck was Ron talking about now?'

Ron paled and shot Hermione a worried glance.

"Blimey Harry! You haven't heard about the second one? The second dark lord working with you know who?" Ron exclaimed.

"Yes I've heard. Ginny has told me and I heard a lot about it on the train as well," Harry replied casually.

"AND YOUR NOT WORRIED!" Ron shouted.

"Calm down Ron!" Harry responded while rubbing is ears. "From what I heard no one knows enough to be worried. For all we know it can be a trick of Voldemorts."

Ron and Hermione flinched at the name.

"Do you have to say his name out loud?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Hermione didn't you always say, Fear of the name itself is what drives fear itself?"

"Yes. But that was before he came back," she replied.

And they call themselves Gryffindor's? Harry smiled inwardly. At least he didn't have to worry about much defense from them. Harry eyes grew serious displaying his famous Gryffindor look.

"Guys. we shouldn't be worred. It could just be some plot. Besides I have complete faith in the abilities of Headmaster Dumbledore," Harry lied.

"I guess that makes sense," Ron said still shaking though at the thought.

Harry and Ginny glanced at each other.


Albus Dumbledore was still worried about the war on the outside.

'Hopefully, the students will not be able to see it.' He thought.

By now surely Harry Potter had heard? He knew this will be be a tough year for him. The boy may still feel guilty by what happened at the Twi-wizarding tournament last spring even though everyone has told him repeatably it's not his fault.

All the teachers accept Minerva who was outside awaiting the 1st years to arrive across the lake were waiting for the other students to arrive.

Almost all the teachers were talking about the war and the two dark lords. Severus Snape as usual was talking about all the glimey Gryffindor's he would have to put up with.

Some were also worried about the Weasley Twins. Since this being there last year at Hogwarts they shivered at the thought of the pranks that they may pull.

At that moment, the groundskeeper Mr. Finch came in.

"All the carriages have arrived." He announced and stood at the side.

Albus and all the other teachers stood up when the students started piling in.

"Greetings Students. Welcome to another year at Hogwarts"

As he said this he was fractically looking for the trio to arrive. When they came in many of the teachers gasp at the changes in Harry Potter. Albus eyes widen for a second in shock at the difference in the boy before he caught himself. He watched Harry Potter talking animately with his friends as they made there way down the aisle to the middle of the Gryffindor table. Harry Potter before he sat down looked up at the Head table. Making eye contact, Harry smiled and waived hello to him before sitting back down with his friends.


Harry Potter was feeling good inside. Everyone was shocked at his appearance but they pretty much bought the same story that Ron and Hermione did. So far he was putting in a great effort of being the goodie gryfindork.

As he watched the sorting take place, he was conscience that a lot of the teachers especially Dumbledore and Snape was watching him curiously.

He had to stifle down a few yawns through Dumbledore's speech. Same one every year.

"...And because of the outside threat and the rise of Voldemort and as most of you have heard the confirmation that there are two dark lords, we have decided to cancell the Hogsmeades weekends."

Most of the students including Harry groaned at this. Harry saw some teachers looking at the Weasley twins and looking greatful. Harry smiled. They still didn't know of the Mauraders Map and Harry would make sure that nothing happens to the twins.

'He was still hoping that he can get the twins to be supporters.'

He glanced at the Slytherin table. They acted like they usually did during Dumbledore's speeches. Some were as bored as possible and many were holding side conversations among themselves. He glanced back at Dumbledore, who looked a little peeved at the Slytherin table. Harry finally looked at the twelve new Gryfindor's. Four of which he could tell were Muggleborns. One of them a brown haired boy was looking frightenly at both Draco and Blaise at the Slytherin table. He raised an eyebrow at this. He wondered when both Draco and Blaise had time to tortured the Muggleborn?

"...And finally, to announced that out new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is Arabella Figg."

A woman in her thirties stood up as the students starting clapping. Arabella Figg looked exactly like the old woman that lived down the street from Harry. And the fact that they shared the same name...

'That manipulative fucking bastard!' thought Harry.

Harry was steaming mad. He shot an angry bewildered look at the Headmaster and then at Arabella Figg. This was just another thing that was kept from him. For her sake and her stupids cats sake, he hoped she was smart enough to move.

After the clappings had timed down and the food arrived. Harry ate in silence. He was one of the new prefics this year. The other one was of course Hermione Granger. Hermione saw that he was still down about the DADA teacher and offered to take the 1st years alone.

He had to mail a letter to Voldemort explaining that young lion Ginny Weasley was amoung them now. Of course the letter was written in Parseltongue so only Voldemort can read it. Once he made it down to the Owlery he spotted Hedgwig and whistled to draw her attention. While tieing the letter to her leg, he gave instructions to deliver to Mr. Vitelli who can forward the letter from there to Voldemort.

"Harry Potter?"

His heart pounding, Harry closed his eyes with his hand clutched to his wand. He opened his eyes as he turned around.

It was Albus Dumbledore.

End of Chapter 7


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Lady Sonics