Thanks to some awesome people on the SK Wiki, we can now have the novel version of maybe the greatest crossover ever! So hold on to your hats, caps, scarves and etc. etc., and here we go into the universe of Soul Kingdom!


I didn't know where I was. One moment, I was falling to the concrete, then I felt like I was drowning, and now I'm here. Wherever here was with this person. It started to feel like I was in a dream with the assuring light of the glass platform... with me?

The platform was mostly white, silver and blue with rings and circles. My gang and I were on the glass, but they were in the smaller circles, at least four of the seven. I was stretched over the right three, and almost half of the whole platform. I looked like I was sleeping, so I must be dreaming.

"Step forward," a voice echoed.

"What the?" Who just spoke? It couldn't be that thing from over there. "Who's there?"

"Step forward."

A block suddenly appeared. I guess there was nothing I could do but move toward the block. I climbed onto the cube and it suddenly lit up. A larger platform, almost like a pillar, filled the gap between me and the person.

"Step forward and meet the other link." A bridge connected the platforms. Without another option, I crossed. The glass platform felt foreign against my feet, different, childish, like an innocence of some sort. Like it didn't belong to me, at least not just me, but others as well.

The other person crossed too. I had never seen anything like them before. They had spiky, light brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and clothes with lots of zippers and pockets. I couldn't put my finger on what they were, though. Just by looking at them, I knew they were male and several years younger than me.

"Do not fear him. He is your new ally." Trusting those words, I approached him. He did the same. We were a foot apart when we stopped. We just stood for a few moments, waiting for the other to move or something. Then, he held out a hand warily. He seemed friendly enough and that look in his eyes showed truth and willingness to accept me. It felt like decades passed before I took his hand.

"I'm Sly. Sly Cooper." He smiled to me. For a young adult, he radiated a childish aura that was surprisingly soothing.

"I'm Sora," he told me, before politely pulling away. "This must be the first time I've seen someone like you here."

"Where is 'here' anyway?" I really needed to know that now.

"Oh, it's your first time here. Well-" Before Sora could finish, some kind of force shoved us away. Then, a barrier split the platform.

"There are times you must fight on your own..."

"That voice again...!"

"You heard it too?" Sora called in response. Suddenly, small black creatures started phasing out of the ground. "Heartless?! Not now!"


"I can't explain right now! Just don't let them near your heart!" Something glowed in his hands and a key- a sword? - formed. I had so many questions now and Sora couldn't answer any of them at the time. What were these "Heartless"? What was this to do with my heart? Just what was going on?

The dark creatures lunged at me. I swung my cane on instinct, swatting them away. They just came back, as if I hadn't hit them at all. No matter how many times they came back, no matter how hard I hit them, they just got back up. Before I knew it, I was backed to the edge of the platform above the dark abyss.

"And there are times you must battle side by side." The barrier disappeared. I lost focus for a second and a Heartless scratched my shoulder. I was stung with pain and unable to fight, but in a flash, Sora and his sword had destroyed all of them.

"You okay, Sly?" Sora asked.

"I've been through worse. How did you do that?"

"The Heartless come from a place called the Realm of Darkness. Only this weapon, the Keyblade, can properly destroy them." So that weapon of his was called a Keyblade. Very fitting.

"So you can just summon it out of your own will?"

"The Keyblade is more connected to your heart. You need a strong heart to wield a Keyblade." A strong heart...

Suddenly, the platform became covered in shadows. Then, the shadows gathered into one, humongous monstrosity.

"Is that a Heartless?"

"Yep." Sora prepared to fight again.

"Stay close Sly and don't lose your light. Lose your light and you'll never escape the darkness." I didn't know if that was literal or metaphorical, but I knew I needed to help Sora.

This Heartless was stronger than the smaller ones. Sora had a little more of a struggle battling it. I wished I could do more than distract it with swats from my cane. I never felt so useless in a time like this. Finally, Sora landed the final blow and the giant Heartless fell onto the platform.


Did I just hear a crack?

Suddenly, the Heartless broke apart, plunging the platform into darkness. I heard more cracking sounds follow.

"Look out, Sly!"

The platform shattered beneath my feet. I felt myself falling again, only it was pitch black. I looked frantically and saw Sora falling as well.


I reached my hand out, hoping to maybe grab his hand. However, before I was even a yard close, everything went black.

I woke up with my head throbbing, eyesight blurry and taking gasps of air as if I had stopped breathing for a second. It was like I was drunk last night and recovering from a hangover. What just happened? The Heartless, the darkness, Sora... Was it all just a dream? Did I only imagine meeting Sora? No, it felt too real to have been a dream, and my body hurt where the Heartless hit. Then, I noticed a faint glow. On a nightstand I had in the hideout was that large, white gem. The one that mysteriously appeared in my hand on that night of the meteor shower. That's right, I fell as soon as it happened, then I met Sora. It had to be connected.

I got up from my bed in the hideout and placed my favorite cap on. Picking up my backpack, cane and the jewel, I went to Bentley and Penelope's lab.

"Morning, lovebirds," I called. My best bud and his girlfriend turned to me in surprise.

"Sly, you're awake!" Penelope said in relief.

"You've been out for almost a whole day, pal!" Bentley pointed out. "How on Earth could you have fallen after using the Ninja Spire Jump after so many times?" There was no way I could tell Bentley and Penelope about Sora. They'd never believe me.

"I don't know, to be honest," I told them. "I just suddenly felt dizzy after this appeared." I showed them the white gem.

"I think that jewel is at the center of what happened that night. Could you see if you can find anything on it?"

"I've never seen anything like this, but Penelope and I will take a look. If we find anything interesting, we'll call." Bentley took the jewel from me and the two went to their genius work. I decided to see how Murray and Carmelita were doing. I found both of them in our makeshift training room. When I entered, Murray was the first to notice me and then he crushed me in his signature hug.

"Sly, Ol' Chum, you're okay!" he yelled in joy.

"Sly Cooper, do you know how much you worried me?!" my sweet Carmelita scolded me angrily, but with concern as well.

"I know, but I'm feeling better now. Bentley and Penelope are trying to figure out what happened as we speak. I'll let you know if they find anything unusual."

"Are you sure you're alright, Ringtail? You did end up with quite a bump on your head."

"I promise, I'm fine. Last night, I just felt dizzy. Bentley and Penelope are working out an explanation."

"If you say so, Sly," Murray commented.

It was a few minutes later while snacking on what was available (I hadn't realized how hungry I was earlier) when Bentley and Penelope came into the room.

"Sly, this gem has us baffled," Penelope started.

"What do you mean? Did you find anything at all? I would be very surprised if you two, some of the smartest people I know, couldn't find a thing."

"Well, not on the Internet, at least," Bentley explained. "We looked through everything that tied to gemstones, even mythical meanings, but there's nothing about the gem you found, Sly. Penelope and I ran a few experiments of our own, and all we can say is that this jewel has some crazy amount of energy in it. There's enough power to maybe run a continent!"

"What?! Is that possible?!"

"After what we've been through, I'm not completely surprised," Carmelita commented.

"Also, we have confirmed that this gem may not be of this world," Penelope added.

"Not of our world?" Murray questioned.

"We mean it could be from another planet, or even another dimension! This gem has the power to do that!"

"Is the energy in one gem really that powerful?" Carmelita asked in surprise.

"I asked the same question," Bentley said, "but the energy readings can't be lying. If any of you have info on what is going on here, let me or Penelope know." So this gem... Came from another world or another dimension entirely. Does that mean Sora... is from another world too? Then... how was it possible we had met? Was it really the gem's power?

"Sly, are you okay?" Bentley asked.

"I'm fine, Bentley. Just trying to take this in after all that happened that night."

"As long as you're okay. Remember, out heist is tonight." Right. Our heist on those old associates of Le Paradox is tonight.

"This one has me excited. Are you ready to go over the plan, or do you need more time?"

"N-no, I'm good. I have it mapped out by heart."

"Hopefully this will go better than the museum heists. Should we do it now?"

"Hang on, Sly. We should give you a few more minutes to rest."

"Come on, mom. Stop worrying. I'm perfectly alright."

"If you say so. If we're all ready, I say we should head out and start this heist."

Well, time to get this heist underway.

And this is only the prologue! There is more to come so stay tuned!